Packers lost close games like no other team, ever

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It’s obvious from the fact that the Packers have won three straight road playoff games that the Packers are no ordinary 10-6 team.

But you might not realize just how extraordinary a 10-6 team the Packers are.

As I wrote in today’s Wall Street Journal, the 2010 Packers are the first team in NFL history to lose six games in a season and have all six losses by four points or fewer. In fact, they’re the first team in NFL history to have even five losses with all coming by four or fewer. The only team that ever had even four losses all by four or fewer was the Super Bowl-winning 1987 Redskins.

With two losses on field goals in overtime, two losses on field goals in the last 10 seconds of the fourth quarter, and two losses by four points on the road with Aaron Rodgers hurt, the Packers never played a really bad game all season, even in the six games they didn’t win.

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  1. In all 16 games and the 3 playoff games, the Packers never trailed by more than 7 points.
    Pretty amazing stat.

  2. Same team as last year, Steelers fans.

    No worries, you’ll win easy.

    Get your ring sizes ready.

    The Packers, oh well, we’ll just try to make it competitive.

    I’ve heard about your defense, and based on the experts’ views, we won’t be able to score on you guys.

    A dome, our QB, our WRs, we don’t stand a chance.

    (hee hee hee)

  3. I hear alot of “Rodgers has a poor record in close games,” but thats what he does he always keeps GB in the game.

    The defense has to do thier part as well, if Vick threw a TD @ the end of the game in Philly does everyone still blame Rodgers for being 0-2 in the post season.

    The Packers have never trailed by more than 7 points the entire season. That is truely amazing and I am sure that is quite rare for that to happen. I can’t say for sure, because I wasn’t around for the Phins perfect season.

  4. the pack is a really strong team. great depth. they are a true competitor for the lombardi. steelers have to turn in a very solid game to beat them.

  5. As a Packer fan living in Green Bay- I can say this was one heck of a season.
    Just like they said it was a team that was competitive all year and i guess…. nobody else can say that 🙂

  6. McCarthy & Rodgers/Flynn in games decided by 7 points or less since 2008:

    8-16 Regular Season
    2-1 Playoffs

  7. Actually the Packers did have some bad games. Just because they were close or even won doesn’t mean they played well. The Bears week 3 loss, the Dolphins loss and the Redskins loss all had way too many mental mistakes and inconsistency on offense. The defense has kept them in their games.

    An even more impressive stat is that the Packers have never trailed in a game by more than 7 points.

  8. As a Viking fan I hand it to the Packers that had an injury ridden season and pulled through it. Props to their coaches and team.

    I’m not taking anything away from their season because it was a great season and this is a tremendous stat. But, it is somewhat skewed. There are other teams out there that went an entire season without losing by more than 4 points. The difference is they didn’t have as many losses. I can remember (because it is well inbeded in my memory) the 98 Vikings who lost only one game by 3 points (15-1) just to name one.

    That being said this superbowl should be a great game. Two solid defenses and solid offenses going head to head. 2 of the most balanced teams in the NFL. I want the Steelers to win because I have a lot of family and friends that are Steeler fans and the fact it will be another time the Packer fans can rub it in our face :). However if the Packers do win I won’t be upset about it because I know they deserve it. In my opinion they have the best QB in the league and the best LB (Matthews) in the league. I can hate them all I want but I give props where it’s due.


  9. All this and with 16 people on IR. I certainly hope the team or the coaching staff does not get dismantled during the offseason. I also hope there is a season next season.

  10. Unless I’m missing something, losing by 1 or by 21 is still a loss. I don’t think they keep stats on moral victories.

    Is a team better prepared for the Super Bowl by losing close games at the end, even though they never trailed by more than 7 points, or is a team that was able to overcome large deficits to win games better prepared?

  11. The message in this story is that the Packers will lose the Super Bowl by 4 points or fewer. Amazing.

  12. Watch out Stillers, you wont have the comfort of your home stadium and the refs on your side this time!…. You’ll have to EARN this one, unlike Superbowl XL…

    GO PACK!!

  13. Rodgers worst season as a starter (2008), they finished 6-10. Out of the 10 losses that year, 7 were by 4 or fewer points. He has always kept them in the game.

  14. I dunno, the Packers were pretty pathetic in the loss to Detroit. I would qualify that as a bad game played by them this season.

  15. Steelers-Packers…2 proud franchises with a lot of history. This will be fun and should be a good game!

    Tons of props to both teams…Big Ben missing 4 games and coming back strong…ARodg overcoming some concussions and playing well…can’t wait for Feb 6th!

  16. Hmm. They lost to the Lions while scoring 3 points. That was an incredibly played game by the Packers. Also losing to the Skins by choking at the end – man they really played well in that game too.

    Almost losing the NFC Championship to an in-over-their-heads team with a third string scrub qb and getting bailed out by a rare pick six by a nose tackle – yet another impeccable performance.

    Why are they even playing the Super Bowl? Might as well just crown the Packers right now.

    HAHAHAHAHA. No chance Pack wins the Super Bowl.

    No. Chance.

  17. nfl4ever says:
    Jan 25, 2011 3:30 PM

    McCarthy & Rodgers/Flynn in games decided by 7 points or less since 2008:

    8-16 Regular Season
    2-1 Playoffs


    McCarthy & Rodgers in games decided by 7 points or less since the Detroit loss:

    1-0 Regular Season
    2-0 Playoffs

    Looks like they’ve figured out how to win the close ones just at the right time.

  18. Having said ‘that being said’ without anyone knowing what I sad, I think I have to say that having said all that what I should have said was nothing at all.

  19. I guess that’s one way to look at it. Another way to look at it is, they can’t win close games and majorly underachieved and shouldn’t have been 10-6.

  20. Hey! It’s a Manbearpig sighting! And, like always, he’s ready to give his stellar opinions on the Packers and how they’ll lose to everyone in a blowout.

    Seriously, some peoples obsession with hating on the Packers rivals the obsession with hating on Brett Favre. Give it up, Manbearpig, pervy already has that market cornered.

  21. Kenny, I never said it will be a blowout. It will, however, be another “close loss” that Packers fans are apparently ever so proud of.

    You can say after this season that all SEVEN of their losses were by four points or less, after Rodgers drop kicks the ball to Polamalu for a game-winning interception.

  22. I seem to remember a 7-3 loss to the 6-10 Lions. And say how it was with their back up QB all you want, but Rodgers played the 1st half and put up 0 points. Not to mention the Lions had their THIRD string QB play the entire game. Maybe it’s just me, but I’d call that a bad game.

  23. No QB dodges Rape accusations like Big Ben does.

    Good thing he has state cops there to destroy all evidence and work with their fellow union employed.

  24. The Bears fans should not be complaining about having to play there 3rd string quarterback in the NFC championship. The Bears record got fat on 3rd string quarterbacks in games against Detriot Minnesota and Miami.

  25. The simple fact is that even when the Packers had games were there offense has stunk( Detriot and Washington) there defense has been able to keep them in every game. Fans for other teams cant boast any kind of records in close games because there usually not in them as much as the Packers. It seems to me that the packers generally play at there competitions level. But when they play other elite teams the usually play great(Jets Patriots Falcons Eagles) This is bad news for the Steelers. I know they havent forgotten about last year. Tomlin even said after the game that he tried onside kicks because he didnt think his defense could stop the packers offense. That is a fact. I dont confess to know who will win the Super Bowl but im 100 percent sure it will be a close finish

  26. So if the score’s close, they automatically played a good game? Really?

    The Steelers have won 11 games this year by 4 points or more. That’s about as useless of a stat as what you’re pulling out, and at least I’m not making “extraordinary” claims based on how a team loses.

    I thought it was difficult to write for the Wall Street Journal.

  27. the packers are he bigegst underachievers in the league. and they will likely still win in a week or so.

    actually favre called it. he said aaron would be fine.

    he knows.

  28. It’s sad how pathetic some of you bears and Viking fans are. You go to sleep at night, dreading the thought of another super bowl win by your rival. How do you figure the steelers are going to blow out the packers? Brady picked apart that defense with less offensive weapons. Rodgers is one of the best quarterbacks that can read a blitzing defense. If Pittsburgh is smart, they’ll play Tampa 2 defense the entire game. That is rodgers Achilles Heal.

  29. The Steelers won over the Pack last year by 1 point (37-36) in what was a very entertaining “shoot out.” Didn’t like losing the game of course, but if you’re gonna lose in a well-contested fight, it’s an honor to lose to a class organization like the Steelers.

    I’m not going to get all purple pervy (blowhard) and assert which team will win prior to the game. While I can’t speak for the areas of improvement the Steelers have made on their end since last year (would earnestly love to hear an intelligent Steelers fan give us the details on that one), on the Packers end I can say that they have an immensely improved Secondary compared to last year. So if this game turns into a shootout, which I’d love to see for entertainment’s sake, I think the Packers are much more able this year to stand with the Steelers blow for blow, provided the Packers OLine holds up against the Steelers fierce front 7 (i.e., doesn’t get rag-dolled which teams like the Suh-led Lions Defense did to them this year.)

    Like I said, not gonna say that the Packers will win, but I do think they’ll at least show up and be formidable opponent to the Steelers. It should be a competitive Super Bowl. The bonus is that I get to view Fergie’s luscious long legs during the halftime show. 😉

  30. i’m not a green bay fan but you have to give the award for top executive to ted thompson and the award for best coach to mike mccarthy.

    for them to be at this point with all of the players they had on IR is just incredible.

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