Pro Bowl will need to replace Packers, Steelers

Now that the Super Bowl teams have been determined, the NFL will need to replace a portion of the Pro Bowl roster.

In all, 10 new players will be needed.

For the AFC, four Steelers will need to be replaced:  linebacker James Harrison, safety Troy Polamalu, defensive end Brett Keisel, and center Maurkice Pouncey.  (If the Jets had pulled out a late comeback, the league likely would have needed to replace Polamalu and Pouncey, anyway.  Polamalu has been slowed for several weeks with an Achilles’ tendon injury.  Pouncey suffered a leg injury on Sunday and did not return.)

In the NFC, six Packers won’t be packing their bags for Honolulu:  tackle Chad Clifton, safety Nick Collins, receiver Greg Jennings, linebacker Clay Matthews, and cornerbacks Tramon Williams and Charles Woodson.

Already, Jennings has been replaced by Cardinals receiver Larry Fitzgerald.  The rest of the moves will come quickly, since all Pro Bowl players will be heading to Hawaii soon.

13 responses to “Pro Bowl will need to replace Packers, Steelers

  1. The good news is the Jets players will be available to play for the 2nd year running as their off-season begins tomorrow.

  2. Couldn’t be happier… until my Lions are in it.

    The two most Class Act Champs will duke it out with grit and honor.

    I’m very happy not to have to watch the obnoxious and classless ‘airplane’ motions during the most important and honored sporting event on earth.

    Let’s Go Steelers!!!

  3. Sorry if I missed it, Mike, but did you explain why the Pro Bowl moved back to Hawaii? Thought last year’s Super Bowl location was a great success. So why not Dallas?

  4. Deb:

    From what I remember, the NFL could not reach an agreement to have the game in Hawaii last year, and then I believe the game had to be moved up because of three primary factors, largely due to quirks in the calendar that all hit last year (with the Super Bowl on its latest possible date and Presidents Day on its earliest possible date):

    1. The NFL didn’t want to have the Pro Bowl opposite the Olympics.

    2. The NFL didn’t want the Pro Bowl on Valentine’s Day as it would have been.

    3. NASCAR probably told ALL of the NFL’s TV partners that if any of them televised the Pro Bowl on the same day as the Daytona 500 (which has a history longer than the Super Bowl as its been held on Presidents Day Weekend since 1959 and is NASCAR’s sacred cow), they would be persona non grata in future negotiations for NASCAR since NASCAR was likely very concerned about delays causing the finish of the Daytona 500 being opposite the Pro Bowl (which actually would have happened last year due to the infamous pothole problem with the track at Daytona).

    In addition, I would think Jerry Jones and Mark Cuban along with the NBA would have also requested the NFL not play the Pro Bowl the week after the Super Bowl last year, as with the calendar it was the weekend the NBA All-Star Game has been held for a number of years now (that game last year was played in Cowboys Stadium in front of a record crowd of 109,000+).

    All of the above likely was why the game was in Miami last year.

  5. @wallyhorse …

    Thanks! I’ve always enjoyed watching the game in Hawaii, but they made such a production of moving it last year that I thought it was to be at the Super Bowl location from now on.

  6. Just sent Jets players. They’ve got the best in all of football. Ask them. Come to think of it, you don’t even have to ask them. They never tire of saying it.

  7. To replace LT Chad Clifton, I nominate B. McKinney, oh wait, he wouldn’t show up for the pro bowl practices and to send him home from Hawaii is an undue expense, so never mind.

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