Maurice Jones-Drew backs off Jay Cutler criticism

A day later, Jaguars running back Maurice Jones-Drew would like to revise and extend his 140-character remarks about Jay Cutler’s toughness.

In a series of Twitter messages, Jones-Drew questioned why Cutler couldn’t tough it out and play through a knee injury in Sunday’s NFC Championship Game.

Jones-Drew now tells the Associated Press that he was just having a little fun on Twitter and wasn’t intending to bash Cutler. He also says he received death threats with people who were upset about his tweets.

And Jones-Drew tweeted on Monday evening, “I was not taking a shot at Jay Cutler.”

So apparently when Jones-Drew tweeted, “All I’m saying is that he can finish the game on a hurt knee. . . .  I played the whole season on one,” that wasn’t a shot at Cutler.

57 responses to “Maurice Jones-Drew backs off Jay Cutler criticism

  1. ….says the man who didn’t play in the last two games when his team was in playoff contention. Hypocrisy at its finest…

  2. Lovie Smith thought of pulling a Byron Leftwich and having his teammates carry Jay down the field to the huddle. But none of them were willing to help out.

  3. I’m sure it was his “brother” or his “cousin” or his cleaning lady that really sent those tweets right? Not him. No wait his account was hacked. That always works!

  4. What a punk.

    Congratulations for helping to pull your team into the playoffs the final two games.

    I didn’t see anyone taking cheap shots at you.

  5. Come on MJD, it would have been easier (and better) if you had just apologized and said you didn’t have all the facts. Now you look even worse.

  6. I’m still waiting for MJD to finish this season. What does that say about him if his team is fighting for a playoff spot but he sits out with a hurt knee? To call out a player for being hurt in a game with a bad injury but not finishing the season yourself, then trying to spin it around like you weren’t taking a shot at Cutler when you clearly were says something

  7. Ah, the wonder of twitter and instant messaging…it’s not conducive to the out of date notion that we should think before we speak. Memo to athletes, politicians, celebrities, hell..everyone-think about what you’re about to tweet/instant message, because once you hit “send” it’s out there. And if you mean what you posted…then stick by it like a man. Even if you make a mistake you can always honestly apologize after the fact and most will respect that, but please stop trying to act what you said was not intended to be something it obviously was.

  8. Wow, the first article all day with no mention of the 52 sacks stat to justify Cutler’s toughness.

    David Carr wipes his arse with that number and you don’t see him beling called tough. Just a terrible QB who got sacked alot.

  9. Sorry. Should have said “act like what you said was not intended to be something it obviously was.” Guess I should have added check for typos too. lololol!!

  10. Yup, “backs off from criticism of Cutler”–just like he “backed away from” helping HIS team when they needed him to play in the last two games of the season as they clawed and scraped their way to fight for a playoff spot.

    Which they never earned, by the way.

    Hey Maurice Drones-Poo,
    How about you get your own house in order FIRST, you hypocritical little PUNK.

  11. This is great. Everyone is taking shots at him for not playing hurt, but someone should make fun of how bad he was playing when he wasn’t hurt.

  12. I’m starting to think a few more might do that now that it’s being reported as a 3-4 week injury.

  13. Torn meniscus vs. a Grade II MCL tear? Dude, get over yourself. They are not nearly the same injury. This is like saying a car crash is the same as a motor cycle crash. “But they are both crashes.” Uh, no they are not.

  14. Oh, now there’ll be a crying and gnashing of teeth among the media because 1-2 nutjob fans made “death threats”…

    and yet those same mediot loudmouths will have NO problem whatsoever with another type of assassination, which can be nearly as devastating:

    CHARACTER assassination.

    Besides, anyone knows directing those types of threats at pro players is just utterly ridiculous, especially when there are MUCH bigger and more deserving DBs out there, like Rick Reilly…

  15. Didn’t MJD miss the final game of the year with a playoff spot on the line due to a knee injury? Albeit a slim chance for the playoffs (Indy needed to lose)…but just sayin’……

  16. I’ve been a big MJD fan when he was playing 2nd fiddle to Fred Taylor. Happy to see his personal success in Jacksonville. But he hasn’t taken his team anywhere. And this year, Cutler scored all of 4 fewer rushing td’s this year than MJD. Where’s your production, amigo ? Were you really worth a top 3 pick in fantasy ?

    I’ve always liked rooting for the underdog and until yesterday, I would had MJD high on my list of guys I liked, respected and rooted for. But his classless shot at an injured player is highly suspect when MJD himself was ruled OUT over the last 2 weeks of the season when HE had a knee injury while his team was in the hunt for a playoff spot and needed their best offensive player.

    I don’t think the NFL needs any other idiots talking non-sense. We already have the TO & Ocho Show …

  17. yep, internet threats are pretty stupid.

    That said, MJD clearly took a shot at Cutler, which is kind of funny coming from a guy who sat out the last 2 games with his team still in the playoff hunt – did MJD have his surgery yet?

  18. As if there weren’t already enough examples, you simply cannot use twitter like these athletes do expecting that there will not be repercussions.

    Twitter is mindless blurting out of things MOST of the time. When you’re a public figure it’s like sending that email to the person you were bashing in it.

  19. I don’t understand the hatred for Cutler. Why the non-stop media attention? The media surely hated him before – now it’s just gotten out of control.

  20. vicktator says:
    Jan 24, 2011 7:18 PM
    what jack holes, to threaten to kill somebody over a tweet
    Might of been Suggs or Bart Scott, any chance they’d get to make a death threat whether involved or not they’ll take it. They can get away with it too upon acting on it, after learning from Ray Lewis how to handle the aftermath.

  21. Didn’t MJD miss the last couple of Jags games? Guess he did not quite play the ‘whole’ season on an injured knee.

  22. MJD – don’t pull a hammy back pedalling on your statement, I mean I know you are a tough guy since you played both week 16 and 17 trying to earn that playoff birth. Instead of tweeting that your tweets were taken out of context, which we all have reached a new low in jounalism, how bout keep your mouth shut and focus on rehabbing your knee injury. I wish professionals would act like professionals.

  23. hairpie says: Jan 24, 2011 7:05 PM

    he didnt play a whole season on a bad knee, he sat out the part that mattered.
    But he DID play 14 games on a bad knee.

    Cutler couldn’t play one half.

  24. He should have just said something like: “My comments were stupid and I am sorry for acting like a jackass”. Saying stuff like that’s not how i meant it, everybody took that wrong, etc… just makes these guys look worse when they try to extract the proverbial foot from their mouth.

  25. Further proof that athletes aren’t role models.

    Derrick Brooks actually tried to twist his tweet (sounds sexual) to say that it was Cutler’s BODY LANGUAGE that set him off, that he wasn’t rooting his team from the sidelines, that he should have been getting them water and questioned how injured Cutler was when he was able to make it (read: limp) to midfield after the game to congratulate his friend Aaron Rodgers. Yeah, put your franchise QB along on the sidelines after he was taken out because he hurt his knee. I know what great LB is never going to make to be a head coach in this league …

    Who’s NOT my favorite player …. Derrick Brooks !!

  26. Why didnt all those same players say nothing when tomlinson himself took himself out of the chargers playoff game and stood there on the sidelines with his tinted face shield watching?

  27. The truly sad part of all this is that the people that are criticizing Cutler have college degrees. Let’s hear it for their curriculum!

    Let that be a lesson to all you college athletes out there. Skipping class turns you into MJD, T.O., Ochocinco, Deion, …

  28. ya he played the whole year,until the last 2 games when the playoffs were on the line. Get outta here MJD the best chance u got at playing 18 games in one season like cutler did is if gooddell extends the season.

  29. @gixrider …

    Amen!!!! Sometimes I wonder why sports agents and political image consultants don’t warn clients that Twitter is hazardous for their careers.

  30. MJD tweeted before he had all the facts… much as any of us did before we knew the extent of Cutler’s injuries. Jay also has a history of being unclear whether he’s a team guy or a me guy, and emotionally, we all believed, if even for a second, that he may have just quit. I’m glad fans are all behind him now…
    But death threats? That’s not remotely OK or normal behavior. Even Jay himself wouldn’t go there, and HE’S the offended party.
    And all you jackasses question Jones-Drew’s toughness? His is an impact position. He gets slammed nearly EVERY play – whether running, catching or blocking. Jay only gets hit as much as he does because his line blows. But EVERY QB in the NFL is more soft than their RB (Except Denver. Tebow seems to be just as sturdy as Moreno, if not moreso). It’s the nature of the positions.

  31. I have listened to MJD on XM Radio Fantasy Football talk, and granted he doesn’t seem to be the brightest guy, but he isn’t dumb. No way what he says is not taking shots at Cutler. He says he didn’t even know there was anything wrong with Cutler when he made the QUIT post. So he was calling him a quitter.

    Then he takes a 2nd shot saying Cutler could finish on a hurt knee. MJD played this last season with an injured knee saying “It wasn’t hurt to the point that I couldn’t play on it”, but then missed the last 2 games of the season when Jacksonville was still in the playoff race. He says he could have played in the last game, but:
    “Jones-Drew told reporters Thursday that the swelling is beginning to go down in his knee, but he’s not going to play in the season finale. At this point, he’s just trying to avoid offseason surgery.” So he was more worried about himself then getting the Jaguars to the playoffs.

    But don’t worry MJD, I’m not taking shots at you either 🙂

  32. Okay, I’d like to offer my 2 cents about Cutler here. My beef isn’t that he left the game- certainly a grade II MCL tear is a serious knee injury.

    My problem comes with the guy’s attitude. Has anyone discussed his MOPEY sideline presence? I understand that he was bummed about not being able to finish the game (or maybe about his tragically subpar performance before he left). But the Bears paid A LOT of money for that guy. And, instead of being a leader on the sideline, encouraging his teammates in what was certainly the most important game of his career, and making the most of his role as a starting, albeit injured, quarterback, he pulled his hood over his head and sat there like he was at a funeral.

    That should be the reason why Bears fans, his teammates, and NFL players like MJD are questioning his “toughness.”

  33. nwstreethawk says:
    Jan 24, 2011 8:53 PM
    The truly sad part of all this is that the people that are criticizing Cutler have college degrees. Let’s hear it for their curriculum!

    Let that be a lesson to all you college athletes out there. Skipping class turns you into MJD, T.O., Ochocinco, Deion, …
    Sadly, that is more of a goal than a lesson to most of them.

  34. Hey Jay Cutler… you know Peyton Manning had his jaw broken and had to have it wired shut for 6 weeks and missed… wait for it….

    One play.

    Just sayin’

  35. MJD is an a$$hole!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    No, no….. What I meant to say was,,,, he behaves like an a$$hole…. I wasn’t taking a shot at him… Or should I man up????? Ok,,,, he’s an a$$hole….

  36. @the 23rd, 24, 25th, 26th people who all posted the exact same message using different words about how MJD didn’t finish the regular season because of a knee injury

    Thanks, we enjoyed reading the same post over and over and over again. We wouldn’t have gotten that if it wasn’t for you guys:)

  37. Classless…..if you are going to make the statement, don’t back away from what you said. There is no possible way to come out and say “I didn’t mean it like that.” It’s not a misquote in a newspaper, moron. You typed yourself. Have a great career in your half-full stadium!!

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