Ravens announce increased duties for Cameron

As expected, Jim Zorn has been bounced by the Baltimore Ravens, one year after being fired by the Redskins.

The Ravens announced the move Thursday, but the departure of Zorn appeared virtually as a post script, at the bottom of a release announcing that offensive coordinator Cam Cameron will “take a more hands-on approach” with the team’s quarterbacks.

“We’ve talked about this since the end of the season, and we believe this will help improve our offense,” coach John Harbaugh said. “Cam is noted for his development of quarterbacks, and that includes Joe Flacco and Pro Bowl players like Drew Brees and Philip Rivers. Cam is excited about this change and is looking forward to it.”

Ravens fans likely are feeling ambivalent, at best, about the move.  Many of them wanted to see Cameron fired.  Instead, he’ll have an even greater role in 2011.

Offensive assistant Craig Ver Steeg will assist with the quarterbacks.

Said Harbaugh of Zorn: “We were able to get Jim here for a year after his head coaching job with the Redskins.  He was able to help us get back to the playoffs, and we thank him for his contributions.”

In other words, “We’re blaming Zorn for not getting any farther than we did.”

17 responses to “Ravens announce increased duties for Cameron

  1. Simple…. Zorn… Flacco is ready… why do we need you ? or hey Zorn… we see a little Jason Campbell growing in Flacco.. you got to go

  2. As long as his duties do not include scouting players for the draft or head coach, they should be fine

  3. These additional duties for Cameron will end the same way all of his other additional duties have: termination.

  4. I don’t think this is a bad idea at all. With the CBA situation, you don’t want to try to bring in a new OC this offseason. The Ravens have just put the pressure on Cameron to get the team over the hump next season and asked him what he needs to accomplish that. If the Ravens offense stumbles again next season, there is no place for Cameron to hide. If Cameron calls plays like his job depends on it, he might actually take some risks and do a good job. Joe Flacco will be in his 4th year as a pro. He should not need a “QB whisperer” at this point, he should be his own QB whisperer. It’s time for Joe to blow the doors off of this QB gig!!!

  5. As someone posted on the other thread, while working with Zorn, Flacco increased TDs and QB rating and decreased INTs. It’s nice that Cam is excited, but in terms of advancing the team, what’s best for Flacco is more important. Hope Joe is happy with this turn of events.

  6. why did brees have his best years after cam at N.O. !! how is it rivers hasn’t won sh#t!! suppose to be better than brees! cameron is blowing smoke and harbaugh to keep his job!!!

  7. Ray Rice was invisible in the first half of the season and Boldin invisible the 2nd. Just imagine if they would have stepped it up at the same time

  8. Cam couldn’t find the holes in a Wachowskis brothers’ film let alone find the holes against the Steelers in the 3rd quarter. Don’t forget he coached John’s brother at Michigan so there are familial ties…I know that’s amazing.

  9. Flacco is a second-rate QB. He started good with a great defense and no one knew of him. Now defenses know his limitations and will show he is not the answer.

  10. “In other words, “We’re blaming Zorn for not getting any farther than we did.””

    Apparently blaming the refs got old.

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