Formal update on downtown L.A. stadium coming Tuesday

Though Dallas will become the center of the NFL universe next week, a fairly large black hole persists in Los Angeles.

On Tuesday, those hoping to bring the NFL to a to-be-built stadium in downtown Los Angeles will conduct a press conference that promises to provide a “complete briefing,” which will include “new milestone announcements and current timeline.”

Attending will be AEG’s Tim Leiweke, Casey Wasserman, Los Angeles mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, and others.

Once the league’s labor situation is resolved, filling the void in Los Angeles becomes the next agenda item, and a sense quickly is developing that the NFL will be back in L.A. before too long.

The one major question not yet addressed is the identity of the team that will play in L.A.  Leiweke recently said that “one or two teams” are ready to move.

For now, the leading candidate remains the San Diego Chargers, a franchise that geographically is the closest to Los Angeles, and that played there in its inaugural season.

31 responses to “Formal update on downtown L.A. stadium coming Tuesday

  1. Way to go LA!.. PLEASE bring us a Winner!

    I would love the Raiders, but they belong in Oakland..

  2. PLEASE, stop with the NFL to LA. They don’t deserve one and won’t support it. How many more times will teams abandoning the town need to happen before the NFL finally gets it.

  3. that’s the owners for you, give me what i want or i’ll leave!! need to tell them to leave, like bud selig in milwaukee, but the state f#^k us and we paid the tax!!

  4. Dd you say “Black Hole”? Sounds like Raider Nation to me. Hell no to the Chargers. Hell Yeah to the Raiders!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. This is starting to sound like that Kevin Costner movie, “Field of Dreams”…”If you build it, they will come.” I’m sure the California taxpayers won’t mind an extra $1B+ burden to build a stadium in case a team wants to move.

  6. Chargers moving to L.A. is like Bloods moving into South Central. How you gonna convert Crips into wearing red?? Busters??

  7. ravenspit is clueless about why the Raiders and Rams left. They left for the same reason the Colts left Baltimore: outdated stadium and no funding for a new one. Had nothing to do with attendance or the fans caring or the beach or Disneyland or any other cliched use of the diversion excuse in LA.

  8. @ ravenspit says:

    As a resident of SoCal, I have to respond…..

    that you’re 100% correct.

    We bandwagon out here, if you’re not the Lakers (used to include the Dodgers pre-McCourt). Team is winning = we might show up. Team is losing = we have better things to do.

  9. You should mention that 2011 is the Raiders last year of a lease in Oakland.

    To my knowledge Davis hasn’t committed to return to Oakland. And with the horrible political climate their (corrupt), I’m guessing Al would jump at the chance to move back to LA.

    As a long term resident of LA, there is no way we would support the Chargers. Every couple of years some bonehead tries to sell LA on the Chargers. We hate that franchise. They are as boring as any in football.

    LA is a Raiders town.

  10. No city would ever be dumb enough to try and deal with Davis again.

    Welcome your new LA Chargers!

    Even if they can’t sell out, it won’t be any different than being in San Diego.

  11. @ravenspit:

    You’re just another tool who has no understanding of the LA market.

    There are 18 million potential football fans in the greater Los Angeles area. Most of those under age 20 can’t even remember what’s it like to have a football team to call their own. They’re starving for the NFL here.

    This community has NEVER had a state of the art NFL venue. You’re going to see season ticket sales records broken.

    This city has attendance records in multiple sports, including an NFL single game record (102,368) that stood until Cowboys Stadium opened in 2009.

    The Rams and Raiders “abandoned” Los Angeles for sweet deals from other cities, not because they weren’t supported by the community…

    … Just as the Colts bolted Baltimore, Ravenspit.

  12. that would be pretty bad ass if they announce on tuesday the team that’s agreed to come to LA.

  13. Take Jacksonville to LA, then move either Kansas City to the AFC South (its already a geographically f&%#ed up division with Indy) OR Move Jacksonville (LA) to the NFC and move the Rams to the AFC South.

    Jacksonville had a nice rebound this season but they still need a lot of help with attendance.

    But just in case, they should bring the tarps to LA

  14. Yea I’d probably wait for Kobe to retire before you host games that overlap with the NBA season there…

  15. Just because it is the 2nd largest market doesn’t mean money will be raining down on them.

    There is a reason why the NFL has failed there before. That reason is that the 2nd largest market is just not interested in pro football. The LA market has USC and UCLA for their football fix and that’s all they want.

    They can put half of the league in LA at one time and all of the franchises will fail. LA is a Laker, Dodger, college football and pro soccer market. There is more sports news in LA about Beckham knocking up his wife than there is about pro football.

  16. like ALL LA sports teams, the 1st quarter will be an empty stadium. of course if its the lakers then everyone is a “fan”. LA is a joke!

  17. The Raiders are not going anywhere. Al Davis has made it clear he wants to stay in Oakland. Last season he also took time to address all the fans outside the stadium personly speaking to them to let them know as much. But it only makes Raider news if it creates hits on PFT

  18. Leiweke was just quoted in the MN papers that it ain’t the Vikes, but his company operates the Target Center and probably wouldn’t want the bad publicity if they were courting the Vikes.

  19. Their not just a Minnesota team, as the name implies it is also the N.Dakota, S.Dakota and Iowa Vikings, this actually is a good market for the NFL. Wilf is a guy who made $$$ in the realestate buisness, why would he go to another allready invested in built-up LA Complex? if he wants, then sell the team to Minnesotans. LA should just create a new team. If NFL moved Minnesota after 50 years of tradition, I would never watch Pro Football again or buy from Reebok, Nike, etc. again. I do know there are alot of soCal viking fans, but they must not agree with this.

  20. Since California is broke and it’s LEGAL citizens are taxed to the brim, there is still no way to pay for the stadium. If the billionaire owner is not willing to flip the bill, all you cities being held hostage are safe.

    Do not count out the new location for a downtown San Diego Chargers Stadium/Convention Center Expansion/Sporting Complex on the Waterfront with an existing public park that can be used for Tailgating.

    Please see our proposal for a new NFL Chargers stadium on the waterfront in downtown San Diego, which will be built as part of the Convention Center Expansion. The plan could happen without the use of Redevelopment Money. Then CCDC would not have to destroy the Historic Wonder Bread building, and Eminent Domain of the existing Print Shop and Liquor Store.

  22. @ rcali

    “Since California is broke and it’s LEGAL citizens are taxed to the brim, there is still no way to pay for the stadium. If the billionaire owner is not willing to flip the bill, all you cities being held hostage are safe.”

    Both LA stadium proposals are being touted as 100% privately funded.

    There are some financial questions about the downtown proposal.

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