Cutler controversy won’t go away

We had intended the portion of Thursday’s PFT Live monologue regarding the potential impact of the decisions made in the FOX production truck on the firestorm engulfing Bears quarterback Jay Cutler to be our last word on the story.

But then something happened.

Cutler went out.  For a walk.

TMZ has video of Cutler with his girlfriend, a charming lass who at one point tells the dude with the camera to “get out of my face with that.”  I guess we’re supposed to know who she is, but we care about as much about that as Cutler himself cares about, well, anything.

At least he was trying to be inconspicuous, trailing the prancing Miss Thing by a couple of steps while wearing sunglasses on a cloudy day with his hands plunged deep in the pockets of his Back to the Future-style life preserver.  It’s as if Cutler knew that they’d inevitably be videotaped, and that those inclined to parrot the “Cutler is weak” mantra would then point to the fact that he’s walking fine, without a brace or crutches or a limp.

To the extent that he knew this would happen, he should have just stayed inside.

As we said regarding the story that Cutler walked up a flight of stairs on Sunday night, the fact that he can walk without a limp doesn’t mean he doesn’t have an injury to his MCL.  But folks will continue to buzz about the story, due in large part to the narrative that initially was established when FOX began pumping up to the satellite images of a disinterested, aloof, and detached Cutler during the second half of Sunday’s game.

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74 responses to “Cutler controversy won’t go away

  1. Do you ever think the reason it won’t go away is because people like you won’t stop posting stories about it……?

  2. “But folks will continue to buzz about the story, due in large part to the narrative that initially was established when FOX began pumping up to the satellite images of a disinterested, aloof, and detached Cutler during the second half of Sunday’s game.”

    …..says one of the goslings about the goose.

  3. “Cutler controversy won’t go away”
    Not as long as you can farm page hits with it

  4. Speaking about today’s PFT Live, the whole first segment on the Cutler drama was completely and utterly insufferable. Enough already.

    And why post this so casually after complaining about the readers emailing you similar items the past few days?

  5. The guy has significant history, guilty of being aloof, inattentive, inconsiderate and without heart. There’s no rational argument to his defense at this point and anyone continuing to rationalize who he is or what he’s about has irrational motives.

    I’ve sprained both knees’ MCLs and tore an ACL. My MCL [i]sprains[/i] were described as a 1 out of 3 in severity. I loped with a [u]significant limp[/u] for just 1.5 weeks and was playing basketball after 2. IOW I did have an incredibly-mild injury but the immediate symptoms were surprisingly-impeding to daily life routines.

    The guy is an idiot probably for a multitude of reasons, and certainly for at least a handful of the allegations thrown his way.

    End of story.

  6. Wow… what are you thinking Jay???? Did you really have to the streets of L.A. days after your medical staff declare your injury real and serious with a rehab time of 4-6 weeks.

  7. “This Cutler guy is stealing all my press, I better send out some more pictures of my junk. . . .” -Brett Favre

  8. Cutler has proven two things: 1: He has a million dollar arm and 2: He has a ten cent head.

    Superbowl winning qb’s are almost always very good leaders. Cutler has yet to show that ability since joining the NFL. Not to say he cannot develop the skills to lead his team but time is ticking. He quit on his team last Sunday, and therefore has earned the negative press he has received.

  9. I missed a few words on the previous comment. What I was saying was, Did Jay Cutler really find it necessary to hit the street of L.A. days after his medical staff declare his injury real and serious with a rehab time of 4-6 weeks….

  10. I am not a Cutler nor Bears fan. But he does seem to be walking a little strange like his knee might have been wrapped or something under his jeans.

    Incidentally, video like this shows exactly why the public hates paparazzi.

  11. It would go away if people could get over the fact that he really doesn’t care.

    What’s so hypocritical about most of the media is that they seem to think people like Antonio Cromartie overreact to criticism and that all these athletes should just be quiet but when one athlete is quiet, they want him to be more vocal.

    To say Cutler doesn’t care about anything is to assume there’s no such thing as a personal life. Even Rick Reilly, who wants Cutler to try to be a celebrity, admits that Jay and Kristin did buy gifts for an entire floor at a hospital.

    Also, I love the line “he should have stayed inside”. Isn’t that AGAIN PERPETUATING the false premise that he should care what other people think of him?

    Does him staying inside help the Bears win the Championship retroactively?

    How many more first downs would they earn if he changed his body language? How many points if he stopped looking down or was more animated while he talked to his best friend Caleb Hanie? If body language wins championships, how did Peyton Manning ever win one?

  12. I think it’s fitting that you use TMZ as your source. Cutler is a dunce, move on. Does Brian Urlacher and the rest of the team that defends him know that all the Bears had to do was beat the Pack in week 17, and this never would’ve come up, and we could all live in blissful ignorance that Cutler is a tough guy and there will be no lockout?

  13. I’d question Cromartie for giving Shawn Greene a free pass to the end zone in the playoffs when he was with San Diego before i’d ever question Cutler.

    Any guy that ducks out on a play when he’s not hurt is obv a coward.

  14. Look. Something similar happened with Tom Brady which resulted in the “Brady Rule.”

    Brady walked off the field and up a flight of stairs to the locker room.

    He didn’t play for an entire season. So why is everyone making a big deal out of this.

    THe media needs to learn to be objective.

  15. I’m surprised they didn’t catch him moonwalking down the street or doing the splits on two chairs like Van Dam in one of his cheesy 80 flicks…Nuk Soo Cow!!

  16. Was Cutler supposed to say “look, i’m having a crap game, they said they won’t let me play, so i’m going to shut it down??” Nobody really knows if he could play or not, and just because HE said he couldn’t…we’re supposed to accept that as gospel?? not from Cutler.

  17. how exactly are you helping the “controversy” go away by posting something new about it every day? ridiculous.

    this story was never a story to begin with. it is an unfortunate byproduct of the day and age we live in where people feel validated by being the first to report on something even if they don’t have the facts, then are pigheaded enough to still perpetuate their drivel after the facts are presented. people choose to be ignorant (hi deion sanders & mark “stink” schlereth!)

    i have had reconstructive surgery on my knee (ACL & meniscus) and my doctor had me doing “prehab” activities for a week and a half before my surgery which included riding an exercise bike and physical therapy.

    perhaps cutler needs to be transported to a jetsons-like utopia? whereby he can take conveyor belts everywhere, and avoid these “stairs” you mention.

    move on, mike. we’ll all be better for it.

  18. This is getting old and honestly when I was casually watching this game, I thought he’d been yanked for ineffectiveness. So what? It happens. Guys have bad days.

    It wasn’t until later that day I had heard he was pulled because of injury. Then again, my interest was only cursory because I’m still so pissed about the Jets beating the Patriots on the way to solidifying their super bowl appearance.

    Oh wait……

  19. What does this have to do with anything? Yea he can walk, DAYS after an injury.

    He’s probably iced it and BEEN walking on it. Compared to MINUTES after an injury when people complain about him not going into a game.

    Plus, what does walking down the street have to do with how he can plant his leg and throw the football.

    I’m amazed at these peoples reaction when he still has to play for the Bears next season. This ain’t LeBron where he completely turned his back on the city.

    Cutler is the best option we got. We just gotta give the man some help.

  20. who cares…if he was in a wheel chair would it be more acceptable? maybe he should lock himself in his house and never come out.

  21. Why the media doesn’t like Jay Cutler:

    Deion: “Do you think you have heart?”
    Jay: Yes.
    Deion: “Do you think you are tough enough for NFL?”
    Jay: Yes.
    Deion: “Did you quit on your team?”
    Jay: No.

    Jay: “Do you think you have heart?”
    Deion: “Why yes I think I do for the right price. And here is why” {5 minutes pass by}
    Jay: “Do you think you are tough enough for the NFL?”
    Deion: “Absolutely unless I stub my toe, have to tackle someone, it’s raining, … insert 32 more excuses here.”
    Jay: “Did you quit on your team?”
    Deion: “Only 4 of them. Then I retired. And here is why” {10 minutes pass by}

    Jay … you are by far not only outscoring your opponents on the field but you are kicking the crap out of the media off it. You rock!

  22. Why was he in L.A.? Does he live there in the off-season?

    Just thinking that if he’d been in a more low-key city, he probably wouldn’t have been trailed by TMZ. And I thought she was polite under the circumstances.

  23. Urlacher was dead wrong about Julius Peppers cheapshot and illegal helmet to helmet hit against Rodgers. Maybe, just maybe, he was wrong about Cutler being “hurt”. What’s not deniable is Cutler not helping out his backup QBs while they were fighting for their playoff lives.

  24. Mike, you forgot to mention that Jay, while in his home, walked to the kitchen and then possibly the bathroom. Only if we had video evidence.

  25. Cutler to himself Sunday, “hmmmm, get hit by Matthews and Raji again? Or shut it down, lose, and go kick it in hollywood with my hot girlfriend……….smell ya later Chicago, have a nice winter! Suckers!”

  26. @Deb

    Yea its funny. I read the Chicago Sun-Times all the time and they mention how Jay and Kristin Cavallari are out at this restaurant and that restaurant after the game. Yet, the minute he hits L.A. (where she lives and works) he’s covered by TMZ.

    Personally, I think its her mooching off of his sudden thrust in the spotlight. She ain’t been heard from since “The Hills” or whatever.

  27. You people make me sick! Cutler has shown that he is the toughest QB in the league. Not only was he sacked more than any other QB, but the man plays with diabetes every day of his life. Jays job is to play QB in the NFL. Your job may be doing roofs for a local contractor. I would guarantee that if you got hurt on the job, you would go home. Cutler got rocked several times in that game, and he was pulled by the coaches and medical staff. Before you question OUR QB, question how you handle it. Jay Cutler is a star for our team and will continue to be a star. DA BEARS!!! See you next year Cutler. The true Bears fans are behind you.

  28. So the dude can walk. Big deal.

    Show me a video of him running for his life, which is required for any QB playing behind the Chicago offensive line, and then you have yourself a controversy.

  29. The comedic timing of this post and the previous story could not be any better:

    “Kapernick Takes Cutler-Like Climb”

    “Cutler Controversy Won’t Go Away”

    So does this mean we can expect Kapernick to walk up a staircase with a level 2 sprain?

  30. I don’t know about all this tougness stuff regarding Jay. I just know I hate Cutler so much.

    I hate his face, I hate his attitude, I hate his arrogance, and I hate his mouth every time he talks.

  31. Not that it matters, but she clearly said can you please get that thing out of my face. The way it was written seems much ruder, than it actually was.

  32. People confuse the H*ll outta me.

    “disinterested, aloof, and detached Cutler.”

    Since when is it a requirement to have a personality to be a QB?!

    As long as he is a leader of men and that LOCKERROOM has his back. Why is the media consistently on his *ss?!?

    He coulda gave the most passionate halftime speech in the world (probably not) and you wouldn’t know it.

    They show one shot of Cutler looking aloof while Hanie was looking at pictures. H*ll he coulda offered some advice already (he about as arrogant as Cutler is).



  33. At different times, I’ve torn my ACL and also, my MCL. And it was amazing, I COULD STILL WALK!!

    Never did I think being able to walk with a torn ligament would be such an abnormal thing. But now, what my teammates must have been thinking of me. If you have an issue with Cutler, it’s not his toughness you have an issue with, it’s him.

  34. “alott96 says:
    Jan 27, 2011 5:02 PM
    Cutler is walking with a limp, and fairly slowly. What more do you need?

    The injury is to his left knee. In the video he’s limping on his right leg.
    Inquiring minds want to know…

  35. i’m not a cutler fan at all. i also have a permanently bad knee where some days i cant walk at all. seeing him walk, reminds me of how i walk on a “good” day. he was taking a bunch of short strides without fully extending his leg.

  36. @85bears4life …

    Oh, thanks … had no idea she was “somebody” LOL Maybe he’s like Romo and his troubles are all about the girlfriend 🙂

  37. mrplow3 well said…i couldnt agree more…who the hell really knows wether cutler could have played on his knee…and even if he could it wouldnt have changed the outcome of the game… cutler was a dueshe before the Packers ripped out his soul and he will always be a dueshe…canuck***** blows dudes

  38. How can you gripe about the Cutler story not dying down, when this site is pretty popular amongst the NFL fan base. And because you’re often spot on, I bet a resource for other folks who report on the NFL.


  39. You can walk without a limp on a MCL sprain

    You cannot, however, move laterally at all. MCL is the ligament on the inside of your knee so frontwards and backwards you are fine. Maybe that’s why Lovie pulled him, he couldn’t protect himself out on the field against a blitzing team.

    But that doesn’t stop PFT from flogging this to death by suggesting Cutler isn’t really hurt.

    I am no fan of Cutler and I hope he plays on the Bears for years to come because I think his head is his biggest problem. But in the name of fairness, you guys really have to lighten up on this dumb ass story.

  40. You guys use the word “disinterested” a lot on this site when you mean “uninterested.”

    “Uninterested” means “not interested.”

    “Disinterested” means “impartial.”

  41. storcb79 says: Jan 27, 2011 6:13 PM

    mrplow3 well said…i couldnt agree more…who the hell really knows wether cutler could have played on his knee…and even if he could it wouldnt have changed the outcome of the game… cutler was a dueshe before the Packers ripped out his soul and he will always be a dueshe…canuck***** blows dudes


    I would have said a lot worse the guy with the camera if he were filming me and talking like that.

    Also, storcb79, do you realize how dumb you sound? Back to elementary school for you.

  42. I suspect the TMZ camera guy had no idea who Cutler was… Kristen Cavallari is the bigger name in LA.

    Love how she has to look back to see where he went.

  43. I hope you are kidding that he should “just stay inside”. All he is doing is walking around with his girlfriend. Would you have rather him be in a wheelchair strolling around the city? Also one of the reasons the story doesn’t die down is because places like this keep on posting ridiculous “stories” like this.

  44. gay butler, my name is, myname is, my name is, gay butler!! someone got it right, dude needs to get in someones face!! not let urlacher fight his battles!!!!

  45. ive always been anti-cutler. however, hes a professional football player. his injury meant he was probably at less than 70%.

    any backup in the nfl gives the bears a better chance of winning than a severly hurt jay cutler. He recognized that and did what he thought was best for the team by not insisting that he play.

    still hate the bears. just saying.

  46. The Bears missed a golden opportunity on Sunday – they should have simply stated that Cutler suffered a concussion during the first half of play against the Packers.

    After all, he really did look dazed and confused in every sideline shot provided to us during the second half.

    It was a perfect fit.

  47. where is it written that the media and sites like this have to write more than what a guy does on the field?if he wants to open up and tell you everything about his fine,if not report on what he did in the game and leave it at that. he does what is required and nothing more so what does that have to do with playing the game. he seems to be quite happy being who is and not what you want him to be. and face it this is what is all about, he doesn’t play the game and the media and you guys can’t stand it! I like the guy just for that and hope he never changes.

  48. Charming couple.

    Cutler looks like he’s having a blast following his a-hole girlfriend around on a shopping trip.

  49. You know, this Jay Cutler thing I guess is in line with everything a lot of people thought about Jay Cutler. I thought he had grown a bit but I guess he really hasn’t. He didn’t seem upset by the fact that he was sitting on his bench while the 3rd string quarterback was being thrown into the lions den. His teammates needed him and he didn’t respond. I think it goes back to him not connecting with people, fans, players, media etc. Etc. He’s just not what we expect out of a great NFL quarterback and he is never going to be so I’m not really sure what to make of that. He’s got so much ability but it is sort of wasted because of what he’s got or lacks between the ears.

  50. Cutler is done in Chicago. If you watch near the end of the first half he had to call a timeout and came to the sideline just furiously shouting and then FOX went to commercial. I believe the crap went into the locker room. The coaching staff was ticked off at him and gave him one more chance in the second half. It was telling that none of the recievers had his back afterwards. I believe more importantly they gave up on him.

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