Matt Hasselbeck tweets, then deletes, a shot at Antonio Cromartie

On Thursday morning Seahawks quarterback Matt Hasselbeck joined the crowd of NFL players who took on Antonio Cromartie for making comments critical of the NFL Players’ Association.

And then Hasselbeck thought better of it.

On his verified Twitter account, Hasselbeck wrote, “Somebody ask Cromartie if he knows what CBA stands for.” It was a clear shot at Cromartie for saying this week that the players’ union’s leadership is “acting like an a–hole.”

But Hasselbeck has now deleted that Tweet. Maybe because he realized that one union member publicly insulting another union member is not the best way for the union to show unity. Or maybe because he realized that he’s in the same boat as Cromartie: They’ll both be free agents in March, and neither one of them will be able to sign a new contract or collect a signing bonus if there’s a work stoppage.

39 responses to “Matt Hasselbeck tweets, then deletes, a shot at Antonio Cromartie

  1. I had a more important question for Cromartie. Someone needs to ask him what a condom helps prevent.

  2. Cro-baby is an idiot. Wrap it up so you don’t have 9 kids and whine that your millions of dollars aren’t coming in quick enough.

    The players finally have some leverage versus owners and as a fan who doesn’t want to have to pay full price for preseason games, I hope the players take their time and get a fair deal.

  3. “Or maybe because he realized that he’s in the same boat as Cromartie”

    Hmm, nope. Last time I checked, Hasselback didn’t have 15 kids, half of whom are the same age, that require large child support checks every month.

    I’m sure Hasselback isn’t having money problems, unlike some some potential free agents might. He just doesn’t want to stir anything up with another union member.

  4. Wasn’t Cromartie one of the players from FSU named a few years ago that cant read at a 3rd grade level?

    Not very classy but a funny shot from Hasselbeck. Ill take it

  5. The players show every day with this bickering that their union lacks any sense of real unity. I agree with Jason Whitlock on this one, I give it a day… maybe… after free agency begins before the union caves and runs up the white flag.

    They’ll demand one concession from the league and claim that they compromised, but the reality is that the owners are savvy, patient businessmen and the players are the opposite.

    Cromartie’s not the only guy in this league with child support to pay. Not by a long shot.

  6. If there’s this much jawing going on between players a week from the Super Bowl, imagine what it’s going to look like when they start missing paychecks.

    Get your popcorn ready!

  7. Good one Hasselbeck, even Jets fans have to be sick of this fool, and to think they may try to keep him over the recievers? Terms of his next contract should include manditory sterilization and a muzzle.

  8. There’s such a double standard when it comes to how we treat pro sports athletes. The media, fans, former players all talk trash. They bring up “personal” things, and openly mock the players and coaches. But as soon as a current player or coach does it, he’s a classless sob who doesn’t get it.

    Why is it that the players and coaches have to show all this class, when much of the media that covers it, rarely shows any at all?

  9. I hate baseball for what they did, but that year when there was no baseball season… it gave the players more rights. Maybe that’s what football needs to do. Sucks for the fans, but it’s business.

  10. Cromartie is the weakest link in the union, just like he’s the weakest link in the Jets defense. He needs to be silenced by his peers, immediately.

    There are idiots in every line of work. Cromartie, ladies and gentlemen, is that idiot in the NFL.

    Who would be stupid enough to take this illiterate moron’s advice about labor negotiations seriously? *looks at Rosenthal* Oh yeah…

  11. jcjets, I feel like the double standards went out the window when players started using twitter to air their gripes, essentially the players became part of the media themselves.

  12. and Mr Cromartie says this in reply:

    @Hasselbeck hey Matt if u have something to then say it be a man about it. Don’t erase it. I will smash ur face in.

  13. These players are going to fall like a house of cards come March and April. The owners are going to get everything they want.

  14. Not to be an age-ist (which means I am), but isn’t Matthew (don’t call me Matt) Hasselback a little old to be tweeting anything? Unless he’s plugging something, the likes of his ilk should be twittering minimalists.

    That’s like catching Larry King shopping for suspenders at a Forever 21.

  15. Cromartie better be careful. With the shape of Hasselbecks’ head he looks like he may be an android from the planet Zenon. He probably has a gamma ray gun to take care of Antonio

  16. I agree with Mr. Hasselbeck, I wonder if Cromartie does know what CBA stands for?

    I see no side having any leverage in this at all, despite all the crowing and posturing from the talking heads of each party. Both sides stand to lose from no football, but like with MLB are too stupid and blinded by greed to see that. Plus, we sheeple NFL fans will come back eventually even without football for a period of time (sadly, it’s in our blood).

  17. Cromartie just might be dumb enough to try to smash Hasselback’s face in WHILE he’s wearing a helmet.

  18. Keep hurting your FA market value Cro. How many pages of ‘idiot’ clauses is he going to have in that upcoming contract?

  19. LOL @Cromartie smashing someones face in. If he was that aggressive with his tackling, he’d already have a new contract

  20. Hasselbeck has always been a pretty classy guy and that was an extremely mild shot. Apparently Cromartie has no idea what “collective” means. Apparently he doesn’t have any idea what “loudmouth fool” means, either.

  21. How can Antonio know what kis kids names are? Doesn’t he have like 55 kids with 50 different women??

  22. Deb says:
    Jan 27, 2011 4:41 PM
    Hasselbeck has always been a pretty classy guy and that was an extremely mild shot. Apparently Cromartie has no idea what “collective” means. Apparently he doesn’t have any idea what “loudmouth fool” means, either.


    or condom…….

  23. Deb says: Jan 27, 2011 4:41 PM

    Hasselbeck has always been a pretty classy guy and that was an extremely mild shot. Apparently Cromartie has no idea what “collective” means. Apparently he doesn’t have any idea what “loudmouth fool” means, either.

    ““Sorry for the joke man. No hard feelings. DB’s & QB’s have a hard time getting along I guess sometimes. lol”

    Hasselbeck apparently has an idea of what “wuss” means.

  24. No fan of Cromartie but his response is great. If some over the hill QB makes a smart @ss comment on my intelligence then get ready for a response.

  25. I though Hasselbeck had more intelligence than that but he’s in the same class as the brainless idiots that don’t have their brain (if they have one) wired with their mouths (fingers). Why not consider what you are about to say/type before doing it.

  26. @nuxsucks my point is that when a player talks trash to another player, or celebrates, he’s labeled a certain way. the whole “act like you been there before” thing. But the media, and fans get away with outright mocking the players, coaches, and organizations. That’s fine! There’s no issue with the ny post or PFT lacking class.

    The media/fans expect the NFL and pro sports in general to act the same way it did in the early 1960s, even tho everything else has changed. And the other stupid thing is everyone SAYS they hate how PC this country has become, meanwhile the first guy to say something real, or voice his opinion regardless of it being the right thing to say, he gets crushed for it.

  27. Hey Cromartie, ask Letrell Spreewell how that feed your family stuff worked for him?
    He left 10’s of millions on the table and now he’s broke. The players will get what the owners give them and like it.
    That is the way it is.
    It’s the new economy.

  28. @tatum064 …

    Yeah, I’m sure Hasselbeck out in Seattle is really worried about that loudmouth jerk in New York coming to smash his face in. 🙄

    They are trying to negotiate a CBA. Cromartie clearly doesn’t give a flip about his fellow players, but Hasselbeck does and the situation needed to be de-escalated. So that’s what he did. Being a man isn’t all about hitting people. But it would take a man to understand that.

  29. “Somebody ask Cromartie if he knows what CBA stands for.”

    Yeah, dude needs to have his ass beat for that. Funny thing is, Cromartie never answered the question.

  30. Cromartie says that CBA stands for Condoms Break A$&hole! What else did you expect him to say Matt.

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