NFL awards show could be coming

The curious, unusual delay in the announcement of the annual Associated Press pro football awards apparently was the result of an effort by the AP to turn the exercise into a revenue stream.  (We’ve got no problem with that; we’re a little surprised that it took them so long to realize that money could be made in this regard.)  For now, the unofficial NFL postseason awards have become far closer to official, thanks to the new affiliation with NFL Network.

We’re told that the arrangement resulting in the announcement of the awards on NFL Network was part of a multi-year deal between the AP and the league.  It’s unclear whether NFLN is paying the AP for the privilege of pulling the sheet off the prizes, whether the AP is paying the NFL for the increased exposure and anticipation, or whether no one is paying anyone at this point, while the two sides figure out whether this joint venture can be monetized via sponsorships and naming rights.

Though the first year of the arrangement won’t result in a NASCAR-style awards ceremony, we’re told it could be coming at some point down the road.  We’ve got a feeling that it will be coming — and that the NFL eventually will embrace the AP awards as official, league-bestowed honors, which will be handed out in a red-carpets-and-tuxes-and-hairdos extravaganza held either in L.A. or New York.

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  1. Great, another awards show I will not watch. I’ll check the paper the next day like the rest of america.

  2. I think the NFL needs to stop trying to appeal to folks who know nothing of sports in general and pro football in particular. An awards show like this will bring with it the obnoxious dregs of hollywood with no clue as to why they are there.

  3. Make it similar to the ESPYs and do this instead of the pro bowl sometime during SB week. Eliminate fan voting and make the pro-bowl selection meaningful again by selecting based on impact (this year, not previous years) instead of popularity. If the pro-bowl game is a necessity, play it the Sunday before the draft and use that game as the overseas game rather than stealing a “home” game from some team/fanbase.

  4. Please, no.

    I pass on every awards show because is sickening to see a bunch of “stars” get showered by other “stars” with fake affection and forced attention.

    Isnt the NFL “me me me me me” enough already?

  5. Great idea, and have Ricky Gervais host it too, imagine what he’s say about Rex Ryan or Big Ben.

  6. zzzzzzzzzzzz,zzzzzzzzzzzzz,zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz……wake me when it over, or better yet i can tivo it so i can watch the commercials.

  7. So this explains why it’s taking them so damn long to announce the DPOY, MVP and Coach of the year?
    C’mon and tell us already!

  8. Why has NFL lost 10% of it’s popularity? Of course ratings — especially NBC’s — suggest otherwise…but all of this crap trying to capitalize or improve something that isn’t broken. It’s true…my interest in the NFL has dropped this year thanks to Goodell, rule changes, dangerous hits, and PFT going commercial.

    NFL got great by doing nothing…not the FOX robot, rock tune soundtracks, 24/7 radio shows, draft on Friday night.

    NFL Films, Inside the NFL, Chris Berman recaps…leave well enough alone.

    Sorry, but it’s true. Thank god there’s a long way before hitting the bottom and we can still find stuff we like.

  9. Well, the only way I can really express my feelings on this pathetically ridiculous stupid idea to use what’s now an extremely ancient but missed (by me at least) phrase — Gag Me With A Spoon !!!!

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