Barnett still hopes Packers reconsider photo stance

The Packers surely wish this whole team photo mini-controversy would just go away, but linebacker Nick Barnett isn’t making it easy.  We don’t blame him.

In heartfelt comments to Yahoo’s Michael Silver, Barnett explains why being in the photo means so much to him.  He still hopes the team reconsiders their stance.

“In our team meeting room, there are pictures of past championship teams that line the wall, and we stare at them every day,” Barnett said.  “There’s a spot there that’s empty — that was for us, this year.  We’d go in there and visualize being on that wall, and think about the effort it would take to get there.

“You’d see guys like Ray Nitschke up there, and that’s motivation.  So, now that we’ve gotten to the Super Bowl, to not be on that wall . . . well, it’s disheartening.”

Silver raises an interesting theory that the team may not want to bring all the injured players to Dallas until Thursday because they don’t want them staying out past curfew.  (And keeping healthy players out past curfew.)  Whatever the reason, the whole issue shows how weird life can be for a player on injured reserve.

“You do feel disconnected,” Barnett said. “I feel like, sometimes, being on I.R., you get forgotten about.”

In the end, Barnett says he’ll accept any decision if the team thinks it’s going to help them win.

“I’d rather have a ring than a picture any day – no question,” Barnett said.

47 responses to “Barnett still hopes Packers reconsider photo stance

  1. I got a good feeling Nick Barnett will be in a different teams pic next season, too many good linebackers on the Packers. Its time to say goodbye to nick barnett as a Packer!! Trade will prolly happen i believe he is still under contract next season!!!

  2. As a Packer fan, I wish this whole thing would go away. It’s being blown way out of proportion. I also wish that Barnett and Finley would just shut their yaps until after the season.

    That all said…I am on board with the team’s decision here. I think the Superbowl team photo should be for players who will actually be participating in the game. Rings are for those players, plus everyone that helped get the team there (which would include all the IR players).

    I also think the Packer PR department is about as bad as their kickoff coverage.

  3. 1) Barnett should be happy if he gets a ring. It’s a photo- grow up.
    2) It’s probably more of a concern that he won’t get the opportunity next year when the Packers repeat as he’ll be on another squad.

  4. It’s a lame stance by the Packers. IR players get a ring if they win the SB, so they should be allowed in the photo as well. For alot of these guys, they may never sniff SB again so why not??

  5. Man, I know there’s a week and half yet to the big game but these stories are getting old.

    Cutler’s knee, and the Packers pictures are two of the worst stories of the year so far and both in the same week.

    Anything going on with the football part of the NFL?

  6. I, as a Packer fan have always hated this guy. Have since the moment he was forced upon us by Sherman. I’ve never felt he was effective, and he’s a loudmouth braggart. I wished Hodge hadn’t had so much trouble with injuries, and was quite happy when they picked Bishop as well. I’ve been waiting for them to get him out of town, and I think the timing is perfect.

    I see a picture of Barnett, and I think of a wasted roster spot and unfulfilled but limited potential. Any team in need of a defensive leader (with visions of going anywhere) should steer clear. He’s a team player until he disagrees with playcalling or management, then he complains to the media. He stinks of Mike Sherman’s “Inmates run the Asylum” form of management. To me, he played above margin at best in the 43, and was clearly outmatched when we switched to the 34.

    Shut up and go away. Get a ring in the mail and good luck in your future.

  7. It’s just stupid…what are the players supposed to tell their kids etc years down the road when they look up at the trophy case every pro player has and there’s a big team pic there?

    When asked by their kid what the pic is, their response would be “Oh that’s the year we went to the Super Bowl”…with the inevitable reply from the kid: “Where are you?”

    Hey jusford you’re right it IS just a pic so it shouldn’t be any big deal to postpone the taking of it until the entire team can be in it. The person who made this asinine decision is who needs to grow up.

  8. Okay, what am I missing here? Barnett played in 4 games and now he wants a picture and a ring?

    Why? So he can PRETEND he had something to do with the team going to the Super Bowl?

    You played in 4 games dude, give it up.

  9. PR blunder by a usually classy organization. These players all shed blood, sweat and tears for the team, yet they’re not allowed in the photo because of injury? Ridiculous. I’m sure they would have reconsidered if Jennings, Driver, Rodgers, Woodson or any of the other “Marquee” players were hurt say in week 15. Hypocrisy.

  10. So this is how the Packers treat their players!? Having played NCAA Football I can understand where Barnett is coming from. Imagine you are left out of a family Xmas card photo because you had a cold. Way to embrace your players Green Bay.

  11. Why is every talking like a picture and a ring are mutually exclusive? Just let the guys in the picture. Is it really that big of a deal? They deserve to be in the photo. They are on the team, and the team won the NFC Championship and could potentially win a Super Bowl, and everyone on the team deserves to be a part of that. injured or not.

  12. what a low class organization. maybe the ladies who play linebacker for the packers can get a few lingerie shots in while the photographers are there.

  13. I have to side with the guy. Years from now, he can always point to the picture (if he’s in it) and say, that was us but I was on IR at the time. Or if his grandkids google the shot or something after hearing grandpa tell all the stories – lo and behold, ol’ pappy is NOT in the picture. He must’ve been lying.

    Yeah, I see his point. Like I said years ago, Favre may be (and may have been) a drama queen, but the Packers are a classless organization. Their handling of Favre and this situation are both clear examples.

  14. We don’t need this, however minor it may seem at this point, heading into next week. Once the team gets to Dallas and goes under the magnifying glass of every sportswriter, radio talkshow host, talking head, etc., this could become a bigger story that may distract the team unnecessarily.

    Even though I am fine with the Packers’ reasoning on this, they should just fix it and invite everyone into the picture. They don’t need this to turn into a distraction from “One mind. One heartbeat. One purpose. One goal. One more game.”

  15. I wonder if they’ll hang a picture on that wall capturing the moment when Rodgers drop kicks the ball – and their title hopes – to Polamalu for a game-winning interception for a touchdown. I doubt if Barnett will mind not being in that one.

  16. Its a terrible move by the Packers and uncharacteristically they have let it drag on for several days. Bad PR. Very bad.

    This whole BS about the players needing to stay and get rehab is a joke. The folks who do the therapy (the trainers) will be in Dallas anyway. There are certainly facilities in Dallas that can be used.

    Let all the players go together and enjoy the experience.

  17. There is an easy solution for all this, take a team photo before you leave for Dallas. Then, as part of the media day program on Tuesday of Superbowl week, take a photo of the 53 players that are there.

    Then get rid of Nick Barnett before the next season starts. He is more about himself and his stupid celebration whenever he makes a tackle (no matter the score, I’ve seen Nick do his dance when the Packers were down by 2 TD’s in the 4th Qtr).

    I say let the Vikings have him, they seem to love ex Packers who no longer still have it and playing on a last place team seems to be rather fitting for a loser like Barnett.

  18. Packers have proposed a separate photo for the IR guys. In the back alley, gathered around a small fire behind a dumpster.

  19. “So this is how the Packers treat their players!? Having played NCAA Football I can understand where Barnett is coming from. Imagine you are left out of a family Xmas card photo because you had a cold. Way to embrace your players Green Bay.”

    Tell me, how is being left out of a family Christmas photo the same as being left out of the team photo for the biggest championship game in all of professional sports?

    and may I ask where the Vikings’ recent Super Bowl team photo is? Oh wait…

  20. oranjellojones,

    so same scenario only this time Dad is in the picture.

    “Hey Dad, tell me about playing in the Super Bowl”

    “Well, there was this girl in the stands that kept waving to me. And I gave a high-five to that guy right there after he scored. Oh, me and that guy right there with the crutches heckled the other team. Man those players were mad at us. And this one time we all lined up on a punt return so the gunner couldn’t run down the sideline and he stepped on my cast and tripped. That was a good play.”

  21. dont worry all you idiots that are bashing the Packers on this, most likely your team is going to be sitting home watching the Packers playing in the Super Bowl 45. Too bad a team with 18 injuries can still make it to the superbowl when your teams is almost at full health and still cant!!

  22. Nick feeling a little unnecessary thanks to guys like Desmond Bishop, Frank Zombo and Erik Walden.

    All over a photo.

    He’s making Ted Thompson’s decision to keep either him or A.J. Hawk real easy!

    Keep yappin’ IR Boy. You’ll be on your way to purgatory — errrrr Minnesota — before you know it!

  23. quizguy66….

    Yes he was, only they didn’t take a Super Bowl picture at that time, they used the team picture from the beginning of the season. So the guy that replaced Pitts on the roster wasn’t in the picture.

  24. He should be included if nothing more then his injury being MVP of the defense. Without him getting hurt Packer fans would have never been able to see what a hard hitting playmaking lineback looks like.

    Barnett has been one of the most overrated Packer’s that I can remember. He has some of the worst instincts on the field when it comes to playing the run. Most long runs against that D, can be traced to him hitting the wrong hole like a drunken frat boy.

  25. How about taking that team photo with all IR guys included at Lambeau — with us stockholders in the stands behind the team!

  26. N.Barnett is in the team photo… he’s complaining about not being on the team’s SB Photo.

    at least it appears J.Finley as shut up a little after it was pointed out that during his “vacation” where he wasn’t on the sidelines, he skipped watching at least 1 Packer game.

    Can anyone get a quote from Al Harris, he was a Packer for 9 weeks this year… I’d put him in the photo with the other IR’s.

  27. It’s a tough call for the team, if you make an exception with him, does that open up the flood gates? However, he’s q great player and it must be extremely tough to watch your team go play the big game without you.

  28. The “Look at Me!! Look at ME!!” Packers against the boring old Steelers

    Yes, I can see why all that Vegas money is going to the Cheeseheads – all those FANTASY numbers, all those BIG names and rich free agents. Guys that are worried about getting “their” recognition. How could they possibly lose??

    I understand! You already won your Super Bowl last weekend Green Bay – you beat the Bears! Time to give everyone a trophy and an extra million bucks, and to throw some parties.

    Poor, pathetic, boring Steelers – all they are doing is getting ready for a game. They just don’t get it…

  29. itwasagoodrun says:
    Jan 26, 2011 1:22 PM
    I’m sure they would have reconsidered if Jennings, Driver, Rodgers, Woodson or any of the other “Marquee” players were hurt say in week 15. Hypocrisy.
    ————————————————–I dont know, i would consider Grant, Taucher, and Finley “marquee” players, they arent in it either.
    that being said I agree with others. Take it on Thurs and be done with it. They paid them all year, might as well put them in the freaking photo

  30. Thanks toe4. They should get those guys that actually played in the game back with the other Packers and retake the picture 😉

    Guess asking about a Super Bowl XXXI guy would’ve been a more comparable case since that’s in the mega-media era of the Super Bowl.

    All that said, glad the Packers changed when the picture will happen.


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