Jeff Fisher on the way out in Tennessee

Weeks ago Titans owner Bud Adams said head coach Jeff Fisher would return for the 2011 season. But that is not the case.

The Titans have now confirmed what Don Banks of first reported, that the Titans and Fisher are parting ways.

Fisher is the league’s longest-tenured head coach, having gotten the job in 1994 when the franchise was still known as the Houston Oilers. He and Adams didn’t appear to be seeing eye-to-eye during the 2010 season, particularly with regards to Vince Young, but Adams said after the regular season had ended that Young was on the way out and Fisher would be retained.

Now there has been a change of heart, and Fisher is moving on. Fisher had a record of 142-120 in the regular season and 5-6 in the playoffs.

With Fisher on the way out, a number of questions arise, including: Who will the Titans hire as Fisher’s replacement? Might Young stay in Tennessee after all? And where will Fisher be in 2011?

We don’t know the answers to those questions yet. We just know Fisher won’t be in Tennessee.

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  1. Just saw it on, surprised you guys didn’t break the story first. Anyways, big shocker. Hopefully it doesn’t hurt Kenny Britt’s performance next year. He’s my fantasy football super sleeper.

  2. It was time for a change in Tennessee for all parties involved.

    If they keep Vince Young now, I envision mutiny and a 4 win team next season.

  3. come back to philly!!! coach the d for a year or two, and when andy reid is let go you can step up! ( im dreaming unfortionitly)

  4. Interesting. So there’ll be one more coaching vacancy this off-season. It might have a domino effect too. Maybe Houston changes their mind and dumps Kubiak with the chance to go after Fisher. In my opinion, Fisher has always been overrated though. 6 winning seasons in 17 years does not equal coaching greatness. But the sports media treats him like some kind of coaching god.

  5. I have the Transcript of what happened..

    (knock Knock)
    Bud: come in… Hey Jeff .. what’s up

    Fisher: Mr Adams I don’t like that I had to get rid of Chuck Cecil..

    Bud: Jeff .. Chuck was a wild gun… he was a risk for this organization… I thought we were getting rid of guys who was bad for the Image of the Titans

    Fisher: Yes I guess we are… But I still don’t like it…

    Bud: Jeff come closer I want to show you something ( using his middle finger to direct Jeff )

    Bud: This is a paper Jerry Jones sent to me..
    Jeff: Yeah but it says Jerry on one side and Terrell Owens on the other with a line in the middle.

    Bud: Yes Jeff…. Now I am Jerry and you are T.O. except he doesn’t have a porn stache..

    Jeff: that’s enough mr adams I don’t have to deal with this…

    Bud : Then there’s the door Vince… except that vince doesn’t have a Pornstache…

    Jeff: aaaaaaarrrrrggghhhh…

    (intercom alert ): Mr Adams there’s a call from a Mr Trump on line one…

    Bud: ahh just in time… Donald…. how are you ? I have Jeff right here … Whenever you are ready..

    Donald Trump: Jeff… You and are Porn Stache are FIYAAARD…

  6. Wow horrible timing, not a Titans fan, but hopefully they still have there #1 coaching candidate without a job. Should have done it earlier and chased someone, oh well still a lot of HC out.

  7. Wow does anyone believe Bud Adams screwed him so he couldnt get another job this year? Did he purposly wait until all the HC jobs were filled to make this move? Is it all because he couldnt get along with the suicidle VY?

  8. As a Titans fan, all I can say is HELL YES. I appreciate all Fisher has done for this franchise, but it’s time to move on. He had become stale over the years and all the creativeness he showed at the beginning of his coaching career was gone. He doggedly stuck to people, which was great when they were performing well and terrible when they weren’t (Chuck Cecil, for example). The media covered up his mediocre tenure, calling him great so many times that it made me want to puke. Six winning seasons in sixteen years isn’t great. Mark Sanchez, in two seasons, has almost as many playoff wins as Fisher has in sixteen years at the helm of the Titans.

    Thank you, Fisher, for your sacrifices. But I am GLAD we are moving in a different direction.

  9. So he was the coach that ALMOST won the superbowl one year and followed that up with a bunch of mediocre seasons and playoff dissapointments……why is he such a hot commdity again?

    Then again if Marvin Lewis can coach a team to 2-14 and have the owner cave in to his demands to keep him from leaving, I guess anything is possible.

  10. The Texans fire Gary Kubiak & staff and hire Fisher.

    The Titans then hire Bum Phillips Jr. as the head man with Kubiak as his offensive coordinator.

  11. Adams will release Vince Young, then give him a Rooney Rule interview for the head coach position since nobody else will do that interview at this point, and then re-sign Young as a player

  12. Reached by Jim Wyatt of the Tennessean, Adams neither confirmed nor denied that Fisher is on the way out, saying, “Where did you hear that? I better check on that. I can’t talk about it now. I really can’t talk about it now because I don’t know what’s been said. I want to see what is going on.”
    How is the owner that uninformed about what HE is doing or not doing?

  13. Fisher is a tool. Show me a coach who has been around as long as him with such little success. He got to 1 SB on a lucky as music city miracle. “I knew it would work, it was destiny”

    Destiny said FU when you landed one foot short in that SB.


  14. Average overrated coach. This should have happened a long time ago, he is not a guy that can win a Super Bowl. He will get hired somewhere and will do ok there for a few years. Nothing special about his years with The Titans.

  15. Very odd that they waited so long to make the decision. What kind of staff will they get, never mind the head coach? Just makes it easier for the Colts to win the division once again.

  16. gridassassin says:
    Jan 27, 2011 6:14 PM
    It was time for a change in Tennessee for all parties involved.

    If they keep Vince Young now, I envision mutiny and a 4 win team next season.


    On which team? VY is a free agent..

  17. LMAO, yeah apca, Fisher would’ve considered the Browns. Right! You “fans” would’ve run him out in a year anyway!

    If Adams chooses Young, it just proves what a hard-on his has for Vince and what a moron he truly is.

  18. I agree with the comment above about Brian Billick. And it may even be Bill Cowher (who sided with VY on the dispute). I don’t think this had much of anything to do with Chuck Cecil getting canned. I believe it was all about the team and coaching staff being totally divided about how Fisher handled Vince Young. Most of the players and some of the coaches thought it was nuts for Fisher to constantly pick fights with his most talented player. I believe they eventually got to old Bud (who was an easy sell on this). Bottom line: the players and some of the coaches sided with Vince Young. They convinced the owner to dump the coach and get someone in who knew how to develop a talented young QB with franchise skills like VY. And it was not lost upon them and Bud Adams what Michael Vick just did. And Last time I looked VY hadn’t committed a crime, killed anyone or harmed any animal. So you haters can crow all you want against Vince. That’s more about your issues than his. But all the guy does is win. Without him they lose!

    Good Call Bud! It took a while, but you finally got it right. Rebuild that defense this year and you may be sniffing a SuperBowl with Billick or Cowher.

  19. Knew there was something to that idiotic Christmas card Adams sent out last year.

    Yeah, maybe it was time for a change, but it’s really too bad Titans fans are subjected to this. I think everyones finally seeing the real reason Titans teams can’t get over the hump. This is Oakland East.

    Owners need to shut the hell up and allow the guys they hire to do their jobs and run the personnel. In this instance, Young felt he was above Fisher due to the owner’s creepy “man crush” on him. Vince “Bubba Gump” Young’s coming back, and enjoy the onslaught of perpetual futility.

  20. has Chris Mortenson put out the odds on whether Fisher will be the Cardinals next DC? Fisher seems to leak a lot of stuff to Mort, & I was just wondering IF the odds of this happening were better than the 50.5% he pegged LeBeau @ leaving the Steelers for the same job.

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