Shanle shares his views on Super Bowl I.R. photo issue

Earlier today, we posted a couple of items regarding the consternation of Packers players on injured reserve who will be omitted from the official team photo.

The Packers responded, explaining that the volume of players on I.R. drove the decision to leave the players in Green Bay until Thursday, two days after the photo is taken.

Tonight, Saints linebacker Scott Shanle chimed in via Twitter.  “[W]e had a lot of guys on I.R. too,” Shanle said, referring to the 2009 Saints.  “[W]e included everyone because everyone had a part in getting there.  [T]he way it should be.”

We agree with Shanle.  Though the Packers’ goal is and should be winning the Super Bowl, we don’t see the connection between leaving them behind and bringing the Vince Lombardi Trophy home.

The players on injured reserve landed there through no fault of their own.  They’re still part of the team, and they should be included in all of the Super Bowl-related activities.

27 responses to “Shanle shares his views on Super Bowl I.R. photo issue

  1. Finley’s ego won’t fit in the picture anyways.

    Geez these guys sure made a mountain out of a molehill.

    I’m sure if Jmic and Nick had gone to some of the team leaders and pled their case this all could have been taken care of behind closed doors.

  2. What is with all these athletes tweeting stuff that if they were asked in a locker room would give a “no comment,” or something saying that the media doesn’t understand. Isn’t there some code among athletes to mind your own teams business, and not to get into other people’s issues (a la contract issues etc), the guys like MJD and Samuel can no longer bust out the “no comment card,” and if they do, we can just wait 2 hrs after the game for them to blab to their 8,000 followers (who are mostly media people) and then get pissed at the media for their idiotic hypocrisy.

  3. I’d like to get everyone’s opinion on this story….Kinda like the never ending Jay Cutler chimers.

  4. Its just a picture They all will still be on the sideline with the team. If this is really a problem then the rest of the players on the team need to speak up and demand that the IR players be included.

  5. Forget t\weeting–be a man & bring it up to the front office, coaches, etc. If Imhave an issue with something I certainly am not going to address it thru a “tweet”. That would almost make it to “thweet”.

  6. Keep trying to find something to harp about…

    Scott Shanle is the best player you can find to corroborate your belief that all injured players, their current teammate replacements, the waterboys, plastic play sheet makers, and even the guy that follows the Head Coach and holds his cord should be in the team champions photo. Get real.

    Shanle is an expert on the subject of being an overlooked player, miraculously holding starting roster spots with the Rams, Cowboys and Saints (along for the ride for last season’s title).

    Mr. T says he’s a “Papuh Champyunn”!

  7. Just because a guy is hurt doesn’t’ mean he is no longer part of the team. It’s suppose to be a team photo.

  8. As a life-long Packer fan and owner (even at just 1 share!), put the IRs in the picture! They ran, caught, and tackled for us this year; they are part of the Packer success and family.

  9. I agree the IR players should be included in all festivities. There is no valid reason for leaving them behind until Thursday. Most of these guys may never get to be a part of another SB in their careers and it’s weak that they don’t get to be a part of the experience like everyone else on the squad. It will make for hollow memories for them.

  10. this is rediculous im a vikings fan and even though i hate the packers, but if your team is good enough to make it to the super bowl it is a team effort, and EVERYBODY should be included injured or not thats an experience they’ll take as a team for the rest of their lives, and not including everybody shows that they don’t care about everybody under contract which is a load of BS.

  11. Just shows what a bunch of losers are on the Packers. Those guys own team mates won’t stand up and demand they be included. Class act for sure.

  12. So if they win the superbowl should the IR players even get a ring since a team photo involves the team? Ha ha this is like high school football… and its a slap in the face to players not pictured… I know one thing is for sure… if one of those players kidnap the packers mascot Ace Ventura is gonna have a hard time finding them because they werent in this photo.

  13. I guess if they win, the IR players will get the rings with the fake diamonds like the front office staffer get. Raw deal. Like saying you guys are lesser contributors. Like there is some money issue at the root of it all. Wonder if they will try to gyp the IR players out of their equal share of the SB loot?

  14. Mayisamust: you own nothing but a worthless piece of paper! You may as well wipe your hind end with it. No one cares that you are a big enough goof to spend your money on something that idiotic. Your ” owners opinion” means nil. All you get to vote on is what kind of hot dogs and cheese get served at the games. What a doofus.

  15. Remember when Phil Simms watched the Super Bowl from the sidelines on crutches and whats his name led the team to victory.

    Simms always says that it didn’t feel as if that was his ring.

    Simms was correct and I’m sorry those guys were injured but they won’t be playing in the Super Bowl. They aren’t going to miss out on a photo that contains memories of them watching other guys doing what they have always dreamed of doing.

    Its like finally getting a date with the girl of your dreams but before you can take her back to your place she hooks up with the bartender. Who wants a picture of that night?

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