Goodell, Pash will reduce their pay to $1 in event of work stoppage

Earlier today, Jason LaCanfora of NFL Network reported that Commissioner Roger Goodell has advised the league’s teams that he’ll reduce his salary to $1 per year.

We’ve confirmed that Goodell will indeed reduce his salary to $1 annually.  (Which is slightly better than zero dollars plus benefits, babe.)  We’ve also learned that NFL general counsel Jeff Pash, who’s leading the league’s negotiating team, also will be reducing his pay to $1 annually.  Other league executives have volunteered to reduce their compensation, but Goodell has asked them not to do so at this time.

Of course, the key factor is when a “work stoppage” commences.  As of March 4, there is no “work” to be “stopped”.  It’s our understanding that, in this specific context, “work stoppage” means the commencement of a lockout.

The memo from Goodell to the teams, a copy of which we’ve obtained, explains that the league’s Compensation Committee will not make a decision on any bonus for Goodell until a new labor deal is reached.

And, of course, the bonus paid to Goodell after the CBA is finalized easily could be inflated to compensate him for his lost compensation.  Thus, we suspect that the union’s response to the news will be that it’s a hollow P.R. ploy aimed at creating the impression that Goodell and Pash have a stronger-than-usual incentive to get a deal done, and that any delays can be blamed on the union.

But why should we guess at what the union’s response will be?  NFLPA spokesman George Atallah will appear on PFT Live at 12:00 p.m. ET today.  I’ll just ask him.

35 responses to “Goodell, Pash will reduce their pay to $1 in event of work stoppage

  1. Don’t the owners pay the League execs salary? Sounds like even more incentive for the owners to lockout.

  2. Goodell’s salary is $9.76M, twice as much as many head coaches, so I guess he’ll be alright.

    Nice PR move.

  3. Goodell and Pash are gonna work for chump change? Yeah, big deal. Goodell, Pash, NFL owners, sponsors, television, media concerns that live that symbiotic life off the NFL, the NFLPA, and the players themselves NEED TO REMEMBER- no fans no money.
    Who’s the cash cow here anyway? So boys and here’s a clue 4 you- gits your sorry asses to work and SETTLE THIS NOW! “Lock out?” Don’t try it. Don’t do it.
    Golly with Goodell at the controls as the commish, he sort of leaves Pete Rozelle seem palatable.

  4. Wip-Te-Do —– Like that’s going to have any impact on playing football or not playing football —- So — Big Freaking Deal —- Whatever !!!!

  5. It is just PR, because once it is done they can obviously compensate them both for the money lost.

    Just get the agreement done. A lockout services nobody. Get it done

  6. They really do think the players are idiots! Immediately after a deal is signed, Goodell and Pash will receive raises/bonuses more than making up the amount they so graciously are willing to forego now.

  7. It’s an empty gesture, but even if it weren’t, it would be far more than he deserves. How about a severance package instead?

  8. I can not get the image out of my mind from the training camps where the players said Rog was unprepared and unable to answer their questions…and this happened at more than one camp. Makes you wonder how he would justify his highly inflated salary of $1 per year.

  9. It’s the average amount the people that believe in him earn right now without unemployment.

    Billionaires vs Millionaires take 1.

  10. Hey, Roger: how about instead of reducing your salary to $1, you divide your entire salary amongst stadium workers, vendors and other NFL-related employees who won’t get paid in 2011?

    Something tells me you’ll be able to manage for a year or two based on the tens of millions you make annually. Everyone else, not bloody likely.

    But hey, way to try and look like a hero in this situation. Do you and Obama go to the same country club?

  11. Goodell gets an annual salary? I just sort of assumed he got commission for each Tuesday morning rule clarification.

  12. What a joke. What an absurd PR stunt. How does this help? Just to show he is seriously trying to get a deal done? Joke. This man is not smart and things like pushing for 18 games and now this just make me really worry about the future of the sport in his hands. We have seen in baseball what an incompetent commissioner can do to ruin the sport. Don’t think the same thing can’t happen to football under Goodell’s leadership.

  13. Remember, you get what you pay for.

    If Goodell can’t prevent a work stoppage, he’ll be overpaid at $1

  14. (Which is slightly better than zero dollars plus benefits, babe.)

    If he were paid $0, they would not be able to give him any benefits.

    This is why Steve Jobs gets only $1 as well.

  15. He needs to be fined for his talk of owners and players. Don’t coaches get fined for talking of the refs?

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