De Smith attending meetings with NFL “this week”

Last Wednesday, NFLPA executive director De Smith met with NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell.  Now, Smith is involved in meetings with a broader set of individuals.

Smith, we’re told, is meeting with the league this week.  It’s unclear how many days this week will be devoted to the sessions.  The full roster of attendees also isn’t known.

It’s also unclear why he thinks it makes sense to talk, given this quote from Smith that appeared in Sunday’s New York Times:  “Nobody talks their way to a good deal.”

On January 16, FOX’s Jay Glazer reported that a full-blown bargaining session would occur either that week or this week.  Apparently, it ended up being this week.

The meetings occur at a time when the league and the union continue to snipe at each other in the media from time to time, and roughly two weeks after the NFLPA filed a collusion claim that the union still refuses to publicly acknowledge.

Also on Monday, a report emerged as to recent comments from Falcons owner Arthur Blank regarding the league’s desire to get cracking on the negotiations.

I’m hoping they will accelerate,” Blank said, per D. Orlando Ledbetter of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.  “The Commissioner is prepared to go 24/7.  The Commissioner and the negotiators that are involved are ready to do whatever it takes.  Throwing themselves in the room, throwing away the key and have them feed them food under the doors, whatever it’s going to take . . . we need to get the NFLPA to step up with the same sense of urgency to make that happen.”

That “lock-in” approach previously has been suggested by the union.  With both sides interested, it now seems like they should be able to get in the room together and get cracking on getting a deal done.

Hopefully, they’ll make some real progress before next week, when the dueling NFLPA and Commissioner press conferences could result in new rhetoric that causes any strides made this week to possibly come undone.

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  1. Even though his audience was getting restless in the seats behind him, Mo had eyes only for the camera.

  2. He will “attend meetings” but there is a greater chance that he sits there hurling insults and trash talking than there is of him actually being a good faith negotiator. His past comments show his true nature. The NFLPA would be better off sending in a random team player rep than this clown

  3. You know, we as fans need to step back and realize what is going on here. The first thing to understand is that given the social media and instant communication, there is too much evidence of stupid statements by immature, and with some, not very bright players. Witness the garbage rantings about Cutler today. The sports media , 4 letter network, certainly inflamed those passions.

    There are also some not very bright owners and league management who believe writing off 2011 is in their best interests.

    Wrong. It’s been a record year for ratings, but the fans hate this conflict.

    Grow up, owners and players! Set a date, time and place for negotiation and get to it !

    Haggle and waller over $9 billion in revenue!

    And stay there until it’s done.

    Understand owners and players, to the fans , your brain dead crap is a big turn off!

    Perhaps we can learn to be soccer fans !

  4. i bet it was like hand-to-hand combat in there.

    except without a lot of touching or actual combat.

  5. “The NFL has never been more profitable by our count with the average team earning $33 million in 2009 in operating profit… The most recent Forbes NFL franchise valuations show 19 of 32 clubs being worth at least $1 billion.”

    “We will work until it is done, at the same time preparing for our guys the worse case.”

    Mawae also again made it clear that his constituents had been relatively happy campers before the owners opted out of the current CBA early.

  6. maybe the commish has something up his sleeve!
    kind of funny after De Smith made the remark that there is a meeting this week! owners think he’s serious maybe?

  7. I read the article….33 million? BEFORE taxes? thats a joke for a billion dollar investment. thats like 17 Million after taxes….Average net profit for a US business is about 10-15%, not 3.5% I’m with the owners….no way tom Brady should make more than Robert Kraft.

  8. Floks ignore the author’s rhetoric.Smith is like a cancer that just keeps growing. Not to discredit the seriousness of cancer but he started off a small rather irrelevant former Obamaton and has turned into the driving force behind the destruction of the NFL.

  9. When the smoke clears, we’ll see either an extension of, or slight tweaking of, the existing agreement. Maybe rookie sal cap and trading a couple exhibitions for extended playoffs. Anything else will be details in the margins.

    Problem for both sides is that Upshaw got too good a deal for NFLPA last time. Owners now realize it and are looking for concessions. Nothing much De Smith can do more than protect the status quo and agree to the inevitable.

  10. Calling the negotiations a “war” is an irresponsible comment. If some conservative political figure would have made this statement, they would have been blamed for trying to incite violence. This guy has acted like some type of gang banger ever since he was put into his role. I don’t look for this to end well. The way he has set himself up, any type of agreement between the union and the owners seems impossible.

  11. heyooooh –

    You literally took the words right out of my mouth! I was going to ask if this clown was going to wear camouflage and drive a tank to the meeting.

    That “union” does not appear to be in good hands.

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