Jay Cutler exits during third quarter

Bears quarterback Jay Cutler won’t get a chance to improve upon his desultory play thus far in the NFC Championship.

Todd Collins has entered the game at quarterback midway through the third quarter Sunday with the Bears trailing 14-0.  Cutler has a knee injury and is questionable to return.

Cutler came out of the locker room after halftime, but did play in the team’s first series after intermission.  He threw an incompletion.

This could easily be a three-score game, but Aaron Rodgers threw an interception to Brian Urlacher inside the ten-yard line.  Rodgers made like Ben Roethlisberger on Urlacher’s return and was able to trip the linebacker up, possibly preventing a touchdown.

We watched Collins’ one start this year against the Panthers and he played terrible football.

Fair or not, the image of Cutler taking himself out of this game could be one he struggles to live down for a long time.

41 responses to “Jay Cutler exits during third quarter

  1. Wow Jay Cutler, you are as soft as they come, a “banged up knee”? What are you saving yourself for? Because with Todd Collins on the field it is a guarantee you won’t be needed in 2 weeks.

  2. .
    bears like honey.

    the packers heads etc look slike honey.

    why arent the bears eating them up?

  3. The bigger story is Urlacher getting tackled by Rodgers’ pinky. He barely touched him. That was pathetic. Should have been a pick-six.

  4. The title of this should say: “Jay Cutler quits during third quarter”

    Unless he tore his ACL/Meniscus/etc. you play until you can’t physically move any longer. It’s the NFCCG God sakes!


  5. Pretty sad when you bench your qb for Todd Collins and then call it a knee injury to you starting qb.

    Bears proved nothing beating the hawks last week.

    Cutler sucks. not a GB fan either.

  6. This game just took a turn for the worse with Collins leading the way. Packers are in. Love the use of the word desultory by the way.

  7. You can tell he wants no part of this game. He should have taken himself out at the beginning of the game. The Bears need to get rid of this guy…& this is coming from a Bears fan.

  8. Philip Rivers played the AFCCG in 07 with a torn ACL. Roethlisberger plays with broken nose and foot. Cutler needs some balls and heart this is the biggest game of your career!

  9. It must be so frustrating to be on the Chicago Bears defense now. I’m trying my best to stop the Packers from scoring and my offense cannot even manage a bloody first down to give me a breather.

  10. As a gambler, there’s no better feeling in the world than to have bet Chicago and see Todd “Ace” Collins drop back in that pocket before surgically picking apart the Packer secondary.

    So glad I took the Bears + the points.

  11. An MRI better show that Cutler has a legitimate injury to his knee, otherwise he will never live this down in Chicago – a town that has a luke-warm relationship with Cutler already.

  12. Some crack Bear’s coaching staff.

    They have their best QB cooling his heals on the bench until everyone else is put out.

  13. Cutler hasn’t been to the playoffs since High School. You’d think he would play until they carried him off the field to help his team win.

    Trey Wingo on ESPN.com just tweeted that we should wait until we hear the injury report before jumping to conclusions, but Cutler’s body language says it all.

  14. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a QB take himself out of the game like that in the playoffs. I think nearly every quarterback in the league would be fighting tooth and nail to get back on the field in a championship game. He’s clearly healthy enough to be standing on it and walking around on the sidelines. His knee better be torn and shredded, otherwise he’s never going to live this down.

  15. makes me proud to be a fan of a crappy denver team then have to cheer on this crybaby cutlers accolades are beating the only under 500 playoff team quitting on his team when it counts

  16. Bears fan: remember when Jay went North and Bronco fan was sort of “oh $#!+” but also ” oh well”?


    He’s all yours.

    Good luck with that.

  17. If I were a Bears fan, I’d be pissed. If you’re knee is too hurt to go back into the Conference Championship game, then you need to be in the locker room having it looked at, not on the sidelines pouting. Looks like Chicago will be shopping for a new QB next year, Cutler’s a punk.

  18. I am not sure what is up with Jay, he is better than this, I wonder what his motivation is??? As for my Packers yall played ok, so thank god the Bears did not show up, giving us the win…yay!!!

    I only wished it was my number 1 Packer leading the charge. 4 FOREVER!

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