Mort: Chance LeBeau leaves is very real

Most NFL observers don’t believe there’s a chance Steelers defensive coordinator Dick LeBeau will entertain leaving Pittsburgh at the end of the season.

Chris Mortensen of ESPN differs from this conventional wisdom dramatically.

In a chat for Wednesday, Mortensen writes that he believes LeBeau will give leaving for Arizona “serious consideration.”   Asked to estimate LeBeau’s chances of leaving, Mort said 50.5% — for the Cardinals.    (That came in response to a question asking if there was only a .5% chance of LeBeau leaving.)

Mort’s answer is surprising for a few reasons.   His ESPN cohort Sal Paolantonio said on PFT Live this week there was no chance LeBeau would leave.

LeBeau seemed to say he was staying put in an excellent profile by Alex Marvez of last week.   Marvez believes LeBeau has already committed to returning.

“We’re pretty busy still. That’s a good thing,” LeBeau said.   “We’re looking forward to getting things done this year and seeing if we can get a little better on defense next year.”

That doesn’t sound like a man ready to leave town, but at least one reporter believes LeBeau will strongly consider a move.

54 responses to “Mort: Chance LeBeau leaves is very real

  1. LeBeau isn’t going anywhere.

    “Journalists” today rely way too heavily on the “invented” story for sales and page hits.

    Sort of like, … like… uh, hmmm, give me a minute, I’ll remember.

  2. Maybe Mort is confusing LeBeau leaving with himself getting fired. But then 50.5% would be too low a figure.

  3. It’ll be like a homecoming for Dick. All of his old friends from high school and college live there now.

  4. This is like that Doherty guy trying to start a controversy about Rodgers getting concussed in the Bears game. These bottomfeeders are just trying to manufacture stories where there are none hoping to create controversy around the Super Bowl teams and make themselves seem relevant.

  5. The Steelers would be foolish to let him go. They typically don’t make mistakes like that. They’ll make him the highest paid defensive coordinator in the league of they have to.

  6. So Mort says he’s leaving and his cohort Sal Paolantonio says he’s staying.

    I’d be willing to bet a million bucks one of them is right.

  7. I am trying to figure out what the upside of him leaving Pittsburgh would be. I have to think his defense will only get better next year if he stays.

  8. typical “just in case it happens” reporting from espn. so a 70 yr old coach is going to leave the only organization he’s ever had success with (at least as a coach) to go across the country to coach a team with 4-3 personnel that is marginal at best?
    and the icing on the cake is that mort claims there’s a better chance of that happening than him staying put.
    ridiculous. he’s either gonna stay or retire

  9. In all honesty, why would he want to leave? Why not finish his coaching career here, if he really has no desire to be a head coach? That should probably be the only reason for his to consider such a thing. In Pittsburgh, apparently Tomlin gives him complete autonomy to run the defensive show, to the extent that Tomlin changed his defensive philosophy from the 4-3 when he got the head coaching job here. He works for fantastic owners and one of the most stable franchises in the league. The fans appreciate him. He is a living legend in Pittsburgh. The Steelers have a great team with a bright future. Why leave, other than for warmer weather?


  10. LeBeau isn’t washed up or useless to the Steelers…why is Arizona interested? They don’t take first stringers, only scrubs. Enjoy Sean Morey suckers!

  11. Depends a little on how talented his defense turns out to be next season. But I don’t see him changing teams before he retires. Why should he? He is in the hall of fame, he is in his 70s and has nothing more to prove. A guy of his age tends to want to take on fewer big projects, in favor of improving the quality of the ones he has. His defense is the best in the league right now, and with a few tweaks, it will stay that way or improve. What more could he want to accomplish in a very compleat career?

  12. Mort also said the Jets will win the SuperBowl this year That it would be Phily or the Giants / Jets

  13. did Mort find that little nugget, combing thru Dwight Feeneys garbage? Sal Pal says he’s staying, Mort says he’s leaving, somebodys got to be right? It’s a shame, b/c I thought Mort was better than that

  14. Why would LeBeau go from a consistently top 5 D to Arz which is consistently in bottom half of the league? Does anyone see the Bidwells opening up the vault and making him a Dan Synder like offer? He retires from the Steelers this year or next or whenever.

  15. lol,

    Mort , you are blowing it this time, you’re impacting your reputation !

    Look where Lebeau calls ‘home’, his ‘real’ home, where is lives…

    go back and read why he was in cinc, buffalo and pittsburgh… find the fine print of his interviews..

    hint, he was born in London, Ohio… he is staying close to his ‘house’.


    BTW, he took over for Dom Capers… (who is now the DC of Green Bay..

    THIS WILL BE THE (battle) of the TWO GREATEST DC of the modern football era !

  16. LeBeau is goin to the Raiders.
    Raiders413 reported this 2 days ago on here.
    LeBeau and Coach Davis have a good realionship and Coach Davis has already spoken to him….

  17. Mort has his senior citizens confused… what he meant to say is there’s a 50.5% chance Favre plays for Arizona next season.

    LeBeau isn’t going anywhere!

  18. Mort’s the same guy who guaranteed Joey Porter had played his last game with the Dolphins … just before Joey went back on the field and finished the season with the Dolphins. He’s 73, went on and on about these guys at his HoF induction, and has already been talking about what he wants to do in Pittsburgh next year. Yeah … I’m sure he wants to pull up stakes, head across country, and jump into a new situation in his coaching twilight.

    Speaking of twilight … how old is Mort?

  19. When golfing in Arizona, they have rattlesnakes, not in Pittsburgh. Go from a serious defense to the Cardinals, at his age I doubt he wants to build a defense. Makes no sense.

  20. LOL. Dick ain’t going anywhere. No rational person would leave an organization like the Steelers where he has carte blanch to run his D the way he wants to go to a lesser organization like Arizona for the privilege of coaching under a lesser head coach with lesser personnel. Not gonna happen.

    Just goes to show what a joke of a network E!SPiN has become.

  21. welcome to philly, mr. lebeau. the non scumbag side of the state


    That’s rich on so many levels, but probably not the ones you’re thinking of. Pittsburgh is the cream of PA sports. 5 World Series Titles. 3 Stanley Cups. And 6 Super Bowls (about to play for #7). Philly is all scraps that have dropped from Pittsburgh’s table. And you people lap them up with gusto.

  22. Steelers fans act like everyone has to be a steeler-lifer. Get realistic, Lebeau has spent more years with the Bengals than he has with Pitt. The chance that he leaves is real, whether you recognize it or not.

  23. The Steeler haters on here are really funny! Thanks for the laughs…

    And anyone that thought LeBeau would give up the situation that he is currently in, to work anywhere else is smoking some good stuff. The man is 73 years old, and is not looking to rebuild anyones defense at this point in his life. He has had a top 3 defense forever. Why leave now?

  24. Pittsburgh Steelers defensive coordinator Dick LeBeau dismissed mounting speculation on Wednesday that he might leave the team to join another squad after the season.

    “I promise you, if I’m coaching, it will be the Pittsburgh Steelers,” LeBeau said, via

    He added, “With this defense, with this group of men, they’ll have to run me out of here.”

  25. I don’t know that it would matter if LeBeau left or not. It seems that No matter what the Steelers do, it turns to gold. I have nothing but respect for the Steelers Org. but.. Do they have so damn boring doing it? Watching a Steelers game is painful to watch.

  26. @larryfitzgerald4mvp …

    Not according to LeBeau.

    None of us thinks people have to be Steelers for life. That’s silly. But LeBeau is 73 YEARS OLD. The guy has gone on and on at the Hall of Fame induction and in interviews about how close he is to this bunch of players and how happy he is in Pittsburgh. Most 73-YEAR-OLDS don’t leave their current position, where they’re comfortable, and where they’ve achieved tremendous success to start over at near rock bottom with new people on the other side of the country. The man is close to retiring. This isn’t rocket science. Mort was a fool to report this.

  27. Mort… want to comment on the following: LeBeau: “If I’m coaching, it will be the Pittsburgh Steelers”.

  28. The idea that LeBeau would leave Pittsburgh for another team is ridiculous. If he leaves at all it will likely be a retirement and I suspect the odds go up slightly if the Steelers win. If they lose, he may come back for 1 more year but it is still very possible that he retires anyway

  29. nitemare1 says:


    I am willing to bet based on your post-that you never graduated high school


    It’s called sarcasm. Google it and educate yourself.

  30. ohioraider says: Jan 26, 2011 4:23 PM

    Was it because he was raped by Big Ben?
    well go figure.i read every post and again we have just one pin head who has to make a comment like this..when are u gonna get in that meathead of yours that the guy was never accused of rape.never charged for anything.

    stop with the B.S. and grow up already..these chats are for men and women not immature little punks that got to be where they shouldnt be.

    Coach isn’t going anywhere.he proved all he needed to prove,he is a hall of famer ,got super bowl rings,he likes where he is,enjoys the players he coaches.this story is just to stir the pot Mort has no clue in what he is saying.

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