Texas A&M’s Von Miller creates Senior Bowl stir

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Texas A&M pass rusher Von Miller led the nation in sacks in 2009, so it made sense that he’d forgo his senior season and enter the 2010 NFL draft. Instead, Miller stayed in College Station to iron out kinks in his game such as cover skills and run defense.

Miller returned with a splash play-filled senior season. Playing the “joker” position as an edge-rushing hybrid, Miller earned the Butkus Award as college football’s top linebacker and continued to cause constant disruption. He graduated with 27.5 sacks and 39 tackles for loss in his final two seasons.

“Von is one of the most amazing kids we’ve ever had come through A&M,” said AggieAthletics.com editor Jon Lee. “Extremely talented, smart, classy, and ‘shredded’.”

Lee’s use of the term “shredded” referenced Stacey Dales’ description of Miller during Monday’s Senior Bowl weigh-in. “He is absolutely shredded,” said the NFL Network’s Senior Bowl sideline reporter. Dales also called Miller a “class act.”

Miller has proceeded to impress on the practice field in Mobile.

“What we’ve seen here is that he can drop into coverage,” said ESPN’s Todd McShay, indicating that Miller’s return for his senior season to polish his game paid off. “He’s an absolute playmaker on every passing down.”

Asked for a scouting report on Miller, NFL Network’s Mike Mayock was effusive in his praise of the 6-foot-3, 237-pound linebacker’s pass rush ability:

“Two words,” said Mayock. “Defies. Gravity. Bends parallel to the ground. This guy comes off the edge and it’s scary how quick he gets to the quarterback. In my notes from the season, I had the word ‘wow’ written (about Miller) more than any other player.”

Miller is projected to be a top-ten pick this April.

22 responses to “Texas A&M’s Von Miller creates Senior Bowl stir

  1. Mayock says he has one of the finest “bubble butts” he’s ever seen. Mike has him going right behind Inez Sainz in the 2011 draft.

  2. If the guy shows the ability to drop back in coverage and still shows he has upside to progress as a complete backer…won’t slip past the Lions at #13. At that size, if he can cover he’ll fit on the strong side perfect in Detroit’s scheme.

  3. Gunther Cunningham is going to have visions of Derrick Thomas on his mind when watching this kid…

  4. He doesn’t have “Patriot” written all over him since he’s a top 10 pick. Hopefully Dallas is paying attention, though, but based on how they draft that’s doubtful.

  5. The Patriots won’t be able to get him after they trade one of their ones and twos for Larry Fitzgerald…perhaps the Cardinals will get him…

  6. Browns at 6? They need impact players on both sides of the ball, but a legitimate pass rusher would help out the secondary.

  7. Seanmartin,

    I was saying the same thing reading this.

    I think he is too small for BB’s liking. Not that we don’t need someone who can get to the QB which TBC doesn’t seem to be able to do.

  8. @godofwine330

    The difference between Miller and Mamula is that Miller was outstanding in college and came to the Senior Bowl with a first round grade. Mike Mamula was thought of as a second day pick until he ran really fast. Unfortunately for Philly, the Eagles play football instead of running track.

  9. ampats says:


    I was saying the same thing reading this.

    I think he is too small for BB’s liking. Not that we don’t need someone who can get to the QB which TBC doesn’t seem to be able to do.

    TBC is irrelevant. They were playing a guy who only played on the team for 3 weeks over TBC at the end of the season. We need a new body in there. TBC should be rotational.

  10. WHOOP!

    Great to see the Aggies making a dent in the 1st round again after a few down years.

  11. He is more likely a fit for the Bills at 3. They are still trying to implement the 3-4, and with Wannstadt as an ILB coach, he will consult on the LBs and DEF as a whole. The Bills need someone like a Mathews or Orakpo (whom they passed on for Maybin) to help Pos inside and Whitner who has to cheat up to aid in their piss poor run defense. Hopefully they will both be back and adding another stellar LB to go with a hopfully rejuvinated Merriman, this could be another move forward for the Bills.

  12. How is him absolutely struggling in pass coverage a “stir”?

    Considering TE DJ WIlliams has abused him while running routes and Miller hasn’t been close to covering him and playing OLB in the 4-3 at the Senior Bowl he will never be able to rush the passer and has yet to do so, I see this as hardly newsworthy.

    Miller is an excellent prospect but he has definitely not been the story of Mobile.

    Try Cameron Jordan, Ryan Kerrigan, Titus Young, and a few others before you start writing odes to Von Miller who hasn’t really proven anything in Mobile.

  13. great the browns switch to a 4-3 just in time to have a complete 3-4 OLB come into the draft around their pick…

  14. First off the Pats arn’t getting Larry Fitzgerald, the cards are in talks with him and are coming to a deal once this whole labor argument is over and it is legal to sign him again. Second the cards will pick him up if they get any of the 4 DC’s that they want. This guy is a huge fit for the Cards who need someone now to replace Clark Haggans since Obrian Schofield replaced Joey Porter. Von Miller then in the 3-4 adds all we need for a very talented front 7. Cards if they can get a Veteran will pass for a rookie QB until round 2 where they will probably get Kaepernick.

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