Criticism of Cutler mounts

Bears linebacker Brian Urlacher doesn’t want to hear any criticism of Jay Cutler for sitting out the second half of the NFC Championship Game with a knee injury. So Urlacher better avoid any large gatherings of NFL players — because plenty of players are questioning Cutler’s toughness.

Here’s a sample of what some current and former NFL players said on Twitter as they watched Culter stand on the sideline while the Bears lost to the Packers:

* Jaguars running back Maurice Jones-Drew wrote, “All I’m saying is that he can finish the game on a hurt knee… I played the whole season on one.”

* Former NFL lineman and current ESPN analyst Mark Schlereth wrote, “As a guy how had 20 knee surgeries you’d have to drag me out on a stretcher to Leave a championship game!”

* Cardinals defensive lineman Darnell Dockett wrote, “If I’m on chicago team jay cutler has to wait till me and the team shower get dressed and leave before he comes in the locker room!”

* Jaguars linebacker Kirk Morrison wrote, “Jay Cutler better go put some Tussin on that knee and get back out there.”

* Deion Sanders wrote, “Im telling u in the playoffs u must drag me off the field. All the medicine in pro lockerooms this dude comes out! I apologize bear fans! . . . Folks i never question a players injury but i do question a players heart.

Even one of Cutler’s fellow quarterbacks, Oakland’s Bruce Gradkowski, got in on the action, writing that he once played with two torn MCLs and adding, “Is cutler still ur starter next year? Did the players give up on him?”

Oh, and in Chicago, they’re already burning Cutler jerseys.

84 responses to “Criticism of Cutler mounts

  1. Gradkowsi asking if someone else is the starter!?!? Ha, That’s rich!

    I’m sure there is a Cutler to Washington story already in the works.

  2. Well, what do you expect? Today’s athletes are wussies. They hurt their pinkie finger and they have to go on IR. No wonder everyone was in love with Brett Favre.

  3. Not a Cutler fan at all (he is the 21st Century Jeff George) but Deion “Tackling? What is That?” Sanders has room to question anyone’s toughness, including my grandma’s.

  4. Cutler sat on the bench after he got hurt…it didn’t appear that he had or needed Xray’s, therapy of any sort, or even attempting to warm up or get a sense of range of motion…he just paced on the sideline and sat on the bench. Weird. We’ll see when the injury report comes out what happened, but until then Cutler deserves criticism…I feel if current and former players are tweeting that he pussed out, I’d have to agree with their point of view.

  5. As a Bears fan (and a Cutler fan prior to the 2nd half of this game) I am disgusted by his performance. You don’t stand on the sidelines looking like a little girl who has just had her lunch money stolen. He has no heart. You have to DRAG elite players from Championship games. If they can walk… they play. As much as I dislike Brady and Manning… you don’t see them doing something like this. Ever.

  6. Wow. Burning Cutler jerseys.

    I’m not a Bears or Cutler fan at all, but none of us know yet what was wrong with his knee.

    Overreaction, much? Or at least overreaction prematurely much?

  7. Never witnessed qb with less heart than what cutler showed today. I’d bench him and start the Caleb guy. Unbelievable!! You can walk, you can throw the football! When they asked him what play he hurt it he said he didn’t know. How do you injure your knee so badly you can’t play but can’t recall how you hurt it? Liar who gave up. Just a pathetic example to young kids out there.

  8. What a joke. His old buddy Rivers played his ’07 AFCCG on a freakin’ torn ACL, and Cutler was too banged up to play in the biggest game of his life?

  9. He has a torn ligament in his knee for christs sake and argued with the medical staff at halftime. You guys haven’t got a freaking clue.

  10. I’m glad the dufus is being called out by other players cause I know I don’t have a right to. He looked like a pouty child on the sidelines and he didn’t even look engaged int eh game at all. What a tool.

  11. I think those analysts and players should reserve criticism until all the facts are known.

  12. Does it matter? Are these people morons? Did they just ignore the 30 minutes of football when Cutler was sucking? Hanie gave the team the best chance to win anyway

  13. Cutler is a wimp. Simple as that. Or he just doesn’t care. It’s one or the other. If he came off the field and yelled “I’m going back in! You aren’t taking me out of this game! End of discussion!” there is no way the coaches or trainers or anyone would have made the “decision” to take him out. He would have played the whole game even if it was on one leg.

    What I am trying to say is that the decision was ultimately up to him. And he didn’t want to go back in.

  14. Cutler you did a “Great” job!!! Go Packers!!!!!!!!!!!! We goin’ to Dallas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sit on that Bears fans!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Cutler may be a wuss, but these clowns calling him out on twitter would have sat out too. Gradkowski? C’mon dude you can’t fool the nation. You are a walking injury.

  16. Sounds so nice coming from a bunch of players that are sitting home watching the playoff’s. And really Deion Sanders would question if someone is tough when he would run the other way rather than tackle someone. And of course loud mouth Dockett has to chime in on everything.

  17. Pathetic peformance by Cutler. We have seen these guys play through much worse in a regular season game.

    In a championship game, if you can walk you can play. That team deserved alot better. But no one should really be surprised, this guys always been a d-bag

  18. Who cares what Urlacher says. He has never won a Super Bowl ring. His opinion on Cutler is meaningless. Ask championship winning players what they think? Cutler has no heart! He is not a good fit in a tuff town like Chicago. A Jeff George clone. All arm, no brains, and no mental toughness.

  19. Tebow would have played through it.

    At the time I was thinking: “who starts the Super Bowl if this 3rd stringer pulls off the comeback?”

  20. “I think those analysts and players should reserve criticism until all the facts are known.”

    Why? There’s no accountability for journalists, they’ll just spin the result to protect themselves

  21. echoplex89 ……. Like the guy above said, Phillip Rivers played a championship game with a torn ACL, so that excuse wont work. Rivers was even talking trash to the fans walking back from the tunnel, LOL.

  22. Where was this criticism of Cedric benson when pulled himself out of the super bowl in ’06?

  23. Donovan McNabb broke his ankle in one game but he went back out there and played well and won the game with a broken ankle.

  24. Man, I’m glad we won. If another NFL player has criticism for Cutler, who am I to speak on it? I’ll let the insiders (the players) sort it out.

    For what it’s worth, Hanie thoroughly out-played Cutler in my opinion.

    That being said, I hope Jerry Angelo is in Chicago until Terminators take over the Earth.

    Packers. Super Bowl.

  25. The coaching staff deserves some blame too. Hanie was better than Collins in games during the season and should have been the #2. He did not look awful. Maybe another two series gets him more comfortable. And what was that call on 3rd and 3?

  26. If this happened in Philly:

    Fans would be expected to cheer Cutler.

    Fans would be called ‘classless’ for booing Cutler.

    Fans would be called ‘criminals’ or ‘animals’ for burning that jersey.

    Fans would be chided for not supporting a player who took them to the NFC Title Game.

    But it didn’t happen in Philly. So the fans will be called ‘passionate’.

  27. Didn’t Jones-Drew skip the final 2 games when his team had a shot at the playoffs. Now he has the nerve to question someones toughness. And Deion questioning someones toughness is a f-ing joke. Did he ever tackle anyone. Jay might have looked bad sitting on the sidelines, but he was cheering his team on, help Hanie out, and the stiff arm he gave the great Charles Woodson on a scramble displayed how tough Cutler is. Let him get the MRI first, then lets judge him. Until then, just congratulate the Packers for a hard fought game and commend Hanie for coming in and playing his heart out.

  28. doctorsechoplex89 says:
    He has a torn ligament in his knee for christs sake and argued with the medical staff at halftime.
    Really? Where did you see this? Haven’t heard a word of this – the torn ligament OR the arguing – yet.

    Doc: Jay, you may have tweaked your vag a bit

    JC: Damn, I don’t know when, but in case you’re right, maybe I ought to sit out the rest of the NFC Championship game”

    BTW, as I typed this, I just heard that Crochery is coming back into the Jets game despite a pulled hammy. Too bad he doesn’t have Jay Cutler’s doctors, he might hurt himself worse.

  29. I have a problem with Cutler’s poor play in the 1st half. I have a problem with Collins being 2nd string after an unbelievably bad performance in his one game against Carolina. There are several other questionable coaching decisions I have a problem with. But I have no problem with Cutler’s toughness. Billy Volek had to finish that 2007 Divisional game against the Colts after Rivers tore his acl and is commended for playing the next week. Anyone calling Cutler a Wuss is an idiot. We have the worst offensive line in the NFL and he took 52 sacks and countless hurries and hits and still brought us to the NFC Championship game. Thank you Jay Cutler and the Chicago Bears for a great season. You far exceeded my expectations. Quite honestly we lost to a better team.

  30. echoplex89 said……. “Like the guy above said, Phillip Rivers played a championship game with a torn ACL, so that excuse wont work. Rivers was even talking trash to the fans walking back from the tunnel, LOL”. Rivers didn’t finish the game he got hurt in against the Colts. Billy Volek finished and won that game for the Chargers.

  31. I tell ya though, that “put some Tussin on it” comment is one of the FUNNIEST damned things I’ve heard.

  32. “I’m not defending Cutler, but didn’t MJD sit out the last two games of the season while the Jags had a shot to win the division???”

    Indeed, but he played 3 months on the knee when it need surgery. the injury was first mentioned in Week one.

  33. I’m not a fan of Cutler but geez, I don’t think that he had a choice. He’s got a bird brain but I don’t think that he’s a wuss.

    BTW, why didn’t Gradkowski play the rest of the season with his injury? He’s got a lot to talk about.

  34. Cutler is a spineless worm, McNabb played on a broken ankle… hell T.O. played on broken leg. If Cutler was well enough to hang out on the sideline, ride a bike, etc he was well enough to wrap that knee up and get back out there.

  35. Hard for any of us to exactly say what happened.

    I guess if an MRI shows he had some tear or major damage, then 90% will be believers. The all 10% will claim conspiracy.

    He’ll still get crap for not toughing it out. Didn’t help that he couldn’t say which play it happened on. Even worse, he standing and walking around on the sideline. Dude if you’re hurt bad enough you can’t play, might want to think about sitting or a crutch or something.

    Culter isn’t exactly the most passionate player. Hard to judge if he’s tough and keeps it in or if he just had enough.

  36. In my opinion I think it was obvious that he was benched. That’s why you didn’t see him trying to stretch or get back out there. I think the coaching staff let him save face by appearing to be too injured to return.
    They did not want him back out there.
    He was choking.

  37. Wow. You gotta love reading all this spilt-milk moanin by Da Bearz fans: Their t0p-10 QB has a knee he simply can’t play on anymore (according to the doc), and suddenly the Bears “fans” turn on him, bringing up his character, personality, and toughness. This would NOT be happening had the Bears won the game. Had Cutler stayed in with his bum knee and the Bears lost, then the criticism would change to how selfish Cutler was for staying in the game with a bum knee. Way to stay classy Chicago!!!

    Good thing the Packers didn’t turn on Rodgers last year for his blunders at Arizona last year (or bench him in favor of Favre after Brett’s 3rd unretirement in the same offseason), anymore than we turned on Favre after 3 playoff ending games largely due to him. By the way, I’m on record as saying I would be rooting for the Bears in the Super Bowl had they beat the Packers. You almost came back to tie the game. Someone had to win. Chalk it up to luck, or whatever helps you cope with the loss, but your Bears had home-field advantage in a cold-weather game against a Packers “Dome” team, a Packers team with a terrible run-blocking offensive-line, and the Bears lost. You LOST. Deal with it, rather than suddenly turning on your QB which at least 20 teams in the NFL would love to have.

    P.S.: I realize there are ton of classy Bear fans who don’t bash their team, players, or coach for the loss. Nor do they make excuses for the loss. Nor do they bash the victors. Those who do, stop your whining and grow up.

  38. gradkowski should be starting in oakland.

    but when he left toledo, he did so amid a point shaving scandal.

    his answer to the media, when it became public: that’s not good.

    so, bruce, stfu.

    hanie actually did better than cutler. perhaps the coaches had a little to do with the decision.

  39. Caleb Hanie looked pretty good, … all things considered. Todd Collins on the other hand, looked like he didn’t even know what a football was or what to do with it. If you are going to be a back up quarterback in the NFL, you have to at least be able to drop back and make a play. I’m not saying he had to be amazing, he just had to move the ball, little by little and he couldn’t even do that. As a Vikings fan, I hope we take a look at Caleb Hanie!

  40. I’m hardly a Cutler Fan, but the so called criticism seems to be fueled more by media members determined to be right about him not being good enough and a collection of athletes who don’t particularly like him because he’s always reportedly had an awkward personality.

    It’s the biggest problem I have with how the media covers athletes today, many have gotten too close to their subject and therefore project personal feelings when “reporting,” especially the ex-athletes turned “journalists.”

    Cutler’s never been what I’d call a great player, but he was playing in the NFC championship game today, and whatever you think of him, he had alot to do with that happening.

  41. Did anyone honestly think that this would end any other way for Cutler? This so reminded me of 2005 when Denver was a #1 seed led by Jake Plumber.

    Plumber played so far over his head during the season, had an easy schedule, didn’t make the typical “Jake Plumber” mistakes.

    Plumber then is confronted with the Steelers, and, BOOM, gets plowed like Glass Joe in Knockout!!

    Fast forward to 2010, Jay Cutler takes advantage of an easy schedule, cheats death narrowly over the course of the season, gets to play St. Mary’s of the Woods at home in the Divisional round, and finally gets a margin call.

    Bears fans, you have nothing to be ashamed of. If someone told you at the beginning of the season you would be playing in the NFC Championship, you would have taken it all day long.

  42. Cutler is a big sissy. He slid feet first before the first down marker and the Bears punted. He could have made the first down. He looks scared and he dosn’t really care. You watch the other quarterbacks’ reactions. Cutler was the only one out of 4 that didn’t care what happened.

    If the Bears keep this jerk, they have no shot at a championship. They better cut their losses now.

  43. I have no idea whether Jay Cutler is tough or not. My criticism of Cutler is that when he plays he doesn’t display any passion for the game. It’s just a job to Jay. As the Championship game showed, the Bears should have started the third string quarterback with his limited practice and knowledge. The entire offense played with more energy when Haney was in the game. I know it wouldn’t have happened but the evidence is on the field.

    It appears Jay Cutler is still struggling to justify his 1st round pick status.

  44. It’s one thing for fans to question a player, but other active and retired players bashing Cutler speaks volumes about what we all saw out there.

    As much as we all hate that d-bag, Favre, at least he played out there with passion and fire. He had to be dragged off the field. In a championship game like this, Favre would have punched any doctor who told him he couldn’t go back in.

  45. I’m not a Cutler nor Bears fan but I think this criticism of him is undeserved. I am pretty sure the only game he has missed in is his entire career was one game this year after a concussion. How could these players who didn’t even make the playoffs question his toughness? Even if Cutler wasn’t injured he was playing horribly so it appeared that him coming out of the game helped the Bears. If the coaching staff was smart at all they would have had Hanie as the #2 ahead of Collins. Hanie played fairly well and might have been able to pull out the game if he was the QB for those 2 Collins’ possessions. That said I think the better team won the game and I’ll be rooting for Arod and company in the Super Bowl vs. Big Ben and the Steelers.

  46. Isn’t Deion Sanders that softy that tried to quit on life by driving a car off a cliff after he rode Jerry Rice and Steve Young’s coattails to a Super Bowl trophy and was sad that no one was giving him any attention??????

  47. Someone also needs to inform all of these “heroes” tweeting from home because they didn’t make the playoffs that Jay Cutler is a Diabetic playing QB in the NFL which day in and day out probably makes him one of the toughest guys in the league. The Bears are a 5-11 team without him and go back to being irrelevant.

  48. Can’t comment on Cutler because I don’t know the extent of the injury. But Gradkowski is saying he played on two torn MCLs? Sorry, but would have to hear that confirmed by coaches, doctors, and sportswriters.

  49. Dear Bears fans :

    Would you rather have Rex Grossman or Kyle “Noodlearm ” Orton back instead ?

  50. I’m a Packer fan and let me say up front, that I think Cutler has ability, but will never be elite because he’s too inconsistent. That being said, I think we have to wait until we know what’s wrong with him to judge his toughness. It really wasn’t up to him, to go back in or not the way I understand it.

    The thing I will say is, if I were Bear fan I’d be pissed because his facial expressions and body language on the sideline gave me the impression that he didn’t give too big of a $&#@ about not being in the game. I’d think most NFL qbs would have to be pulled kicking and screaming from a championship game.

  51. Being an athlete with diabetes is now a cause for hagiography???
    Guess you never heard of Bobby Clarke who did it 35 years ago in hockey with little fanfare and less methods of control of the condition…and that guy was a champion in every sense of the word.

  52. I’m not a big fan of Cutler either, but I find it the lambasting of him by supposed football fans that most likely call in sick to their physically demanding day jobs when they have a hang over.

    I will freely admit that the thought crossed my mind that the injury sure was convenient given the poor first half performance that Cutler had….but I’m perfectly content to accept the statements from his coach and his TEAM MATES stating that they have no questions about his toughness.

    Then again, I think there is more than enough to criticize Cutler over so I don’t find it necessary to fabricate anything.

  53. The problem is the NFL and the media’s definition of what a standard prototypical qb looks like !
    Their definition is a 6’4″ statue that just stands in the pocket and slings the ball downfield….aka – Brady, Manning, Flacco, Ryan, Cutler etc. etc. etc.

    Conversely qb’s that win with their feet, rolling out, scrambling or picking up a first down with their feet, are not elite qb’s, in their definition….aka- Rogers, Roethlisburger, Vick, Young, Favre etc. etc. etc.

    The league now have linemen and linebackers with decent sprinter speed. The days of statuesque quarterbacks have passed.

    The league is implementing countless rules to ” protect the immobile qb’s. The NFL has turned the qb position into a flag football position. The immobile qb’s are so protected, women should partition to play the position.

  54. Yeah, when you consider today’s athletes are constantly monitored/tested, have custom diets prepared, specialized training…Diabetes is less of a setback than a head cold.

  55. Hear me out on this one.

    I don’t think it has anything to do with Cutler’s toughness. I think he’s so apathetic in how he goes about life, coach Smith asked him if he could go and he probably said *shrug*. Cutler just doesn’t have any fire inside of him.

  56. wonder what all the twitter guys woulda said when Carson got Kimo’d by the Steelers.

    That said, they might have to do surgery on Cutler’s knee whether he needs it or not just to justify the decision.


  57. The thing that really pissed me off about Jay Cutler today was the fact that when he was benched, for whatever reason, he literally “rode the bench the rest of the game.” Every time the cameras looked for him, there he was with his iPod earphones in sulking on the warmed up bench. The look on his face said to me that he was trying to zone out of the stadium noise to hear his music. I always thought that the QB was the leader of the team. It was the CHAMPIONSHIP GAME YOU DIM WIT!!! I never saw Brian Urlacher sitting! He should have been up along the sidelines shouting encouragement, helping with play calling, or whatever to give the Bears the little extra psychological boost. They almost came back, if I were a Bear fan I would burn his jersey too! I don’t care what excuse he uses, I know many people with Diabetes who carry on 40 hours a week on very demanding and dangerous jobs! To me if he had such a crappy attitude, leave him in the locker room after the half, he seemed to bring the entire sideline down with him. The Super Bowl will be great because there are two “old school” teams who know how to get the job done! I can’t wait!

  58. Cutler took some awful punishment this year. And to play so badly in such a high-profile game is heartbreaking. But this guy is tough and I might be the only Chicago Bears fan left that’s glad he’s still our quarterback, but I’d trade for him 1,000 times over. If he says he couldn’t come back in, he couldn’t come back in. Mike Martz might have a little too much faith in his arm or his O-line, but he called a terrible game. Todd Collins though? Seriously? Somebody needs to be fired for even having this guy on a professional football team.

  59. I would personally hold off on criticism until we find out more. Apparently, Cutler did try to loosen up, but apparently, he could not do enough to go back in (not that it mattered anyway once Caleb Hanie came in since that point, Cutler was ineligible to return).

  60. Peyton Manning played part of the 06 AFCCG with a sprained ligament and WITHOUT a thumbnail on his throwing hand. And WON the game, by completing the largest comeback in AFCCG Game history. Said afterward, NO ONE was gonna make him come out.

    I have no idea how bad Cutler was/is hurt but, he didn’t look like he made much of an effort to convince anyone to let him back in.

  61. Well. If I’m a Bears fan, I’d rather have had Haine in there at the end anyways. He was the only QB on the field making plays.

    Cutler’s body language said it all. He had quit and knew it was over.

    Loved how the Bears responded to Haine.

  62. Cutler just has fire when he screaming at officials to do their job and watch for head to head contact on him.

  63. When fellow and former players publicly call you out extemporaneously, you’ve got a major perception problem. Players know players.

    When you are constantly being shown on the sidelines, looking uninterested, uninjured, receiving no treatment (ice, etc,). You’ve got a big perception problem.

    LT’s career changed the day he sat on the sidelines with his helmet on, covered with a cape while his QB Rivers was on the field fighting his arse off with no ACL/MCL in the AFC championship game. After yesterday, so will Cutler’s.

    Life often comes down to a few key moments and how you respond comes to define who people think you are. People now think Cutler is a quitter. It will take a lot to overcome that perception now, if ever.

  64. I don’t know how bad his Knee is. But I do know one thing. This man is not well liked at all. Not one person outside his locker room coming to his defence. Ain’t seen anything like this before.

  65. All this is criticism is interesting in light that PFT told US that Jay Cutler was a likeable guy (even though respectable was probably the word you should have been using).

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