Monday morning one-liners

New Bills assistant coach Dave Wannstedt will skip the Senior Bowl to settle into his new office.

The Dolphins get taken to the woodshed by Dan Le Batard of the Miami Herald.

Dan Shaughnessy of the Boston Globe thinks the AFC Championship Game was a reminder that the Patriots blew a golden opportunity for a championship.

Ravens owner Steve Bisciotti read from a list of complaints to show fans he listens to their thoughts.

The Bengals have gained insight into several future players while working the Senior Bowl in the past.

Browns president Mike Holmgren’s faith in QB Colt McCoy goes a long way toward selling him to the masses.

Richard Justice of the Houston Chronicle jokes that the Texans might have an advantage over some AFC peers because they don’t need to get over a painful playoff loss.

A profile of Colts WR Taj Smith’s work on special teams omits his big penalty in the team’s playoff loss.

The Jaguars were seen chatting with Purdue DE Ryan Kerrigan at the Senior Bowl.

Two judges recused themselves from hearing the Titans’ lawsuit against USC for hiring former running backs coach Kennedy Pola.

Former Broncos DL Trevor Pryce thinks better days are ahead for his old team with John Fox.

S Eric Berry is the first Chiefs rookie to go to the Pro Bowl since Derrick Thomas in 1989.

There aren’t many Raiders connections to this year’s Super Bowl.

We just passed the anniversary of the trade that made Johnny Unitas a member of the Chargers.

Several Cowboys assistants are on their way to the Senior Bowl.

Giants QB Eli Manning talks about the transition from callow youngster to seasoned veteran.

If the Eagles have their eye on Packers defensive line coach Mike Trgovac for defensive coordinator, they will have to keep waiting for their chance to talk to him.

QB Cam Newton is the most common Redskins selection in mock drafts.

DT Ndamukong Suh plans to sell his fellow Pro Bowlers on how good life is with the Lions.

Aaron Rodgers gives the Vikings a constant reminder of what they’re missing on offense.

Said Falcons owner Arthur Blank, “We are going to learn from this. We are going to get better from this. We have to put it in context of the body of work over the last three years and we have to be sensitive to people about doing that as well.”

Sunday shows that the Panthers are doing the right thing by building through the draft.

Saints S Roman Harper might have had a terrible playoff outing, but he’s still a Pro Bowler.

The Buccaneers feel they have a more cohesive staff with the hiring of offensive line coach Pat Morris.

Cardinals WR Larry Fitzgerald will make his fifth Pro Bowl appearance as a replacement for Greg Jennings.

Rams RB Steven Jackson wasn’t jumping on the questioning Jay Cutler’s toughness bandwagon.

Could the 49ers be a match for Bengals QB Carson Palmer?

The Seahawks can learn a lot from the way the Packers built a Super Bowl team.

8 responses to “Monday morning one-liners

  1. Here’s a personal “thank you” to the Rex Ryan and all the Jets for a very entertaining season.

    From making the embarrassing “soon to be champs” prediction in August that everyone knew he’d never back up, to gift wrapping Danny Woodhead for the Patriots, to your coach becoming the punchline of endless foot jokes (sorry Rexy… I know that was meant to remain private between you, your wife, and those with access to Youtube) to a CB who fathers 9 children by 8 women and has the gall to question the character of other players and an entire team more skilled at Trash Talking than Football, it’s been a VERY entertaining season for non-Jets fans out there.

    I’m sure I’m forgetting some of the other “highlights” enjoyed by the rest of the league this season as well – like the sexual harassment of female Latino reporters, and an owner who virtually guaranteed a lawsuit when calling said reporter to apologize introducing himself as “Woody Johnson”

    We bid Coach Punchline and all the Jets adieu and offer them the same advice that Jets fans know by heart after 43 years… “better luck next year”….

    And just think – you only have 18 unrestricted free agents to sign next season (including Shaun Ellis, Cromartie, David Harris, Braylon Edwards, and Santonio Holmes… so no one significant) and only 5 draft picks

    I’m sure New Yorkers take great pride in losing another 2nd rounder thanks to the “win” against the Colts, even though it only delayed the teams golf itinerary in the end.

    I wouldn’t worry that the Patriots are coming off a re-building season in which they went 14-2 and have 3 of the first 33 picks in the draft and more picks in the first 3 rounds than the Jets do in all 7.

    Enjoy the glory of finishing 4th place in the NFL this year!!

  2. Le Batard’s article wasn’t just bashing the Dolphins, it was bashing all coaching throughout the league. How stupid it is that the league keeps recycling old fired guys thinking they can come back and be genius guys. A lot of people want to credit Mike Tice for having LB success this season. Wasn’t he the same guy who couldn’t do a damn thing as a head coach?

  3. I hate Lane Kiffin with a passion and he probably did tamper (and Pola is an ass for leaving a team so close to the start of the season), but that’s karma for Jeff Fisher, who promised Earnest Byner the job was his, then shortly afterward fired him for Pola.

  4. Can’t help laughing at the column about how the Pats wouldn’t have rolled over for the Steelers. Uh-huh. We’ve said the same thing after dropping in the playoffs. But we’ll never know because they didn’t get it done and advance. It is what it is.

    Nice that Bisciotti told Ravens fans he’d take care of much of their wish list … nice unless you’re Cam Cameron and wondering if he’s going to take care of you 😯

    Not surprising Redskins fans are drooling over Cam Newton. That alone should make people question his likelihood of NFL success.

    RIP Derrick Thomas … Tide fans remember …

  5. As a Redskins fan I have to disagree, I am in NO WAY drooling over the idea of Cam Newton being our QB.

    We don’t need another new QB in my opinion, we need an OL to protect our QB!!!!

    Of course our problems are far deeper than having an OL, or a new QB……but I just don’t think its a good idea to draft Newton with our first pick.

    Give McNabb a chance for God sakes, he didn’t even play the entire season and wasn’t given the chance to completely learn our offense. But who am I to suggest anything….in the end it’s all up to Dan “Holier than thou” Snyder. :/

  6. Did Dan Shaughnessy cut and paste his article from last years Patriots early home playoff exit and just change the team names?

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