Boomer Esiason questions Cutler critics

Former NFL quarterback Boomer Esiason, now with CBS and WFAN and Westwood One and probably a few other media outlets I’m missing, brought the heat like one of his Southpaw fireballs during a Monday appearance on PFT Live.

As to the issue of the criticism that Bears quarterback Jay Cutler has experienced after leaving the game in the second quarter and not returning, Boomer was blunt.

Among other things, Boomer questioned criticism from guys like Deion Sanders.

“I have a real problem with that,” Esiason said.  “Deion was a guy that did not like to mix it up, did not like to make tackles.  And has basically told other defensive backs, ‘Listen, you don’t get paid to make tackles, you get paid to break up passes.'”

Boomer also pointed to the disconnect between concerns regarding player health and criticism of a player who is being told by his medical staff not to play.

“You can’t have it both ways,” Boomer said.

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56 responses to “Boomer Esiason questions Cutler critics

  1. Maybe Cutler should have ignored the doctors who told him not to return to the game and put his career at risk, would that make Bears fans happy?!

  2. Half the punters and nearly all of the QB’s in the League could tackle better than Deion. What a prick. I hope someone knocks his teeth out. I suppose, when you sit next to Mike “Snowman” Irvin for awhile, some dumb is gonna wear off and onto you sooner or later.

    Funny with all the current and former players knocking the current ones. Can’t imagine why there’s a looming work stoppage.

    All I keep envisioning right now is Deion in the back of that John Deere Gator when he got his eggs scrambled and hauled off the field up at Lambeau as a Cowboy a few years back. Classic stuff.

  3. Oh yeah? I did a tour of Afghanistan with a “sprain”. Of course I wasn’t rich and I wasn’t a quitter.

  4. i’m a steeler fan and don’t care about the bears, but people should have waited for the medical report on Cutler. But the sports fans are probably among political web posters that are lacking education regarding compassion and random acts of kindness (off the field)

    Thanks BOOMER, though you were a Bengal and Jets…

    Go Steelers

  5. Being a lifelong Bengals fan, I know that when Boomer talks, it means absolutely nothing. How he became a sports anchor is beyond me.

  6. rpiotr01 says:
    Jan 24, 2011 2:29 PM
    Oh yeah? Well I question those who question those who question Cutler. So there

    Ohhhhhhhh yeah? And I will question those that question those who question those that question Cutler.

  7. For me, I’m not a football player and don’t know their pain thresholds……

    but football and other sports are filled with stories of guys playing and sucking it up through very serious injuries and having heroic performances in spite of these injuries. A few examples:

    1. Jerome Brown played the 1991 NFC Championship game with one-arm strapped to his side – dislocated shoulder

    2. Ronnie Lott gets his damaged pinky cut off rather than miss time in the playoffs

    3. McNabb plays in a meaningless game against Arizona, breaks his leg and finishes the game.

    4. Jack Youngblood plays the playoffs with a broken leg.

    5. Even Tom Brady plays the playoffs with a undisclosed sports hernia a few years ago.

    There’s a lot of examples like this in most sports….as a Philly fan…a lot of mine are obviously Philly skewed.

    But the common thread is that each guy I mentioned put the team and the overall team effort before their own and sacrificed their bodies for the team. These guys are all “blood and guts” football players.

    Jay Cutler didn’t do this. He doesn’t seem to be a “blood and guts” type guy. So I can’t question his toughness/physical pain threshold but I have a right to question his heart.

  8. Do you need 2 knees to strap on the headset and try to help a young and green QB try to move the ball? Or did the medical staff say he wasn’t allowed to support the team he is the “leader” of? Did he have sit on the bench and not interact at all with the rest of the team that was still trying to get to the Superbowl? I wonder where all of this backlash is comeing from…duh.

  9. come on now, a sprain is one thing, but a tear IS something else……. no wonder his toughness (mental) is being questioned…….

  10. Way to go boomer. Good points intelligently made.

    Neon Deion is not paid to make intelligent remarks, which given the remarks he makes is good.
    He is paid to be neon Deion, shoot his mouth off making controversial and not necessarily intelligent remarks and in general to attract attention to himself and the network he is appearing on.

  11. The true problem with this whole Cutler thing is not that he was injured and didn’t go back in the game. It was that he was injured and didn’t go back into the game AND decided to stand around on the knee he hurt, without medical attention or some kind of ice or something, and look completely removed from the game-planning, not trying to help either of the other two QBs, and all around not showing anyone that he cared about the game after coming out. It was almost like “well now that i’m not playing it doesn’t matter anyways” That’s the reason people are so mad at him, not that he hurt his knee.

  12. We all saw Jay walking around, pedaling the bicycle.
    Then we all saw him sit down, pouting like a 5 year old.

    Not fighting to get back in the game, not fighting to win, not hyping up his team .

    Boomer needs to be shopped into the classic
    “leave brittney alone” clip. he is way out of touch on this one.

    Cutler has a sprained knee, btw.
    He is who his critics said he was, and I would say, done in Chicago.
    Losing is one thing, quitting something else altogether.

  13. I don’t mind that Cutler was hurt and couldn’t go back in. The thing is, when Caleb was sitting on the bench, next to Cutler, he was flipping through the playbook trying to catchup, while Cutler sat there all slumped with his pouty ‘why me’ face. A great QB would have gotten a headset, would be relaying what defense he was seeing, and would have been in direct conversation with Caleb when the Bears defense was on the field. Nope, not Cutler. He was at a pity party, table for one. Reminds me of L.T. sulking a couple of years ago on the bench.

  14. “I have a real problem with that,” Esiason said. “Deion was a guy that did not like to mix it up, did not like to make tackles. And has basically told other defensive backs, ‘Listen, you don’t get paid to make tackles, you get paid to break up passes.’”…….that being said, Dieon is also a potential first ballot Hall of Famer and I get to tickle Jim Nance’s taint.

  15. I just don’t people still criticizing Cutler. He had a tear on his MCL in his left knee. Being that Cutler is a right handed QB he needs to plant his left leg (unlike Philip Rivers who is also right handed but had a torn ACL on his right leg) to follow through with his throws. I don’t see how a torn MCL in his left leg wouldn’t affect both the force he could put on the ball along with the aim. Could Cutler have physically gone back out there? Maybe. Would he have been close to effective? No. That would be why it was the staff’s call not to let him go back out there.

  16. skoobyfl says:
    Jan 24, 2011 2:48 PM

    If the Bears win was Cutler a quitter ?
    If thousands of winged rodents fly out of my backside,
    am I batman?

  17. @ spizzy123

    “Even” Tom Brady?

    Brady played with an undisclosed sports hernia the same year McNabb was IR’d with the same injury.

    Brady played in 2001-2002 with a shoulder separation.

    Brady played last year with 2 fractured ribs.

    Brady played this year with a fractured foot.

    The Patriots don’t publicize injuries like other teams, but Brady is as tough as anyone.

  18. Being in the same town as Vanderbilt, I’ve seen plenty of Jay Cutler.

    Saw more than enough to question whether his aloof, off-putting way with the media was going to come back to bite him in the NFL (it has). His “on camera” personality has always bugged me.

    But would never, ever question this guy’s toughness or willingness to take hit after hit and hang in there as long as physically possible. He played on a perpetually undermanned team in perhaps the roughest of college conferences, and he ALWAYS gave what he had no matter the beating he took or what the scoreboard said.

    There are a lot of things that turn me off about Cutler. But I’ll go with Urlacher on this one — toughness isn’t an issue.

  19. Deion (I LOVE ME SOME ME — the 2nd or 1st depending on how you look at it) Sanders is and will always be Completely and Totally UNWATCHABLE —- His opinion’s are always exstreamly biased with his friends in mind or someone he’s trying (in his mind at least) to help —- I always have and always will do my very best to avoid any show that idiot moron is on —– What a total freaking Butt-Wipe

  20. It’s not what u do , It’s how u do it ! -Jay sat on the bench looking uninterested, clearly he was able to walk & ride a bike, no emotions….. is why people r saying what they r saying. No one saw a hurt Jay Cutler (physically) emotionally YES!!!! He quit on his team and the City of Chicago!!!!!!!!

  21. marty2019 says: Jan 24, 2011 3:16 PM

    I think a lot of people owe Cutler an apology.
    I apologize Cutler for thinking you were an Elite QB that wouldn’t let an injury keep you from helping Caleb come in and win the game.

  22. @ spizzy123 I was gonna throw the ronnie lott chose to have his pinky removed to stay in a playoff game out there but you beat me to it nice one. Im gonna say about lott what ryan said about tomlin: he is a mans man!

  23. Boomer cant talk!!!….Deion was the best in the business at his position when he played, we cant say that about Boomer now can we! Deion will b a hall of fame 1st ballet selection, Boomer – well he would b lucky to make it on any list!!!!!!!

  24. Lot of Criticisms from Idiotic fans…..

    a. Cutler was sitting next to Hanne at times…
    b. in the 4th qtr, The Pack went 3 and out how many times, when was he supposed to sit and caudle him.. That is what a QB Coach, Off Coordinator , and Head Coach are there for……

    c. Boomer nailed it, Deion Sanders & Micheal Irvin Ciriticizing Toughness and Heart….
    1. Deion was a pansy who couldn’t tackle and irvin was a druggy in his FOOTBALL PLAYING DAYS!!!! Those 2 need to be fired frm NFL Network.

    d. Why leave a guy in when he is going to hurt your team..he’s not at why keep him in at 60%… Those other guys we mentioned either weren’t injured that badly or pulled a Favre and faked an injury and stayed in to be called TOUGH GUYS???

    Give me a break…. Glad to see Bears backing him, and looking forward to next year…

    1 more off season to get this offense jelling and maybe add a WR…….

  25. “bravin4evr says:
    Jan 24, 2011 2:45 PM
    come on now, a sprain is one thing, but a tear IS something else……. no wonder his toughness (mental) is being questioned…….”

    “krow101 says:
    Jan 24, 2011 3:12 PM
    I love how they call a sprain a tear. It matches the tears in Cutler’s eyes. Wahhhhh…”

    I’d like failure to understand medical terminology for $1000 Alex.

    Alex: “In medical terms, this word means “torn ligament”.

    Contestant: “What is sprain?”

    Alex: “Correct.”

    via WebMD:

    A sprain is a stretch or tear in a ligament (the bands of fibrous tissue that connect our bones at the joints).
    A strain is also a stretch or tear, this time affecting the muscle itself or a tendon (the tissue that connect the muscles to the bones).

    So kids…the word Sprain in fact means Tear. The only thing to be resolved once diagnosed with a sprain (or strain) is the degree noted by 1st, 2nd, 3rd(aka, complete tear).

    Grade I is stretching of the ligament or a very mild tear, with little to no instability at the joint.
    Grade II is a more serious but still incomplete tear.
    Grade III is a completely torn or ruptured ligament. This is not a broken bone, but can feel like one since it is often impossible to put weight on the joint or use the affected limb.

  26. People, people, people. How do you question a guy’s toughness before any real information comes out about the injury? Then, after the injury information is released, you switch it up and question the guy’s heart? Most, if not all of you, have never suffered a severe knee injury. Regardless of the sport you play, if your knee is screwed, then so are you. You basically become a sitting duck and useless. If he had stayed out there with his knee in that condition, he would have been destroyed #1, and would have been more of a liability #2. This is the same guy that, after being sacked a league high 52 times, came out and lauded his o-line and gave them more credit than they probably deserved. The same guy that took this punishment all year long and did not throw a single person under the bus or make a single complaint. I’m a Bears’ fan and I was utterly disappointed that he was unable to return. Mostly because if we were going lose this game, then I wanted our best players on the field.

    Before you rush to judgement on someone, make sure you have all your ducks in a row and all relevant information is considered.

    For the players who called out Cutler…honestly, what? Especially Darnell Dockett and Mo Jo Drew. No one cares about you and your sitting at home watching the Conference title game asses. Darnell…should we have called you out when you showed the lack of heart to keep the Steelers from driving all the way down the field on you to win the Super Bowl??? Do you remember? Mo Jo Drew…you play for the Panthers. Maybe next year? Or the next year?

  27. Chicago fans, you make me so sad.

    I was born a Bears fan, and I’m still a fan when we suck. Sports is an up and down thing, anywhere.

    Chicago fans constantly wonder why they don’t have a franchise QB. And yet, no matter WHO they have, they immediately want to run them out on rails, burn their jerseys, and just generally act like small children whose toy was taken away.

    It broke my heart to see us lose yesterday. I wanted to see em go to Dallas. But you can look at SO many of the Bears yesterday and see where things went wrong. Cutler too, yep. The D that didn’t show up till late in the game.

    There are very, very few Tom Brady’s, Peyton Mannings, etc in this league. And frankly, I think if Chicago HAD one of those guys, they’d still be critical as hell about everything.

    The players who have come out to dog on Jay? I think it speaks FAR more to them as people and players than it speaks to Jay. And frankly, I can’t help but think that players sitting home on their couch watching the championship games may not be the best critics. They look petty, small, and mean.

    Pouncey went out early in the Steelers game with a sprain. Pitt doesn’t seem to want to burn his jerseys, run him out of town. Why? Because they won. Chicago didn’t, although that game was a lot closer than it should have been given the Bears play.

    As for Jay’s appearance on the sidelines, how would YOU feel? The camera absolutely did not stay on him all that much. Was he talking to Hanie? We don’t really know, do we? Frankly, ya’all are just looking for reasons to tar and feather him.

    So for those of you on a high horse, what it says about YOU is that you never learned that sometimes, you lose. And classy folks know how to lose gracefully.

    And finally, Congratulations, Packer fans. 🙂 You earned it.

  28. There are a number of misinformed commenters here. First, an MCL sprain is a tear. Second, Caleb Hanie already did an interview with ESPN 1000 earlier discussing the help Cutler gave him. Just because the Fox camera didn’t show it, doesn’t mean it didn’t happen. Third, he took painkillers, tried to go back in, and it was a medical staff decision.

    Anyone that watches Cutler regularly knows he’s tough. He actually runs (rarely slides) and even throws blocks when needed. Plus, he has stood in there and taken a beating all season long.

    A ton of players get pulled every week for injuries. Polamalu and Jacobs are examples of players out 3-5 weeks with this same injury.

    But anyway, ignorant people will probably choose to be ignorant. Who cares about facts anyway?

  29. Like Boomer, if I wade into this debate, I also might become meaningful. C’mon, people, give me the thumbs up!

  30. Cutler was the most sacked QB in the NFL this past season. if that’s not tough I don;t know what is?

    Who reading this can take ONE blindside hit from a 6’5 280 pound wrecking ball of a linebacker or defensive tackle, then get up and run the very next play?

    Now imagine being the guy ith the most hits all season. Not to mention he played in every game this season…

    Now people are upset that he was “pouting.” I thought it was because he “quit?”

    People really need to just come out & say they don’t like Cutler for whatever reason.

    Now as far s the pouting, seeing how he probably waited his entire LIFE to play in this high caliber game, only to be losing and not having the game he envisioned, only to have a knee injury and have to WATCH like everyone reading this post, I think I’d be “pouting” too…

  31. Cutler haters

    Here’s a small fact for you morons to consider. When the Bears played the Giants this year the Giants BEAT THE CRAP out of Cutler and sacked him TEN TIMES, plus he got knocked down and pushed on many more plays than that.

    They guy never got frustrated, kept throwing and STAYED IN THE GAME.

    So idiots, wouldn’t it make sense that if the guy is a wuss as some you claim then he would laid down then too?

    And this just in, UNLESS your the ‘ol gunslinger the head coach tells you when and when you can’t play — and you follow orders.

    The sheer meaness directed at Cutler is flat out wrong.

  32. f thousands of winged rodents fly out of my backside,
    am I batman?


    Nope. No such thing as a flying rodent. Rodents can’t fly. Try not to spread misinformation. Your sarcasm was meaningless.

  33. @wikidpissah-

    I’m an Eagles fan so you know I had to take a shot at Tom Brady. I’m still salty about the Super Bowl from 2005. You know..the game that my QB puked and had one of the most frustrating final 5 minutes I ever watched……

  34. all Deion Sanders is good for is a dancing clown on NFL network.. his “commentaries” are completely idiotic 99.9 percent of the time and the .1 percent is when he’s dancing

  35. Here ya go…it was a Level (or whatever you call it) TWO tear….I was at the game, right behind the Bears bench, and Cutler spent more time than you could imagine with Hanie….after his first TD pass, Cutler was the first one greeting him on the side line.

    And for those that think the Bears’ fans are the one complaining, very FEW are, it’s the National media and mostly ex-players, and some current boob players that are giving him grief.

    …and congrats to Green Bay, they were the better team, and the only way the Bears win was to play a perfect 60 minute game, which didn’t happen.

  36. funny thing is Deion was always on the ir when he played baseball with the reds..

    i never was a falcons or cowboys fan so i didnt watch him much in football, but when i did see him play, he was a big wu§§.

    as for terell.. really the guy talks jut to bring focus to himself.. of course hell forget all teh games hes missed, cause they were what regular games so it give him the bigger right to whimp out.?

  37. Love Prime “don’t call me Neon” on NFLN. But Boom nailed it. Prime got served. Ridiculously hypocritical for him to question any QB’s toughness.

  38. It was the championship game!!! He didn’t even fight to play. Ben has played half the season with a broken nose and foot. He got run over by a car and had his appendix removed and barely missed time. Everyone on the field has pains but they play thru them.

  39. Bravo Boomer! Deion is as soft as they come. Sadly he will get in Hall before guys that were tougher than him, like Ray Guy. I wish Deion would refrain from critiquing others without looking in the mirror.

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