Union won’t commit to Executive Director pay cut

During NFLPA spokesman George Atallah’s visit to PFT Live on Wednesday, he mentioned today’s news that NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell and chief in-house lawyer Jeff Pash would reduce their salary to $1 per year in the event of a work stoppage.

So we asked Atallah whether NFLPA executive director De Smith would do the same.

If Smith does, Atallah said it’s not going to be something that the NFLPA will announce via press release.

Which probably means Smith won’t be doing it.

Atallah also thinks that the move by the league is further evidence that a lockout is coming.  And he said that, if Goodell and Pash will be cutting off their health insurance as well, then it’s a move that can be taken seriously.

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18 responses to “Union won’t commit to Executive Director pay cut

  1. A house of cards ready to topple over! The Union will cave in by May at the latest with a majority of players not getting roster bonuses. What a great session wuth Jason Whitlock today!

  2. I will say up front that I’m not SUPER educated on all the ins and outs of these labor talks, however, it sure seems to me that De Smith is a COMPLETE a$$. How the heck did this guy get put in charge of ANYTHING?

  3. The union wont comment because it isnt worth commenting on the useless pr attempt by the league….I am going to have to disagree with those that think that the league has the public backing I belive that the majority is on the players side

  4. Actually they probably could cut their health insurance. Big risk, but also one hell of an incentive to get the deal done…….

    My proposal: March 1st, both the owners & union officials cut there pay & health ins. Both will be reinstated once a deal is agreed upon.

  5. Stupid, symbolic, grandstanding, nonsense.

    These guys are wealthy beyond comprehension. They could go 5 years without a paycheck and it wouldn’t effect their lifestyle.

    In fact, they could probably live the rest of their lives on the interest earned on the money they already have.

    I applaud the union (and believe me, it pains me to say that) for not getting dragged down into this ridiculous side show.

    Oh, and to head off some of the trolls- I realize that Atallah brought it up on PFT Live, but that was in response to the NFL releasing it to the press.

  6. Mo has a nice thing going, last thing he wants to do is to commit “ecomonomic self demise”.

    Thats when the Grim Repo Man comes to harvest all of your bling, Mo.


  7. That is just utterly meaningless grandstanding by Goodell and Pash.

    Anyone who doesn’t think that somehow, some way, Goodell and Pash will still be getting theirs is the same type of person who thinks David Blane can hold his breath for four hours underwater.

    The fix is in.

  8. goodell is a puppet plain and simple! when the deal is done he’ll get an extra bonus! the commish should do what’s best for the league not the owners!!!!!!!!!!!! he’s a douche bag jerk!!!!!!

  9. The players know they aren’t actually losing their health care coverage, right? All that’s changing is the team won’t be paying for it. Instead, the players will pay for it out of their own pocket, through the COBRA system.

  10. 18 games… why are the players crying about playing 2 more games?

    Seriously how many times have I had to work more to get more pay. Just play the games my god, first they want the NFL to let them play then they want to bring up player safety to stop this…

    No one is going to care about the players, thats why they pay you so much. Get out there play more games, ENTERTAIN ME…

  11. The players and NFL needs to pay cut especially DE Smith and his obscene salary. It is time to give back to the FANS. where we can actually afford to take the family to the games and not mortgage the house for nosebleed seats to do so.

  12. The players need to remember that football is a hobby for almost all of the owners. They derive their real money from other businesses. A lockout is simply a loss of one of their toys. No big deal.

    For the players, this is their only source of income. They can lose everything!

    Unless Smith is doing some secret negotiating that we don’t know about, he needs to be fired and replaced with someone a little more in touch with reality instead of advancing his own career.

  13. What an awesome sacrifice by Goodell! I mean, sure he’s already a multi-millionaire and will almost certainly get a huge bonus once the labor deal is closed (likely making him, at the least, whole for any supposed pay cut) – assuming they don’t take bonuses in addition to their “$1 salary” during the lockout. But come on, the symbolism of a few wealthy managers taking a short-term, meaningless salary-cut if they lockout their employees! Advantage: management! By the way, will the owners pledge not to take more than $1 during any lockout?

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