Wes Welker says he doesn’t deserve a new contract

Coming off a torn ACL, Wes Welker led the Patriots with 86 catches and 848 receiving yards in 2010.  He added seven touchdowns, which for most players would be a nice season overall.

To Welker, his year was “disappointing.”

His yards-per-reception was down, and his drops were up.   His quickness never seemed to fully recover from the injury.   In Welker’s opinion, he didn’t show enough to get a contract extension with only one year left on his deal.   (Even though Welker has been one of the most underpaid players in football the last four years.)

”I think everybody wants a new deal, but I wouldn’t say anything I did this past year would warrant one or anything like that,” Welker told the Boston Herald.

That sound you hear is Welker’s agent groaning.

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  1. You have to like a player, in any sport, who can be honest about himself.

    Welker was still decent, but had way too many drops this year.

  2. Nice to see that some people have a level head on them and realize that they have to play well to demand a new contract. I have a feeling that next year he’ll bounce back once he’s fully recovered from the knee injury and can spend the off season actually training for football and not merely rehabbing his knee.

  3. He probably knows that Belichick is still a bit angry about Wes defying his order not to make any jokes about Coach Punchline and the Jets

    He also knows that this year was sub-par due to his recovery from ACL repair and that he can maximize value with a full healthy season.

    Hopefully next year he’ll get off on the right foot

    (which means something completely different to Rex Ryan)

  4. He’s coming off a serious knee injury, somehow makes it back for week 1 (when he likely could have stayed on PUP for 6 -8 weeks), and leads his team in receptions…

    …and he’s talking about how he doesn’t deserve a new contract because he didn’t play up to his own standards.

    How can anyone not like this guy?

    Personally, I disagree with him. If anyone deserves a little insurance for his future, it’s this guy.

  5. Most players miss a year with an ACL injury, not Wes. 86 catches and 850 yards is not a great season for Wes, but he more than earned his money, and hopefully he willget a nice extension that reflects his value to the Pats.

  6. He’s the anti-Ochocinco; the kind of guy you want on your team for sure and who has worked hard for everything he ever got.

  7. I am really wondering the mindset of the person who gave the second comment a thumbs down… I agree that his humble approach is refreshing. I think he is personally being too hard on himself. Coming off a knee injury and assuming the defense’s best cover guy each week is a big adjustment. Welker is a great #2 WR and would benefit from those one on one match ups again.

  8. Nobody can write their own jokes anymore?

    I think Wes is a great player. His humility probably comes from the fact that he was undrafted and didn’t come out of the gate thinking he was the greatest player the NFL had ever seen. I respect that.

  9. He’s got the right mindset. He just goes out there and does what is expected of him. That’s no small “feet”. There should be more press for guys like that, especially at the WR position.

    While this is a game of inches, Wes stands a “foot” taller than players that act like a “heel” (coughcoughOchoCincocoughcough). Because you know that speaking out of turn in the Pat’s organization is really a “misstep” and could really ending up shooting yourself in the “foot”.

  10. Wes should say:

    “You know, Im not really looking for a new contract from the Patriots, Im looking forward to hitting free agency and playing for a coach who doesnt throw me under the bus and bench me”

  11. I respect any player with an attitude like his. Its very refreshing. Of course the communist players union won’t like it….

  12. I don’t care how much you hate the Patriots ….. on AND off the field, it’s hard not to like this guy.

  13. Most of us Pats fans didn’t even expect to see him on the field for the whole year. His return was triumphant for that reason alone.
    That said, he’s right…he clearly wasn’t full on “Wes Welker” this year. Normally it takes two years to be back fully from that type of injury and I expect WW to be better than ever in 2011. I know he will push himself as much as possible to get back to his old form.

  14. Wow…hear that Revis????…Next time [ every time] you throw up one of your weak arm tackles, maybe you’ll be honest in saying that you’re good in coverage..but have Deion disease when tackling..

  15. I’m guessing he could be recognizing he may be back to his pre-injury self next year and if so he could post pre-injury numbers, which could land him a bigger contract then what he could possibly get right now.

    Just a thought…

  16. Wow, a pragmatic NFL football player when it comes to money/contracts. Notice how he didn’t compare what he has done with somebody else playing for another team? No “I should be the highest paid at my position” garbage. I hope he gets a deal from the Patriots anyway. I’m tired of the “pay da man” crowd screaming to pay guys that have one decent year when guys like welker consistently perform and act like professionals deserve the money more

  17. Always thought Welker was a smart guy. Nope, this guy is clearly an idiot.

    Lets see what he thinks about the Patriots organization when he’s traded to the Raiders. Bet he’ll want a raise then.

  18. He’s a fool…..this is why you get a new deal when you out perform your contract in the early yrs……hopefully the Pats will do the right thing and reward him for getting back on the field so soon after surgery and for being underpaid the last few yrs….this will show what type of organization they really have…….I’m not holding my breath for Kraft to pay the man, prove me wrong……..

  19. Learn from This Michael crabtree and all those 1st round pics that want so much money for not even playing one snap

  20. maybe with all of their first round picks they can get a real #1 receiver great #3 receiver though

  21. In addition to being pound-for-pound one of the toughest—physically and mentally—players in the league, Welker is demonstrating here that he is also one of the shrewdest. Rather than groaning, Welker’s agent should be smiling. Wes’ humility sets the right tone for what I expect will be a well-deserved, multi-year contract extension. In New England, the question is always, “What is in the best interest of the team?” The answer is obvious.

  22. one of the premier jagoffs in the league. no wonder he tore his acl, overstraining it by running the same route every play. love seeing this guy (and the pats) lose.

  23. No way Welker put his foot in his mouth. If anything he will looked upon with more favor around the league. He obviously is talented and his off-field demeanor will benefit him come contract time.

  24. Anyone who hates on what he says is the reason that sports is turning into the WWE.

    The guy shows class and people find a way to throw him under the bus.

    You can have Rex Ryan, Bart Scott and Cromartie….I’d rather go down fighting with Welker.

  25. That’s so cool! A player that’s not trying to take all he can take and wants to be paid according to his work. Maybe he needs to teach Albert Haynesworth and these other dirtbags a thing or two.

  26. mistrezzrachael says:

    Wow…hear that Revis????…Next time [ every time] you throw up one of your weak arm tackles, maybe you’ll be honest in saying that you’re good in coverage..but have Deion disease when tackling..


    This is an utterly ridiculous comment and yes, I’m a fellow Patriots fan. If Revis wanted to wear blue, he’d be welcome. Trust me.

  27. Welker’s numbers were down only due to the production the Pats got out of their 2 tight ends- 40 catches each for them. Wes’s catches will probably stay in that range next year due to the same. Its a good thing for Pats fans, send the big TE’s over the middle instead of laying out Welker every play

  28. The one thing I think is missing is the fact that his numbers were down yet there was no vertical threat to their passing game this year. If you’ve got 4 guys going out on a pattern and most of them aren’t going past 20 yds, you’ve got a lot of defenders in that same area. Of course his stats aren’t going to look as good. Yet he still managed to lead the team catches, yds and 2nd in td’s behind a 6’6″ TE.

    I’d LOVE to have that guy lining up in the slot with an Andre Johnson in a pass first offense and THEN see what his stats are.

  29. What’s next? A padded cell and a “no sharp objects allowed” sign. This guy’s been Debbie Downer since they were outmatched by New York.

    On a different note, at least he’s honest about himself, that he’s really not an issue since his injuries began.

  30. Actually, with a work stoppage looming, and players not looking at getting ANYTHING until 2012, there might be some method to Wes’ madness here

    The only way the Patriots would extend Welker NOW and not later is if they think that now is the time to sign him to a bargain contract.

    For Welker, even a bargain contract means that he’d be getting MUCH MORE than he’s getting under his current contract AND he’d potentially be getting his sizable bonus money (at least compared to his current contract) NOW prior to a work stoppage that will put a hold on his salary, which is all the income he currently has going into 2011.

    So Welker’s statement could serve as a wake up call to the Patriots front office that given a “disappointing” season of “only” 86 catches makes this the optimum time for the Patriots to extend him.

    That would make a for a win/win scenario – the Patriots getting Welker signed long-term to a team friendly deal, and Welker getting his signing bonus money now, before a lockout, rather than in 2012.

  31. So nobody sees this as a financial decision? I’m not saying that it definitely is but when your production drops, even though it came after a serious injury, a new contract would probably only reflect that last season. But if he comes out next year with the same production he had in the seasons prior to last, he’ll warrant a much larger contract in New England or elsewhere. So if you think about it, by waiting one more season and raising his production, he could be looking at the long term value rather than the security of a new but maybe smaller contract this year.

  32. Pats need a big fast wideout soon! The smurfs and Tight End offense was a great plan using what they had to maximize results but that can’t be offense going forward. Without a deep threat or a commitment to the run the defenses will make life tough for Brady and Co.

  33. partymoney says: Jan 26, 2011 11:03 AM

    one of the premier jagoffs in the league. no wonder he tore his acl, overstraining it by running the same route every play. love seeing this guy (and the pats) lose.
    Let me guess:

    Colts fan, Jets fan or Steelers fan.
    Sooo predictable.

  34. Damn straight! He doesn’t deserve one because he spent the season putting his feet in his mouth as much as in the endzone.

  35. Refreshing honesty??? Puh-lease.

    Welker knows he won’t get the big multi-year deal he wants in this uncertain labor environment anyway. So he postures as a “good little soldier”, knowing it’ll give him leverage with the team in order to get his big payday year after next.

    And Rosenthal falls for it hook, line, and sinker. No surprise there. Belicheat and Kraft are smarter and shrewder than that. Still, I think Welker owes PFT a little slice when his new deal comes, thanks to this article.

  36. I hope they let welker go. The guy is a class act and great player. How many times did this guy single handedly help his team win games in tight situation. I cant stand belichek but we would sure be happy to play this guy in greenbay. Hey wilker , keep yours ears open we might be giving you a call and when your making those first downs for us you will appreciate the luv you receive from the cheese heads. Keep your head up, your a great player

  37. That’s it Welker use that old Jedi mind trick on them….”these are not the droids you are looking for”….If anyone deserves to stay in a Pats uniform it’s this dude.

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