With Favre’s help, Cook lands Cam Newton

For now, thrice-retired quarterback Brett Favre has resolved the “What should I do?” question by deciding to help his long-time agent land the 2010 Heisman winner.

And it worked.

Per multiple reports (CBSSports.com seems to be getting the bulk of the credit), former Auburn quarterback Cam Newton has hired Bus Cook.

We reported earlier in the week that Favre attended at least one meeting between Cook, Newton, and some of the player’s family members.  It’s not out of the ordinary for current and former clients of an agent to help with the recruitment of new clients; it’s very unusual for a current or former client to get directly involved by attending recruiting meetings.

Newton also will be represented by Perennial Sports & Entertainment, an agency that represents Newton’s brother, Cecil Jr., a free-agent offensive lineman.

Cook, to date, has not responded to an e-mail seeking confirmation regarding Favre’s involvement in recruiting Newton, whether Favre will be paid for doing so, and whether Favre will be doing other work for Cook moving forward.

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  1. In a related story, with Farvre’s help he also purchased a supply of non-contract cell phones and a copy of How to Unretire for the Ego-Driven Challenged

  2. Him and Bus have been together since the beginning. He went to bat for Bus and delivered. I don’t see what the big deal is, unless if it is just to get Favre in the headlines again for hit counts.

  3. jimr10 says: Jan 22, 2011 10:56 AM

    anyone besides me think that favre is not going to stay retired?


    If he’s willing to be a backup, he could have another season in him. But why would he unless he was interested in some sort of coaching or leadership roll on a team. I don’t see faver as the coaching or mentoring type.

  4. Anyone care to comment on why Newton refused to take off the Gatorade towel AFTER the game? It was lovingly draped like a cape and covered his AUBURN jersey. Fairley had one also. Anyone?

  5. Cam Newton=Akili Smith

    This has B-U-S-T written all over it.

    Let’s see…which QB’s will have won the SB since 2003?

    Brady (3)
    Roethelisberger (2)
    Eli Manning

    Outside of Big Ben’s ability to break free and scramble, no one is going to remember that group as being fleet footed.

    Go back to 1999…

    – Kurt Warner
    – Trent Dilfer
    – Brad Johnson

    I mean, come on! When are teams going to figure this out?

    McNabb, Vick, Young, Freeman…none of these guys will ever win a Super Bowl. In fact, the ONLY “rushing” QB I can think of that won (in the sense that Vick was talked about) is Doug Williams.

    In the 1980’s.

    So go ahead, draft Cam Newton, pay that family even more money, and watch him sink your franchise and coaching staff.

    Sounds like a great fit for the Washington Redskins.

  6. We love us some Doug Williams in ‘Skinslandia! SB title, gracias. Was that a whiff of racisim in the air above?

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