Rex Ryan says those who criticize the Jets “really got no right”

A defiant Rex Ryan took to the podium after Sunday’s AFC title game loss to the Steelers.  And he said plans to be back next year.  And he said he plans to make good next year on this year’s vow to get to the Super Bowl and win it.

“Our goal for next year, I got news for you,” Ryan said.  “It won’t change.  And it’ll never change.  We’re gonna chase that Super Bowl.  We’re gonna chase it until we get it, and then we’ll chase it after that again.  But that’s it.  People wanna criticize us, then you go ahead, but you really got no right.”

That’s where he lost us.  We’ve come to terms with the bravado.  Hell, we’re starting to like it.

But the Jets and Ryan crave attention.  With attention comes scrutiny.  With scrutiny comes criticism.

So Ryan saying that people who choose to criticize the Jets “got no right” to do it is no less ridiculous than saying to Ryan that he’s “got no right” to seek attention.

Ryan started this process with his “look at me” propensities.  If he wants people to pay attention to him and his team, he’s “got no right” to complain when folks think they see a wart or two.

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  1. He’s right, I mean, with all those rings the Jets are really beyond reproach. Oh yeah, sorry. No championships since we were in Vietnam.

  2. The Jets talk a lot for a team that’s never won anything.

    They can’t even win the trash talking championship because they cry when someone says something back.

  3. Say what you want Jealous Haters but Big Ben now enters the Brady-Montana Conversation! Big Ben is all that and a box of cookies and every team had the opportunity to draft this Hall Of Famer and they PASSED! Big Ben #7 for LIFE! Super Bowl CHAMP! How did that Kellen Winslow draft pick work out for ya?? Huh??

  4. The Jets are starting to remind me of the Buffalo Bills except the Bills made it to the Super bowl.

  5. Slow start to the quarterback play killed the jets today. So much for sanchise. I look for the jets to go after another quarterback in this years draft, may I say cam newton? Remind a little of big Ben on the physical side, something sanchise don’t quite have! Better luck next year coach Ryan!

  6. I think you’re misinterpreting why he’s saying that.

    I don’t think he’s telling you, you can’t criticize our coaching or our play. The criticism he’s alluding to is the criticism the team gets for that bravado.

    Maybe saying people have “no right” isn’t correct, but the Jets have assuredly proven their bravado has no negative affect on the team. If anything, it’s a positive.

  7. Perhaps Rex prefers compliments like this:

    Nice play calling on that goal line series that ended with no points, Rex!

  8. Where can I order my 2 time AFC Divisional winner t shirts? Hope to be at the game next year when the 2010 Divisional Game winner banner is raised. What a special day that will be!

  9. Hey. He is right. The Jets came within a hair of making the super bowl tonight. Helluva team… And young. They will win their division next year.

  10. The Jets will have some interesting decisions to make in the offseason. Which WR do you re-sign, Edwards or Holmes? (No team can afford both due to what they’ll demand). How do you replace both LT and Jason Taylor, both of whom likely played their last games tonight. And, most importantly, if you bring on high-price FAs and trade for high round draft picks as the Jets have done since Ryan went there, and then you lose back-to-back AFC Championship games, why shouldn’t people criticize you? I think the Jets have hit their high point and will find it tougher and tougher to sneak up on anybody now. And, finally, if you play a first half like they did tonight, they deserve all the criticism fans can level at them. They virtually handed this game to Pittsburgh (as Baltimore has done so many times). So, get over it, Rex. Methinks you’re in for a whole LOT more criticism in the future.

  11. Um, your vaunted run defense can be plenty criticized for basically rolling over and letting the Steelers run all over you, especially on the drive that put them up 17-0 where the Steelers ran the ball. EVERY play. For 68 yards which included Ben’s sneak for the TD.

    Had you played a little run defense, chances are you’d be playing the Packers instead of the Steelers.

    Being boastful is one thing. Showing a little class and respect to the Steelers would mean something too. Instead, I guess you have the Atlantic Ocean there in New York to drown your sorrows.

    I think the bars are going to be super busy this coming week.

  12. Finally a short, succint article that hits it dead on.

    Could have been shorter if it merely read, “Write cheques with your mouth that your (fat-Ryan’s case) ass can cash”.

    The fact that Ryan thinks that he can encourage and particiapte in a trash talking orgy and then say that he can’t be called out on it is as ridiculous as he is.

    Here’s a bet….the Jets don’t make the playoffs next year. The elite teams are still elite and the rank and file is getting better. If Jacksonville hadn’t went into self destruct mode the Jets wouldn’t even be able to trash talk as they would ahve missed the playoffs. The Redskins had more to do with the Jets being in the playoffs than the Jets did.

  13. Maybe next year they should keep their mouth shut and go out and play hard, fast, ect and leave the talk on the field rather than try to show every team/player up before kickoff and they might get some respect. Every team has the same goal (Super Bowl Win) and the more smack you talk, the harder you fall when you dont go the distance.

  14. Jets gear and Champange will be cheap in Jersey tomorrow! All they had to do was keep there mouth’s shut for 48 more hrs, but no lets throw fuel on the fire and piss the steelers off….

  15. He’s wrong. Ryan said the Jets were going to win the Super Bowl and they didn’t. That opens him up to criticism. If he says it again next year and fails yet again, his schtick will grow tired and eventually his players will tune him out.

    One thing I don’t get is that somehow Rex seems to believe that the Jets are the only team that sets winning the Super Bowl as their goal. I’m pretty sure that all of the upper echelon teams set that as their goal, there’s nothing unique about that. The difference is, most of them figure out that they can’t win a Super Bowl until they actually get to one. And they can’t get to one by talking about getting to one.

  16. Schottenheimercurse. The football Gods will never allow one to be part of a Super Bowl. How do you NOT run the ball on 2nd and Goal from the 2 ??

  17. Got no right? Oh, okay. Thanks for clearing that up. Didn’t realize we had all moved to Iran.

    So you are saying you can talk big all year long and make statements that you will not just try and win, but you will win the Super Bowl. Will win. As in not lose in the AFC championship game. And you say no one has a right to challenge that? You can talk big and not back it up, but no one else can talk back, especially after they just go out and, you know, do what you only said you would do.

    Yeah. And you wonder why most everyone hates you.

    Sorry T-Rex. You ain’t getting off that easy. You chirped all year long. Your team chirped all year long. Your fans chirped all year long. And all you have left is a moral victory. You know, the kind the Browns pile up at the end of the year.

    And now you are saying you will be back to try and win the Sper Bowl? Yeah, well join the club. One of the Packers or Steelers will be trying to repeat. The only repeat potential you have is to be the star of Hard Knocks.

    Enjoy your offseason. I know I will.

  18. And don’t forget that before that ridiculous statement, Rexy Poo also made sure to declare that Pittsburgh is a “real football team”, clearly implying that New England and Indianapolis are not.

    News flash, Rexy, Pittsburgh, New England and Indy have all won Super Bowls…not only in the last 40 years, but in the last decade. Unlike the Jets.

    Credit where it’s due, your Jesters had a nice little season. But because of your over the top garbage speak from Hard Knocks through this past week, your season can only be viewed as a FAILURE.

  19. Rex is a passionate dude that believes he is the best head coach for the Jets and that his team is more talented than anyone else (neither is far from reality) and he has a hard time accepting the fact that his team and himself were just not good enough. After a loss Ryan, and coaches like Rex (including Buddy), they dont really take criticism all that well and tend to “lash out” a bit in defense of their ability and their teams performance

    Personally I love Rex as a coach, hes perfect for the Jets, hes a elite defensive mind, a players coach and top notch motivator. When he says things like people dont have a right to criticize his team it doesnt bother me because he believes what he is saying and it comes with the territory of being a fiery, passionate leader like Rex

    You’ll be back next year NY fans—hold your head high–you accomplished a ton and overcame alot of odds

  20. YES WE DO!!! After all the trash u and your team talked all year go suck on your wife’s foot

  21. Those arrogant jackasses will never win anything as long as they keep running their mouths. Keep painting targets on yourselves and see if Karma doesn’t continue to hit the bullseye.

  22. Wait I have more.

    Some say it’s a game of inches, but for Rex it’s a game of feet.

    Sanchez really had happy feet during that first half.

    Is it ironic Rex lost because of a bootleg pass?

    They got kicked by a Steel toed boot.

    Maybe if Rex had 12 inches, he wouldn’t be obsessed with a foot.

    — thank you i’ll be here all night!

  23. I’ll criticize the Jets: Mark Sanchez is garbage. The only reason why he wins football games is because of that Defense. I’m sick of Phil Simms and the rest of the national media acting like he’s a legit star.

  24. finally a pft article i completely agree with.

    if he wants to be the attention magnet that he is, he needs to accept the fact that not all the attention will be positive.

  25. same ole Jets,people might pull for this team,if Rex didnt try to cram them down our throats.I couldnt take 2 more weeks of his big mouth..

  26. Am I the only one who questioned Ryan’s decision to kick an extra point down 24-19 with 3-4 minutes to go? I mean seriously! If they fail, they’re down five which isn’t much better than down four that late in the game.

    As it turns out, it didn’t matter. But if the Jets had converted the two-point conversion, then held the Steelers on their next possession, they would likely have had the ball around their own 20 with two minutes (or so) to go only needing a field goal to tie.

    Really, really stupid decision in my humble opinion.

  27. Too bad. Was looking forward to a little different Super Bowl. Jets wouldve been fun. But, there’s no real golden boy in either match up, in that Rothlisberger had the rape charge over him at the beginning of the season. Rodgers looked good. Should be a good match up between two small market teams – Fox SCREWED AGAIN. Giants-Rangers Super Bowl and no no. 1 market in the Bowl…AGAIN.

  28. If you’re gonna talk big you’ve got to deliver big…funny thing about Tomlin and McCarthy you rarely here from them…they’re both probably dreading “media week” at the Super Bowl. As a coach he’s good, but Ryan’s sideshow is getting stale quickly.

  29. We really got no right? Really? try this on for size Rex. Go home to New York, wash your mouth out with soap, keep talking to yourself and enjoy watching the Superbowl from home. You classless peice of —-.

    GO STEELERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. Yeah, we don’t have the right to criticize the Jets taking so much time running plays in the second half as if they were the ones UP by two touchdowns… Rex really put his, um, foot in his mouth.

  31. This is hardly shocking, Ryan has always been about himself, wanting everything his way.

    Loves to put it out but when the shoe is on the other foot he doesn’t like.

  32. Oh, I don’t know about this ‘no right to criticize us’ rant that Rex went on. I guess I kinda like Rex, and they were an interesting watch on Hard Knocks … but geez … these guys never ever shut up the entire season. They ran their mouths early and often … and it got kind of tiring after awhile.

    The truth is … the Steelers are better than than Rex’s boys. The Jets had one of the easiest schedules in the NFL this year, and they beat a banged-up Colts team with lots of guys on injured reserve. The Patriots are good but very young, especially on defense … This game against the Steelers was for all the marbles and they couldn’t get it done.

    It’s going to be kind of nice not having to listen to these blow-hards until next fall.

  33. IDK, I think I see a point made that he’s done a ton with some iffy talent – and although he’s prematurely defensive (Pittsburgh & Rapelisberger simply were the superior team) there is absolutely nothing the Jets should apologize for this year.

    That’s how I read into it at least.

  34. Keep talking Rex. The Jets may be back next year, but will find yet another way to blow it. Go Jets.

  35. Just keep saying it Rex (click your heels while you’re at it)…

    1968. 1968. 1968.

    Eventually, you’ll win. If you’re playing Madden 11 🙂

  36. In the name of all that’s holy Rex, please shut up. This is the problem I’ve had with the Jets this season. It’s not the attitude or the trash talk. It’s the classic bully mentality. It’s the attitude and poor antagonism when they’re up, and the whining when they take a hit. After their embarrassing loss to the Pats and leading up to their rematch is the playoffs, you had Cromartie calling Brady an a-hole because he pointed to the sidelines and LT whining about the Pats celebrating on the Chargers logo in the middle of the field after a big win. Then, when they beat the Pats in the playoff game, they exceeded by far their own worst case view of the Pats players’ behavior. Now, after talking about how they were better than the Steelers and how some of the Jets were pretty much guaranteeing a win, they get beat and the players are pouting and the coach goes in front of the press and whines about how no one has a right to criticize them…despite the fact that the players were doing that to everyone else constantly throughout the season, with some of the NY media making the Jets players look like trash talking amateurs. Grow up. I have no problem with any team strutting or having some attitude, but when you do so at least be consistent about it. Don’t strut and talk trash when times are good, and then pout and call others bad sports when things don’t go your way. That doesn’t mean you’re tough or have attitude, it means you’re a whiny little (to keep things clean) punk.

  37. Hey Jet Fan, be proud of that team you got, to come back and make a game out of it on the road down 24 against the Steelers…..I give those guys a lot of credit…..One thing you can be sure of and that is always having a shot at the big game….it looks like there is a new King in the AFC East……congratulations…….

  38. Gotta hand it to the jets they never gave up. Sanchez has no quit in him.

    but they lost. they got beat by a better team just like they were the better team the 1st two weeks of the playoffs

    will I miss hearing them shoot their mouths off all the time? More accurately – will I miss the media breathlessly reporting EVERYTHING they do, including the quarterback picking his nose and what he did with the proceeds?

    I think not

  39. Rex forgets all the garbage he made all the fans listen to all freakin’ year and now when he doesn’t have the money in the bank to cover all the checks he wrote during the year he cries that we don’t have the right to talk. We couldn’t stop him from “talking” for about 8 months and now he doesn’t think we should be able to flap our lips like he does……..too bad Rex, your mouth has always spread the chit and now it’s time to swallow some.

  40. The problem with the Jets is Schottenheimer. Horrible play calling throughout the first half. Didn’t he watch any video of the Steelers’ losses. You can’t start off running the ball against the Steelers. You just can’t. You have to open up the run with the passing game, not the other way around. Or heck, just throw the ball all the time. The Steelers’ secondary is good, but far from perfect.

    Stupid stupid stupid first half for the Jets. Also, I think Mark Sanchez does much better when he’s allowed to operate the offense based on instinct. Ironically, the less time he has to plan, the more effective he becomes.

  41. “immortaljunk says:
    Jan 23, 2011 10:47 PM
    Say what you want Jealous Haters but Big Ben now enters the Brady-Montana Conversation! Big Ben is all that and a box of cookies and every team had the opportunity to draft this Hall Of Famer and they PASSED!”

    So much stupid in one post. Neither Brady nor Montana had superbowls with sub 30 ratings. The steelers won the first in spite of Ben.
    Also Ben was drafted 11th overall. So only 10 teams passed on him and the 2 that went before him aren’t slouched with Eli Manning having a very much above rating in his super bowl win.

  42. As a Steeler fan I must admit I was very worried at the end but the Steelers absolutely destroyed the Jets in the first half. Unfortunately with a huge lead teams tend to get conservative and the losing team plays frenzied with nothing to lose. If I’m a jets fan I’m not optimistic after the prsion rape that occered in the first half. The Steelers “terrible” O-line without it’s best lineman(Pouncy) dominated the jets paper champion defense. It’s so sweet to beat the mouthy Ravens and the mouthy Jets that I’m not really worried about the Super Bowl. Goodnight New York. Go spend more $ on a few more hired guns for next year. Steelers will sign no free agents and whip you again. Cheers!

  43. @pooflingingmonkey: The score was 24-19 AFTER the extra point. A two point conversion would’ve still left them down by four.

    The Jets’ time management, play-calling, & execution in the 4th quarter were deplorable, but kicking an extra point wasn’t a mistake.

  44. All Rex and his merry band of idiots did was talk trash, cry about insults that were never said, and act like they were the ten-time defending Super Bowl champions.

    Yeah, Rex, I’ll rip you. And apparently, I’m not the only one! You brought it all on yourself and your team.

    Enjoy the off-season, big mouth. Tell your hottie wife that I’d be happy to give her a foot massage anytime!

    Other body parts are included!

  45. Give Credit where credit is do; the Jest made in to the AFC Championship Game, They beat two perenial powers to get there this year, including the overwhelming favorites “The Patriots”. With that said the bottom line is results. With all the trash talking, bravado & Rex trying to have his players back the truth is the Jets did not have his back.

    LT, Scott, Holmes, Edwards, Cromartie; you have no Class.

    Sanchez, Revis, Mangold, Ferguson, Greene they should be the face of the Jets.

    Unfortunetly the Jets are done they will struglle to make the playoffs the next few years and Rex knows it. The Jets are what we thought they were; THE SAME OLD JETS!!!

  46. C’mon guys, it was a very good game. I’m looking forward to watching the Steelers play the packers in two weeks. However I must say I’m very much looking forward to this “Super Bowl” that Rex has been talking about going to all year. When is that game on?

    Sour grapes have never tasted this sweet for a lot of fans out there.

  47. Utter failure for the Jets. After an entire year of bragging and ‘guaranteeing’ a Superbowl they don’t make it.

    Epic fail.

  48. Meh, Rex will get over it. Just think, he was the entire off season to look forward to watching black dudes bang his wife. He’ll be fine. Cuckolds always come out on top.

  49. The Jets had a great season. Due to the massive ammount of trash-talking coach Ryan, his players and Jets fans have done since the AFC championship game last year, people have every right to criticize the Jets. Ryan is a good coach and his bravado works to a point but there comes a time when execution matters more than sh*t talking…and that time has come again. The Jets made it farther than 14 other AFC teams and can be proud of that accomplishment but their in-your-face attitude is off-putting to most who are not Jet fans. Congrats on a great season Jets fans

  50. As a Steelers fan I tip my hate to Rex and his team. He was gracious in defeat. And he gave me the pleasure in seeing Brady knocked back to 0-3 in his last 3 playoff games.

  51. I’m not a particular fan of either team, but I’m going to side with Ryan on this one. 14 other AFC teams would love to be where the Jets were today. Two years in a row they’ve played for the Hunt Trophy. That’s not bad progress considering just three years ago, they were 4-12.

    Poor play calling by their OC aside, today they were outplayed. They have nothing to be ashamed of. In fact, I was surprised at how well they held together this post-season after dropping 3 of their last 5. Everyone thought they were in choke mode for certain. Then to eliminate Indy and New England? It was not a championship, but they did okay.

  52. Champions win, losers whine.
    I never once heard Fat Boy say congratulations to the victors. What a punk.
    I don’t know if I can learn to hate the Packers, they have too much class.

  53. @cobrala, IFFY talent? They have like 15 former pro bowlers. They’re one of the most talented teams in the league

  54. I’m sorry, but now that I’ve listened to two of Ladanian Tomlinson’s over-the-top, pre-game, “You gotta be willin tu die tuday” peptalk speeches, am I alone in thinking I was hearing Robert Downey Jr. in disguise, reprising his role as Sgt. Lincoln Osiris from the movie “Tropic Thunder”??? (i.e., “I’m the dude, playin the dude, disguised as another dude!”)???

    Too funny.

  55. Not a Jets fans, but I do admire what they did this year; they pulled a lot of games out of the fire (and almost got it done again today), and Sanchez is quite a QB. That said, the ‘window’ for this team may close more quickly than some think; the big reclamation projects like LT and Taylor are a year older; Holmes and Edwards will doubtless revert to form at some point as far as drunk driving and arrests etc.; and while the players all profess to love Rex, at some point egos are bound to clash as players begin to wonder why the coach gets more props than they do…….Guess the lesson for today is, just because you are from New York and talk a big game, you are not ENTITLED to the Super Bowl; you have to play 60 minutes, not 30……

  56. He’s wrong. This was their chance. Jets window closing fast. They’ll lose several free agents and have age in a few spots. All those Pats rookies will be 2nd year players and they have 3 of the top 33 picks in this draft. Jets will always have to travel the “hard road” in the postseason – if they make the playoffs at all.

  57. Rex Ryan seems to be suffering from the same condition that befell Tiger Woods, in that he believes that his team is entitled to the spotlight when they succeed but are equally entitled to be sheltered from it when they do not. He cultivates the limelight then complains when he doesn’t like the way it makes him look.

    Clearly, this is a man who has spent more than his share of time contemplating the feasibility of both having and eating his cake contemporaneously.

  58. well they did hold Wallace and Ward incheck..but they forgot about the other play makers!!!

    Sanchez had a great BOOGIE moment caught on tape…he will get alot of press time for that one.


  59. @sbs0311 says:Jan 23, 2011 10:48 PM
    I think you’re misinterpreting why he’s saying that.
    I don’t think he’s telling you, you can’t criticize our coaching or our play. The criticism he’s alluding to is the criticism the team gets for that bravado.
    Maybe saying people have “no right” isn’t correct, but the Jets have assuredly proven their bravado has no negative affect on the team. If anything, it’s a positive.

    You are dead wrong dude. The Jets were successful this year DESPITE all the noise and idiotic “bravado”. It was not a positive for them. At the beginning of the year they were considered one of the best teams on paper and Super Bowl favorites by many. Picked by everyone to win the AFC East. Rex’s constantly telling the team how good they were/are and constantly telling everyone else forced to listen about all the accolades they were going to accomplish – only gave his players a feeling of un-earned self-entitlement and a bulls-eye on their chests for anybody that played them. It is why they had to scramble to win so many games this year that their talent should have won handily.

    I have never rooted for the Steelers for second in my life. I hate them. But you would have thought my life was on the line with how hard I was rooting for them tonight, merely because I didn’t want my 3 sons and their friends to think in any way, shape or form…..that such moronic trash talking and un-earned self-entitlement, like we heard from Rex and company all year – helps you win in any way.

  60. Oh Rex foot man Ryan, didnt want to hear any trash talk about his jets players. Here is crying towel for Rex. You are the one talked big how great your team was. And you stated we are going to the SUPERBOWL. OOPS someone pulled the rug out from under your feet once again. Is jets owner going to FIRE Rex now? Rex does have a career in foot massage though. But he has to promise not to post FOOTage of it on youtube.

  61. The NFL games have but 2 left. Only one serious game. It’s just about time for PFT to shutter its windows and turn off the lights because the clientelle wanders off to the more serious sports websites for serious discussion and analysis of the past season and future events. So long to the ‘ Gossip Girls’…

  62. “Too bad. Was looking forward to a little different Super Bowl. Jets wouldve been fun. But, there’s no real golden boy in either match up, in that Rothlisberger had the rape charge over him at the beginning of the season. Rodgers looked good. Should be a good match up between two small market teams – Fox SCREWED AGAIN. Giants-Rangers Super Bowl and no no. 1 market in the Bowl…AGAIN.”


    This Super Bowl isn’t about “SMALL MARKETS.” This Super Bowl is about arguably the two most popular teams in NFL history. Hell, there are Steelers bars in EVERY STATE and in a lot of countries…Italy, China, Australia, etc. Just because the Steelers and Packers don’t play in glitzy New York or where-ever does not mean they are inferior. I will go out on a limb and say that the ratings for this game will be through the roof based on these two teams having the most rabid fan bases in all the league. The Steelers’ fans travel better than any other franchise’s fans, with the Packers a close second.

    I get sick and tired about this “small market” crap in the NFL and how Fox got screwed with this matchup. I assure you, the people at Fox are dancing for joy over this dream matchup. CASE CLOSED!

  63. Thank god someone shut that “fat bastard” up!!
    Now he can go eat his baby back, baby back ribs.

    I think they come measured by the foot!!!!

    God let there now be silence from New York…..

  64. Sounds like a TO rant. Sniff sniff. That’s my quarterback. Sniff sniff , that’s my team. Wah!

  65. If the jets keep making the playoffs they will win a superbowl,its why the steelers are such a good organization they find a way to get in and then anything can happen. The jets wont be down cause they got a good young O line,a coach they is genius when it comes to the D,and a second year qb that has proven he can win in the playoffs. ALL U JETS HATERS GET USE TO SEEING THE JETS IN THE PLAYOFFS!

  66. stixzidinia says:
    Jan 23, 2011 11:42 PM

    As a Steelers fan I tip my hate to Rex and his team.
    Freudian slap.

  67. The only thing we can criticize is the horrible coach the poor Jets have!! He is a Neanderthal who cannot keep his big mouth shut!! Maybe we would not be laughing at you and begging for you to shut up if you were not so ignorant!! His PR is just as disgusting as his foot fetish!

  68. I thought Rexy was going to cry all over Steve Tasker…..really..thought he was gonna start balling like a baby and lay on the ground in the feet-al postion.

  69. The Jets had a great season. They DID talk the talk AND walk the walk. They came up short, on the road, to a good team with a strong, mobile quarterback. The Jets ARE a good football team no matter what all the haters say.

    If you’re going to make a foot reference or call Rex fat, please tell us where you played your college ball, or how many years you played in the league.

  70. as a dolphins fan, this sorry-ass NJ YETS loss was the highlight of my crapalicious season.


    yets fan, take solace in the fact that your still-lardass-of-a-coach-even-after-gut-stapling-surgery can manage to show his still-fat-face enough to hold a 2nd consecutive post-afc championship loss press conference.

    it may have been too much for a lesser man…and by that i mean a thinner man.

    his ability to hold his fat head up high (due in part no doubt, to his even fatter neck) is based
    almost “sole-ly” because of his love of da-feet.

    it’s laughable that soooo many yets fans thought they were a “shoe-in” to make it to the superbowl.

    everyone else knew the yets wouldn’t pass the “sniff” test and make it all the way to the big game.

    and if all of you yets fans actually did a little bit of “sole” searching, you too would have known something was “afoot”.

    so, congratulations yets fans for losing a 2nd consecutive afc championship game…may you all drown in your collective tears.

    the yets have stunk for over four decades, YES FOUR DECADES!!! but never stunk so badly as the minute that loudmouth of a coaches’ era began.

    this one REALLY hurts doesn’t it?


    doesn’t it?

    my heart is filled with joy!

    this is better than a double rainbow!

    after all of the trash-talking, name-calling, female-reporter-sexual-harrasment-ing, malicious-sideline-formation-tripgating and combination of DUI/backflipping; its as if the entire team, not just the coach, collectively stuck their foots in their mouths.

    I LOVE IT!…as does the rest of the world.

    but, i digress.

    look on the bright side: perhaps this off-season, in the wake of all the foot-centric embarrassment your team has had, the foot office-sorry, the front office, may be inspired to make a change…maybe new uniforms or a name change.

    how about the N.J. Cuckold Fetishists?-has a nice ring to it. they could even put a foot logo on the side of their helmet.

    what an embarrassing, EPIC FAIL!


  71. The Jets are in for a rude awakening this off-season. They have several players that are at the end of their contracts & no way can they keep them all. Also, New england (who I hate) has 2 draft picks in each of the 1st 4 rounds…so they will be completely restocked for the AFC East title run. The Jets will be lucky to be a wild card next year!

    Thanks for the laughable predictions this year Rex. Vegas / Atlantic City referee buyouts apparently only carry you till the chips are cashed!!!

  72. sure we can critisize you
    you gauranteed a super bowl this year (for the second year in a row)
    you told us you were the best team in football (for the second year in a row)
    you told us sancheese is one of the best qbs (he is proving to be an utter dud with all those horrible passes)

    and most importantly you sold out your future to win now, you didnt win now and now your team is going down hill faster then an apple pie at rex rayans house

    jets free agent list :
    santonio holmes
    braylon edwards
    laverneus coles
    nick mangold

    good luck signing half of those players, back to mediocrity you go

    dont forget jason taylor will probably retire

  73. @bhenryman, have you seen the list of free agents for the Jets?

    Not to mention, Kris Jenkins is done.

    Taylor, Pace, Bryan Thomas, and Gholston are all overpaid and need to be replaced.

    Plus, Brian Schottenheimer is your offensive coordinator.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if the Jets missed the playoffs next year.

  74. What’s laughable is that they actually think they played well! The Steelers always go to a prevent defense when they have a large lead. They give up the dink & dunk plays with the goal of letting the clock run out. The score of this game is no where near the real measure of difference between these 2 teams. Had the Steelers kept rolling…it would have been a complete blow out!!!

  75. dumbaseinstien says:
    Jan 24, 2011 12:34 AM

    The Jets are in for a rude awakening this off-season.
    I think this is why Ryan was so over the top,
    he knew they had to grab it now.
    Jets have 18 free agents.
    Draft looks like this, Pats at 28, Jets 29.
    Pats 17,28,33,56,67,84, 112, 140,168,196
    Jets 29, 82, 121, 145,174

  76. People are just so filled with anger and hate.. Hide the guns Ma, the wackos are on the loose!

  77. @thejetsphukinsuck
    —ya the fins are looking real solid this offseason with wiffing on a head coach that took half the amount of money to coach SF and the hiring of the browns offensive coordinator , u wanna talk like the fins are winning championships, keep watching highlight film of that perfect season cause thats the closest u will get to watching the dolphins win a superbowl. Better get use to fighting for 3rd place in the east cause the jets and pats are gonna be winning that divison for years to come.

    oh yeah thank bill for the heads up on ryan two years two playoff trips THANKS we were going no where before him!

  78. Rex… once an A-Hole always an A-Hole…

    Yes, you can be criticized and should be for running your mouths like the Jets players did…

    Anyone notice Ryan’s pregame mimicking of Tomlin’s shadow boxing from the Raven’s win.

    Ryan is a Jackwagon

  79. Two years as coach two trips to the final four. I think that’s pretty good for a good for guy taking over a team that hasn’t done anything in 42 years.

  80. “Too bad. Was looking forward to a little different Super Bowl. Jets wouldve been fun. But, there’s no real golden boy in either match up, in that Rothlisberger had the rape charge over him at the beginning of the season. Rodgers looked good. Should be a good match up between two small market teams – Fox SCREWED AGAIN. Giants-Rangers Super Bowl and no no. 1 market in the Bowl…AGAIN.”
    Not sure where you live man, but if it’s available there, then I hope you have a prescription for what you’re smoking. The Steelers and Packers may be small market teams in as much as they aren’t located in one of the biggest cities, but the similarities end there. The Steelers have a huge following around the nation and overseas. You can find Steeler bars all over the world. While I’m certainly not a an expert on the Packers, I’m guessing they have quite a following as well based on their franchise’s history. With the Steelers and Packers, you’re talking about what gambling experts refer to as two of the biggest “public” teams around. Fox is going to get huge ratings for this SB, both domestically and internationally.

  81. Everyone who is hating on Rex Ryan is dumb.. Did you actually watch the football game? If the jets could have scored one touchdown in the 1st half it would be them in the superbowl. That’s a way closer than 30 other nfl teams got. The fact that he’s saying no one has the right to criticize makes sense because of that fact and taking it any further than that is dumb. The Jet’s did damn good in this game and it’s his 2nd year as their head coach. he’s gonna be there for years to come and the Jets fans should be excited they have a coach as intelligent at football as Rex. Beat up on two of the better offensive minds while on the road and practically did it again this week. Minus the run game which stalled out in the second half Big Ben wasn’t doing much the entire game.

  82. retiredarmy1 says:
    Jan 23, 2011 10:49 PM
    Other than the Steelers everyone else in the AFC (especially the East) should just stay quiet….


    Is that “retired” or “retarded”? Just to clue you in there Gomer Pyle, we can say whatever we want about this fat cuckold…Google it since it probably wasn’t on the GED you took to get in the Army…

    With his non-stop bullsh*t, this guy has invited everyone to criticize him and the YETS!

    Remember that his goal was to be the Super Bowl Champions – EPIC FAIL!

  83. Rooted for the Jets can’t believe I did that… they were the lesser of the two wevils the past 2 weeks.

    The Steelers are overdue for a superbowl disappointment. Hoping they get it, and not just a loss, hope it knocks the taste out of the organizations mouth to be quite honest.

    This ain’t about the steelers players this is about the steeler organization, the duke collegiate basketball organization, or the damn N.Y. Yankees baseball organization.

    Rooting for the organization whose trophy case is full to be bloodied, bruised, and humiliated.

    No sympathy for Rooney’s schitck, lol a league bamboozled.

    Never fancied a league where the owners are on rule “commitees” either lol.

    The NfL changes it’s rules more often than a woman her clothes.

    The owners are a bunch of sissies as well, what company has the employees earning 60% of the profits? LOL!

    Okay that was pretty cut and dried just to let you know I CARE here’s a lil suggestion.

    Next season’s players helmets, put 4 inches of that squishy foamy jelly stuff on the OUTSIDE.

    If that don’t work up it by 2″ until it does. It wouldn’t hurt anything to look into it.

    Here’s hoping for a safe, competitive, exciting winter classic…

    If the “SuperBowl” (lol what a dumb name for the ultimate seasonal football crown) gets pushed back any further it will be the spring bowl. sigh.

  84. The team from New York loses, and the media is still going to make it all about them anyway. Why is anyone surprised?

  85. Sexy Rexy and the JETS have given new meanings this season to FOOTball!

    Rex has proven beyond a doubt that this is a game of FEET, not inches.

    Rex & Company have proven that winners ‘walk the talk’ while loosers continue to ‘talk’.

    JETS have proven that you can still talk, even with your FEET in your mouth!

    Big receivers show up for big games. Holmes was there. So was Ward, Wallace, Brown, Miller and Keller.

    Where was Braylon? Oh, he was sitting on his hands, looking pretty on the sidelines. “Hands of Stone” has changed since his Michigan days when he played Ohio State as the ‘invisible receiver’!

    And finally, did ‘your bring yo’ popcorn?’
    Don’t worry if you didn’t! On Super Bowl Sunday you can go to Braylon’s house to get some cause he’ll be watching the game just like you!

  86. PITTSBURG…America thanks you!!!!!

    For shutting up that fat arrogant toe slurper.

    People forget…with no salary cap…the jets are dead now [ when it comes back]…because only 1 team sold their soles[ Rexy likes them too]…for this year

  87. I think the immortal philosopher Eminem had Rex in mind when he penned these poignant words: Nowadays everybody wanna talk like they got some’in to say / But nothin’ comes out when they move their lips, just a bunch o’ gibberish …

  88. Hey everyone out there!!!! I need some help.

    I’m trying to find Bart Scott. Has anybody seen him? I last saw him on the field in Foxboro. Can u check under your desks for him. He was supposed to play a football game last night but he never showed up and he wasn’t seen when the game was over.

    Please anyone…help me find Bart Scott….I have his ” We almost made it to the superbowl ” T shirt and hat to give him.

  89. I dont care what no ones says ,thank you Jets for a great season,and yes we will be back next year……………………….

  90. Ha ha ha Mark Sanchez wiped a booger on Mark Brunell. Too funny!


    that was so FUNNY ! why did he do that, why didn’t he wipe it on his OWN pants or jacket or sock

  91. Rex Ryan is a good coach. He’s also a douche. I don’t know what makes people thinks it’s ok to run their mouths all the time. Let your play (or coaching) do it for you. Don’t say you’re going to win the Superbowl. Do it. Until then you should say nothing.

  92. Well said, Mike. I agree the Jets played well to get to the playoffs, but if they ever want to be part on the “America’s Teams” list (with the Pack, Dallas, etc.) they (particularly Cromartie and Ryan) have to add a little humility to their demeanor. And they have to stop shenanigans like the tripping episode.

  93. Folk played a nice fade on his first half field goal. I thought he would play the hook for sure. First half Jet MVP goes to Nicky.

  94. I have the right to laugh at a slob of a coach for having his team biatch slapped up and down the field to the tune of 24-ZERO. Some defense.

  95. I don’t know if the annual jests collapse is more fun when it’s the AFC Championship game or the usual mid season collapse….

    Rex, you played the game, now you pay the piper. No one is saying your team is bad, just your fat mouth and false bravado. What you have to remember is that flapping your gums doesn’t make your team bad, just you….

  96. Oh yeah, I forgot….Bart Scott….where are you ?? I seem to have missed you at the game last night ??

    Bart, Can’t wait !! Where are you ??

  97. Lol!! Rex you are an idiot. And you have no right talking trash towards Steelers, Pats or Colts. They have won recent Super Bowls. Steelers, Pats and Colts continue to dominate AFC.

  98. HBO should sell jets Hard Knocks to Comedy Central. At the very least replay it. I’d watch.

  99. Was it human nature they lost or what? When they beat NE you would’ve thought they won the SB. Then they go into this week talking how much they love and respect the Steelers, Ryan talking about what a great coach Tomlin is (he is) and how the Jets players saying how much they respect Roethliesberger and wouldn’t mind being assaulted by him in a bathroom, blah, blah.

    They set themselves up for the letdown.

  100. I have never seen a coach and a team unite the entire rest of the league against them like Rex and the Jets did. Keep talking, and then come up short again Jets. Oh and Rex, you are an idiot!!!

  101. We have just as much right to criticize the Jokes as Rex has talking trash about everybody they play!

    It’s called freedom of speech!

    Get a clue Rex! If you don’t want to be criticized then keep your mouth shut and just play your damn games next year!

  102. @renegade 23

    “I dont care what no ones says ”

    So you care what EVERYONE says eh? Man, sometimes the butchery of the English language around here is a sight to behold.

    As for Rex…he’s kidding, he’s GOT to be.

    I don’t know who said it but I thought he was going to start bawling during Tasker’s interview too. Buck up Rex, you talked the talk…deal with the fallout when your team didn’t back it up by walking the walk.

  103. The Jets had a great season. They DID talk the talk AND walk the walk. They came up short, on the road, to a good team with a strong, mobile quarterback. The Jets ARE a good football team no matter what all the haters say.

    If you’re going to make a foot reference or call Rex fat, please tell us where you played your college ball, or how many years you played in the league.


    Bart Scott, is that you?

    I’ll agree that they talked the talk, but I hate to break it to you, LOSING the AFC championship is NOT “walking the walk”. “Walking the walk” would be actually backing up the talk with actions, i.e. actually winning a superbowl.

    And no, I don’t have to have played any “college ball” or in “the league” to make fun of your overweight coach who posts foot fetish videos and swinger dating profiles on the internet for all to see. He very easily sets himself up for it.

  104. Congrats to the Steelers. They earned it, no doubt. I was proud at the way we competed after playing that awful first half.

    Have to laugh at the Jet-Haters…… I didn’t know going 20-12 over two seasons and 4-2 in the playoffs (all on the road) meant you sucked. I hope we suck a lot more next year!

    Hopefully, we can put to rest all the “weak link” nonsense about Sanchez. The guy played well and has been clutch. I think we can move past the “he’s going to be good” and start admitting, “he is good.” Pretty solid results for two years in the league.

    As for Coach Ryan, he may not be your cup of tea but how many of the haters would LOVE to have this guy coaching their team? He’s brash, he’s honest, and he expects to win. What a novel thing. I don’t hear him ripping opponents…… just says HIS team is good and HIS team is going to win. That’s controversial? Fine…. you guys take the PC coach. We’ll keep Rex.

    I don’t love all the trash talk from some Jet players, but generally it happens during rivalry games and isn’t anything new. You know…… the Steelers and Ravens NEVER talk trash, right?

    DISCLAIMER: This post is intended for intelligent fans who understand their team has strengths and weaknesses and can talk about them without melting down like an 8-year old child. If you don’t fit into this category, please call 1-800-CRYBABY and get the help you need.

  105. In the end, the ineffective LT shows why the Chargers let him go. He was supposed to be a game-changer but failed miserably, stalling every Jet drive. That, plus lousy play-calling by Schottenheimer, were reasons Jets lost. Steelers got lucky on that last TD, which was highly questionable. Rex is right; team, as a whole, played their hearts out and with a break here or there and the right back running that play, it would have been a different outcome.

  106. @oranjellojones

    “Talked the Talk?”, You mean not win the super bowl? Hell 32 teams make that their goal going into pre-season, and I guess in your eyes 31 don’t “Walk the Walk” you’re pathetic to even conjure up something that stupid.

    1. Only one team wins the super bowl 32 teams try

    2. He beat the two best QBs in the Game right now.

    3. Second year in a row to the AFC championship with a junior QB.

    The Jets have talked the talk and walked any walk more than 28/29 other teams in the league.

    Stop drinking the Haterade next time try some crow

  107. p3r51an says:
    Jan 24, 2011 2:11 AM
    The day Rex Ryan loses weight then maybe the Jets will reach one SB

    Not likely…the difference: Ryan actually has a shot at losing weight.

  108. Kisstherings said:
    I have never rooted for the Steelers for second in my life. I hate them. But you would have thought my life was on the line with how hard I was rooting for them tonight, merely because I didn’t want my 3 sons and their friends to think in any way, shape or form…..that such moronic trash talking and un-earned self-entitlement, like we heard from Rex and company all year – helps you win in any way.
    Really? Saying MY team is good and MY team is going to win is moronic trash talking? Ever play competitive sports? Believing in myself is now considered trash-talking! I’ve heard it all! Now that you mention it…… you’re right…….. I’d rather hold up Big Ben as a model for my kids to follow. At least he got on one knee after the game, thanked God and faked crying……… What a great guy. Good job Dad.

  109. LOL at Pats fans thinking the Patriots Way is the right way. Zero rings since spygate. The “genius” of Belichick is a total fallacy. What Ben did last night outside the pocket is something Brady could never do. The Steelers would’ve gotten blown out last night if Brady was a Steeler. He would’ve been sacked 10+ times and left the game like Cutler in fear for his life. And that’s with a WR corps that’s better than what he has in NE.

    Those trash talking Jets under Rex have a winning record against “the genius” and the Supermodel.

  110. What’s worse that losing in the Championship game, not even making it. Congrats to the four teams that made it.

    What’s worse than reading about the team that won? All the people that claim “we” beat your team. Uh huh. Now put down the XBox controller.

  111. I’m still looking for Bart Scott people. I need some help. Maybe Him and Tom Jackson are drowning their sorrows somewhere.

    On another note….how obese do you have to be to stand in -4 degree windchill for three hours with a long sleave tshirt and a vest and not end up in the hospital…..I’m just say’n

  112. holyinconsistent says:
    Jan 24, 2011 1:52 AM
    the jets finished the season without a ring…what’s new with that? By the way, as a Steelers fan I’m curious…what’s that like???
    It’s like last year genius, when the Steelers were watching the Jets in the playoffs. Wait a couple of weeks and you can see how it felt to be a Steeler fan in 1996.

  113. Hey Immortaljunk:

    Three SuperBowls for Big Ben may be impressive for his young career but unless I am mistaken I don’t think Joe Montana or Tom Brady ever pulled their penis out in front of a woman in a club. I could be wrong though.

  114. As a Dolphins fan, it really pains me to say that Mark Sanchez is everything that Chad Henne is not. Even though I hate the Jets, I admire what they have in their quarterback and I gained a lot of respect for him last night. Sanchez is a gamer, pure and simple. Until the Fins get somebody like him under center, it will be a long time until I get to watch them in an AFC title game.

  115. Much Respect to the Steelers for the spanking they put on MY Jets…They are the better team.

    When you talk as much as the Jets did this year…you have to take the talkback when you fall short…it is what it is.
    But Im still pleased with our squad…
    they still did things most couldnt do with the playoff road wins.

    …..And respect to Dolfan Dan…I so enjoy truthful comments over biased ones.

  116. browningnagle says:
    Jan 24, 2011 2:01 PM
    Much Respect to the Steelers for the spanking they put on MY Jets…They are the better team.

    When you talk as much as the Jets did this year…you have to take the talkback when you fall short…it is what it is.
    But Im still pleased with our squad…
    they still did things most couldnt do with the playoff road wins.

    …..And respect to Dolfan Dan…I so enjoy truthful comments over biased ones.

    Well there went my comment, because you already said it brudda, and I’m a Phins fan. Not many teams can take out Manning, Brady etc on the road.

    If you play you gotta pay, and it’s time for Ryan to pay and take the comments. I’ve read how much the team supports Ryan especially with his antics, but it makes you wonder how long that will hold up. Getting to the AFC Championship can give you firepower to support the bragging, but we always have to remember: Not For Long. Good golly, who knows what the CBA will be and when, but that’s going to be a mess with all of the Jets FAs and lack of picks. I guess that’s what happens when you go into win now mode and put all of your chips in. Gotta pay the piper at some point and other cliches lol.

  117. Sorry, but everyone knows the Jets bet it all this season. They lost and looked like jerks the whole time. It’s over Rex, and the last time I checked, I’m allowed to criticize you all I want……in fact, as an American citizen, I certainly do have the right to say that you and your team are garbage. I’m sick of listening to Rex act like his team is the best in the league…..I like it when coaches have pride, but Rex takes it to a level where it seems like gloating. And when you gloat, you better expect people to be happy about your failure.

  118. Too the Jets fan who uses the logic that if the Jets make the playoffs every year they are bound to win a Super Bowl should go tell that to a Philadelphia Eagles fan.

  119. The Jets had a hell of a season, and a stellar post-season. Eliminating Manning and Brady on the road post-season is a major accomplishment, and they did it with a rookie QB and a HC with 2 year’s experience. The haters can come up with 20 reasons why the Colts or the Patriots were beatable, but in the end, even the NFL analysts were predicting the Jets would lose both those games, and they proved them wrong.

    Rex, you talk a big game. Tone it down and good things will happen for Gang Green. Until that time, people will litter a blog site with comments against you, and stupid fat jokes, I guess because it makes them feel better.

    Congratulations Jets fans. Your team had a helluva run!!

  120. Sexy Rexy doesnt like people to talk bad about his team but he had no problem ruining Charles Woodsons day last year when he won Defensive Player of the Year. Woodson had a great year and got his just due and then Hungry Hippo comes on TV saying he didnt deserve it. We all know The Jets have all the best players at every position according to him. Must be the coach then thats the problem.
    Revis and Sexy Rexy can watch Woodson in the Super Bowl this year.

  121. @wtf__seriously

    Sanchez isn’t a rookie QB, this wasn’t even his first season as the starter….You probably thought he was a rookie because he was so pathetic last year that nobody talked about him.

  122. @ immortaljunk

    Sorry, but Ben has to win the 3rd one first before he can even think about entering the Montana-Brady discussion. And even then, I’m not so sure he can enter the discusion. Just look at Terry Bradshaw. Ever notice how Bradshaw is NEVER in the best QB ever discussion? And he has 4 rings! Same thing with Ben even if he gets the 3rd one.

    The thing with the Steelers of the 70s and the 2000s is that everyone knows those teams win with defense first and a running game second. The QB is the 3rd factor at best. Bradshaw and Roethlisberger are very good, but they are not in the Brady, Montana, Marino, Unitas, Manning class.

    EAT IT HATERS !!!!!

  124. @patsfan1213

    Are you really criticizing Rex Ryan after he totally out-coached Bill Belichick?

    Keep watching. Keep talking. Keep the Jets in the headlines. America’s most talked about team.

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