Saints definitely want Brees, maybe want Bush

The New Orleans Saints won’t be playing in the Super Bowl, which gives them more time to plan for the 2011 season.  (That’s the best possible spin any team can put on not playing for the Lombardi Trophy.)

Part of the planning involves two key players:  quarterback Drew Brees and running back Reggie Bush.

G.M. Mickey Loomis told Alex Marvez and Jim Miller of Sirius NFL Radio that getting a contract extension finalized for Brees remains a major priority.

“It’s pretty clear that we’re going to want to have Drew under contract for the long term,” Loomis said.  “I know that will happen at some point.  He knows that will happen at some point.”

Brees signed a six-year, $60 million deal in 2006.  He’s entering the final year of the contract, which will pay him a below-market base salary of $7.4 million.

As to Bush, who’s due to earn a base salary of $11.8 million in the final year of the six-year contract he also inked in ’06, Loomis was pragmatic.

“We’ve talked a lot about the position because we had a lot of injuries,” Loomis said. “It’s pretty difficult to prognosticate injuries.  I’ve got to be a little careful about just because a guy was hurt one year assuming he’s going to get hurt the next.  We’re going through that evaluation process right now.”

In other words, Loomis realizes that the Saints didn’t get much of a return on the $8 million base-salary investment in Bush last year, given that Bush was gone for the majority of the season with a fractured fibula.  Though Bush is willing to cut his pay to stay in New Orleans, the real question is whether even at a reduced price the Saints will be willing to devote that much money to him.

A year ago, an obvious alternative existed in Seattle, where former USC coach Pete Carroll had just been hired.  The relationship between Carroll and Bush likely has become strained in the past year, however, with Carroll not providing Bush the kind of support that the player likely expected once the NCAA pounced on USC and pointed a crooked finger at the 2005 Heisman winner who ultimately became the 2005 Heisman loser.

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  1. If Reggie earns more than $5 Million this season, it’s a mistake. The dude is almost always hurt & $800,000 a game seems a little high.

    Drew Brees needs to have his salary doubled, no doubt.

  2. The Saints dominance of the NFC south is coming to an end. Josh Freeman will be having a say in the title next year!

  3. Reggie Bush is over rated. I keep hearing how the defense “always has to account for him” which opens other things up.

    Well, no kidding. Any RB who is small and fast and can catch passes is going to draw the defense’s attention. There are plenty of players who could fill that role for a whole lot less than 11 million dollars.

    The fact is he has averaged less than 4 yards per carry in every season in which he has gotten more than 100 carries. He has 2,142 yards receiving in six seasons. He has 33 TD’s in those same 6 years, a little over 5 per year.

    Add in the fact that all too often recently, defense’s “accounting for Reggie Bush” has consisted of them saying “hey, where’s Reggie? Oh, he’s over on the sidelines in a sweatsuit.”

    If I were the Saints, I would tell Reggie to take the first “1″ off off “11.8″, and that’s what we’ll pay you.

  4. Wonder if Peyton will have an “I get the most” clause in his contract, so matter how high the Saints go with Brees, he will get more. I wonder if Brees will extract every last cent he can from the team’s coffers the way Manning seems to determined to do with my beloved Colts.

  5. tantrim says: Jan 27, 2011 7:53 AM

    The Saints will face a stronger schedule next year.

    mvtrucking says:

    Oh really? As opposed to a 1st place schedule they had this year vs a 2nd place schedule for next season? Yes, much tougher…

  6. A team desperate to add speed to their offense and/or return game will be interested………like Miami.

    He would be an interesting fit in Indy.

  7. Bush has averaged 4.0 yards a carry and 7.3 yards a reception for his career. He barely passes 2,000 yards in each category. He’s scored 12 TDs against 10 fumbles.

    Why would anyone, who is not congenitally stupid, pay him $11.8 million for a season. I don’t know why they even kept him in 2009 as he’s never really shown himself to be better than a third-string back. You could get his production with your typical small, quick 5th round running back and use the money to bring in two good starters.

  8. The rest of the NFL “reggie bashers” you dont know what ur talking about when it comes to reggie so u may as well stick to talking about brett favre and mike vick. And the ones here in Nola, ur not true Saint fans and u make me sick. every time the guy has a good game, makes first downs, returns a punt for a TD, flys ten yards out to score, does all the things that only he can do you’re ALL OVER HIM. You’re the same people who booed the team during and after the Cleveland game in the dome, the same people who talked trash about Brees bc he had some games where he made mistakes this year (and now you know he was playing hurt so dont you feel stupid), ur the same people who say you love the team when they’re winning but say things like “same old Saints” when they lose a game…. you ppl are not real Saints fans and you make me sick. You ppl have no clue how important Reggie is. Just bc hes doesnt have “fresno state” (if you even know what that means) type of games all the time (which he did in the playoffs last year) you ppl think hes the worst player in the league and he needs to be traded but you fail to notice the little things he does that fuel the offense. Instead of bashing him why dont u idiots embrace him, have u forgotten that as he kid he came to this city when we were crippled and on the brink of extinction and put this whole city on his shoulders (Before Brees became Breesus)? You ppl are so disloyal and you are not what our city stands for. You’re either with us or against us… pick a side and stand behind it you spinless nobodys!

  9. pervyharvin says: Jan 27, 2011 9:28 AM

    I thought the Saints were joining the Canadian Football League?
    You wish, especially when the Saints beat the Vikings for the third year in a row next season.

  10. No way Pete and the Seahawks even consider Bush.
    First off…Bush isn’t any better than what they have now, it’s the Oline that’s the problem.
    And second off…It would bring up all of that NCAA crap again, and Pete will not welcome that kind of distraction to his team.
    You knuckleheads that speculate all of these ‘connected’ moves by Pete Carroll and ex USC players need to get over it, ain’t going to happen.

  11. I’m a Saints fan and I like Reggie Bush.

    But Bush is not an every-down back. He cannot (will not?) run between the tackles, even if there’s room to run. He’s not tough enough. He heads for the sidelines. And he fumbles way too much.

    Yet he is a special kind of talent. He can strike like lightening. If he stays with the Saints, stays away from injuries, and decides to lower his shoulder occassionally, Drew Brees and Sean Payton can make him a star. But right now they just don’t trust him enough.

    He needs to accept the fact that he’s overpaid now and reduce his demands to fit his role on the team. And, like I said, I like him and hope he stays with the Saints.

  12. Considering how a running back needs to be able to RUN the ball, I don’t see how Bush is worth more than maybe $2-3M/year. His only value is as a receiving threat and punt returns.

    I’ve said since his rookie year, he’s not an NFL back – he just ISN’T. If anything, let him play slot, special teams and that’s it. Turn him into a full-time WR. He’s NOT an effective runner at all. If you can’t fight for extra yardage, you will not succeed in this league.

  13. 4ever19 says:
    Jan 27, 2011 8:10 AM

    Wonder if Peyton will have an “I get the most” clause in his contract, so matter how high the Saints go with Brees, he will get more. I wonder if Brees will extract every last cent he can from the team’s coffers the way Manning seems to determined to do with my beloved Colts.

    I don’t think they will pay Brees as much as Manning. I am pretty sure the Manning contract will be the biggest for a while.

  14. Reggie Bush is due to make about four and a half million more dollars than Drew Brees next year?!!

    Sometimes I think the NFL could solve a lot of their problems if they limited the length of all contracts to one year. You could prevent chaos by imposing a meaningful salary cap and having less of a player’s salary count toward the cap the longer he’s been on the team (so teams are in a better position resigning guys than poaching them off other teams). And in one stroke you’d end all offseason holdouts, solve the rookie pay scale issue, and have players actually getting paid what they’re worth.

  15. To breeshasabush:

    You seem to be “sick” alot on your recent post – you should probably take the rest of the day off from this site and rest up. Never has one person posted so much and said so little!

  16. dmvdmv101560

    Lemme guess, Reggie hater right??? How did i say so little? Look if u cant comprehend ill break down my points to you

    1- The Journalists in the media outside of N.O. have no clue about what reggie REALLY does for the Saints so they should just shut up about it and stick to their ordinary BREAKING news like Brett Favre and Chad Ochocinco changing his name back.

    2- The ppl in N.O. who constantly blame reggie and want him gone and say hes a terrible player aren’t real Saints fans bc he does do amazing things for the team sometimes w/o even having the ball in his hand, cant remember a player EVER in Saints history who was considered dangerous eve if he didnt get the ball.

    3- The same ppl that bash reggie are the same ones who jump up and down and scream when he plays well, they are the same ppl who booed Brees and co at the dome during the cleveland game…. basically they’re fairweather fans.

    4- just bc Reggie doesnt break a 70 yrd td run every play doesnt make him a expendable. he does a lot from first down catches on 3rd and 12 to punt return TD’s and creating mismatches for the defense. Yeah he had an off year but her broke his leg… you break your leag and go run a football see how well u do chump!

    5- Everyone forgets how he was the face of the team the year after Katrina and he embraced the city; he gave tad gormley a new field, he put in his time by doing community service, he helped our city in a time when we need it the most and this was waaay before Brees was “BREESUS HIS ALMIGHTY” reggie was just a kid and he had more pressure on his shoulders than Brees did at the time and he embraced it and u ppl wanna just forget that and throw him away.

    6- You’re either a real Saints Fan or ur not and reggie bashers arent so they can root for another team bc we dont need fans like that.

    so concluding dmvdmv101560- you’re a NOLA Reggie basher or ur an outsider but ur not a Saints fan and u should shut ur mouth bc ur attempt at making a cute little smurky joke was a FAIL (notice the 1 thumbs up u got that u probably put there urself and the other 4 that think ur an idiot)…… WHO DAT!!!!

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