Kennan laying foundation for coaches’ union at Senior Bowl

Earlier this month, Charley Casserly of CBS reported that NFL assistant coaches will meet at the Scouting Combine in Indianapolis next month to gauge interest in forming a union.

With most assistant coaches currently in Mobile, Alabama to attend Senior Bowl practices, we’re told that the head of the NFL Coaches Association is trying to build interest in such an effort.

It makes sense.  When the time comes to gauge interest in February, there must be interest in order to push the process forward.  And that’s precisely what Larry Kennan is trying to do.

Whether it’s a good move or a bad move for assistant coaches remains to be seen.  But it’s an effort that ultimately could give Commissioner Roger Goodell another reason to drop his salary to $1.

8 responses to “Kennan laying foundation for coaches’ union at Senior Bowl

  1. Somewhere near the midpoint of the season a few players started noticing that there were less people around helping them out. That was when word leaked out that the assistant coachs had been on strike since August.

  2. “Yep, we’re all gathered here at the Senior Bowl. But at our age the lineups can take forever. I feel bad for some of the guys that don’t have the best control anymore. Especially when someone falls asleep inside, you know, and they have to find the custodian to get another key. But the weather is good.”.

  3. When will the gatorade kid union be starting up? Maybe an equipment manager union could have helped out that guy in Kansas City. I see no good coming from a coach’s union.

  4. There already in effect is a closed coaching clique and its nepotism and its protection of total incompetant assitants who when the coach is finally forced to fire by owners (in response to insensed fans) just get signed by a coach on another team. Giants Coughlin the best example 65 years old and wanting to coach well into his 70s, tells fans to kiss his behind and protects complete stiffs he hired to his staff like Tim Lewis, Bill Sheridan and Tom Quinn right now.

  5. The owners bring this stuff on themselves. If they took care of the asst. coaches and gave them even the benefits that Walmart employees get, this wouldn’t be an issue.

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