Chad wants to keep Bengals, drop Ochocinco

Bengals receiver Chad Ochocinco appeared Tuesday on ESPN’s NFL Live to discuss the various recent developments involving himself, his team, his coach, and his quarterback.

The biggest surprise?  Chad said he wants to stay in Cincinnati, a fact on which we’ve previously reported.

“I don’t want to go anywhere,” Ochocinco said.  “I love Cincy.  I love the fans.  And Cincinnati is all I know.  That’s all I know.  And I just look forward to next year.  But before the season starts, I do need to fight with my head coach.”  (And, yes, he means to fight literally.  After, off course, he whoops my assTwice.)

But even though Chad wants to keep his team, he intends to drop his alter ego.  He said that he’s changing his name back to Johnson, a task that may be easier said than done — unless he plans to pay Reebok for the unsold inventory of Ochocinco jerseys.

Of course, if he ends up with a new team, Chad will be able to change his name to anything that he wants, since there will be no unsold inventory of Ochocinco jerseys in, say, Raiders colors.

As to the man who’ll be his head coach in Cincinnati if Ochocinco remains in orange and black stripes, Chad made a great point in response to the comment from coach Marvin Lewis that, regarding the possibility of acquiring Ochocinco, Pats coach Bill Belichick is “smarter than that.”

“If Belichick is smarter than that,” Ochocinco said, “then why am I still there?”

The comment couldn’t be comprehended by host Trey Wingo, but we instantly knew what Chad meant.  If Lewis feels that it would be dumb for Belichick to acquire Chad, then why haven’t the Bengals gotten rid of him?

We think they eventually will.  After exploring whether or not anyone else would be willing to trade for him.

60 responses to “Chad wants to keep Bengals, drop Ochocinco

  1. I’d love to see him in a Raiders jersey. He is not the distraction people say he is. He’s still a very talented receiver.

  2. I hate that the guy has to pay Reebok to change his name. I mean… what other situation would require a person to pay a private corporation for the right to change his name?

  3. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Mike Brown will keep Ocho (or Johnson), just as he did Lewis, and trade Carson. Brown is very loyal (many think to a fault) to his head coaches and players he has a soft spot for. It is obvious that Brown likes Ocho and gets a kick out of him. As for Palmer, Brown has never been particularly loyal to quarterbacks, so I think his days are numbered at Cincy. He will get the trade he wants.

  4. Anything to keep his name in the news is what Chad or Ocho, whatever the hell he’s called, really wants.

  5. NFL live is so unbearable. Trey Wingo is hard enough to watch but pair him with Dilfer and it’s like listening to two nerds that think they’re more clever than anyone else in the class.

  6. Which looser buys this losers jersey? Thats one reason why is jersey is piled up. Ocho Cinco a.k.a Ocho Stinko sucks. He will never be in a superbowl team with his super ego. I hate this guy.

  7. wow this guy is pathetic! “i haven’t had any attention lately… please, please show me some attention!!!”

  8. Wow the old C.Johnson jersey’s just went up in value.. Could of got one for under 10 bucks before today… This guy definitely knows how to keep attention on himself despite a MAJOR fall in production. PFT you’re wrong. Chad will be back and if ANYTHING Carson will retire. Neither will be cut or traded. Remember Mike Brown believes “continuity” is the key to success. Even if that “continuity” was completely awful the year before.

  9. Why would Chad want to play for a coach who says that another coach would be dumb to take him?

    As much as “Ochocinco” annoys me, he seems like he’s a good guy. He just needs to stop hanging around the virus TO. TO can make any team/player worse.

  10. His name outweighs his actual talent.

    He has made some undeserving Pro Bowls and has massively underachieved in recent years.

    Switch back to “Johnson” and lose the sideshow and people MIGHT take him seriously.

  11. He may not be able to articulate it correctly but hes right. Marvin Lewis essentially said that the Bengals are stupid for keeping Chad around. They also refused an offer of 2 first round picks from the Redskins a few years back which looks even worse now than it did back then.

  12. I think he’s changing it back because he realizes if he gets traded there’s a good chance that there’s already a number 85 on the team.

    Thus, if he can’t talk them into giving him 85, he wouldn’t want to change it then and look like a b*tch

  13. We do NOT want him in Oakland !!

    He is classless and 85 must be his IQ!

    Al davis wont take on troubled players anymore Moss was his last one. He stays away from troubled players now days.

  14. So the Bungles are keeping disgruntled players that are wanted elsewhere (Palmer) and attempting to trade relatively content players that aren’t wanted elsewhere (Ochocinco). Apparently Mike Brown and Marvin Lewis live in some sort of NFL Twilight Zone where everything is backwards. They should get whatever value they can out of all these guys before their skills deteriorate any further.

    It’s hard to say what Ochocinco’s future will be. It seems unlikely anyone will trade for him but I can see someone offering him a lowball or incentive-based contract if he’s cut.

  15. The whole name change thing was idiotic to begin with…..mainly because “Chad” is the stupid part of the name “Chad Johnson”.

    If he had changed his name to Ochocinco Johnson I would have found that less irritating.

  16. BleedingSilverAndBlack says: Jan 25, 2011 5:10 PM

    I’d love to see him in a Raiders jersey. He is not the distraction people say he is. He’s still a very talented receiver.


    You gotta be kidding me. Sounds like Al Davis likes to post on this site!!!!! Another Raiders fan out of touch with reality!

  17. Chad Johnson is headed to the NE Patriots on draft day. He will behave and respect his coach. He will understand t e a m and knock off the personal antics. With Tom Brady, he will fulfill his potential as a wide receiver and will be rewarded with a championship next year as the Pats go gaga on defense in this year’s bountiful draft. That’s of course, if there is a season to play.

  18. Did he have to pay the jersey makers when he changed his name the first time? No. That seems to be a stupid speculation. He can legally change his name as he likes. Chad is a good guy, but his outlandish “persona” has cost him around the league. It is about time he grew up.

  19. correct me if i am wrong, but weren’t the redskins willing to part with 2 1st round picks for ocho like 3 years ago or so?? i am almost positive i remember that and the bengals did not trade him pretty much just to spite chad. they wanted to squat on his rights and not let him “win”. wow!! 2, 1st round picks! mike brown has to be the worst owner/gm in the league along with al davis. i would love to see what a front office/coaching staff comprised of al davis, matt millen, mike brown and brad childress could pull off.

  20. With a name like Trey Wingo, no wonder he couldnt comprehend! As for Chad coming to my Pats, I dont think so. We just got rid of a talented prima donna.

  21. Marvin was referring to Bill and Randy….to the point of “what happened the next year” he was referring to Bill Trading him…including foresight into his comments, very un-Marvish. BUT the point is he wasn’t talking about the Bengals being stupid for keeping him or trading him or whatever it is your spinning it as, he was hinting at trading him.

  22. I think t.o. Will end up with the redskins and chad will be a cowboy once the boys drop williams

  23. The Super Bowl has taken over the airways so Ocho has to try another bloy to get air time. He thinks he is such a showman he should join the circus.

  24. The writing’s on the wall.. he’s just afraid of getting dealt to another team and not being able to keep “85”, which will wind up making him look even more foolish then he does now.

  25. I always liked Chad for some strange reason I could never explain. Now after reading those tweets, it all makes sense.

  26. I think Wingo is a tool, but he did a darn good job of keeping Chads feet to the fire.

    OchoJohnson is a clueless malcontent.

    ANY front office that could tie thier own shoes would see its time to move this diva and Palmer. Go nuclear, and start the whole thing over.

    Marvin lewis needs his head examined.

  27. “unless he plans to pay Reebok for the unsold inventory of Ochocinco jerseys.”

    Doesn’t Nike have the contract next year? Why would Reebok have anything to do with him changing his name for the 2011 season?

  28. How about just changing his name to a weird symbol, like Prince? Or, the artist formerly known as Prince? Who, I think, is now Prince again..right?

  29. This guy should be a life coach. I honestly admire his attitude and perspective. I think the world would be a better place with more Ochocincos and fewer Marvin Harrisons. Before being quietly blackballed by the NFL, “traditional” fans lauded Marvin because of his demeanor and approach to handling business. Oops. Didn’t realize you had Black Dirty Harry out there huh? As long as he was playing the docile “boy” role, he was the poster child of WR behavior for pundits. On the other end of the spectrum, you do have your Ochocincos and T.O.’s who call attention to their achievements, somewhat diminishing the qb’s part in the success, yet keep their noses clean, yet they are the ones figuratively crucified by the masses.

    Go Ocho!

  30. “I don’t want to go anywhere,” Ochocinco said. “I love Cincy. I love the fans. And Cincinnati is all I know.”


    “It ends up that nobody wants me, my bad.”

  31. slugdub

    Did you see the last AL Davis Presser?

    Al does not like bad boys anymore his coach brought his girlfriend to the road games and was fined 20K makes you wonder what he would do to 85 when he pulled a publicity stunt?

  32. Just change his name to Ocho? and then he can have any number in the eighties.

    You can’t have it both ways. You can’t put your QB under the bus, your head coach under the bus and then have them want you back. There is such a thing as burned bridges and no one on the team, especially CP wants him back.

  33. “If Belichick is smarter than that,” Ochocinco said, “then why am I still there?”

    Because Son of Paul isn’t.

  34. Late in the season when the two divas were on the sideline injured, Carson Palmer played pretty good. He seemed more relaxed. If Ocho is bringing tension to the huddle can you imagine what it is like to be around him on a continual basis. This is not to question his ability to play the game, only to point out the disruptions and it’s effects on a team. Moss was not helping the Pats last year (late) or at the start of the season. Considering the limited impact the WR’s have vs. a RB, QB or even a great center, the mouth that roars is not a necessary component of a winning team.

  35. given the way Chad likes to tweet behind everyone’s back, he should change his name to Diddy Dirty Laundry.

  36. slugdub says: Jan 25, 2011 6:18 PM

    I’d love to see him in Oaktown. Dump DHB and the Glass Jaw Chaz and have Johnson, Ford and Murph? Sure!!

    Hayward-Bey isn’t going anywhere, unfortunately. Schillens is inexpensive, and has good size and soft hands. Murphy is going into year 3, and needs to show something. He disappears too often. Higgins is sure to be gone. That leaves room for Johnson, but there should be better options out there if Al has the nerve to splurge on another wideout.

  37. If his talent could equal his mouth, he’d be worth trading for.

    Too bad it doesn’t, and hasn’t for quite a while now.

  38. I’m starting to think that Ocho and Carson are doing everything they can to try to get Marvin Lewis to quit. I hope they succeed. and get Bratkowski fired. I would like to see the cage match and see Ocho put a hurting on Marvin. Marvin’s gotta realize, it’s not his team. It’s Ocho’s team.

  39. I can think of two places where old and/or washed-up players go to die, Oakland and Washington. And both are dumb enough to trade something for him too.

  40. Is this a) another “look at me” antic? or b) he finally realizes what a stupid ass move it was in the first place? or c) some combination of the two?

  41. Are these a$$-whoopings going to be on pay-per-view?

    Shouldn’t take him long to do it twice – I’m thinking 5 minutes total? And that includes the national anthem, and the “Lets Get Ready to Rumble!” guy and a bikini model walking the round card around the rink twice.

    Yeah, I would pay $49.99 to see it – but he’s got to whoop Rosie and Evan and MDS also – not just Mikey

  42. silverandblack666 says:
    Jan 25, 2011 5:41 PM
    We do NOT want him in Oakland !!

    He is classless and 85 must be his IQ!

    Al davis wont take on troubled players anymore Moss was his last one. He stays away from troubled players now days.

    Hey Silver and Blackout,
    Al Davis got his head on straight?Is that what your sellin?
    Give me a %^&*#@ Break!

  43. Lewis is just as much of an idiot as this guy is. They deserve eachother. Lewis hasn’t done squat with the bengals, I can think of 1 time they made the playoffs and Palmer got hurt on the 1st play. Looks like the only smart player on this whole roster is Terrell Owens and Carson Palmer..

  44. BleedingSilverAndBlack says:
    Jan 25, 2011 5:10 PM
    I’d love to see him in a Raiders jersey. He is not the distraction people say he is. He’s still a very talented receiver.


    Thus proving that the Crypt Keeper’s dementia is being osmotically transferred to all of Raider Nation…

  45. Why in the world would ANY team want this cancer? Not only are his skills in serious decline (I challenge anyone to put him in the top 20 wr’s in the NFL), but his antics and overall n0nsense make him almost unsignable…If there is a God, this fool will be bussing tables next September.

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