Chris Harris, Bears “pissed off” at criticism of Jay Cutler

After Sunday’s loss to the Packers, Bears linebacker Brian Urlacher made clear his views regarding the external criticism of quarterback Jay Cutler.

On Monday, Bears safety Chris Harris made his views known during an appearance with Adam Schein and Rich Gannon of Sirius NFL Radio.

Harris started a little weak, with a mere “shame on them.”  Then, Harris got rolling.

“You wanna talk about a guy who’s been sacked 52 times in a season and only missed one game, and you tell me he’s not tough,” Harris said.  “For a guy who plays this game every week with diabetes and you tell me he’s not tough.  It kind of rubs me the wrong way and pisses me off.

“Jay’s our quarterback, he’s our leader.  We have all the faith in Jay, and we know how tough of a guy he is.  So when guys on Twitter, all the ex-NFL players, the current NFL players are bashing him, it not only pisses me off, it pisses our entire team off. . . .   If it wasn’t for him, we wouldn’t be in the position that we’re in.”

Harris then took aim at others who have not played while injured, including Tom Brady, who left the 2001 AFC title game with an injury and Jaguars running back Maurice Jones-Drew, who “missed the last two [games of the season] with injury while [his] team was still fighting for a playoff spot.”

He said “a lot of these guys” are “the pot calling the kettle black.”

“It’s easy to talk a bunch of crap when you’re on your couch watching us play for a chance to go to the Super Bowl,” Harris said.  “So, I mean, it pisses me off.”

Harris then seemed to provide the explanation that justifies the conclusion by some, inaccurate as it may have been, that Cutler wasn’t really injured.

“Jay’s not perceived in the media as a good guy.  He doesn’t give you the quotes that you want.  He doesn’t show you the emotion that you want to see,” Harris said.

“But we know what type of guy he is, he fought with us all season long.  So he doesn’t give the media what they want and so perception is real.  And that’s one thing I learned in sociology class in college.  Perception is real.  If people perceive you one way, that’s what they think it is.  They might not have a effing clue as to how you really are, but perception is real.”

Thus, while “perception is real,” perception in this case, according to Harris, is simply wrong.  Given that he seems to understand why some people have an incorrect perception about Cutler, Harris arguably shouldn’t be pissed about it.


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  1. Cutler was hit with a slight since he was drafted. Coming from Vanderbilt, a lot of people felt he needed to prove his worth. He was put in a tough situation in Denver.

    I don’t care for him at all, and I criticized him being drafted eleventh overall! Oh, and that he was quoted saying he had the best arm in NFL history–including John Elway.

    But honestly, you don’t hear any negativity from Bears players. Maybe this changes the national perspective of him…

  2. Chris Harris, that’s very honorable to stick up for your teammate like that, but come on man, your boy Cutler didn’t have the balls to rough it out and lead his team to the Superbowl. In my opinion, it looked as if Cutler did not seem too bothered about not playing…

  3. Harris has every reason to be pissed. Im amazed at the total lack of knowledge of many PFT visitors.

    Ever tear an MCL? Even a meniscus tear is brutal, and they’re frantic because he was walking around on the sidelines.

    Walking with a tear of any kind is a far cry from running with one.

  4. and in other news, Jay Cutler ‘pissed off’ that Harris allowed Jennings to get 16.3 yards per catch.

  5. I’m not a Bears fan (Go Pack!) but of course he should be pissed off about it. It’s one thing to criticize your own family, but another thing altogether for outsiders to do it.

    Cutler could have been more involved in trying to help his back ups after the injury, and to be sure he stunk it up against a superior Packer defense in the first half. There was plenty to legitimately criticize him over without taking pot shots at his “manhood”, so all of this whining about how tough he is seems lazy and mean-spirited.

  6. Also, great job by Harris referencing, you know, going to college… I feel a lot of NFL players forget about that whole thing since they’re playing football.

  7. Even though I think the guy is a DB he should get a pass on this whole thing because the doctors pretty much backed him up with the MCL thing.

    He just needs to work on his body language and “play” the media game to some degree.

  8. Jay Cutler isn’t the best QB in the NFL, so he sucks. People just can’t accept that Jay is an average QB with the talent to be a top guy, but he’s most likely always going to be average. Average is the best thing the Bears have ever had, so the intelligent will embrace it and the idiots will claim he sucks.

  9. So Harris, a teammate of Cutler’s and someone with actual insight into the person and his injury, admonishes you and all the other so-called “journalists” to do a better job and you hide behind the definition of perception?

    Pitiful. Go read some more tweets.

  10. “Jay’s our quarterback, he’s our leader.” LOL. Hope that’s not true. Because if you have Urlacher on your team and you’re turning to this sad sack for leadership, it a miracle you got as far as you did.

    Seriously, I have no idea how Cutler’s teammates are defending him on this. If Peyton Manning was the Bears’ QB, he would have dragged that busted MCL back out there and won the game. Hell, that’s what just about any top-level quarterback would have done.

    But let’s presume that Cutler’s tear is really soooo bad that he couldn’t play or wouldn’t have been effective:

    Why wasn’t he even wearing a headset on the sidelines?

    Why was he standing around moping and staring into space when any other quarterback would have been coaching up his replacement?

    Why wasn’t he standing shoulder-to-shoulder with the OC and helping to figure out the weaknesses of the opposing defense?

    This guy is an arrogant, self-assured loser who will always be just that. As there was with McNabb, there’s a reason why, in a league where franchise quarterbacks NEVER get traded, this one did.

  11. Does it really matter? The bears did better with the 3rd string qb out there than with cutler. Tell harris that urlacher called cutler a p*ssy and thats ok but if I call him one its not? Somebody tell harris stop being a p*ssy and he can go to twitter and critisize whoever he wants since he is going to be watching football on the couch

  12. Mike Martz lost the game and caused the injury by calling all of those seven step drops for Jay Cutler in the first half. He reverted back to the old Mike Martz. How about some roll outs and three and five step drops

  13. “If it wasn’t for him, we wouldn’t be in the position that we’re in.”

    Sitting in your recliner watching the Packers play in the Superbowl? Yeah, sounds about right.

  14. sorry, but they would have had to restrain favre, phillip rivers, etc., etc. to force any of them to leave the game.

    only player i ever saw there standing sound on the sidelines after pulling HIMSELF out of the game was tomlinson on the san diego sidelines after he quit on his team.

  15. let’s say the Bears are being genuine and really believe Cutler is the leader of their squad. God help them if he is the leadership! he is a selfish, spoiled baby… oh yeah, and he can’t read defenses.

  16. in other words he should let people like you write or say whatever they want without responding right? and you wonder why cutler is not all warm and fuzzy with the media.

  17. But even WORSE if Cutler in fact was a team player would he quit in the championship game that his team fought so hard to get to KNOWING FULL WELL that he would be replaced by Todd Collins!

    Completely inexcusable!

  18. Mike, you missed the point.

    “Given that he seems to understand why some people have an incorrect perception about Cutler, Harris arguably shouldn’t be pissed about it.”

    Given the GRAVITY of the allegation, – no matter how tempting it is to make said allegation – character assassination is still wrong. It’s like saying “I understand why you might steal my car” but “I’m still raging at you for stealing my car”.

  19. I gotta say, he is right about the Diabetes thing. I don’t have it, but I know people who do, and it’s tough for them to manage it right, and keep on an even keel throughout the day.

  20. I’n no fan of Jay Cutler, think he’s a knucklehead and would not want him on my team, yet I’m offended by the rush to judge this guy and his toughness.
    Btw the sports media is no more a stand up integrity filled profession than the news media is.
    I despise both so I understand when the Cutler’s and Belichick’s blow these scrubs off.

  21. What is even more amazing is the run this is getting from the “talking heads” like D. Sanders who has his own history of making “business decisions” with regard to making a tackle.

  22. Aww was my post not “relevant” enough for you guys? Censorship sucks, so an explanation would be nice.

  23. seanmmartin says:
    Jan 24, 2011 2:07 PM

    Also, great job by Harris referencing, you know, going to college… I feel a lot of NFL players forget about that whole thing since they’re playing football.


    Noticed that as well, but you beat me to the punch. Good for him for actually attending class, and even retaining a little nugget of information after all these years.

  24. Really people what do you think his TEAMMATES are going to say?

    Of course they are backing him PUBLICLY, who knows what they think privately.

    The perception of Cutler is ACCURATE and HIS fault.

    He is NOT a leader. When things go wrong he sits by HIMSELF on the bench and sulks.

    Why is it he is NEVER on the sideline trying to rally the troops or support the defense? Because he doesn’t care.

    He’s a pouty petulant child.

  25. everyone posting here still saying Cutler is a wimp for not playing should have their football cards removed forever.

    You are all retarded idiots who know nothing of injuries. Cutler DOES have a big attitude problem, no question there.

  26. I think this whole “he should have been helping his backup” is overrated.

    There are 100 things going on out there, a young backup QB is trying to get up to speed, I think you probably want to limit the amount of people giving him advice, keep it simple and uncluttered.

    This idea that Cutler should have been turned into the assistant head coach in that situation is laughable when you think about what an actual high-pressure game situation it is.

    Let the OC do his job, talk straight to the QB and leave out all the other noise.

  27. There are some people here; both the posters and the writers that just can’t let it go.
    This is why he has no time for the media and I don’t blame him.
    You want him to be what you want and if he does not play your stupid game then you will just gossip about him 24/7.
    It all sounds a lot like those 13 year old girls that create a fake Myspace account to humiliate a classmate that they don’t like.
    So pathetic.

    How long before you start claiming that he is gay or a socialist?

  28. Read the Rick Reilly article written a couple of weeks ago about Cutler. In Denver Shanahan took Cutler to meet John Elway at a restaurant, hoping Cutler could maybe learn a thing or two from the hall-of-famer. According to Reilly, Cutler just sat watching the restaurant TV with his cap on backwards, not bothering to even look at either man, while Shanahan and Elway talked.

    If true, this is all you need to know about Cutler. Imagine a young guy just out of college, being set up to be the next franchise quarterback, yet being too disinterested to talk with Elway. He should have been begging Elway for advice.

    Being disinterested is exactly the impression Cutler showed on the sidelines. For example, when Hanie was poring over game photos Cutler sat next to him, not even offering him a glance.

    Cutler is a very bright guy. Perhaps he can change his public perception. If Big Ben can, anyone can. I’m not a Bears fan, but I’m wishing him good luck.

  29. when the going gets tough, just quit jay! thats what happened sunday and thats what happened in denver. what a leader. GO PACK GO!

  30. To me, the real problem is that Cutler just sat there and sulked instead of throwing on a headset and doing everything he could to try and help his team win… just more evidence of Cutler’s “it’s all about me” attitude.

  31. First; Cutler was done wrong by all his critics on this one; 2nd Why did Harris bring Tom Brady into this conversation; He did not say anything and besides in 2001 he came back into the AFC Championship game after half time and led the Pats to the Superbowl.

    When in doubt everyone wants to point fingers at Brady; Whats up w/that?

  32. Well done Chris Harris. Its about time a player spoke the truth about this sort of thing. Everyone who plays at that level is tough. So sick of guys like Maurice Jones Drew trying to be like some smarmy blogger or something.

    It doesnt make you ‘tough’ to talk trash from afar. It just makes you a little b-tch.

  33. Just thought… Maybe you should worry less about what people think of your QB, and worry more about how to stop Greg Jennings.

    Dude scorched you yesterday.

  34. Well said Hariis, Ulracher, Lovie….. I love how supposed “FANS of the Game” say he should have helped out on the sidelines after he was hurt….. thats right you all had a camera on him the WHOLE half….. He did have an ear piece in like the back ups usually do…….

    They showed him talking to him..what else do you want??? leave him alone… they were one game away from the superbowl..unlike the 14 other chumpy teams that are now questioning his toughness….. 1 missed game in career cuz of concussion..sacked 52 times this year… yeah he’s not tough….. what was i thinking.

    Thank you to the NFL teams that have now pissed off the Bears for 2011-12 season(if there is one)

  35. Hope the Bear fans keep talking tough for him. Every year will bring a different owie.

    Maybe Lovie will give him a little hug…..

  36. As a Packer fan I’m glad he didn’t return, but I do find it interesting guys like MJD are calling him out. That turd sat the biggest two games of his team’s season yet thinks he can spout off. Quite funny.

    I look forward to hearing more about this injury moving forward. Tear? Sprain? Sore Vag?

  37. All the people with the Rivers talk need to look up the history. Rivers was injured in the divisional playoff game AND WAS OUT FOR THE REST OF THE GAME. Billy Voleck had to come in and lead the Chargers to the win.

    Then the following week Rivers got a brace and an injection to to play with a partial ACL tear, which he then went out an lost.

    So the game where it happened, Rivers was out while the Chargers were behind and he didn’t come back in the game either. No “its the playoffs and you couldn’t keep him out of the game then”.

  38. Honestly, from a Packers fan, I have to tell you:

    When I saw the 3rd and 3 play end up being an end around, I was thrilled.

    And to think: they called a timeout, discussed it, and came to the conclusion that the WR sweep was their best play.


    Martz must have wanted to get home and eat some chili.


    …and Eden Prairie is a PIT buddy, go root on your Queens.

    Space Jam, get a life…somebody’s besides MJ’s.

  40. the bottom line he is happy being who is and the media should not be allowed to bully him into somebody he is not.if he is not a nice guy to bad,he is rich and famous and dating a tv beauy queen and the rest of you are jealous.

  41. Chicago Tribune Press clipping (had the Bears won):

    “It was a classy, selfless move of Cutler to concede to the doctors and take himself out of the game due to a torn MCL, rather than try to play one-legged against the ferocious Packer’s Defense and hurt his team’s chances of winning the game.”

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