Aaron Rodgers insists he didn’t suffer another concussion

In his Wednesday-of-the-week-before-the-Super-Bowl media availability, Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers faced right out of the gates the question of whether he absorbed a concussion when he took a helmet-to-helmet hit in the fourth quarter of the NFC title game.

“I didn’t have a concussion,” Rodgers said in comments distributed by the team.  “I want to dispel that rumor.  No concussion.  I was fine.  Yeah.  Helmets are designed to prevent concussions, I think.”

He had us convinced until the last sentence, which sounded like something from Homer Simpson.

As we explained it on Tuesday, the stakes are too high for Rodgers to say anything other than “I did not suffer a concussion,” even if he did.  And we’d do the same thing.  Guys who talk about having concussions jeopardize their ability to play in games, and the last thing Rodgers will do at this point is jeopardize his ability to play.

Rodgers also chimed in on the story of the week.  (And if you need us to identify the story of the week, maybe you’ve had a concussion.)

“I was real disappointed, to be honest with you,” Rodgers said regarding Jay Cutler and the criticism of his injury.  “I’ve known Jay for a few years now and know what kind of competitor he is.  I thought it was disrespectful, some of the stuff said about him.

“I admire his teammates.  I saw Chris Harris’ interview on ESPN.  I thought the questioning was ridiculous of him.  But I appreciated the way he supported Jay, and Lovie has, and [Brian Urlacher’s] comments I thought were right on.  To attack a guy’s toughness, when you’re not playing in the game especially, I thought was very inappropriate.”

There can be no attack on Rodgers’ toughness.  The guy took a crash-test-dummy hit from Julius Peppers, and Rodgers got right up and seemed fine.

Even if he was acting fine in order to avoid possibly being told by doctors that he wasn’t fine, Rodgers kept going after a hit that would have put plenty of guys down for the count.

45 responses to “Aaron Rodgers insists he didn’t suffer another concussion

  1. Why is there any reason to believe that he suffered a concussion? Sure, he got hit in the head, but that does not mean he automatically suffered a concussion. Stop looking for a story where there is none.

  2. No question, Rodgers was a different player after that hit! Yes bounce right up, but it affected him. He’s tough, no doubt. Fearful of a similar hit from Harrison. Did Peppers get fined? Should he? Just saying he would have if that hit happened 5-6 weeks ago.

  3. Back in the day, as in any time before 2010, was that not just a hard hit? Yes, it’s a great thing that concussions are taken more seriously now, but just because a guy takes a hit doesn’t mean he’s automatically concussed and out for the count. The man got right up and played on. He brought his team to the Super Bowl and was just fine in the postgame interviews. Our society needs to stop being such a touchy-feely one and realize that this is a MAN’S game and MEN take hits.

  4. “Rodgers kept going after a hit that would have put plenty of guys down for the count.”


    Good for you Rodgers! That’s good practice for you to get you ready for your date with James Harrison and Lamar Woodley.

    To paraphrase Robert Duvall: “I love the smell of [blood and dirt] in the [evening]. You know, one time we had a [quarterback blitzed], for 12 hours. When it was all over, I walked up. We didn’t find one of ’em, not one stinkin’ [Packer] body. The smell, you know that [blood and dirt] smell, the whole hill. Smelled like … victory. Someday this war’s gonna end…

  5. He sure seemed off after the hit. He was in the groove and then, BOOM, he wasn’t.

    But, no excuses in football. *shrug*

  6. Actually, Rodgers did not “get right up” after Peppers’ fierce hit. He was on his knees spitting blood.

    And this is yet another example that there is nothing new in football news since Rodgers said Tuesday he did not suffer a concussion.

  7. The hit was intentional.

    It was an attempt to level the playing field by forcing Rodgers out of the game and replacing him with the second string quarterback. It was probably the only chance the Bears had to win the game.

    Rodgers apparently survived and now is fine.

    The only question left to be answered … how big is Julius Pepper’s fine going to be???

  8. Every one know it’s a fix If Karon had no problem why was he stubling on the feild in the 4 th quarder what a fixs

  9. why should there be any fine before Brady and Manning they would let the play. any one remember the gAME.

  10. Give this subject a rest already. It is being perpetuated by persons that WISH he had a concussion…in other words, Packer -Haters. Move on.

  11. because if he did suffer another concussion he might not be playing in the BIG GAME according to the NEW NFL.

  12. It’s a good thing he didn’t have a concussion otherwise he may not be in the team picture.

  13. Urlacher gained my respect during this whole Cutlergate incident….and this coming from a Packer fan.

    Packers need a LT in the draft this year. You can’t have too many. I’m not sure if Bulaga is gonna cut it on the left side. Gotta make sure you get a good player there because the next time Peppers hits him like that he may not get up. That was a SHOT!

    Steelers Packers should be great. No one is going to question the toughness of these two quarterbacks.

  14. Let’s create a controversy when there isn’t one. The freaking media has nothing else to do. If there isn’t a story then let’s make one up. What a bunch of douche bags.

  15. “Helmets are designed to prevent concussions, I think.”

    Actually, they’re not. Helmet tech has evolved very little since the 60’s, when the biggest problem wasn’t concussions (or “getting yer bell rung” as I’m sure they called ’em back then), but fractured skulls and internal cranial bleeding. They do very well against those problems, but very little against concussions.

    Some of the very newest models– including the type Rodgers wears– have some innovations that are supposed to somewhat mitigate against cuncussions, but there’s really very little a football helmet can do to protect against them. A concussion is pretty much the brain getting jostled around inside the skull a bit, and depending on the angle of hit the force doesn’t have to be too great to induce one.

    As long as there is football, there will be concussions.

  16. actually if you watch the video from Sunday’s game you can see right after the hit. The next play he really looked crossed eyed! Rodgers was wenching look on his face. Wouldn’t you if the “Terminator” himself just decked your ass!!

  17. “”No question, Rodgers was a different player after that hit! Yes bounce right up, but it affected him. He’s tough, no doubt. “”


    Did you watch the game?

    He threw 5 passes after the hit..The hit was around the 11 min mark in the FOURTH

    2 were completed, one was a lazer dart slant..

    2 were dropped by Quarless..One was on 3rd down that would have been a 1st down

    one was just a terrible throw he rushed on 3rd down

    So he should have went 4 of 5

    He wasnt himself after he dove for the TD..It banged up his shoulder, after that is when he was affected

    Another note…Someone that has suffered a concussion..

    Could they sit there with all the lights and look fine? Could they recall EVERY play that was asked of him?

    I think not

    All you haters and ones looking for a story, move along..

  18. The only thing wrong with what Rodgers said was that he had to say anything. Not one medical professional has suggested he suffered a concussion. The story was invented by reporter Shawn Doherty who diagnosed him “woozy” … just as Mortensen invented Dick LeBeau’s “better than 50 percent chance” of moving to Arizona, which LeBeau then denied.

    It seems we’re in for two weeks of manufactured news events and player/coach denials. Woo-hoo.

  19. He took a shot, bit his tongue, then got up. Peppers will get a 100k fine.

    That said on to the game, Steeler fans won’t like my projection, but here it is. On turf, indoors, Packer’s 41, Steelers 21. Rogers and the receivers will go off on the turf, Matthews , Raji, and Jenkins will sack Ben 6 times, or more. Starks over 50 yards. Peprah INT. Harrison will get a 100k fine and Suspension next year for a nasty uncalled for hit on Flynn in garbage time.

    Just my Projection. LOL

  20. The NFL media has been spoiled by almost two decades of watching Brett Favre take hit after hit and get up for the next play. Time to move on my dear media. He was a once in a generation freak of a player. He was also a once in a generation a**hole.

  21. His coach provided a direct acknowledgment that his shoulder was dinged on the td run. After that his accuracy did decline, best example was his near halftime easy out pass that should have been a no sweat 8 yard pick up but instead hit the receiver in the ankle and ricochet for a Bears interception. He was awful throughout the second half, yet all anyone wants to analyze is his post Peppers hit performance. He obviously wasn’t right before the Peppers hit, chase a story that is there, not the one that isn’t, for crying out loud!

  22. the whole steeler team will have a concussion after the beat down they get in the super bowl!!
    quinn johnson is going to pancake harrison!!

  23. cityofchampyinz –

    Harrison has to get to him first, and Rodgers had a huge day at Pitt last year.

  24. If you are going to say this in one article;

    “We realize that the process developing a firm opinion based on limited information and then searching for any shred of proof to support that quickly-adopted belief while dismissing or ignoring anything that undermines it has risen to the level of inalienable right for many Americans.” (i.e. article on Jay Cutler controversy)

    Then it makes it hard for you to sound like a valid authority to the story you made up in the next article after it. Which just happens to be the subject of the article in this thread. Total speculative crap.

    Examples like this is the reason this site remains crap and not real news. The sooner people realize that the news here is the same they can find on Twitter the better it is for every football fan.

  25. Why try to make a story when there isn’t one???? Why isn’t there a story about the humping of big ben by mendenhall???? OK…..Rodgers has had some concussion issues earlier in the year……but what kind of issues is there when your own teammate does THAT to his own quarterback????? just sayin…..

  26. Under these new rules Goodell has created no QB will get beyond 50 games. All to protect his punk son, Favre.

    Goodell must go. I liked him originally, but Roger Goodell. Must. Go.

  27. Even if he DID have a concussion, he’ll be fine for the SB. If it was bad enough to keep him out for the SB he sure as heck wouldn’t have finished the game.

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