Marvin Lewis: Belichick is too smart to go after Ochocinco

Have to admit: We’re kinda loving Bengals coach Marvin Lewis’ scorched Earth approach to Chad Ochocinco lately.

Lewis knows a divorce is coming, and he’s finally free to say whatever he wants about his star wide receiver.   Lewis is coaching at the Senior Bowl on Monday and was asked by Ian Rapoport of the Boston Herald how Ochocinco would fit with the Patriots.

Belichick is smarter than that,” Lewis said.

The Bengals coach and nearby reporters broke into laughter at that point, but Lewis’ message about Ochocinco of late has been clear.  Ochocinco has noticed, saying on Twitter that it’s “AssWhoopinTime” and that he wants a cage match set up with Lewis.

Lewis may have to get in line: Ochocinco was also kind enough to volunteer to whoop Florio’s ass at the Super Bowl before treating him to some McDonald’s.

37 responses to “Marvin Lewis: Belichick is too smart to go after Ochocinco

  1. Funny…. Belichick too smart for that … like Lewis is too smart to give up those Nude Photos of the Brown family… because that’s got to be the only reason in the Universe that they kept Lewis !!

  2. Any time Belichick coaches the pro bowl he usually comes away with a talented free agent willing to play for the Patriots for next to nothing

    This year, with 6 draft picks in the first 3 rounds and a free agency period that might not happen, there’s probably less need for Belichick to use the Pro Bowl to talk to Pro Bowl veterans, but one never knows, especially since the Patriots had a sub-par 14-2 record while rebuilding in 2010

    Whether Ochocinco could play for Belichick or not remains to be seen, but the list of NFL bad boys who behaved well and produced well upon joining the Patriots is a pretty good one… Corey Dillon and Randy Moss to name a few

    Can Ochocinco put his ego under wraps to place winning ahead of personal glory? That remains to be seen – my guess is no… but Chad and Bill will have ample opportunity to discuss that at the Pro Bowl

  3. It is the time of year where Ocho isn’t in the spotlight on ESPN with his mouth not his catches, so he has to ruffle feathers in some manner.

  4. Belichick was considered a failure until Tom Brady came along and he figured out how to work a hidden video camera.

    Just ask Browns fan about all the success he brought them.

  5. You go, Marv! LOL

    @joesixpack …

    Yes, Belichick has had success with some players other teams found troublesome. But they weren’t the publicity hounds #85 is. If Belichick sat Welker for a minor press conference prank, do you think he wants to deal with Mr. MeMeMe’s constant sideline antics, Twittering fines, reality shows, and public appearances? Like Marv, I credit BB for being smarter than that.

  6. @jOesixpack: did ochocinco even make the probowl? If he did the probowl is even worse than I thought

  7. This guy is a total clown when he was 100 catches 1400 yds.ok u deal with his stupid ass,but his mouth is WAY better than his game at this point and i hope cincy has the common sense to cut their losses.

  8. Belichick is certianly smarter than Marvin Lewis.
    And who does Marvin Lewis think he is?
    Chad Ochocinco is a 3 time all pro football player.
    Marvin Lewis is a sub .500 lifetime coach who has never even won a playoff team. Guy doesn’t deserve to be a head coach.
    Say what you will about Ochocinco’s attitude, but Lewis is just as childish..and he is the head coach.
    Lewis needs to shut up and stop throwing his players under the bus because he is a failure as a coach

  9. laxer37 says:
    Jan 24, 2011 7:19 PM
    Belichick was considered a failure until Tom Brady came along and he figured out how to work a hidden video camera.

    Just ask Browns fan about all the success he brought them.

    Didn’t the Browns go 11-5 one year and win a playoff game under BB?

  10. Time to bring back “Pic of the Day” and the Ocho Stinko jersey photo (may have been doctored???) McDonalds is on me (without the ASS whoopin) if that can become reality.

  11. laxer37 says: Belichick was considered a failure until Tom Brady came along and he figured out how to work a hidden video camera

    Matt Cassell and his 11-5 season beg to differ

    As do the 16-0 post Spygate Patriots.

    But don’t let the facts get in the way of your jealous diatribe. It’s quite entertaining for the rest of us to watch you humiliate yourself.

  12. Oh and by the way laxer37 – the Patriots video cameras weren’t hidden – they were in plain sight on the sidelines… unlike the ones currently legally used by the rest of the NFL to film play calling from the stands

    If you ever get around to watching a football game you might just notice that even today, coordinators and coaches on the sidelines not playing the Patriots routinely cover their mouths when calling plays.

    Do you think they’re doing this for no reason? Or do you think that maybe – just maybe – they know the other team is legally videotaping their playcalling? (are fans of teams other than the Patriots really that naiive and stupid?)

  13. Everyone knows Belichick was a big Chad Johnson fan.

    Ochocinco, on the other hand, probably not so much.

  14. laxer37, you Cleveland people are truly miserable.

    Look at what Belichick did once he could build his own team instead of having to use a crappy Browns roster. And he still won a playoff game in Cleveland, which is more than anyone else since, I think. I’m not sure. Have the Browns won a playoff game since they fired Belichick?

  15. “Belichick was considered a failure until Tom Brady came along and he figured out how to work a hidden video camera…Just ask Browns fan about all the success he brought them.”
    Congrats, you are the 10 millionth PFT member to reference video camera and Bill Belichick in the same sentence. Why even bother at this point? It is so mindnumbingly cliche and brainless.

    Anyway, I don’t know any Browns fans, but as a Patriots fan I do know that Belichick’s Browns beat Bill Parcells Pats’ in the ’94 playoffs…so there ya go.

  16. @laxer37

    Wow you just got owned on this article… dont ever write a comment on PFT ever again.. Cleveland sports is a complete joke and will always be.. hows the basketball team doin there now? lmfao..

  17. All Marvin is proving is that Chad may not be the most childish person in the Bengals organization.

    Chad is a pretty well liked guy in the locker room. Continuously talking crap on Chad like this isn’t going to win over the team.

  18. laxer – memorize this – 52 wins 15 losses, that’s 77.7%, that’s the Patriots’ winning percentage since that game.

    Anyone else come close to that? I think not.

  19. laxer37, how does it feel to know you will never root for a winner?

    is it the same as knowing you will never be smart?

  20. laxer37 says:
    Jan 24, 2011 7:19 PM
    Belichick was considered a failure until Tom Brady came along and he figured out how to work a hidden video camera.

    Just ask Browns fan about all the success he brought them.

    Yeah, that 199th juggernaut was all that stood in the way of Belichick being a successful multi SB winning coach and a Rex Ryan, a guy who hasn’t won anything.

    You haters are unimaginative.

  21. chad is all about chad, thats why he won’t fit in new england! brady would tell him to shut his pie hole lol! oh how about that future hall of famer,how’s that going loser!

  22. hobartbaker says:
    Jan 24, 2011 6:47 PM
    Belichick didn’t get where he is with an I.Q. of 85.

    Don’t you mean an IQ of ochocinco?

  23. I think Marvin Lewis could be a good coach…I don’t think he wants to be…it’s all about the money he’s making and not winning…how else do you explain that he signed up for more of the same crap he’s been eating under Mike Brown…reminds me of the Pirates ownership…only spend what you have to by league rules and pocket the rest…the fans are suckers and they’ll keep paying!

  24. @laxer37 …

    Can’t agree on BB. Didn’t like the way he handled Testeverde/Kosar, but he had the Browns in the playoffs before the bottom fell out. They were in total disarray his last year w/Modell trying to get out of town. He went back w/Parcells to bide his time for three years, and the Pats have been a great chemisty of owner, coach, and QB. Dude knows his stuff; crediting video for their success is like crediting refs for ours.

    BTW, when are you going to tell these people you’re not a Browns fan?

  25. Let me get this straight? The Pats already have Welker, Branch, and Tate at wideout. Why would they bring in an overrated, overhyped player that actually does NOT START for the Bengals,who won 4 games.

    Nah, I don’t think so. If any team would be that desperate, you better look to the west. Ocho is big talk, small play when you really look at the numbers, big games. He was non-existent against Steelers.

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