Fisher extended contracts for a dozen assistants including Cecil in December


It’s quite possible that Jeff Fisher’s divorce with the Titans will turn out for the best for both sides.  Still, it’s hard not to wonder:  Why did it happen in late January?

It appears that disagreements over Fisher’s coaching staff led to the dissolution.

Jim Wyatt of the Tennessean reports that Fisher extended the contracts of roughly one dozen assistants for an addition year back in December.   Fisher had complete authority over his staff, but he apparently didn’t inform management of this fact until this week.

Those extensions included former defensive coordinator Chuck Cecil.   So Titans owner Bud Adams is paying an extra year on a contract of a coach the team just fired.  It seems clear, then, that Cecil’s dismissal earlier this week was at least partially forced on to Fisher.   Defensive line coach Jim Washburn leaving for Philadelphia didn’t help matters.

Wyatt also notes that the front office was becoming frustrated with the slow pace Fisher was taking in filling out his staff.

Now the front office gets to work at finding a head coach at whatever pace they like.

10 responses to “Fisher extended contracts for a dozen assistants including Cecil in December

  1. It’s the Titan’s loss – Fisher’s one of the best coaches in the game, but if one’s not on the same page as the owner, it’s best that they go their separate ways.

    Chances are Adams will promote one of his coordinators anyways so ultimately the extensions won’t make a difference – they’ll have some continuity this season and next season can take a long hard look at guys like Gruden or Cowher next year.

    Fisher can kick back and take it easy for the first time in 16 years – or earn some extra cash as a TV Talking head – and still be among the top head coaching candidates next season.

  2. It’s interesting coaches are given the autonomy to make these decisions by ownership, yet the decisions they make result in them being fired. Clear communication between coaches and the front office should be a given. Are owners giving coaches too much control or not enough?

    Chilly in MN had control over personnel moves and made the front office look bad by cutting Moss w/out even informing them, by the sounds of how that went down. We all know how that played out. Maybe the front office should make it clear they need to know about personnel moves before they are made? Seems reasonable. Now Bud Adams owes all those coaches another year’s contract, nobody to blame but himself.

  3. j0esixpack says:
    Jan 28, 2011 10:19 AM
    It’s the Titan’s loss – Fisher’s one of the best coaches in the game

    Please defend that statement with facts.

    Make me understand how having a winning record once every three years on average makes him one of the best coaches in the game.

    Other than Vince Young possibly being forced on him by Bud Adams, Fisher had final say on personnel and assistant coaches.

    And don’t blame Vince Young. Fisher was coach for 11 years before VY got there. And the Titans were always better when he was on the field.

    And don’t blame Adams. Just about any other owner in football would have fired Fisher years ago.

    Seriously, help me understand. Everyone throws that statement out there as if it is a foregone conclusion that Jeff Fisher is a great coach.

    Call me crazy, but my list of great coaches doesn’t include anyone with a .542 winning percentage, a losing playoff record and no titles.

  4. What a stupid move. This will undoubtedly hurt this franchise for the foreseeable future.

    Fisher is one of the best coaches in the league, and their new hire will only be a step in the opposite direction.

    There are times when I am very glad that the Packers don’t have a tempermental owner overthinking things and muddling up things for my franchise.

    Now is one of those times.

    No worries, though – Fisher will land on his feet.

  5. Fisher is junky. His record the last two years without VY at QB: 2-14.

    3rd highest paid coach. Middle to Bottom Results.

    Going behind management and having assistants sign extensions.

    Yeah, bigtime grounds for firing. As a Titans I’m ecstatic he’s gone. Way overdue IMO.

  6. if by “best” you really mediocre, then I wholeheartedly agree…

    the only thing Fisher is one of the best at in the league is manipulating the media so that he always gets painted in a positive light…

  7. My take is Fisher thought he was done for sure after the latest VY meltdown and decided to take care of his guys while buring the last bridge from Nashville. He couldn’t quit after Adams surprised him by choosing him over VY due to the $8 mil he’d be giving up. Fisher’s probably spent the last month wondering just how long it was going to take Adams to finally take a look at his 2011 coaching outlays and blow his top.

    Savvy, if morally ambiguous, play by Fisher. It’s going to make him a much tougher sell in 2012 to any owner looking at how bad Adams just got screwed, but who needs to work when you just pulled in $8 million for nothing? Plus, at least one of the twelve lifelong friends he just made will graduate to bigger things down the road if Fisher does want to get back in and needs a good referral.

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