Carson Palmer wants out of Cincinnati


During the 2010 season, when quarterback Carson Palmer seemed to be a franchise quarterback in contract only, it appeared that the Bengals could be done with Palmer.

Regardless of what the Bengals want to do, Palmer reportedly is done with the Bengals.

Chris Mortensen of ESPN reports that Palmer will ask the Bengals to trade him.  Per Mort, Palmer is willing to play the “retirement” card in order to be traded to a team for which he’d like to play.

Mort mentioned the Seahawks, 49ers, and Cardinals, the three NFC West teams that don’t have Sam Bradford at quarterback.

One team Mort didn’t mention?  The Raiders, now coached by former Bengals assistant Hue Jackson and a potential destination for receiver Chad Ochocinco.

Um.  Now we know why Mort didn’t mention the Raiders.

85 responses to “Carson Palmer wants out of Cincinnati

  1. Doesn’t surprise me. While we’re at it can I request Mike Brown to trade my fanhood until he starts caring about the organization?

  2. Funny. Cincinnati wants him out of there too.

    Personally, I would love to see the Palmer, Ohsostinko and the TO is BO gong show return. It is quite a healthy relationship. For the Steelers’ annual playoff hopes, that is.

    Oh well, he can overthrow and under throw receivers on other teams too, I guess.

  3. Who can blame him. The horrible management has torn this team apart. Fans are tired of being jerked around waiting to see if the awful OC is retained or not. My days as a Bengal fan are almost over. I’m just waiting to see what happens with Bratkowski, and now Palmer.

  4. Can ya blame him? Half of the Bengals fanbase is fed up with them… a 4-12 team with ZERO coaching changes? Why would anyone on the team want to come back?

    Mr. Palmer, good luck to you wherever you end up next, you deserve better. Everyone in Cincy does…

  5. The question is what the Bengals will want for him. If I’m a General Manager in the NFL it would be a cold day in hell before I trade a first round pick for him. Limp noodle arm. Maybe a team like the 49ers who want to run a west coast offense.

  6. Bengals paid this guy a lot of money…a lot more than he was worth. An above average quarterback but makes too many big mistakes

  7. I could see him starting on 4 teams. 1.Miami 2.Tennessee
    3. Arizona
    4.Washington Any other city he is a backup.

  8. This must mean Bratkowski is coming back… this is sad to hear. I want out as well. I’m tired of this bull!!!

  9. Maybe he can go to Miami and compete with Henne. Miami needs a smart QB. Arm strength is not all that necessary with no deep threat. Hopefully Henne will figure stuff out but I would feel better if there was a veteran there in case (read: when) things go badly.

  10. This is a nothing story…Carson isnt going anywhere, he will have a nice bounce back year without Chad and TO and the re-establishment of the running game….book it

  11. Get him out of cincy. Im a big fan and will root for him no matter what team he plays for. But it just wasn’t working out here. Carson is showing the bengals that they need changes and not just small changes they need an OVERHAUL. GOOD LUCK CARSON! Tell the media what is wrong with this organization.

  12. this is ridiculous. things have really gone bad for the bengals. before the season, they are a team with talent. they have a terrific CB duo, great LBs, a good defensive line, good receiving core, good QB, and a good HB.

    Their issues fall on the offensive line and safety position. Their offensive line has really stunk and the terrell owens is a talented receiver but he and Palmer has too much communication issues which leads to INTs

    Its pretty sad how this team is going to get an overhaul. It’s a talented team, really. Palmer is a good QB, he’s very good at reading coverage and blitzes. Really unfortunate what’s going on with this team. They shouldn’t blow it up

  13. Can you blame him? I love Carson Palmer. I could be labeled an “apologist”, but the fact of the matter remains he can still be a good NFL QB given that he is in a good system. This really is an indictment on the Bengals because Carson is about as good as a teammate as they come and the fact that he wants out and is willing to tell people that, WOW my team has some issues.

  14. Glad to see he is forcing Cincy’s hand – trade me or I’ll retire. Glad to see that he has his finances in order to make a move like that.

    It might get interesting between now and the draft. Of course it ALWAYS gets interesting before the draft.

    Right now Cincy is a joke and they should start over. Trading Palmer to a contending team is a good start.

  15. 1. I cannot see how this surprises anyone. He played it like a gentleman the whole way through but clearly the guy has to be fed up with the Bengals act. I can see him doing great things with any of the 3 teams mentioned.

    2. This changes the draft if they move him. I can see Ryan Mallet landing here with his character issues being a perfect fit for what the Bengals are. The Bengals are a bad team drafting bad people, maybe he can hang with Andre Smith and his man-boobs.

    This team is a trainwreck, enjoy it Southern Ohio. The only thing keeping your disaster out of the spotlight consistently is the cryptkeeper and his beat up face in Oakland. Once big Al and his jumpsuit croak, you’re the full time class clown..

    CANT WAIT!!!

  16. Maybe he’s tired of wearing a uniform that looks like it was designed by a 4 year old with ADHD.

  17. For Bengal fans, this is the best news they’ve had in a long long time.

    For the fans of any team that actually trades for this bum, lolu

  18. Oh…and I hope pom-pom gets as much crap that Ochocinco got for demanding a trade a few years ago. I hope he can overthrow and throw behind receivers for the 49ers next year.

  19. the Redskins will give up draft picks for him, tell the world they got the greatest QB ever, and then a year later, bench him…….Same thing

  20. Wow.
    Here comes the Jordan Palmer era I guess…oh wait you mean RunPee will likely go too? Because we mainly signed him to keep Carson happy? Oh yeah.

    I mean what can we get for with THAT contract?!? A 6th-rounder at best? I can’t stand Mike Brown but he’s been crazy loyal to Carson IMO – in this one instance I couldn’t blame him if he just let Carson retire (to PFT – if he retires any potential cap hit under a new CBA would likely be gone right?).

    Different question – does the CBA have to be settled before the Bengals could even trade him? Or is that different than a free-agent signing would be?

    In a sense I guess he’s doing the Bengals a favor by pulling this before the draft. Get ready for the Cam Newton era (which will surely be Akili 2.0 I fear).

    The truly horrifying news is this probably puts to bed any notion of Bratkowski getting let go after the Senior Bowl. The irony is that if the Bengals have to truly start over at QB, they might as well fire Brat and get a real OC in there since there will be growing pains regardless of whether there’s a new system or not.



  21. Doesn’t really matter – he’s slow in reads, immobile and been on a losing team for years. And no matter how look it at it he is at least partly responsible for a lot of their losses.

    If he gets traded again he will never be a starter unles the true starter goes down to injury. he’s made a lot of $$ fro so so results.

    If Brady isn’t careful he’ll become the next Carson Palmer – hint – win a playoff game Tom.

  22. Pukey60 is right. Brady is totally gonna be the next Carson. At least we Bengal fans have those 3 championships Carson delivered us…


  23. Be careful what you wish for cincy fans… Looks like starting over once again… maybe he’s just trying to use this to get Bratkowski fired..

    Now looks like we are looking forward to 2015 another decade of losing football..

  24. Did anyone actually watch him play this year? Most of his good stats were put up in garbage time after he had thrown backbreaking interceptions to the other team. Whoever he’s playing for next year, get ready for a mediocre inaccurate quarterback prone to killer mistakes and turnovers.

  25. Campbell and Palmer can start alternating weeks for the fade.

    And no one will know the difference.

  26. You are all forgetting this is Mike Brown we’re talking about — what makes you think he’ll acquiesce to a trade demand? Remember Ocho demanding a trade a few years back?

    As for Carson, I feel for him but would also like to know how he plans on paying back the prorated portion of his big signing bonus for his current contract? It’s always convenient for players to want a trade a few years AFTER they have netted their big signing bonus.

  27. The rumor of Carson Palmer to the Raiders has been going around for weeks now. Nice to see PFT finally got wind of it.

    Palmer really needs a change of scenery.

  28. I’m sure Palmer heard about Marvin Lewis’ “sit down dinner” (is there any other kind?) with Chilly and thought to himself “ohhhh, no you don’t!”

    Now that Mathew, not Matt Hasselbeck (as he likes to be referred to as in the northwest) appears safe to stay in ventiland, and the Skins won’t get more than a can of Chunky for Donovan, Palmer finds himself in the driver’s seat of sorts. As has been stated above, he must have his finances in order. There are a handful of teams that could use a veteran starter right away to get their teams back on track.

    Since Undead Al just anointed Jason Campbell as the franchise, there’s zip chance that he ends up in Oakland. San Fran and Zona make a lotta sense (more SF, cause Zona is cheap). And since Palmer is essentially pulling a pseudo-Melo, the price to get him will be very low.

  29. Who wants to pay franchise QB price for a mediocre QB that is perenially “on the way back” and has won jack? Heck, the guy who used to back him up outplayed Palmer this year, despite a huge disadvantage in the supporting cast.

    Palmer is just another of the typical USC skill position players of the last decade. They care about the life, not about the football. The only winners from that school are of the defensive side of the ball.

  30. The fact remains on this story (as all others about trades) is there is no way he will be traded because he can’t until a new CBA is agreed upon. Until that point, this is a moot point.

  31. NFL’s online store currently has Palmer jerseys half-price.

    That might be normal for all Bengals jerseys though…

  32. Way to get a Raider jab in there. The raiders havent even show intrest in the guy and you are somehow making it out like Palmer doesnt want to play there because of some other guy that the Raiders havent show intrest in. Why not just link palmer and Ochocinco to every ex-bengal coach…….since they had a ton of success in cincy.

  33. I don’t know why Seattle is on that list… I’d take Hasselbeck over Palmer any day of the week. Yes, Seattle has to still sign him, but….

  34. This perfectly sums up why Palmer will never be the top-level QB he was hyped up to be.

    Let’s see, the QB has the greatest impact of any player on the field. When a QB wants out because he doesn’t like how the team has done, he’s basically saying, hey, I’m happy to collect the big bucks based on being the QB — but I won’t take responsibility for the losing! No, not my fault! Send me somewhere else where I can win!

    I knew Palmer was a choker. I didn’t know what a non-responsibility-taking wuss he is.

    Sure, Cincy was fine back when they gave you a top-shelf OL, three genuine receiving threats, and a 1,500-yard rusher for ground support. You gladly took that, padded your stats, then collected the big bucks. But now, when things get tough! Wahhh! I want out.

    Be careful any team that takes this non-leader. You getting a choker and a little child. The adult takes responsibility, instead of running away. Which is what he’s doing.

    Welcome to “journeyman” status, Palmer. You’ve earned it.

  35. What has Carson Palmer done lately??? What has he done to make this team better? 4-12, 8-8 He doesn’t win any games himself? He lost 2 or 3 games by his lack of going down the field. Since he hurt his leg he hasn’t done anything worthy of asking for a trade, the Bengals need to ask for a refund!

  36. If Carroll has the opportunity to get him he’ll do whatever he has to to get him. And if he does get him, he’ll cry out of joy like Dick Vermeil.

  37. i bet Palmer wants to wear red and gold. who wouldnt want to play on a team with Harbaugh and the weapons the offense has? plus he would be back in CA. makes too much sense.

  38. Blind man can see what this is about. The timing suggests this is a message to Bengals management regarding their recent flirtation with Colonel Klink, known in some circles as Brad Childress. Klink’s history of conflict with quarterbacks is well-documented. After the disastrous Mike Brown/Marvin Lewis press conference of a few weeks ago, I think Carson felt
    he needed to make a statement.

  39. I lost interest in this team (other than as a source of mockery) years ago, but it seems to me Mikey Brown never grants trade requests, or caves to the demands of players, coaches, fans, taxpayers, other owners, etc. He’s a lonely bitter loser, with a typical lawyer’s mentality, who has been screwing over everyone in his wake for 20+ years (especially Hamilton County taxpayers). Let’s also not forget how wrong ESPN got the story of Marvin Lewis’ imminent departure (turns out he never had any demands at all in order to, so I wouldn’t be surprised if this becomes another non-story. Kudos to Palmer if he does retire though, because that’s the ONLY way he gets out of Cincy next year.

  40. We are a mess. Carson needs to realize he is a big part of the problem. Yes, receivers ran bad routes at times-but how many times did he make poor decisions or miss wide open receivers when he had minimal pressure. He has not given the leadership the team needs and fans expect from a franchise QB.

    The always big question is -who in the organization has the experience building a winning team? Making money has always taken a front seat to putting a winning product on the field. Mike Brown your fan base pleads- please put someone in charge that knows the football side of the business. You consider yourself a redeemer for taking on headcases when we all know it is just looking for a bargain on talent.

    Come on-show the city and the fanbase you can be a class act. Show you care. We are tired of losing and hearing about past performance indicating future performance. We all know too well the definition of insanity.

  41. There is no way Harbaugh would take Palmer in SF. If he trades for anyone it would be Kolb in Philly or Josh Johnson in TB. Johnson is probably the more likely since the Eagles supposedly will want more than a 1st rounder and he will only cost the team 2 mil next year. Good insurance for the Eagles if Vick goes down. Johnson was Harbaugh’s QB at SD and would be good for a 3rd or 4th rounder until he can find a good prospect for the future.

  42. trickbunny says:
    Jan 23, 2011 2:23 PM
    Maybe he’s tired of wearing a uniform that looks like it was designed by a 4 year old with ADHD.
    Hey Man that’s not cool my 4 year old has ADHD , and she can draw a lot better than those ugly bungle uni’s! Her reponse to your post was-” That wasn’t very, hey look it’s snowing, I like cheeseboogers. ?

  43. I hope this turns out to be nothing. As many of you are aware, Carson has said he reads this website and the news stories that follow with it. I for one would like to tell Carson to please stay. I just purchased season tickets for the 2011 season, because I liked him and the team that much. And I live in MARYLAND. 10 hours away. I think its well worth it to travel to see them play.

    I know a lot of fans and people here would critize me for saying any of this, But in the interest of my money and the Bengals as a whole, I really hope to see him return to Cincinnati, Carson is not the problem here.

    Just maybe its the surroundings, but Im not a coach or a player. I enjoy watching a great QB, and a good team with all of the elements of a team that should be playing today.

  44. If the Bungles were to trade him, what would they need in return for an aging QB that wants out?….thinking maybe a 5th or 6th? I don’t think they would do better than that!?

    Vikes draft a QB early this year(or next) and trade next years 6th for Palmer who can bridge the 3 year gap for the youngster.

    He can follow the rest of the Superstar Vikes QB’s to wear #9……..Tommy Kramer and Jim McMahon.

  45. Palmer’s not worth a first-round pick, but maybe a 2nd-rounder and cash, since that’s what Mike Brown’s all about.

    I’m betting Palmer wants to go home, and the Niners are not a bad fit, nor are the Cards. But be careful what you wish for, Carson: the Bengals might try to trade you to, say, Buffalo.

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