Two years after losing at Pittsburgh in title game, Rex Ryan returns

In January 2009, the Ravens came to Pittsburgh for a shot at the Super Bowl.  Baltimore lost, and defensive coordinator Rex Ryan was dejected.

And then, in the locker room at Heinz Field, he received an offer to become the head coach of the Jets.

“You’re about as low as you can be,” Ryan said, “yet you’re so excited for the new opportunity that’s in front of you.”

Jenny Vrentas of the Newark Star-Ledger pieces together in expert detail the events that led to Ryan becoming the next head coach of the Jets, including a reminder that the Rams were interested in Ryan, too.  But for an upset win over the Titans in the division round, Ryan may have been headed to St. Louis instead of New York.

The idea of Ryan coaching the Rams is almost unthinkable, in hindsight.  The man wasn’t meant to spice up the bland broth that is the NFC West.  Ryan, for better or worse, was born to bring his father Buddy’s bombast to Broadway.

So far, so good.  The Jets under Ryan will play in their second straight AFC title game, matching in just two seasons the number of conference championships for which they’d contended since Super Bowl III.

By tonight, the Jets led by Ryan could be heading back to the Super Bowl since Joe Namath reminded the world of his guarantee, wagging a finger as he ran off the field.

8 responses to “Two years after losing at Pittsburgh in title game, Rex Ryan returns

  1. The Ravens screwed up SOOOOO bad by passing on Rex and bringing in Harbaugh. There was a reason Harbaugh topped out for years as a Special Teams coach without promotion, before Biscotti suddenly pulls him out of nowhere and makes him head coach. He’s underperformed and made idiotic judgments, and field decisions ever since, yet gets credited with being a “winning coach”. He’s all about management, but he can’t beat the quality teams ahead of him and never will. Rex has already surpassed him in accomplishments in two seasons with far less talent and experience on the Jets roster in that time.

  2. I thought Ryan was very upset that he was passed up for the head coach with the Ravens. You wonder if he would have rather played the Ravens rather than the Steelers in today’s AFC Title Game.

  3. As a lifelong Jets fan, I can honestly say that Rex Ryan is the best thing to ever happen to the Jets outside of Joe Namath.

    Today is the day we stamp our ticket for Dallas and continue to pursue the dream.

    And to all fans out there, it’s our time, it’s our turn.

  4. And tonight Ryan will go home dejected once again after losing to the Steelers in the AFC championship game . Steelers win 27-13

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