Pat Shurmur won’t confirm hire of Dick Jauron

New Browns coach Pat Shurmur joined ProFootballTalk Live today, within 30 minutes or so after word broke that he’ll be hiring former Lions and Bills coach Dick Jauron to run the defense in Cleveland.

So I asked Shurmur to confirm.  Here’s what he said.

I really don’t want to confirm that,” Shurmur said, via Nate Ulrich of the Akron Beacon Journal.  (Yes, we’re crediting another media outlet for quoting our own show.)  “I think it will become public and official from the Browns’ side of things very quickly. But obviously Dick’s a very, very well-respected guy in the profession, a guy that I’ve known for a long, long time. So I think that will be public at some point — the direction we’re gonna go.”

It sure looks like the Jauron hire is coming.  Which would mean that the Browns likely will have to adjust their 3-4 personnel to fit Jauron’s 4-3 style.

It could be a difficult proposition, given the possibility that a lockout will wipe out the offseason program, training camp, and possibly more.  “[W]e’ve got plans for that,” Shurmur said.  “I think any new coach, you know there’s a little bit of a learning curve.  But we intend to get our systems in.  We feel as though we’ll get them taught, so we can play winning football come day one.”

We’ll be posting clips from Shurmur’s segment throughout the day.  The full show can be seen by clicking the box in the upper right corner of PFT.

16 responses to “Pat Shurmur won’t confirm hire of Dick Jauron

  1. Wow, cleveland fans I feel bad for you.

    As a bills fan you do not want Dick as your DC, he sucks. His defensive scheme sucks and its not even a match for your personnel.

    Get ready to be drafting cornerbacks and safeties in the first round for the next couple years.

    Ugh I hated his defenses so much

  2. Past two Browns Head Coach’s ran the 3-4 because that’s what they knew when they came in, even though they didn’t have the personnel to do it – and did go out and get it, either. Switching to 4-3 is waaaaay easier than vice-versa.

  3. “after word broke that he’ll be hiring former Lions and Bills coach Dick Jauron to run the defense in Cleveland.”

    The Lions, a team he coached for 5 games after Steve Mariucci got fired, gets mentioned over the Bears, a team he coached for 5 years?

  4. sure its easier, but you won’t like Dick Jauron’s style of 4-3 its not an andy reid 4-3 its an ultra conservative tampa 2. Its awful for cold weather cities.

    It relies on undersized small linebackers. Its a bend but don’t break defense ,the problem is that it always breaks.

    Hey here is an idea browns fans, how bout you take all of our leftover crappy players from jauron’s 4-3 and we take your 3-4 guys we’ll swap. You can have chris kelsay and spencer johnson and paul pozlusny and keith ellison

  5. Things just keep getting better for the Steelers. First we hear the Bungles are keeping Marvin Lewis. Joe Flacco continues coming up small in big games. Now this. Next thing you know the Browns will trade Peyton Hillis for a 7th round pick and a bag of used kicking balls.

  6. Good! As a Steeler fan, I can write off the Browns for the next couple of years as they adjust to another defensive scheme. Maybe they should trade all their current linemen to Denver and get back the ones that played the 4-3.

    Hopefully Cincinnati will sign the usual four or five locker room cancers this off-season as well, and I won’t have to worry about any of the Ohio teams.

  7. Jauron may be a nice guy, but I want a DC to be a mean and nasty, butt-biting doberman-type guy. The 4-3 defensive alignment is not suited to the AFCNorth or AFCEast. You need an alignment of space-blocking tanks allowing inside line-bullies to stop the run, and outside line-backers to pummel the QB, whack the slot receivers, and create merciless havoc. The 3-4 is a disguised and menacing defense that can threaten RBs and QBs from any spot on the field. How many successful cold-weather teams run the 4-3 as the base defense? And how many cold-weather teams cold successfully run the “west coast offense”? Browns management is not planning to play deep into January any time soon. Throw ’em all out and let’s begin over using the correct building blocks.

  8. whether or not its admitted Holmgren is definatly having a say on who is getting hired to each coaching position. Lets not be so quick to judge how its going to work next year seeing as he isnt hired as of yet and this season still hasnt ended. Holmgren is getting an all new staff so lets see next year how it all comes together.

  9. It’s a good thing that the Steeler trolls that post on this website doesn’t have to worry about the Browns now. As we all know, Steeler fans know more than a guy like Mike Holmgren (sarcasm).

  10. “(Yes, we’re crediting another media outlet for quoting our own show.) ”

    Umm , why? That seems realllly dumb.

  11. to all you steelers fans tryin to talk smack on Jauron, remember the same things were said about Dick LeBeau..sooooo think before you speak which, I know, for many a yinzer is tough to do. Im not sayin hes Lebeau by any means but Im also not saying hes a bust.

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