Cromartie calls NFLPA, NFL leaders “a–holes”

Tom Brady: You have company.

Jets cornerback Antonio Cromartie called the the leadership of the NFL and NFLPA a bunch of “a–holes” on Monday.   You may remember Cromartie used the same words when talking about Brady 12 days ago.

“You got our head union rep acting like an a-hole,” Cromartie told Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News. “They got their guys acting like a-holes. So they just need to get their sh– together and just get it done.”

Cromartie seemed to realize that some other players may not be thrilled with his comments.

“Honestly, I don’t give a damn if they get mad at me or not,” Cromartie said. “But it’s getting to the point where it’s getting ridiculous when everything is always dealing with money. You’re basically dealing with people’s livelihoods.

“You’re dealing with hundreds of thousands of other people in this workplace from the venues to everyone else. To me, you need to stop bitching about it. If you want to say that you want to get into a room and meet. Then, do it. Don’t just talk about it.”

You know it’s a crazy world we live in when Antonio Cromartie is the voice of reason on labor matters.

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  1. As much as I hate Cromartie for the loud-mouth blowhard he is….He is right…

    This is getting ridiculous, we need to get a deal done. What am I going to do on Sundays next fall? Hang out with my girlfriend…I think not, lets get it going!!!!

  2. The guy’s ticked cause he can’t afford a lockout — doesn’t he have 7 kids or something like that?

  3. “You know it’s a crazy world we live in when Antonio Cromartie is the voice of reason on labor matters.”

    Cromartie is actually rational? Said something relevant and actually thoughtful? Who would’ve known

  4. It’s not very often the players/non-owners have a chance to improve their workforce so it good that they take the time to get it right. Not everyone has 9 kids like Cro-baby.

  5. Way to go. Another Yets player utilizing their brilliant vocabulary yet again. I bet the whole super bowl is filled with NY Yets sound bites at every timeout. They will have a wire on Tomlin, McCarthy, and a 3rd wire on Ryan from his couch so we can get his brilliant insight on what the other two coaches are doing wrong…..

  6. That’s the only reason he is whining, because he can’t wrap it up and needs child support money asap.

  7. Hard to admit but I gotta agree 100%. Theyre working with billions of dollars and they cant even settle their personal differences enough to discuss face to face. Instead of all the time Godell puts into endorsements and coming up with new rules, he needs to spend a day/week locked in a conference room with Dee Smith and get it worked out. There is plenty of time to figure out rule changes during the offseason, but teams/players/fans are waiting to make business decisions based on the new CBA. Do your job Godell.

  8. Amen cro… I like it let’s not worry about the millionaires and billionaires….worry about the working class ppl this will effect…

  9. Cro has little faith in the process of representatives chosen by the electorate. So he is building his own support base from the ground up.

  10. Hey, if I had to pay child support on 7 kids, I would be very worried about a lockout too!

  11. Cromartie’s got a lot riding on the line: He’s got 8 (or is it 9?) kids to support, and if the game checks stop flowing, there’ll be some warrants out for him.

    Not a good position to be in, but to be fair, he put himself in that position.

  12. 5. The impending lockout sounded like “scary times” to Ryan. He said he told the team to take care of each other in the event of a lockout and stay clean off the field.
    “You represent yourself and this organization on and off the field,” Ryan said he told his players. “And I have to be mindful of that myself too, with my past history.”

    Stay Classy, Jets!

  13. He has a lot of kids, so he needs the money more than others. I got a tip for you Cromartie – Stick it in the holster buddy.

  14. Leave it to respectable people who have opinions that matter to speak up like Travis Henry 🙂

  15. He will call anyone names so he get attention. He has likely been like that since 7th grade when everyone told him he was the greatest thing since sliced bread. Somehow the crazy media bites and gives him a voice….

  16. I don’t care what anybody says Cromartie is awesome. At least he’s honest and forward with how he feels about people. lol

  17. Cromartie is spot on and come this fall, we might have to sit in our dens without being able to watch pro football. Then we will all know what its like to live in Minneapolis where that has been the case for decades.

  18. sad… how much a college education for how many years it was…. is lacking…

    OOLLEGES…. teach these guys…. character values… leadership traits….

    Education is NOT using swear words… etc etc…

    Try taking courses in critical thinking skills…

    Dale Carnegie…

    An very Famous NBA coach of Detrioit a few years ago.. made front page headlines…

    u get more things done with Sugar than vinegar

  19. I am sick to death of hearing players complain about this. I understand this is their job and they need to make money, but let’s get serious. They are making millions of dollars a year while a vass majority of the general public will never see money like that. My point here is yes, we do need to get a deal done and soon and I would be very upset if we did not have the NFL next season, but shut the hell up Cromartie. Your livlihood is just fine, you’re sitting on millions of dollars. Grow up.

  20. It isn’t often Cromartie makes sense, but this time he is right. With all of the people posting jokes about cro’s children; how would you like it if your jobs depended on a deal getting done? I am not talking about the players, I am speaking about stadium workers, food servers and all of the other companies and people involved here?
    If YOUR families financial stability was endangered would it be so funny then?

  21. nickster2k says:
    Jan 24, 2011 2:50 PM

    He does have a lot of mouths to feed.
    More than he can count.

  22. Hark! The first comment made by someone in the Jets organization that I agree with. I feel faint.

  23. The players and owners won’t suffer (much). It’s the vendors, parking lot guys, staffers, media support staff, groundskeepers, maintenance, etc who will all head to the unemployment line in danger of losing their homes. And all this because a bunch of billionaires and millionaires can’t learn to share.

  24. Cromartie actually gets this one spot on. There are tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, of worker bees out there that indirectly rely on the NFL for their paychecks.

    Those people could care less about 3% of the pie that these millionares and billionares are fighting over.

  25. Imagine how ticked Cro would be if he had to log into Word Press every time he wanted to insult somebody.

  26. You see even a broken clock is right once in a while

    While I am thrilled the jets are back where they belong in the shadow of the Giants

    This ahole is right for a change players should have savings owners have side deals with the networks

    The folks who work in the parking lots and selling beer and such have no deals most have seasonal contracts and can not collect unemployment these folks can not bounce back with a game check or two there will be homes lost kids with out food it real folks very real.

    Yeah crosmarty has 8 0r 9 baby mommas Escalades to pay for but he is right

  27. “You’re dealing with hundreds of thousands of other people in this workplace INCLUDING MY 300 KIDS”

  28. De Smith was on Sirius last week talking about how he and Goodell have a good relationship and they speak once a week or so. Why in the HELL are they more worried about a good relationship and being buddy buddy? Why can’t they just man up and do their jobs and get this deal done?

    Once again, its not even the millionaires fighting the billionaires. Its 3 or 4 of the millionaires that have a don’t really care if the rest of the players get paid because the Union leadership gets paid regardless. Of course Smith is willing to ‘goto war’ and ‘take a stand’. Its NOT HIS MONEY at risk. He was never a player. He’s a lawyer, and he has no point of perspective on this.

    I still have no idea why this guy was elected over Troy Vincent. The Union should be led by an ex- player, end story.

  29. The players need to get their sh*t together. The owners aren’t doing this out of greed, many of these small mkt teams barely survive.

    The owners can hold out longer than the players and still get rev from other sources – concerts, NCAA, high school championships etc. It isn’t like the players have other $M/yr jobs to go to so get real here.

    The union is screwing this up not unlike any other union mess (GM etc). If this isn’t settled the players should just decertify the union and go to work for what will probably be the same or more money than under any agreement. Let the league run itself (set the salary cap so its fair to all teams). If the players think the teams make to much money, give them access to the books. Its not like the teams operate in a vacuum, their rev is limited by all the comp they face so its not like they can gouge the public and then stiff the employees.

  30. Oh I get it, Cromartie has 7 kids so whenever he says something rational or smart you are required to make a witty, clever joke about his kids. HAHAHAH, all you guys are hysterical. Why isn’t comedy central knocking down all your doors begging for an hour comedy special?

  31. randolph32 says:
    Jan 24, 2011 5:22 PM
    So what is it, 7 kids or 9, enquiring minds want to know?
    Not sure even Cro Knows.

  32. Rosenthall, with all due respect, you are an idiot.

    Cromartie is an illiterate piece of trash, and when you find yourself on his side of an argument, that’s all the proof you need that you’re on the wrong side of the argument.

    I can’t believe you would stick your neck that far out on the guillotine.

    No extended season. No new deal. Union forever!

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