Fins announce changes to coaching staff

A few weeks ago, it appeared that the Dolphins would be making the ultimate coaching change, when they flirted with a new head coach before firing their current one.

Today, they’ve announced several changes not involving the head coach.  (One of the changes, however, involves someone he knows fairly well.)

Three moves involved coaches currently on the staff.  Darren Rizzi has been promoted to special-teams coordinator, former UCLA coach Karl Dorrell has been shifted from receivers coach to quarterbacks coach, and Steve Bush has been promoted from offensive quality control coach to receivers coach.

Three new coaches have been hired.  Dave Fipp is the new assistant special-teams coach.  Former NFL receiver Ike Hilliard will serve as the assistant receivers coach.

And, proving once again that nepotism is alive and well in the NFL (good news, given that Florio Jr. already has vowed to “take my job”), Tony Sparano Jr. has been hired as the teams offensive quality control coach.

Hey, given the barrel over which Sparano has owner Stephen Ross after the P.R. debacle that resulted in Ross failing to land Jim Harbaugh and thus needing Sparano more than ever, the coach should have tried to get jobs for even more family members.

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  1. “offensive quality control coach”, what the F does that even mean? Shouldn’t “quality control” fall under the Head Coach or the Offensive Coordinator? Anyhoo, if any team needs one, it’s us.

  2. That nepotism isn’t nearly as bad as in New York where the Giants offensive quality control coach is none other than the son of the offensive coordinator.

  3. Far reaching is that Holmgren hired the nephew of his old defense coord… when not even another team interviewed the guy.. (shurm)…

    then they turn around and hire a has been HC and who was in a secondary position on a LOSING team…

    how losing is this picture?

    da Browns

  4. Unreal…

    If they blow another draft this year and don’t try and make a big splash in FA, I don’t think I’ll watch them next year.

    It’s getting to the point where it’s not even funny anymore.

    It”s just sad.

    We’re becoming the Raiders East!

  5. Wow!! Im ready to renew my season tickets who’s with me!!!?? (cricket noises in the background)…..As a matter a fact jack up the price!!….SUPER BOWWWLLLL…

  6. Whenever the Head Coach hires his son to an offensive coaching position, things always work out well. Just ask Donovan McNabb how much he enjoyed working with the Shanahans.

  7. Guys take a deep breathe…… There you go..

    All of those coaching positions are completely irrelevant, it’s just news. Every team has nepotism just like all of the private sector.

    We just need a stinkin QB!! (The story of our lives). Hey is Fiedler still out there?? I hear Walker wants to make a return, how about good ole Dany boy? Ahhh those were the days.

  8. Phins need to either get a QB or turn Henne into one very quickly!


    That there lies the problem. If henne needs to be one quickly he would rather just check down. LOL

  9. This is a travesty. The Pizza maker decides to hire his kid, what’s next, his wife will direct the cheerleaders? All he’s done is move the manure piles around and hire a know nothing to coordinate. Sounds like fun in Miami.

  10. Well, hopefully the QB from Nevada is on our team next year! Please just cut Henne NOW! Don’t torment us Phin fans any longer. Go get DeAngelo Williams and draft this kid from Nevada and run with it! Get some more talent on the defensive side and while you’re at it cut Clam Chowder! All he does is flap his lips and suck! We will be just fine with those two upgrades.
    Shula of Fantasyball knows all!

  11. The coach should hire all of his family, you know, ” the family who work together, stays together ” let them make money off the owner with out doing much, just like most of the players. Bill

  12. jbl429 says: Jan 26, 2011 1:43 PM

    That nepotism isn’t nearly as bad as in New York where the Giants offensive quality control coach is none other than the son of the offensive coordinator.

    Talk about speaking to soon

    Our new Offensive quality control coach
    for the Miami Dolphins is none other than

    Tony Sparano Jr. welcome to the cluster fu@@
    known as the Miami Dolphins

  13. “offensive quality control coach”, what the F does that even mean?”

    From what I understand, the quality coach does a lot of self scouting…making sure that his team isn’t tipping off opponents with tenancies in certain situations…reporting on how the team is performing in certain situations…etc.

  14. Just stopped laughing.

    Let me get this straight. Sparano and Ireland have one year to right this ship (contract extensions mean nothing) and with as dire as their QB situation is, these rocket scientists determined that the most qualified person on the face of the earth to coach up their already pathetic quarterback is a guy who has never coached quarterbacks before?

    And I used to think that Mel Brooks was a brilliant comedy writer. In a million years he couldn’t come up with this stuff.

    The good news is, the Patriots only have to worry about one other team in their division. Miami and Buffalo are semi-pro teams at best.

  15. HEY…….is it too late to fire Tony Sparano Sr. and Jr. and hire Jeff Fisher. We need a real head coach, and not a buddy of the big loser Bill Parcells.

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