Nick Barnett wishes he kept his mouth shut

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Packers coach Mike McCarthy said Thursday that linebacker Nick Barnett and tight end Jermichael Finley made a “poor decision” by complaining on Twitter about initially not being part of the team’s photo.

Barnett agrees with the sentiment.

“If I knew the trouble it would have stirred I would have kept my mouth shut!!!” Barnett wrote Thursday after finding out how his coach felt.

McCarthy said that he changed the photo date after talking to his team captains, not because of what Barnett said.  It’s worth noting McCarthy seemed more annoyed with his players than the media.

It’s a lesson that more than one NFL team has learned over the last two years: Twitter creates fires that the team often needs to put out.

(And with that, we promise to stop posting on this story.  On to the next “total overreaction.”)

30 responses to “Nick Barnett wishes he kept his mouth shut

  1. Last picture with the Packers Barnett!! Enjoy it!!!! Also J Michael needs to grow up, great talent but he is starting to remind of javon walker in the Packer days, all about me!!! I cant imagine what kind of contract he is going to ask for when is rookie contract is up!! We need him, he just needs to grow up alot stay of twitter!! Go Packers Superbowl win or die!!

  2. Especially for a player who’s not guaranteed a spot next year. Maybe he can go complain next to Kampman in Jacksonville. I hear the weather is lovely.

  3. The twitter comments did not start the fire; the decision not to involve the IR players did. All the comments did was bring the situation out in the open for public scorn…and the team changed its position. If not for the twitter comments, a player would have said something during an interview after they got there…only the team would have had no way of saving face

  4. Nick Barnett and Jimmy Smith have alot in common:

    They both have an have huge ego and an overload of self-absorption.

    They both speak without having all the facts.

    They both seem to think others care about their position.

    They both blame the Vikings for everything; even global warming, acid rain, traffic jams.

    Both of their “games” are past their prime and we all wish them a “happy retirement” somewhere else.

    Honestly Jimmy, your one trick pony of blaming the Vikings, their fans, Favre for everything is beyond ludicrous and very annoying. Even articles where the Vikings have NOTHING to do with the theme are commented on by you.

    Dude, seriously, get a life. Obviously, you have repeatedly told everyone here over and over again you are a Packer fan. Good for you. Stay on their pages and stop being a troll.

    Enough of your comments on articles where such and such a player’s neighbor once talked to Favre, therefore you feel it necessary to spew your garbage.

    Maybe mommy didn’t hug you enough, maybe you need a girlfriend, maybe you’re bald, whatever, stop blaming the Vikings for all your shortcomings and keep it relevant.

  5. “We need him, he just needs to grow up ”

    Really Tramon? we need him? For what? To get to the Super Bowl?

  6. I agree that Barnett is seeing his last 10 days as a Packer. Man just cant stay healthy and there is no way Hawk or Bishop are going to the bench. Plus he is a Mike Sherman draft pick not a Ted Thompson guy. Really had high hopes for him when they drafted him. Just an average player. Too Bad

  7. “McCarthy said that he changed the photo date after talking to his team captains, not because of what Barnett said.”

    What other reason did you have to consult this particular issue with your captains, Mike?

  8. “If I knew the trouble it would have stirred I would have kept my mouth shut!!!” Barnett wrote Thursday after finding out how his coach felt.


    what is this guy in 5th grade? twit this tweet that…..idiot!!!!!

  9. Non-story story. Example of what happens during this “dead time” between games….oh yeah, forgot about the meaningless ProBowl. Any….who cares.

  10. @doe22us

    You say “Twitter schmitter what a useless tool..hey i just twitted how narcissistic”

    I hope you see the irony of the fact that you just posted on a blog in 75 characters. Far fewer than the 140 allowed on Twitter. Hey I guess your choice of expressing yourself anonymously is better than how others choose to express themselves. Can you say, what’s the word, oh right NARCASIST. Welcome pot, yes it is black.

  11. Nick Barnett has hardly been a model citizen so his days were numbered even before he complained. Now, there is no doubt in my mind that the Packers will just move on. Just add to the fact that he has been on IR for two out of the last three years and he’s overpaid for his production even when he is healthy.

    The good news is that ex Packers who can no longer cut it in Green Bay are always welcome about 300 miles to the West. Nick will look good in Purple and maybe Jarhead Allen can show you some new dance steps. Enjoy being in last place, loser.

  12. or the team shouldve just had every player take the picture in the first place…yes i hate the packers, but in no way do i think they should’ve even considered taking it without these guys…they busted there a$$es this spring/summer/fall to get ready for football and their injuries happened while trying to get their team to the ultimate goal.

  13. this is the future right here, twitter, live chat, instant trash talk! why wait till you see someone or call! just have to think before you send MATT!!!lol

  14. I can’t stand Twitter, so I opened an account just so I could tell the world whenever I take a big ****.

    I’m actually up to 438 followers now. Go figure.

  15. What a dumba** you are Barnett. Don’t you realize whatever professional football players tweet goes viral in seconds? In fact, isn’t that why you tweet in the first place, cause you crave the spotlight on YOU? Packer fans are so tired of your act. We only put up with you til now because there was no one else, but since Capers installed the 3-4 you’re no more than spare parts. Move on down the road and tweet your way out of another team. I hear the Bengals needs a middle LB (i.e., the land of misfit toys). One more leftover Mike Sherman draft pick bites the dust.

  16. Funny no one suspects that maybe the Packers were trying to send a message to the players that weren’t being good teammates,example not on sidelines,not helping the team prepare for previous games. I thought McCarthy made the comment that Jermichael and Barnett weren’t in Chicago last weekend. I believe that may be why they asked the team captains for their input on the matter.

  17. This is a classic Puck move, Shakespeare style. Mess around with some people, and in so doing shine a light on things that are not as they should be. Then, if someone gets upset, pull the old “if we shadows did offend” pseudo-mea culpa. In this case, the “gee, I didn’t know it would get any attention” comment.

    Whether you love or hate twitter, it’s pretty obvious that it was the players going public with the situation that brought about the change. If the team arranged things the way they initially did, then they obviously saw no problem with the arrangement. Why, then, would they approach the team captains and discuss an issue they considered to be a non-issue all of a sudden? The players going public with the team’s decision (or more accurately, the public response to that decision) forced them to change their plans and do the right thing.

    Barnett’s future or non-future with the team after this season is irrelevant. The injured players are still a part of the team. In fact, they became injured helping the team make it’s way to the SB. Whether the injury occurred in a game or during practice doesn’t matter. Training makes in-game success possible. The team’s season is memorialized in two main ways. The first is the trophy (Hallas trophy already, and possibly a Lombardi) and the team photo. The trophy recognizes the team as a whole, and the team photo recognizes the players. No team member deserves to be removed from the visual record of the team’s success.

  18. JimmySmith says:
    Jan 27, 2011 9:34 PM

    …… Enjoy being in last place, loser.


    That’s cold, cruel, unjustified, and really dumb. You should know better.

    Nick Barnett was one of the foundations of the Packers defense for years.

    He has suffered his injuries playing his heart out for the Packers.

    That service should be respected and honored and not be the subject of trashy cheap shots.

    Can’t say whether Nick will be back. But if he wants to continue his career, and it is not to be in Green Bay, hope he can find a new home.

  19. Those of you sticking up for Barnett need to realize most of these anti-Barnett comments pertain to his behavior (going public instead of keeping his complaint in-house). Bad move, especially at this time in the lead-up to SB XLV. That’s why we’re are pissed at him. We don’t need any distractions, just laser focus on beating Pittsburgh.

  20. gophersnot says: Dude, seriously, get a life

    Thanks for your concern, the fact that it even rises to the level of bothering you really makes my day.

    I would think a last place team without a Superbowl win in half a decade might welcome any advice on how to get better. Mine is, Trade valuable draft picks to get Nick Barnett, he’s locker room leadership will fill the void left by the last ex Packer that did such a great job in that regard.

  21. Well, not that I agree, but if they do, they must be Viking weiners. Can’t get much smaller that that…

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