Cardinals defensive coordinator search held up by Steelers

Pittsburgh ruined former Steelers assistant Ken Whisenhunt’s bid to win a Super Bowl two years ago.   The Steelers’ latest run to the big game is proving to be a much more minor nuisance.

It appears that Whisenhunt wants to hire or speak to a Steelers assistant or two before moving forward with his defensive coordinator search, according to Kent Somers of the Arizona Republic.   It’s hard to imagine Dick LeBeau going anywhere, so Whisenhunt’s targets figure to be linebackers coach Keith Butler and secondary coach Ray Horton.

Butler may not get permission to speak with Whisenhunt, so Horton could be the pick.  He’s been an assistant in Pittsburgh since 2004.

Whisenhunt may also interview some candidates this week at the Senior Bowl.  Either way, it appears he’s willing to wait to get another piece of Pittsburgh with him down in Arizona.

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  1. This is why people call the Cardinals “Steelers West.” I’m glad Whisenhunt has a head coaching job, and I loved him as our offensive coordinator, but it bugs me that he keeps going after Steelers coaches. Maybe insted of trying to recapture his previous success with the same people, he should try using new people.

  2. Gee, so sorry our Super Bowl run is interfering with Whisenhunt’s annual Pittsburgh poaching effort 🙄

  3. Whiz needs to get this hire right. This will be his third DC and why wouldn’t he pursue somebody that not only is he very familiar and comfortable with, but shares the same philosophy as. Whiz has made it clear that he wants to run a defense similar to LeBeau’s so why not pick right off that tree. Clearly Pittsburgh’s defensive philosophies are some of, if not the best, in the league and have been since LeBeau has been there. Can’t get mad at Whisenhunt trying to model the Cardinal’s franchise after arguably the best in professional sports?

  4. It shows that Whisenhunt cannot think for himself. He wants the Steelers to do his thinking for him, rather than craft his own legacy and staff for championship teams. Stop trying to copycat the Steelers, and make your own plan.

  5. Actually, it shows that Whiz is doing exactly what every team does every year around the league…go after winning assistants and players to make their teams better. It pretty much defines the off season. The Steelers have a great organization, always have. And it’s so easy to pick on the Cardinals.

  6. Whisenhunt isn’t stupid. He wants a proven winner, and someone he knows he can get along with. How is that wrong?

    I worry about other teams ransacking the Packers’ coaching staff in two weeks though. Coaching is the only thing that has created this level of success for us.

    When you can lose quality players, plug in street free agents, and go to the Super Bowl, you know you have people who know how to coach these players up.

    I just hope we can retain most of them. Otherwise we’ll see a huge dropoff next season.

  7. Butler isn’t going anywhere, he’s being groomed to replace LeBeau. It’ll be Horton, who, despite some objections on here, has done a fantastic job in the year’s Polamalu was healthy and William Gay wasn’t starting out of position.

  8. So steelers fans areon here saying there secondary is crap. HHMMM!!
    Hope Aaron Rodgers and his recievers dont find out that little secret.

    I think they will

  9. really don’t see K W doing the job there – a .500 coach, coaching in a weak div – this year will have schedule advantage. 4 years there. hmmm

  10. I am tired of fellow Steelers’ fans saying that our secondary is crap. Apparently they don’t understand Lebeau’s defensive philosophy. Ike Taylor has had a phenomenal year, Clark has been solid, and of course there is Troy. McFadden/Gay have been up and down, but an opposing QB has to throw it somewhere. Since the NE game, they are ranked 1st in pass defense… I would say Ray Horton has done a fine job.

    Fellow Steelers’ fans… stop rehashing the same crap about how bad the secondary is, and actually watch something other than the ball after the snap.

  11. Funny how settlers fans think all their coaches are personal property of the organization and no one else should offer them a promotion and pay raise.
    I guess the holmgren era packers were just 49ers Midwest. And the eagles are packers east. And the steelers are buccaneers north.. But tomlin came from grudens staff, who came from holgrems staff, who came from walshs staff, so really the steelers are 49ers east!

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