David Harris, Antonio Cromartie may take precedence over Jets wideouts

Deciding whether to keep LaDainian Tomlinson or not is relatively low on the Jets’ list of offseason priorities.

First, they have to figure out how many of their key unrestricted free agents they are going to keep.  Linebacker David Harris and cornerback Antonio Cromartie figure to take precedence over wide receivers Braylon Edwards and Santonio Holmes.

The biggest reason why: Harris and Cromartie are more difficult to replace.

Bob Glauber of Newsday thinks Harris’ re-signing is a given.  The Jets have already “committed” to re-signing him, which could cost upwards of $9 million-per-season.

The Jets gave up a second-round pick for Cromartie, and they liked how he worked opposite Darrelle Revis.  While Cromartie has some flaws in his game, it’s rare that a cornerback with his experience becomes available at his age.  He could make a killing.

It’s hard to imagine the Jets keeping both Edwards and Holmes at this point.  We’re not sure they are truly complementary players anyway.   Keeping one (Holmes) via the franchise tag might be the best route.

Other key free agents for New York includes cornerback Drew Coleman, defensive end Shaun Ellis, and special teams ace Brad Smith.

If G.M. Mike Tannenbaum and Rex Ryan’s history together is any indication, the Jets will be very aggressive when free agency hits, whether it’s retaining their own players or looking for new big names to sell some tickets.

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  1. Nervous about how many guys we gotta resign. Would love to see LT, BE and SH back for sure. Cro was great this year and kicked a$$ on special teams. He and David Harris are definate re-signs. Since McKnight had that great game against the Bills (yes, I know, it was only the Bills), LT may be a casuality. But the guys listed above, minus McKnight are a core group that helped us get to the AFC Championship and can help us get there, and hopefully beyond, in 2011/2012.

  2. Call me crazy but I think the CBA negotiations may play in to how “aggressive” the Jets are this year.

  3. I like to see wide outs V-Jax and S. Holmes play for San Diego next year with Gates at T.E> put P. Crayton in the slot? Anybody else like that line up? Rivers could have a hayday!

  4. jets may not be able to sign both w/o damaging their roster a la Indy.

    CBA is going to kill them, rightfully so…they were only team to go overboard in signings/extensions…and should be way over projected cap

  5. Jets will find a way to keep Holmes, because if they don’t they know he’ll be wearing a Patriots uniform next year.

  6. @vanderwerf

    yea rivers has a hayday every year no matter who he is playing with but he has as big an ego as any quarterback minus the hardware. The only way the chargers ever amount to anything is changing HC and Rivers turning down his arrogance. Cause throwing a TD pass and then yelling at the other sideline and taunting can only get you so far. When he can win big games, then by all means chirp all you want. He’s average at best at winning. Pad all the stats you want, but who wants a QB with all that talent around him who can’t win big games?
    All and all there is a ton of talent being wasted in San Diego.

  7. The difficulty of re-signing these players is grossly overstated.

    According to the Jets salary-cap page–which has been reasonably close to accurate in the past–they have about $117M committed for next season. Now the 2009 NFL salary cap was $128M, which represented a $12M increase over the 2008 cap of $116M, which, in turn, was a $7M increase over the 2007 cap of $108M.

    Now let’s be safe and assume a $2M annual cap increase for 2010 and 2011. Under that conservative projection, the salary cap would be $132 million. So right off the bat, the Jets have $15M in free cap space ($132M- $117M).

    Now add in a slew of realistic cuts.

    Jason Taylor (2.25M) (will be 37, really did nothing here)
    Bryan Thomas (3.7M) (will be 32, want to upgrade anyway)
    LaDainian Tomlinson (2.42M) (will be 32)
    Damiem Woody (3.24M) (will be 34, played just as well w/o him)
    Kris Jenkins (4.6M) (will be 32, has played 7 games in two years)
    Mark Brunell (1.3M) (will be 41, never played)

    That alone opens up another $17.5M.

    So the Jets could easily be working with about $32.5M in cap room. Then throw in Gholston, whose ouster would open up more than $5M in cap space next year.

    The bottom line: they could being back Harris, Cromartie, Holmes, and Edwards with relatively little problem.

  8. vanderwerf says:Jan 25, 2011 6:16 PM I like to see wide outs V-Jax and S. Holmes play for San Diego next year with Gates at T.E> put P. Crayton in the slot? Anybody else like that line up? Rivers could have a hayday!

    You really think the Chargers would put that pot head opposite of VJ? I smoke weed myself, and I think its a perfectly legitimate activity, but the NFL does not agree with my logic, and thus the Chargers would haze ZERO interest in him. Hell, I don’t think they even really want VJ back either…

    I’m a Chargers fan who loves AJ Smith’s bold and tough negotiating style, and I don’t want VJ back at all. Someone else can have him. He’s good, not great, and he has been arrested for DUI twice in his short tenure including the morning of a playoff game. He’s a loser.

  9. vanderwerf says:

    I like to see wide outs V-Jax and S. Holmes play for San Diego next year with Gates at T.E> put P. Crayton in the slot? Anybody else like that line up? Rivers could have a hayday!

    If you’re asking if anyone in a Jets-related thread would like your fantasy scenario involving current Jet players going to your team, the answer is probably no. Pretty dumb question.

  10. Franchise Edwards? Must be some kind of delerious joke! Let that turd go to some other team that needs a self centered, underachieving diva that doesn’t show up for meaningful games.

  11. Edwards had his off the field BS (DUI), but on the field he did make clutch catches and was important in the blocking game this season. I know the Browns had their problems with him, but he’s been key in the Jets game this season. Edwards just needs to keep it on the straight and narrow.

    It was already mentioned, and I will agree completely, that Cromartie was huge on ST and is a good compliment to Revis.

    Sean Ellis, Brad Smith…keep ’em both! Would be hard to replace either of them.

  12. Absolutely franchise Edwards! I’m sure he will really play hard in that scenario. Also, please give Ellis everything he wants and deserves, and make Joe McKnight the feature back. Go Jets!

  13. brownsclown says: Jan 25, 2011 7:27 PM

    Franchise Edwards? Must be some kind of delerious joke! Let that turd go to some other team that needs a self centered, underachieving diva that doesn’t show up for meaningful games.

    The Edwards you know and the one that’s in NY are two drastically different guys. Holmes and JCo both dropped more passed then he did this season. Guy seems to have changed. He blocks, not one outburst, teammates and coaches have nothing but good things to say about him. He goes deep and over the middle with success.

    I understand why a Browns fan would hate the guy, but his game is respectable.

  14. I think they find ways to keep Harris, Cromartie and Holmes with creative bonuses in their contracts. Edwards will probably go, though.

  15. i think they’ll find a way to keep one of those WRs…too big of a hit to let both go.

    my priorities are:


    Cromartie is 4th, and Edwards is unfortunately a casualty

  16. And here’s another problem I have with the way Rex managed that Conference Championship: Antonio Cromartie was an absolute MONSTER on kickoff returns against the Colts and Patriots, but Rex decides to go with Brad Smith because he’s mildly healthy. Sigh.

  17. As a Pats fan, I knew this was coming. The Jets put a lot of eggs in the 2010 basket…trading draft picks and relying on talent in the final year of their deals. Now, after handing out huge deals to Revis, Ferguson, Sanchez, Gholston, Pace, and Jenkins, they will be in some trouble when the salary cap returns.

    Without a ton of money to spend or draft picks to replenish that talent, they are in danger of taking some huge hits to their roster.’

    Meanwhile, the Patriots have their 2 best players – Brady and Wilfork – signed for 4 more years. They have a ton of young talent that went 14-2 this year for low cost on rookie deals. AND, they have 6 of the first 96 picks in the draft.

    Yes Jet fans…you guys beat us this year in impressive fashion. But when it comes to the future and sustainable success…I like the Patriots chances more than yours. Just sayin…

  18. As a Browns fan, I would love to get Edwards back. Browns fans forget how many big plays he made here. He also drew coverage that allowed other receivers to get open and make plays. Trading him for next to nothing was a huge mistake. Sure, he could be an a** at times. But if you get rid of every player who’s an a**hole, who would be left?

  19. I can’t see the NFL owners going over the 2008 Cap of $116M. Maybe a round number of $120 M. then they will lock it in at those levels for 5 years.
    the trouble came in with tying the cap with the payroll percent.
    With a Rookie Cap, the Vets should be happy for a year or two, especially those under contract. Then there is no need for a Lock-Out.
    the Owners will not acknowledge the Union after march 4 when the CBA is void. they will set the rules and dare the union to strike.

  20. We need to resign mangold and we already franchise tagged Edwards last year so I’m not sure we can franchise him again. I would like to go for Larry Fitzgerald,But he will cost too much. We just need to get a pass rush somehow. We need some young energetic qb hungry pass rushers

  21. igottz5onit says:
    Jan 25, 2011 6:24 PM
    Cromartie? What are they paying by the word?

    Cheaper than paying him by the kid. 🙂

  22. Rex Ryan said he wants to get off on the right foot with Harris

    Of course, when Rex Ryan says he wants to get off on the right foot, it could me something a lot different than we think

  23. Looking at the season as a whole LT was only adequate. If he descends any further which he probably will then I don’t see the point of keeping him. I think we can move on from him and get somebody younger and cheaper.

  24. Edwards has earned a new contract. Granted he made a few spectacular catches this year and helped them win some games, Santonio dropped too many passes that could’ve won them games(Green Bay, Miami). Those passes are gimmes and theres no excuse for that(aside from those 3rd and 5 dropped disasters). Besides Cotchery is an excellent, and extremely underrated replacement.
    Brad Smith is a kick returner/seminole package guy. Seminole package = 2and 8, kick returner = Cromartie

  25. Harris is overrated. He’s way too slow for this defense. Should never have gotten rid of Vilma (Thanks Mangenius). He would have fit in perfectly. They need a LB that can cover out of the backfield. I would let him go and re-sign Holmes & Edwards. They built a great chemistry with Sanchez. The threat of those two receivers together for another year will open up the running game even more. Harris, although I like him, is replaceable.

  26. And this is where we see how the Jets do moving forward. As a Pats fan, it’ll be interesting to see who the Jets keep and who will move on. Will Ryan and the GM have the balls to part ways with a Shaun Ellis or a Bart Scott when they have to? Or in future years, will they have the balls to let Revis or Cromartie or Harris or Mangold go? I’m not saying they even have to make those decisions on these players, but at some point, they’ll have to let someone go who can still play but whose value might be too much. Of course none of this matters until the new CBA is reached, but will the Jets have a 5-10 year run like the Pats, Steelers, and Colts, or will it be a 2-3 year flash? We’ll see.

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