Palmer strongly feels “separation” would be best for both parties

Bengals quarterback Carson Palmer isn’t backing down from his trade request, although he’s doing it in the most polite way possible.

Here’s a handwritten statement issued by agent David Dunn, via the Cincinnati Enquirer.

“Carson met with Bengals owner Mike Brown recently. They both expressed profound disappointment in how the team fared last season, and in how it has generally performed during Carson’s tenure with the team.

“Because of the lack of success that Carson and the Bengals have experienced together, Carson strongly feels that a separation between him and the Bengals would be in the best interest of both parties. Carson could not respect the Brown family any more than he does or be more appreciative of what the Browns have done for him and his wife Shaelyn and his family.”

Boomer Esiason joined Florio on Monday’s PFT Live and discussed when he made a similar request of the Brown family.  The Bengals kept Esiason for one more year, drafted a replacement (David Klingler), then traded Esiason the following offseason to one of the teams he requested.

Based on Brown’s comments on Monday, that sounds like the best Palmer can hope for.

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46 responses to “Palmer strongly feels “separation” would be best for both parties

  1. Carson: “So what’s the market value for a washed up QB with a bum knee and elbow?”

    Favre: “Bout 12 million, but you have to wear purple.”

  2. Palmer has never been the same since the Steelers playoff game when he got injured. Check his #’s before then and then after w/ the same receivers.

    It actually may be in the interest of BOTH for him to go now and the Bengals to get a #1 pick or two for him.

  3. I’m not a Bengal fan but: Wow! I’m not sure if I would do this under pressure either if I was Mike Brown. Cincy really had only 2 cancerous problems last year. And it ruined a fast developing team. The BIIIIIG one was adding TO. And I don’t want to hear any comments about his worhless production. His big mouth always trumps his production! Adding this monster to that roster was like hurling toxic nuclear waste into your food supply. The second one was ever listening to Chad (“Numbers”) about anything (especially TO). The Bengals can win by subtraction. Dump Batmouse and Tweet Bird pronto. Jordan Shipley, Carson Palmer, Cedric Benson and all of the rest played much better when the toxic nuclear waste was removed at the end of the season. I would schmooze Palmer to give it one more shot. And if he remained unagreeable, I’d trade him for McNabb and draft Cam Newton for the future.

  4. I understand we were terrible last year (thanks Brat) but seriously Palmer, your going to make $50+ million over the next 4 years, and you want out??? Trade him for me, I’m only 5’10 but hell I can hand the ball off to Benson all day long. And I’d do it for just $50,000.

  5. Palmer’s a Bengal in 2011 (if there is a season).

    Bengals go 2-14 and draft Luck.

    Palmer gets traded.

    Luck then holds out for 2012 and wishes he entered the 2011 draft instead.

  6. Of course, Klingler was horrible.
    Maybe they flip Palmer for some picks and then grab Mallett or Locker in the draft.

  7. tikyle says:
    Jan 24, 2011 3:28 PM
    “It actually may be in the interest of BOTH for him to go now and the Bengals to get a #1 pick or two for him.”

    There is no way that the Bengals would get a #1 for Palmer.

  8. @dansnydersux and everyone else who keeps parroting the “he hasn’t been the same since his knee injury”. Palmer’s BEST season was the year AFTER the injury. The “truth” is that Palmer hasn’t been the same since Richy Braham retired…

  9. kosarsmyidol says:
    Jan 24, 2011 3:48 PM
    tikyle says:
    Jan 24, 2011 3:28 PM
    “It actually may be in the interest of BOTH for him to go now and the Bengals to get a #1 pick or two for him.”

    There is no way that the Bengals would get a #1 for Palmer.


    You’re 100% right. They’d be lucky to get a 3rd rounder. Al Davis doesn’t want him, so a first round pick is not an option for Bengals fans.

  10. As a Bengal fan Carson’s request is a wonderful thing.
    Unlike Ocho Asso; Carson is a class act, not one to blow smoke.
    Carson walking would be the best bitch slap Mikey Brown has received since the doc in the birth room smacked his butt to make him cry. And Mikey has been making Cincinnati residents cry for over 20 years.

  11. Wife should have let Ocho bunk out at his place, they could have bonded together better..(and played better)

  12. One of the toughest things for teams to do is to know when a guy is done. I’d rather move a guy a year early than a year late. It may already be past that point now for Palmer, but in a league with a scarcity of quality QB’s, Palmer could still probably fetch a conditional 2nd or 3rd round pick. It is time for the Bengals to move on – they are not a QB away from contention, not in a division with Baltimore and Pittsburgh, and a conference that also includes New England and Indianapolis. I would think Vince Young would be a good fit for Cincy and he shouldn’t cost them much.

  13. See Jay Cutler. A team can not force the starting Quarterback to stay. If he doesn’t come to the voulntary workouts and training camp and just shows up for the 1st game, what are they going to do?

  14. Palmer has been bad for the last few years but if he has any chance of turning himself around, he needs to abandon Mr. Brown’s sinking ship.

  15. Mike Brown might be football stupid, but he’s a miser. He won’t pass up the opportunity to save $50 million.

  16. No way anyone is going to trade for Palmer because he is journeyman grade QB with a franchise QB contract. He could be an excellent stopgap starter or quality backup for another team but would need to take a pay cut.

  17. Maybe you could update the post to include the fact that Carson has been lobbying/asking for/demanding the same changes Marvin is….and that Mike Brown basically said no, THEN Carson asked to be traded….update….please…
    here, I’ll throw you a bone: Brad Johansen is the one reporting it…
    Carson is quickly turning from Coward to Hero- hold the faith Cincy

  18. Just a word of caution for the Bengals. All of my girlfriends said that, but things never got better for me.

  19. Maybe the Bengals can trade him to the Redskins for Donovan McNabb.

    TOcho and McNabb there is a (re)union I would love to watch fail.

  20. skoobyfl says:
    Jan 24, 2011 3:17 PM
    Run away fast Carson, come to Buffalo.

    Ya Iam sure he is running real fast to buffalo

  21. Palmer is the player most responsible for Cincy’s bad record — he has to be, since he’s the QB. So saying he wants out is like the bank security guard leaving because the bank isn’t safe enough for him. He’s always been a choker, now he’s revealed to be a chicken, too.

    Palmer took all the cash and praise based on the Bengals pampering him with a top OL, 3 top WRs and 1,500-yards-a-year run support. Now that he’s not getting spoiled — wahhhh! Get me out of here!

    And if I don’t get my way — I quit! The equivalent of the baby holding his breath.

    A real man stays and fixes problems, not runs away like a moody little schoolgirl. So why would any other team want this guy to lead their team? Let alone pay big bucks.

  22. Bengals have an up and coming defense,palmer is a puss who let chad run the asylum(that goes for marvin too) dont let the door hit you on the way out you overpaid sissy ass punk!P.S. my dog is more accurate throwing a football than you are.If we had ryan fitzpatrick we win more games than with this guy,so hey mikey brown if you get any decent offers jump!

  23. I don’t know why, but I think Palmer is going to get it together again at some point. Maybe Pete Carroll could get him going in Seattle? The only other real fits I could envision would be Jacksonville, Miami, or maybe Oakland if the new coach can bring some energy and positivity.

    Some guys just sink into the environment they’re put in. Palmer just needs some ascending players around him, not journeyman and guys looking for their next reality TV show.

  24. @ tikyle
    You sure about that? Palmer’s best season was the year AFTER getting injured against Pittsburgh.

  25. We’ll see you in SF next year so you can try out for the QB job. No way he goes to Minnesota or Buffalo if he hates it in Cincinnatti. just as cold if not worse

  26. Palmer is the player most responsible for Cincy’s bad record — he has to be, since he’s the QB.

    Spoken like someone who hasn’t watched the Cincinnati Bengals since Mike Brown became the owner. No matter how bad ANY QB plays for the Bengals, they will never be more responsible than Clown Brown, the ringleader of this band of misfits.

    Yesterday, Bob Bratkowski celebrated his TENTH ANNIVERSARY of his hiring as OC. TEN YEARS!!! You know what happens to all other coordinators WELL BEFORE ten years? They either do such a good job, they get a head coaching job (Brat hasn’t ever gotten an interview) or they get fired. If you’re Brat, you keep your job despite no real record of achievement.

    Haven’t players learned that stating their unhappiness in public doesnt work?

    This is a different situation. There’s already been several players who have voiced their dissatisfaction. Carson’s just adding to the pile.

    But that is one area where I *will* criticize Carson: he should have took the initiative (QBs tend to be looked at as the leader) and brought this all up three years ago. Instead, only after Chad, T.O., Benson cite their discontent does he finally speak up. But hey: better late than never! I will never take the side of Mike Brown whenever a player wants to abandon his always sinking ship.

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