Pouncey plans to play despite high ankle sprain

The early news on Steelers center Maurkice Pouncey’s ankle injury could be worse.

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reports that Pouncey has a high ankle sprain and the rookie believes he’ll start in the Super Bowl.

“Most definitely,” Pouncey said when asked if he’ll face the Packers.  “I had this same injury before on my other ankle and I know how to attack it. I know how to approach things. I know in my heart I’m playing in that game.”

Pouncey will hear more from trainers and doctors Monday, so it’s possible the diagnosis could get worse.

“I think to say anything at this point would be premature,” Steelers coach Mike Tomlin said after the game.

Considering how painful Pouncey’s injury looked at the time, the Steelers have to be pleased they will even have a chance to get their Pro Bowl center back in the lineup.

27 responses to “Pouncey plans to play despite high ankle sprain

  1. I sure hope he can play, not only because of his importance to the Steelers’ O-linem, but because he has out-performed pretty much every rookie in the league and deserves this moment in the sun. The guy is a real beast up front.

    Get well, soon, Maurkice!! I can only hope the Steelers can draft your brother.

  2. I thought he was done for the year. I also thought the Steelers were cooked after he left the game.

    Glad to see he ‘MIGHT’ be able to play.

  3. I sure hope that this guy is able to play. I think him getting injured was the real reason the Jets were able to stay in that game. He is a great player and when he went down the guy filling in for him was like a sift with the pass rush and he did nothing to open holes for Mendenhall.

  4. doesn’t matter who plays center for the steelers, that person is getting a raji beat down! big ben is not going to light up the pack like last year! 38-24 packers

  5. What a wimp!

    Lott cut off his finger to play. Rivers played with a torn ACL. I cant believe that this poor excuse…..oh wait. Sorry- I thought I was on the Cutler thread.

  6. You should play some hustle this week with friends.

    I have some Chuck Taylors you could borrow.

    Hoop it up.

  7. In all seriousness, BJ Raji’s 340 lbs (yeah, if he fasted for a week that’s what he’d weigh) won’t stress that ankle at all.

  8. misterpigglesworth says:
    Jan 24, 2011 8:36 AM
    you hear that cutler!

    Yeah because Cutler also has the benefit of two weeks to recover think before you type

  9. That’s great news. I will say Legursky has played pretty well across the line without notice short of a few bad snaps.

  10. Look at Pouncey’s approach to injury. Ben’s. Hines’. Jack Youngblood’s. Byron Leftwich’s. Willis Reed’s. Curt Schilling’s.

    The list goes on and on.

    Some players are men. Some players are boys.

    Cutler did not earn his paycheck — he should be ashamed to show his face in the locker room.

  11. WHAT!?!?!

    You mean he just had a sprain??


    He had to be helped off the field, was on crutches and didn’t even TRY to come back to play!

    I mean, if you are going to rip the hell out of Cutler for his injury, surely you have to rip the hell out of Pouncey for his too right?

    Or does this only apply to Cutler and Pouncey gets a free pass?

  12. Clownburger, you are most definitely a clown. First we are talking about different positions and different injuries. Secondly, you have obviously never experienced a high ankle sprain. I got a high ankle sprain last april, 5 days before my dad broke his tibia. He was back on his mtn bike in 5 weeks. I could not run until October. Now Pouncey is obviously in better shape than myself, but a high ankle sprain is extremely painful and tough to come back from.

    Don’t be bitter man, the Bears exceeded everyones expectations for the year.

  13. Clownburger (boy, did you pick the right name for yourself), the typical recovery time for a high ankle sprain is 5-6 weeks. I haven’t said anything about Cutler because I don’t know the nature of his injury. But he brought a lot of the criticism on himself by standing, walking, and cycling on the sidelines. Usually when players suffer a leg injury critical enough to take them our of a Championship game, they are on crutches or at least off their feet.

  14. @steelerdynasty2010 …

    Like you, I thought it was broken and have been worried sick ever since. A high ankle sprain isn’t good news, but compared to the alternative, it is cause to celebrate. Whew!!!!

  15. Boy are you guys dense.

    The point is if you are going to rip one, you have to rip them both.

    Neither should be ripped on for this.

    Cutler has a torn MCL. He toughed it out and played as long as he could, didn’t bother with crutches and stood on the sideline to watch the game.

    How is he the wimp and pouncy isn’t then?

    See my point?

  16. “Usually when players suffer a leg injury critical enough to take them our of a Championship game, they are on crutches or at least off their feet.”

    OH, I get it. He’s a WIMP because he…….toughed it out?


    Brilliant Deb. Brilliant.

  17. pouncey is THE MAN. it takes a lot of hard work to come in and win the center position in that organization. as a rookie he put veterans on notice and earned his spot. that is a historic position, and as a rookie gives the steelers longevity there. again.

    he got hurt last week, and fought through that to return to the game. too much this week, but give him a couple of weeks off his foot, maybe extra study time, and hopefully he is ready to deal with raji. if not, bronco’s son will be ready for the challenge.

    i hope pouncey gets to perform on that big stage, he deserves it.

  18. Deb says:
    clownburger, I’ve never said on any thread that Cutler is a wimp.
    I’ll say it for BOTH of us, Deb:

    Jay Cutler is the biggest puss to strap it up for a Championship Game in my entire life, and I’m over 50!

    “Toughed it out”???? How the hell can you say he “toughed it out”? He sat on a bench,and walked the sidelines.That ain’t “toughing it out”, moron. How in the hell can this guy walk the sidelines – and RIDE THE BIKE – when guys like Rivers and countless others TRULY toughed it out?

    And what about the shot of him on the sideline next to the rookie, as he flipped through the book trying to sort things out and Cutler never said a word to help the kid out!!!!!!

    Chicago fans should want this douche on the next plane out of O’Hare. He sucked when he was in,and he was a chicken$hit who quit on his team.

    Up YOURS, clownberger. I can’t stand Ben Roethlisberger, but walking off a field in the presence of this man is an insult to quarterbacks everywhere. He may be a pig and a predator, but that is one tough SOB on the other side of that field, and he would NEVER pull a stunt like that.

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