Chris Johnson still talking about 2,500 yards

After rushing for 2,006 yards in 2009, Titans running back Chris Johnson started boasting that he could go for 2,500 in 2010. In reality, Johnson ended up with 1,364 yards last season.

But coming up short by 1,136 yards hasn’t shut Johnson up.

I have the same goal: 2,500,” Johnson told Jim Wyatt of the Tennessean. “I want to win more, but I still have the same goals. I want to go for 2,500. . . . It is very realistic. I had a good season last year. I know a lot of people said I didn’t have a good year, but I did. When you put the stats up there, I had a good year. Some people say I had a bad year, but I set my standards so high people expect that.’’

Give Johnson points for self-confidence, but he’s wrong. Gaining 2,500 yards is not “very realistic.” It’s virtually impossible.

Johnson has averaged 97.8 yards a game in his three-year career. To gain 2,500 yards in a season, he’d need to average 157 yards a game. He’s simply not going to do that. In 48 career games, Johnson has reached 157 yards exactly three times. He’s been held under 35 yards more times than he’s reached 157 yards.

But if Johnson really wants 2,500 yards in a season, there’s one thing he can do: Persuade the players’ union to give in to the owners’ demands on an 18-game season. Just as O.J. Simpson’s record of 2,003 yards in a season wouldn’t have been broken if the NFL hadn’t expanded from 14 games to 16, Johnson isn’t going to get to 2,500 yards unless the NFL expands from 16 games to 18. Maybe Roger Goodell needs to make that pitch to the handful of players who are as obsessed with their stats as Johnson.

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  1. Chris didn’t want to put a strict timeline on the 2,500 yards. “If it takes one season or five seasons to get the 2,500, no matter. The race is not always to the swift. This is a marathon not a sprint.”.

  2. If he breaks the single season mark, it would be more impressive if he did it withing the first 16 games of the season, regardless of when the league makes the switch to 18. It would be even more impressive if he broke O.J.’s 2003 yard mark within the first 14 games, for posterity’s sake. He’ll always have his naysayers but it’s still a great goal for a RB to set for himself. By raising the ceiling, Johnson also raises his floor in the process, at least mentally.

    I don’t like the potential 18 game season because it will become that much harder to shut Mercury Morris up.

  3. I give him another season or two at the pace he is going. A change of pace back might do him a world of good…just look at Jamaal Charles this year..

  4. Hey, if a 48 or whatever year old former running back thinks he can make a comeback, what says a 25 year old current running back can’t get 2,500 yards?

  5. CJ get ready your about to be the new Barry sanders…. Great player, bad team….

    Well maybe Deion Sanders .. YAP YAP YAP

  6. How can anyone take this guy seriously?

    This guy drives a 1970 banana colored Chevrolet Caprice with 30″ rims!

    That’s right… 30″ rims!

    Why 30″ rims?

    Because 29″ rims are too small and 31″ rims would be ridiculous!

  7. As ridiculous as it might sound, I think his best days are already behind him. Such is the lifespan of an NFL running back.

  8. He had to start saying crazy things to get attention when he realized Arian Foster is the best back in the division, conference and NFL….

    I can’t wait for DeMeco Ryans to flatten him…

  9. Coming from the guy who wanted to have a foot race with Ted Ginn Jr. down a1a in south beach

  10. Adrian Peterson is still the best in the NFL. He’s averaged 1445 yards per year through his first 4 seasons, 4.8 yards per carry, and only had ONE fumble in 2010. Case closed.

  11. Chris Johnson….you can’t even spell 2,500 yards! You gots to be the dumbest one year wonder ever! You and Ochostinko must buy from the same dealer! Go back to elementary but pass it this time! YOU BUM!
    Shoola of Fantasyball knows all!

  12. Michael…..LOL. you could not sound more arrogant or biased if you tried man. first of all….the mere fact that he HAS had games with 157 or more makes it completely possible to break 2,500. And your entire point about 16 games to 18 as an attempt to add SOME KIND of meaning to this horrible, useless post is just silly. with your math about 97 YPG compared to 157 YPG, even adding two games would not bring him over 2,500. is there really nothing else you could have written about? LOL. I would tell you to try not to be so obvious about the fact that you have it out for some players next time but….you wont……its your right…..and frankly i dont care. i guess i’ll just feel better when i close this browser that i let out my feelings about how silly your thoughts just were. I’ll still be coming back time and time again to this site however because every ONCE in a WHILE…there’s good news.

  13. I wish this loser would shut up. He sucks.

    Chris Johnson is to Adrian Peterson what Todd Collins is to Tom Brady.

  14. I suppose it’s better to aim for 2500 and fall 1136 short than to aim for 2000 and fall 1136 short.

  15. rovibe says:
    Jan 26, 2011 6:20 PM
    Adrian Peterson is still the best in the NFL. He’s averaged 1445 yards per year through his first 4 seasons, 4.8 yards per carry, and only had ONE fumble in 2010. Case closed.


    “averaged” is a good way to parlay a great season into three decent ones, as is the case here. He’s a good back, but I think his best is already behind him. My opinion.

  16. As long as he doesn’t ask for 2500-yard money. Which he will, of course, then he’ll learn a quick lesson from a slammed door.

  17. A case can be made that he’s only the third best RB in his own division, though these things change every year.

  18. But even a 50-game regular season won’t enable CJ to get to 2,500 yards if everybody is sticking eight, nine, even ten guys in the box to stop him – a situation that is sure to arise if the Titans do let Vince Young depart, as they are now almost certain to do.

    Next year’s Tennessee Titans look for all the world like this year’s Carolina Panthers.

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