Steelers stuff Jets at goal line, Jets stuff Steelers for safety


With that 24 point lead chipped away to 21 and then to 14 (thanks to a touchdown from former Pittsburgh star Santonio Holmes), the Steelers avoided allowing the Jets to move to within seven by stopping the road team at the goal line.

But then quarterback Ben Roethlisberger fumbled the snap, resulting in a safety for the Jets.

The Steelers continue to lead, 24-12.

There’s still plenty time for the Jets.  They’ll get the free kick, and then they’ll have a chance to cut the lead to five.

35 responses to “Steelers stuff Jets at goal line, Jets stuff Steelers for safety

  1. Ruthless doesn’t want to fall behind Cutler and Rodgers in the most despised quarterback category.

  2. Bad play calling by the Steelers in the 2nd half.

    Instead of continually trying the deep ball, how about running the ball and throwing short passes?

    You know, keep the clock running and put the game away.

    Nope, a sack here, an Int there and all of a sudden , we have a game again.

  3. Wow, glad I’m not a Steelers fan….pathetic second half so far. Aweful way to knocked out…if they get knocked out.

  4. Yes! Steelers go to the superbowl after shutting the Jets up! Jets go home.

    Jets still have yet to win anything. Maybe they will shut up now.

  5. I guess the “rooney rule” is having refs bail you out every year. That was not a fumble. Jets got robbed, plus all the other convenient flags, sickening…

  6. I’m still confused. The jets said they were going to win the super bowl. The analysts said the patriots were going to win.

    I’m sure everyone will pick the packers now.

  7. games which were supposed to be blowouts turned into good games eventually… dear owners & players, do you really want a lockout ? this goose will not stop laying golden eggs for you

  8. Shottenheimer learning the business as he goes along. Rooney rule how about a rule against nepotism for incompetants?

  9. Rex Ryan proves he is just a loud mouth with zero class. He could win 10 Super Bowl rings and he’d still be the same. He’s a disgrace to the memory of the great men who walked the sidelines.

  10. Slow start to the quarterback play killed the jets today. So much for sanchise. I look for the jets to go after another quarterback in this years draft, may I say cam newton? Remind a little of big Ben on the physical side, something sanchise don’t quite have! Better luck next year coach Ryan!

  11. Thank god the Steelers held on.

    I’d hate to see the most classless punk filled team in the league tarnishing the Super Bowl.

    Can we all shut the hell up about that overrated garbage team now?

    PS: Ladainian is a heartless washed up punk.

  12. Steelers went into prevent mode and it almost killed us. Kudos to the Jets for adjusting and making a run at it.

  13. gotta love RexMouth’s postgame talk……no different than the past two years. “We’re the best, we’ll be the best next year, this team will win it all next year……yada yada yada” and the sorry part is , becuz he is in New York, the press and media will keep giving him all the face time and ink in their articles. Rex has a wild card team and that’s the best he can hope for next year but I don’t see how they can improve. LT is history, after a good first half dozen games his wheels fell off and he won’t be back. S. Greene hasn’t shown that he is a starting RB, WR’s are suspect at best, never know when they are gonna decide to catch the ball or drop it. Sanchez is not a game winning QB, he’s only a game manager.

  14. wwwmattcom says:
    Jan 23, 2011 9:37 PM
    Wow, glad I’m not a Steelers fan….pathetic second half so far. Aweful way to knocked out…if they get knocked out.

    Hey moron ! Where is your team? oh oh oh , i see! eating popcorn at home!!!!

  15. Talk about “Stuffing”…… did Cowher just say that Rex Ryan was respectful? I guess Cowher is stuffed full of you know what!

  16. Sexy Rexy just finished interview with Steve Tasker. He said the difference between this year and next is next year they plan on winning this thing. Hmmm. Thats interesting, because this year he said they would win the Super Bowl. Next year they are only planning to, which is no different than every other team not playing in the CFL, UFL or named the Panthers.

    The Jets are like the Bills of the 90’s, except the Jets lose in the AFC championship game.

    seriously, that was one crazy game and the Jets deserve props for coming back and making a game of it. A goal line stand was the difference in the end. The Jets were for real. They easily could have gone away after that first half.

  17. I don’t know why that comeback surprised everyone. The Steelers have been doing this for YEARS when they get up big. Sometimes they stay up big. And sometimes, they nearly choke it all away.

    The Steelers have never lost when leading by 21 points. However, they have definitely caused a ton of medical bills for their fans.

  18. And the Jets criticized Brady for not being urgent enough…

    the annoucers at half time all mentioned to come and ‘2 minute’ drill … didn’t look like the JETS were all that ‘hurry’ up.

    Defense wins championships

  19. This Superbowl is going to suck.I hate seeing the same teams getting in it all the time.I’ll root fo Green Bay because they haven’t been there lately.

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