No one cares that Bengals safety Roy Williams admitted to using a banned substance

We wrote a post the other night about the NFL ordering Raiders coach Hue Jackson to end his association with a supplement company.

Within the post, we also included Yahoo’s evidence that Ray Lewis and Bengals safety Roy Williams used a product called “The Ultimate Spray” which says it contains IGF-1, a byproduct of HGH.

“I use the spray all the time,” Bengals safety Roy Williams said. “Two to three times a day. My body felt good after using it. I did feel a difference.”

Williams has never tested positive with the NFL, which is no surprise.   The author of the original Yahoo! piece Eric Adelson explained on Shan Shariff’s show in 610 Sports in Kansas City that the substance would only show up in blood tests.

This is basically where we are with PEDs: A player can openly admit to taking a banned substance containing “deer antler velvet extract” that is not detectable by the league, and no one really cares because the whole issue is too messy and impossible to solve.

The users will always be so far ahead of the testers that it’s almost better to just ignore the issue, even when a player outs himself by mistake.

The Ravens haven’t spoken to Ray Lewis about his inclusion in the report.

“Ray is one person that I think that we all can talk to, and he’ll explain any and everything to us about what he’s doing [and] why he’s doing it,” Ravens G.M. Ozzie Newsome said via the Baltimore Sun.  “So, if need be, we’ll have that conversation.”

PED fever has certainly dissipated, which is a good thing overall.    Let’s just not pretend to be outraged at some later date if the true scope of the issue becomes more apparent.

19 responses to “No one cares that Bengals safety Roy Williams admitted to using a banned substance

  1. Of course Ray Lewis uses performance enhancers.

    There’s no other explanation as to how a 35 year old MLB can have that kind of an impact without some kind of advantage others don’t have.

  2. That stuff is a complete farce!

    HGH is only effective if injected into the the body, usually in the belly fat. That sublingual crap contains so little HGH that it actually has NONE in it.

    Here are the facts… that sublingual HGH crap is legal because this is the amount of HGH in it. If you have a barrell full of water, and you drop one little drop of HGH into it, and then you mix it, then fill up 1,000 little bottles with it, then that is about the amount of HGH contained in it.

    It is legal by the FDA because there are such small trace amounts of HGH that it doesn’t even qualify as containing any, plus the method in which it is introduced into the body makes it completely ineffective. HGH MUST be injected into the body to be utilized by the body.

    The only story here is that Roy Williams is a big enough of a moron to believe that this crap he is taking actually works… it’s called the placebo effect.

  3. You’ve talked about Roy Williams not testing positive but admitting to taking a banned substance because it can only be detected in a blood test.

    Wasn’t Rodney Harrison suspended because he admitted to receiving HGH, even though he never tested positive?

    With this precedent shouldn’t Williams be suspended to?

  4. I think in many ways growth hormones get a bad name, and they shouldn’t. I’m not talking about synthetic laboratory hormones, I’m talking about natural products that have growth hormones, such as the incredible Deer Antler Velvet, that contains a multitude of vitamins and trace minerals, and can help cure a vast number of immunological diseases.

    When we talk about player safety, why aren’t we talking about proper nutrition? Athletes SHOULD take products like Deer Antler Velvet and Bovine Colostrum and even 7-KETO/DHEA. These products not only improve athletic performance, but decrease the risk of injuries, and promote general health and well-being.

    I am a Lyme disease patient and am very thankful for Deer Antler Velvet and Colostrum and other powerful products provided to us by Mother Nature. Football is my favorite sport, but I am concerned about the welfare of the players for the latter half (or 2/3s) of their lives. These supplements would help.

  5. This is one of the biggest jokes in sports.
    Just with the stories we’ve seen here in the past few years as well as the player written pieces elsewhere I don’t think this crap should surprise anyone.

    With extremely limited resources, pretty much anybody can beat a drug screen with advanced notice. I wonder if these guys laugh out loud when the trainers come through and announce that there will be a screen the next day?

    If ol’ Roger really wanted to do something besides legislate the individuality out of the league, he’d force blood testing down their throats in the upcoming negotiations. If they ever did it, it’d be worthless up and until the same folks who perform the tests for the Olympics do them.

    I’m not naive enough to think this is ever gonna go down. Hell has a better chance of freezing over.

    People just need to stop being surprised when this stuff comes out.

  6. Well said.

    The NFL treats PEDs like it treats concussions and the labor agreement: It finds some scapegoats that are easy targets and just makes a few examples to prove that they take the problems seriously… then they do nothing else.

    PEDs are on the backburner now, so the NFL cares less. If this was a concussion-causing hit of equal severity, it would have been dealt with.

  7. Fortunately this falls into the “it could be worse catagory.” I have never done this and can find little anecdotal information (in 10 minutes of searching,) but it does not sound as bad as taking injections. Really, if I was injured maybe this is something I should buy.

  8. “The users will always be so far ahead of the testers that it’s almost better to just ignore the issue, even when a player outs himself by mistake.”

    Thats because the NFL and other leagues in the USA don’t want to be effective with their anti-drug policies. Giving any advance notice in of itself destroys the principle behind random testing.

    Look at the EPL in England, A goalkeeper received a nine month ban for taking a cold medicine that contained a banned substance. It was his first offense. He appealed, lost, and accepted his punishment. If the NFL truly cared about this they would smack the next person down hard and set a serious precedent going fdorward.

    But we all know that won’t happen. I love my Steelers and the NFL, but it is starting to get just a little to over the top for me. Some guy in an earlier thread today compared the NFL to professional wrestling. I see this as well, but don’t view it in the same positive manner that guy does. The NFL is becoming nothing more than a soap opera aimed at men (and those of you women who enjoy sports(please don’t bite my head off Deb!)). The only difference between pro wrestling and daytime soaps is the target audience. Sadly, the NFL is heading down this road with their emphasis on entertainment rather than the actual game/competition aspect of sport.

    /end rant

  9. The players protested that one set of antlers looks like another set of antlers when you’re chewing on them. Especially the inner city guys. There should be warning labels.

  10. HGH is actually good for you. If you can afford the $25-$50/injection three times a day I highly recommend it. Unlike steroids, the long term side effect of HGH use is a prolonged lifespan.

  11. Ya your right..a 35 year old linebacker doesn’t use any HGH and still remain the top in the game. Just like how he didn’t kill that guy either.

  12. Wow Greg. I see you resisted the urge to list Roy Williams as “Bengals safety” rather than “former Cowboys safety” to generate more hits. Good job!

  13. Brasho is right. HGH is only effective when injected into the body. All the so called HGH supplements are scams. I’ve taken some of them looking for a cheaper way to relieve pain and stiffness in my 45 year old body and they simply don’t work.

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