Cromartie vows to smash Hasselbeck’s face in

If the NFL owners want to see members of the players’ union sniping at each other, then Antonio Cromartie is giving them exactly what they want.

We’ve previously noted that Cromartie called the union leadership “a–holes,” that some were viewing Cromartie’s comments as the first sign that the union would back down in March, and that other players quickly rallied around the union and told Cromartie to cram it.

Then today we noted that Seahawks quarterback Matt Hasselbeck tweeted a shot at Cromartie, then thought better of it and deleted it.

But Hasselbeck has discovered that once you publish something on the Internet, you can never completely erase it. And Cromartie has fired back at Hasselbeck.

Said Cromartie in a tweet directed as Hasselbeck this afternoon, “hey Matt if u have something to then say it be a man about it. Don’t erase it. I will smash ur face in.”

Hasselbeck hasn’t responded, but he has tweeted, “I was in a bad mood this morning when I woke up.” He’ll be in an even worse mood if he happens to run into Cromartie any time soon.

UPDATE: Hasselbeck has apologized with this tweet: “Sorry for the joke man. No hard feelings. DB’s & QB’s have a hard time getting along I guess sometimes. lol”

68 responses to “Cromartie vows to smash Hasselbeck’s face in

  1. Maybe we can get a Cromartie/Hasselbeck undercard on TNA before the Ochocinco/Marvin Lewis main event.

    Also my money would be on Hasselbeck.

  2. of course he’d say that about a frail quarterback.

    we all know how this approach would vary if matt was a running back storming through an open hole with cromartie on the other side.

    chargers fans know all about that.

  3. “He’ll be in an even worse mood if he happens to run into Cromartie any time soon.”

    Yeah, because Cromartie is really going to “smash his face in”. LOL. Silly guy needs to go back to concentrating on his declining skills.

  4. “hey Matt if u have something to ….. then say it be a man about it. Don’t erase it. I will smash ur face in.”

    Cro-mag Cromartie is trying to express that he is angry… in case anyone missed that.




  5. Given how the league handles “smashing the face” of the QB and that Cromartie has now publicly issued a threat I’m pretty sure that if he ever smashes Hasselbeck in the head (on the field) he’ll be having a far worse day with penalties/fines/suspensions then Hasselbeck will.

    After the ‘ole forearm to the neck Hasselbeck took to the neck from Dockett I doubt someone like Cromartie could do much to phase him.

  6. Only worthless street trash like Cromartie would call Hasselbeck out for insulting him via Twitter, not face to face…..and then telling him he’s going to smash his face via Twitter.

    I bet Cromartie carries $60,000 cash on him, has 5 cars and not a dime in the bank.

  7. Now if Cromartie could focus that physical energy on the field, perhaps he have an “afraid to tackle” rep. But, it’s far easy to be the Internet tough guy.

  8. Does Cromartie really wanted to do this in front of his 16 to 20 different kids he has? Should’nt he just turn the other cheek and show the how to have restraint? He has got to remember he is a father to a small country worth of kids and they all look up to him. (Even though I bet he cannot remember all their names)

  9. So when Cro is done playing ball, and has blown all of his money being himself…Who do you think will be paying to support all his kids?
    Go look in the mirror.

  10. And we have seen the very best of what a technology like tweeting can bring. Give every person in the world the ability to share ever stupid thought that comes into their heads with every other person in the world. Pretty sure that is a bad thing. I get plenty of dumb ideas and think of some real stupid things, I just try not to let them out for everyone else to see how stupid I can be……This is certainly an art that has been overshadowed by our new found ability to “tweet”….Hasslebeck’s comment = dumb, Cro-Mags response = dumber, but both lag behind Ocho (sorry, I meant Mr. Johnson) and TO = dumbest….

  11. he may want to try to tackle shawn greene first since he gave him a free pass to the end zone in the playoffs year before last.

    think i’d be questioning that before i ever question Cutler.

  12. NFL players with college degrees that are chiming in with their school yard comments in any form – you bring shame to your respective schools.

  13. Everything about Cromartie screams selfishness. Apparently he’ll selfishly father a series of emotionally neglected Who’s-Its and What’s-Its before he’ll inconvenience himself with birth control. He selfishly embarrass himself, his team (although that may be encouraged), and the league just to get a mention on SportsCenter. And he’ll selfishly throw his union and fellow players under the bus because he’s afraid his contract talks will be delayed. Can’t imagine why anyone would want to play alongside this guy.

  14. I’m still having a hard time understanding exactly why Cromartie is so upset. If Matt had asked if Cro knew how to SPELL “CBA:, now THAT would have been an insult, though too true!

    But twittering a question asking if Cro knows what CBA stands for is hardly an insult. Its a little cranky, but Cro calling someone–however deservedly–an a-hole, IS an insult, and as someone who casts stones, Cro should be willing to take some heat in return. Otherwise he should shut his damn mouth.

    But theres as much chance of that happening as there is of AC learning to keep it in his pants.

  15. Just another Jet player making a public verbal threat of violence against another honest innocent citizen. Nothing to see here folks, move along.

  16. Cromartie is a complete idiot! He is like the kid in class who is speaking out of turn, the more people tell him to shut up the louder he gets just to be annoying. You know what happens to those kids ? they get taken out back when class is over !

    Just a heads up to Cromartie, you are the only one lined up to smash hasselbecks face in, problem is 95% of the NFL is in his corner…. think you can handle them all ?

  17. “Smash his face in”, like most phrases in Cromartie’s vernacular, is code for, “impregnate out of wedlock”, so Hasselbeck should be extra careful.

  18. Just ONCE I would love to actually see a player follow through with their trash talk. Wouldn’t that be a great YouTube video? Hasselbeck walking around, and here comes Cromartie landing a haymaker on him.

    Because watching Ryan Clark level McGahee or Welker never gets old 🙂

  19. Pretty funny response, but it would have been better if he said:

    “Cromartie Blitzes A-hole’s. And you’re an a-hole.”

  20. Antonio,
    You are a GREAT role model for your nine kids(with 7 different women,none which are your wife)
    Put your frickin tweeter down and go play with a couple of em

  21. Matt Hasselback
    6’4″, 225 lbs
    gets hit on the regular while being sacked as a QB

    Antonio Cromartie
    6’2″, 210 lbs
    can’t hardly make a tackle

    Better hope his athleticism is capable of outrunning Hasselback, otherwise I’ll take the guy with the height, weight, and who is used to getting hit.

    Someone should let Cro’ know that Hasselback is bigger and stronger than his kids and womens that he’s used to beating…

  22. @joerevs300 …

    Hey, I’m a Steelers fan and love watching great hits during games (though I’d appreciate it if Ryan didn’t spear Ike!). But I don’t want Cromartie smashing Hasselbeck in the face. Hasselbeck has a lovely face. Very nice. 🙂

  23. nice face smashing you did on the Steelers Cromartie…

    if I was Hasselback I would say on the Tweet

    ” Oh like your baby Mama’s and the Judge are smashing your bank account in “

  24. Cromartie is a whiny bitch. You lost the game almost a week ago. You’d think the tantrum would be over by now.

  25. Cro, Matt isn’t a girl and you can’t make contact with an offensive player anyway. Now be a good little boy, go sit with the other two old men, JT and LT and get ready to watch a SuperBowl none of you will be in..

  26. There should be a literacy test that a person must pass before they can open a twitter account. Cromartie and his sub-3rd grade reading level would fail without question.

  27. Maybe Cromartie can send one of his 18 kids to beat up Hasselbeck……or better yet, send one of his 9 babymamas.

  28. Hasselbeck’s last tweet might reek of a pack peddling, yellow-bellied wimp, but we should give him the benefit of the doubt. After all he probably has ample experience dealing with psychopaths such as his sister in law, Elizabeth.

  29. Sounds like Cromartie had just seen the 1985 classic shoot-em-up “Commando” and was channeling a young Alyssa Milano’s character when she said she’d enjoy watching her dad (Ahnuld) smash in El Presidente’s face.

  30. How did Cromartie get accepted into college? I can’t understand a word he says. Plus, most of his kids are the same age. What a dumbass!!

  31. Surprised to hear from Cromartie during his off-season.

    I thought he’d be busy tending to his flock … That would be 9 kids from 9 different women … living in 9 different states.

    And the guy’s only in his mid-twenties? Heck, he could be good for another 18 or 20 … he’s got no time for smashing faces.

    Plus … putting 9 kids through college at say, $15,00 per year, means he’s got to snake away at least $150,000 when considering inflation.

    Dude cannot afford any face smashing fines!!!

  32. Sterling Sharpe once said that you never make it to free agency if your team really likes you. Two teams already decided he isnt worth big money. I suspect the Jets will try to get that corner from Oakland whose name I cant spell unless I see it. Cromartie will probably end up in a poorly run team like Minnesota or Cincinnati and never win anything.

  33. tedknight40 says: Jan 27, 2011 7:01 PM

    Cromartie: I know what CBA stands for Matt. Condoms Break Anyway.

    tedknight40 you win…

  34. Cromartie is smarter than you think. He is planning ahead for when his days playing football are over and is looking to set himself up with a coaching or front office job with the Jets.
    Notice how they never ask him to STFU?

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