Wisniewski returns to the Raiders

The Raiders are pointing toward the future by reuniting with a figure from their past.

Or something.

Eight-time Pro Bowler Steve Wisniewski has returned to the Raiders as an assistant offensive line coach.  The team announced the move earlier today.

“Steve is my shining star,” Raiders coach Hue Jackson said.  “His intensity, passion and vision were right in line with what I’m looking for.  He was a great Raider player and I am looking forward and excited about working with him.”

“I’m back with my first love, the Oakland Raiders,” Wisniewski said.  “I’m thrilled to be working in the building again for the Silver and Black and helping to shape the future of the offensive line.”

Wisniewski, a second-round pick in 1989, played 13 seasons for the Raiders.  He had a reputation for dirty play during his career.

Wiz is probably the dirtiest offensive player of all-time,” said one of his teammates, according to ESPN.com.

32 responses to “Wisniewski returns to the Raiders

  1. You already said he played for the RAIDERS, so isn’t it redundant to say he played dirty?

    RAIDER fan for life!

  2. Great hire, great. The dude is all Raider, all the time.

    He fits what the Raiders are building, a bully that’s coming to a city near you, to kick some butt.

  3. Not Bad Hue, not Bad!.. Of course the Raider hater left out he was a 8-Time pro-bowler in 13seasons… Now let’s see if former Raider Ass, name Jeff Fisher wants to be a DC again…


  4. Really? A Steve Wisniewski article and you bash him? No mention of the fact that he was an 8 time pro bowler? Who the hell elected him? Only Al Davis? Come on, the guy was a great player and thats what you come with? Not to mention his kid is an upcoming stud.

  5. This is the worst news ever. Please Mr. Davis, fire Steve Wisniewski imediately. I hate him and don’t want to see him coaching the Raider offensive line. Anybody but that mean bastard.

  6. Steve Wisniewski was one heck of an offensive lineman. With his experience and approach to playing, the Raiders offensive line may become a force to be reckoned with.

  7. ESPN put Jim Lustocoff of the Celtics ahead of Jack Freakin’ Tatum? Lustocoff was an enforcer. Tatum was an animal.

  8. More…….”past glory” from the crypt keeper…Now the RaiDUH’s miscreants will proclaim their offensive line, oh so talented, can they get howie long to coach the defensive line, or will the orgasm kill em?

  9. assistant offensive line coach…….SOOOO….he has never coached before, if he had, why is he an assistant offensive line coach?…….Did he need a job?

  10. rraider says & p4hbiz, You might want to read the whole thing;
    Eight-time Pro Bowler Steve Wisniewski has returned to the Raiders as an assistant offensive line coach.

  11. Excellent hire Al! Wiz was always in the facility year after year. He even did pre season and radio games. This web site doesnt do its homework. Now AL…lets get ROMO from behind the Mic on post game, and get his ass on the field with Greg Biekert work with those LBs and the Def!!!!!!
    Raider Nation!!!!

  12. Just because he was a great player, and great Raider doesn’t mean he can coach. I know he was a strength and conditioning coach at Standford, but I wish I knew what else he’s been doing. Remember Art Shell, Jackie Slater, and Irv Pankey? We were a mess. Cable is a premiere line coach. He’s gonna be hard to replace.

    Just Win Baby!

  13. welcome back #76..you truly are a raider in everyway, and the nation is proud to have you back in black.

    raider17 you crack me up…….do me a favor and name me a good coach who wasn’t a player.

    As far as cable being a premier line coach….really now….name all the other’s please…go back a hundred years if you have to…..exactly does anybody really know any premier o-line coaches

    All i got to say about cable is 17-27. (it ends right there)

  14. radrntn-

    name you a good coach who wasnt a player? how about most of them. most of the coaches werent NFL players and most of the best coaches in history were not. i hope you are joking. in fact, more times than not former player fail as coaches.

    you cant name the great line coaches in history, or in today’s game? then maybe you shouldnt speak about a subject you know nothing about. thats what fools do.

    nice last comment, like you actually made a point. this isnt a question on Cables head coaching ability, but rather his line coaching ability. he is great at it and im willing to bet you or any other raider fan than McFadden doesnt have a better year next year and the line overall is weaker.

  15. marcsasharc….Cable may be an okay line coach..I’ll give you that much. But he is not a good one. Al looked it up himself just recently. Cable has had 3 winnings seasons in 20 years as a coach. You don’t have a record like that if you have a good offensive line. I’ll take Wisniewski over Cable any day of the week. I already know what I’m getting with Wisniewski. He was in the probowl 8 years for a reason…. He could block. Can he teach our lineman to block? Absolutely. Can he teach Bruce Campbell how to become a probowl guard in the NFL? Absolutely. Can he teach 6 foot 6 inch 315 pound Bruce Campbell how to pull and lead block for Mcfadden? Scary! Throw in his nephew with a very high GPA at Penn State who would become the starting center. Veldherr LT, Gallery LG, Wisniewski C, Campbell RG, Walker or Henderson or Barnes RT… I say we get another RT in round 3. Then Al gets his fast guy in round 4. After that I say we draft LBs and CBs for depth. Nnamdi, Robert, Michael, Michael, and Richard stay.. The ones I failed to mention stay. Steve Wisnieswski is a great hire Mr. Davis. Why not bring in a former Raider great and pay him to coach instead of someone you think you might be able to trust that turns out to be a man that beats women.

  16. Joetoronto- im willing to bet any reasonable price. since i dont know you (as far as i know) then take it with a grain of salt as it is a phrase of speech.

    tombradyfumbled- why dont you give credit where it is due. “an okay line coach” i dont like the guy but he can sure coach an O line. although i find it humorous to say the least that you directly link good offensive lines with wining seasons. sometimes yes, sometimes no. more importantly, i saw him take a crappy Raider O line and turn it into a really good one.

    as far as your man crush on Wisniewski, really? we all know the man was a great player in the league but playing and coaching are 2 different animals. he surely could be a great line coach but quit with the absolutes. there are no absolutes in the NFL, period. you and i have no idea if he can get those guys you named to become better players than before. you dont so why act like you do? because you are being a homer.

    you forget that the loine already exceeded expectations. they are still not an elite group and we certainly do not know if they are better off without their zone blocking scheme. any betting man would say its a big gamble to abandon something that worked so well for the team, lets not forget where the strength of the team was last year.

    plenty of great players have failed as coaches. plenty. some have succeeded, most dont make much of an impact. to say that a new line coach is already better than a seasoned vet line coach is an optimistic opinion at best at this point.

    seriously, it sounds like Al Davis has brainwashed many of the raider faithful. like every move the man makes is praised even with bad results…we will see next year.

  17. marcsasharc says: Jan 28, 2011 7:02 PM

    “more importantly, i saw him take a crappy Raider O line and turn it into a really good one.”
    The O-line was the weakest part of the team, marc.

    All Raider fans know that, probably because we actually watch them play.

  18. it definitely was not. the OL wasnt the strongest part but it was definitely a strength. and that part of the team was easily the most improved.

    i question your ability to analyze football, and i definitely know you didnt watch more raider game tape than i did.

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