Eli Manning: Getting Plaxico back would be a “good thing”

Plaxico Burress’ agent Drew Rosenhaus promised this week that Plaxico Burress would be back in the NFL in 2012.

The Giants have publicly remained open to the possibility, and teammates like Brandon Jacobs have said Burress would be welcomed back with open arms.

While the Giants haven’t won a playoff game since Burress left, they have developed one of the best young receiver groups in the league with Steve Smith, Hakeem Nicks, and Mario Manningham.   Would Burress really help?

“I think they know what kind of player he is,” Eli Manning said on ESPN Radio in New York Friday via Newsday.   “Obviously he knows our system. It hasn’t changed. . . . I know what kind of player he can be and we already have a great corps of receivers right now.  To throw him into the mix would be a good thing.”

Burress’ close relationship with Giants co-owner Steve Tisch certainly makes a possible Plaxico reunion in New York more likely.

27 responses to “Eli Manning: Getting Plaxico back would be a “good thing”

  1. …To throw him into the mix would be a good thing.” What Eli mean to say____

    Plaxico use to bail me out on my terrible passes…
    you know, before he shot himself.

  2. Do it. Nicks + Burress would be a nasty combo, plus he was Eli’s best target in 2007 even with a bum ankle. He was stupid, yes, but he didn’t do anything wrong.

    We all saw the problems Eli had with no one reliable to throw the ball to.

  3. Boy, I tell you what… I’m not against the idea of the Giants getting Burress back. If he regains his old form and can start along side Hakeem Nicks with Steve Smith in the slot that would be a pretty awesome combination of wideouts. If it works out that way, Mario Manningham could be shopped for a draft pick since it’s been reported he frustrates Eli anyway. That boy ain’t right.

  4. “Obviously he knows our system. It hasn’t changed”
    That about sums up many of the problems the Gints are having……. everybody else in the league knows it by now, too.

  5. Well thats a shocker……eli over threw half of his receivers this year, that is where most of his pics came from. Cant over throw buress the guy is 6’5” and will go get the ball. That was always his blanket. Chuck it up to burress and hell go get it. Eli is sorry

  6. Bring him back, he didn’t know only rich jews are allowed to carry concealed in bloomburgs NY.
    All other legal, gun owning, non criminals are reqiure by law to be victims.
    The truth is the truth even in our obamanation of a country.

  7. Could have used Plax for duck season in GB. He was only missing Smith and he couldn’t even throw a fit that day.

  8. Do it, Jerry and Mr. Mara. He paid his debt. The pen humbled and focused Vick (at least for a couple of seasons – but I tend to agree w/ Whitlock that he’s ‘leaking oil’). Do a short-term “prove yourself Plax” air-tight deal where he can get easily bounced but load it up with incentives. Slot him third on the depth chart. And let him go out and prove he’s a changed man with the same freak-ish talents. If not d-bags Tannenbaum and Rex will make the move w/ Braylon on the outs.

  9. Plaxico before prison: 6’5″ tall, 245 lbs, 11 feet vertical leap, great hands, 4.9 seconds 40 yard dash.

    Plaxico after prison: 6’5″ tall, 245 lbs, 12 feet vertical leap, Wonderful, lovely hands, 4.4 seconds 40 yard dash.

    Gotta bring him back!

  10. The Giants would be complete fools not to sign him back……this will automatically put them back in the mix as one of the top teams in the NFC….

  11. “While the Giants haven’t won a playoff game since Burress left, they have developed one of the best young receiver groups in the league”

    Oh Gregg, you are joking, right? Er…right?

  12. i guess 31 td’s and 4000 yards with a spotty receiving core isnt good enough. maybe if plax comes back and eli winds up with 40 td passes he’d get a little respect. i doubt it but you never know.

  13. jdandcoke – exactly!!!

    Eli is a top 10 QB. Many teams would love to have him as their starter.

    Many of the INTs were tips or deflections due to the young receiving corp and missed routes.

    And this season, the Giants D let us down. I was at the philly game, still can’t believe it happen. Did Eli miss tackles, let vick and jackson run up and down the field or give up the return. no question.

    bring back PB

  14. Yeah let’s bring back Chris Calloway too… I like the giants how they are if Eli bring a few throws down and receivers stop playing volleyball we’re championship contenders once again.. 10-6 is not bad fellas

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