Chris Hope calls Fisher firing “devastating”

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In the wake of the stunning news of a late-January firing of Titans coach Jeff Fisher, one of his key defensive players chimed in regarding the move.

Safety Chris Hope joined Craig Shemon and Bob Berger of Sporting News Radio on Thursday night to discuss the situation.

“I was very surprised and pretty much shocked at the time when I heard the devastating news about Coach Fisher not returning next season,” Hope said.  “It’s like a loss to your family, man.  Coach Fisher is one of the most respected and highly regarded coaches in the league.”

Hope said he “never imagined” not playing for Fisher in 2011, and that it’s hard to think about the Titans “without putting Jeff Fisher’s name in the equation.”

Hope said he doesn’t know who’ll replace Fisher, the coach of the team since the years before the franchise moved from Houston.  “Whoever the next coach is, he has some big shoes to fill. . . .  [Fisher is] what the Tennessee Titans are about,” Hope said.

“One of the better coaches in the league,” Hope said.  “One of the best I’ve ever played for.”

It’ll be interesting to see whether similar opinions flow from within the locker room.  Though Fisher managed to survive nearly a generation of short fuses and hot seats created by the “if they did it why can’t we?” realities of parity, the final destination won’t be Canton or anywhere close to it.  Six playoff appearances, one Super Bowl appearance, a winning percentage not far north of .500, and a team that has developed a reputation for being dirtier than Bob Saget’s mouth.

Assuming that Fisher takes the year off, the next question will be whether there’s a demand for Fisher’s services in 2012.

Given that John Fox parlayed an eight-year run in Carolina that included a Super Bowl appearance and ended with a 2-14 flame out, chances are that Fisher will find another home.

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  1. Of course there will be a demand, are you kidding? John Fox just got a job after winning the top draft pick for Carolina. Had this happened a few weeks ago, he’d already be in his new position.

  2. reallllllly wish they would have fired him a little earlier so the Browns could grab him

  3. If it’s that devastating everyone needs to consider how this would apply to an 18 game season.

    A head coach fired several weeks into the offseason. The new HC will already be short on time. He has to evaluate his current roster and get his draft board ready so he’s heavily under pressure already.

    Now the league wants to take away 2 of the preseason games vital to a new HC evaluating his roster to make the final cuts. After having more limited OTAs once the draft has gone by.

    Does anyone think that a new HC in that situation stands a chance in hell to turn a team around ?

    The entire focus of the discussion regarding the 18 game season has been regarding players, but it will heavily and negatively impact any team that changes head coaches.

    The 18 game season will be a disaster if it is ever implemented.

  4. Fisher’s services will be in need somewhere. Although, I remember going into this season, all the talk seemed to center around all the Super Bowl winning coaches not coaching (Cowher, Gruden, Billick), and where would they go. They all stayed put through a big hiring cycle, and a small(er) hiring cycle seems to follow a big one. Maybe Fisher will be out more than one season with all the other resumes out there, and who knows who next year’s Jim Harbaugh will be, too.

  5. tomnickle – Some flaws in your logic. First, do you think McNair just randomly had one MVP caliber season?? (if you go look at the number, it was an off the charts MVP season in every category except – attempts – a function of the conservative offense he played in). The truth is, McNair was in his prime and plenty capable for several years under Fisher. An example of his prime being wasted – during that MVP year, the Titans were 31st in the NFL in yards per rush – yet they were top 10 in rush attempts. The Titans offensive style wasted an elite QB.
    The other flow in your logic – how many elite QB’s are in the league at any one time? Maybe 5 or 6 if you are generous? That is a poor excuse for a head coach – you have to find ways to win without elite QBs in the NFL – that is the challenge of the job. Especially for a coach like Fisher, who was supposed to be defense first but consistently fielded poor defensive teams.

  6. It’s a ridiculous move. They forced him out, no matter how it appears at the press conference.

    Who will they get thats’ better than Fisher now? No one.

    Frankly – wish they’d have fired him early Jan.

    Then, maybe he’d be the Bronco’s HC right now.

    Not a shot a Coach Fox, but Fisher is a stronger, better choice.

  7. @wenwon

    Coach Reid w/ Eagles is longest tenured – with Coach Bellicheck right behind him by a year.

    Good ‘ol Chris (Hard-Hitting) Hope, who was drafted by the Steelers and molded into a SB Safety. He might be devastated – but his still has a nice BIG Super Bowl ring from Steelers ’05

    He got scooped by Titans in free agency, but walked away a winner!

    Luckily a season or so later we got Ryan Clark from Redskins to replace Hope’s BIG hits!!!!!

  8. It’s no wonder, if you played poorly and then saw the coach that kept you in regardless of your play you would be shocked too. Shocked to realize you might not be starting next year. Jeff did just what he claimed Vince did , he walked out on the team. I guess Jim Washburn and Craig Johnson walked out on the team too.

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