Questions remain whether Michael Oher can play the blind side

Michael Oher may not be a perfect fit for the position which he and Sandra Bullock helped make famous last Oscar season.

NFL Network’s Mike Lombardi wrote this week that the Ravens “must” move Oher back to right tackle, where he played as a rookie.   The second-year player struggled with penalties and speed rushers in his second season, although he was still strong as a run blocker.

Mike Preston of the Baltimore Sun echoed the sentiment earlier this week, saying that moving Oher back to the right side would help fix  Baltimore’s line problems.  (In that scenario, Marshall Yanda would move to right guard.)

Ravens coach John Harbaugh acknowledged a move was possible.  He insisted Oher has the talent to play the left side, but his ultimate position could depend on who else is on the roster.  You don’t make those sort of statements about true franchise left tackles.

It’s possible the Ravens could look to keep Jared Gaither and put him back at left tackle.  Gaither missed the 2010 season because of back problems.

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  1. There is some talk of doing a sequel called “The Dumb Side”, but there doesn’t seem to be full enthusiasm.

  2. “Gaither essentially missed the 2010 season because of back problems.”

    well he went on ir before the season because of back injuries…essentially? and yea that really hurt the ravens. made them move 3 players on the oline.

  3. Gaither didn’t “essentially” miss the season; he did miss the season. His absence was a huge factor in the regression of the o-line, but I’m not sure he has the kind of heart, or head, the Ravens are looking for to bring him back. It’s a shame too because after ’09 with Gaither on the left side and Oher on the right it was looking like the Ravens’ o-line was going to be special for years.

  4. at least this article wasnt about the jets like 99% of articles on this site are with maybe 2 chiefs articles a week if were lucky. this site should be named Pro Jets

  5. You’ve got to feel for Oher. He’s a talented player who didn’t ask to be immortalized as a left tackle by Hollywood. His play has been somewhat overscrutinized because of the film. Next season, I’m sure Harbaugh will play him where he feels he’ll be most effective. If that turns out to be the right side, I hope sports writers just leave him alone about it.

  6. Even though Gaither’s work ethic and injury prone body is suspect but he is a very good left tackle. He severely wanted a big contract but since he missed the entire 2010 season his bargaining chips are very low. Ravens will try to keep him and see if he pans out into the next Ogden.

  7. im a chiefs fan too, but you cant keep crying about no chiefs articles. Our team doesnt let any news get out, what would they write about?

    A far as Oher, I know Hali dominated him in the Chiefs Ravens game, and week after he struggles against Harrison..but moving him back and forth like what theyre suggesting cant be too good for him, unless they know Jared Gaither will be back at full strength

  8. They better keep Mike wherever the Tuohy’s tell them to or they’ll buy the team and fire John Harbaugh!

  9. 100% chance he gets moved to the other side.

    Hollywood is already working on the sequel…

    Blind Side 2 – Electric Boogaloo

  10. Even if the Ravens move him to right tackle, he’ll still continue to false start on every play and not be flagged for it.

  11. Coach Harbaugh must allow Leigh Anne Tuohy to patrol the sidelines every game to remind Michael Oher he must protect Joe Flacco the same way he protected S.J. from that airbag.

  12. I dont feel sorry for him being immortalized as a LT by Hollywood. He took the check and probably continues to do so. Football players in the spotlight are always gonna garner more attention that the average joe, both good and bad. Add a NFL contract and Hollywood contract…well there is only so much sorrow I can feel for Mike. What a problem to have.

  13. The problem is not so much Oher’s “Blind Side” position, but instead his “Blind Spot” when it comes to seeing the blitz from outside (See: Polamalu).

  14. @ham1 …

    Oher didn’t write the book or sell the film rights to Hollywood. And I didn’t say feel “sorry” for him. You can feel for people without feeling “sorry” for them. No one usually cares if a tackle changes sides. But with Oher it’s news. And no matter how much money you make, it can get old having people rag you all the time about “the blind side.” Since most of us have been ragged about something, most of us should be able to empathize. That’s all I was saying.

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