Harbaugh: Zorn report is “inaccurate and unfair”


Baltimore’s firing of quarterbacks coach Jim Zorn has surprisingly generated a lot of post break-up chatter, and Ravens coach John Harbaugh isn’t happy with some of it.

In a statement sent to PFT Friday, Harbaugh said the following:

“The report initiated by The Baltimore Sun and repeated by ProFootballTalk is inaccurate and unfair to Jim Zorn. In no way does it describe Jim’s relationship with the Ravens, and that includes with his fellow coaches while here and our players.

“Jim’s departure from the Ravens will remain as private as these matters can be, but we feel it’s necessary to at least point out that this report is inaccurate. It is not true in any way, shape or form.”

The Suns’ report said the team feared Zorn becoming “insubordinate” and questioned some of his teaching methods.

The Ravens confirmed Thursday night that offensive coordinator Cam Cameron will have increased duties in 2011, including a more “hands on” approach with quarterback Joe Flacco.

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  1. I’m impressed! This is what leadership looks like. Harbaugh saw the damage being done to Zorn and potentially his staff and Flacco by this media driven rumor. And he moved swiftly to snuff it out. WELL DONE COACH!

  2. Hopefully Cam’s first step in his Hand’s on approach with Flacco will be to hold him down and shave that unibrown off.

  3. Flacco sucks and it doesn’t matter who coaches him. He’s got the arm but lacks the smarts and I don’t foresee that changing anytime soon.

  4. Another media outlet blowing hot hair. Mike Preston is an ass who makes up headlines to try & stir up trouble….most Balti-morons know that

  5. Zorn’s leadership of the Washington Redskins and view on Jason Campbell were unfair and highly inaccurate…


  6. “The Ravens confirmed Thursday night that offensive coordinator Cam Cameron will have increased duties in 2011, including a more “hands on” approach with quarterback Joe Flacco.”

    So, looks like the Steelers win the division again.

  7. Harbaugh characterized the report as “inaccurate, unfair, and bordering on insubordination.”.

  8. All the reports are inaccurate – We love him and his techniques, he got along well with everyone and he is a great coach……

    So why did you fire him then???

  9. Congrats to PFT!! Being singled out by an NFL head coach as promoting false and/or misleading speculation is another sign that you’ve made it.

    Keep up the, uhhh, good work(?)

  10. Maybe they fired him because he want’s more responsibility in the offense and they didn’t want to give it to him. I mean it would be difficult to go from a head coach to a QB coach in a year. I look for him to be an OC somewhere and I don’t think that’s by accident.

  11. Cameron’s “hands on” approach to Flacco will consist of reaching over and squeezing his balls from time to time to make sure the big lug is awake.

  12. zar21, Ed Reed, Jarret Johnson and Ray Lewis sure looked like their skills were declining, especially once Johnson and Reed were in playing shape recovering from injury towards the end of the year. I mean, it’s not like Ed Reed led the NFL in interceptions or anything. And Suggs, man, he only had 5 sacks in the postseason. He probably has nothing left in the tank.

    Priority #1 is extending Haloti Ngata and the Ravens still have a top 5 running back in Ray Rice, the best receiver in football in Anquan Boldin and have won playoff games in each of the last three years.

    Maybe they’ll give Sergio Kindle a chance and they’ll strike gold but – even though I would agree with you that I think my team will not win a Super Bowl anytime soon with Cam Cameron – there is more than enough young talent to keep this team competitive for years. No team has the linebacker, safety and defensive tackle depth of the Ravens.

  13. You guys have sure been pissing off a lot of people lately. You better be careful or you’re going to run out of guests for PFT live pretty darn quickly.

  14. wow, got a lot of negative thumbs down for saying that Flacco doesn’t have the smarts to be a good QB…well, I guess all those people have never seen a game Flacco played in. The guy can not read the defense to save his life and the way he works through his progressions (or doesn’t) is pathetic.

  15. Classy move by Harbaugh. Fires the guy but stills defends him so that he will be able to get another job. I am sure other position coaches in NFL took note. Stay classy Ravens.

  16. It is no secret to anyone with any access to the Ravens organization or their players…whether it’s media types or interested fans like me…that the offensive coaching staff was a train wreck. They didn’t get along. Didn’t communicate well…and to some extent simply didn’t like each other. Gee, we finished 13-5 and THREE coaches from the offense are already gone. Hmmm….

    Obviously they decided to throw in their chips with Cam, and they’re getting rid of those who weren’t on his same page of sheet music. Simple as that. Doesn’t mean Zorn is a bad guy, yada, yada, yada…but he wasn’t a Cam guy.

    Personally, I think they’ve made a huge mistake by throwing in w/Cam…but we shall see. At least there’s no question who’s the boss…and whose music they’ll be dancing to…I hope that in & of itself helps. And if not, I hope next off-season they’re smart enough to throw in with their franchise QB and not again with the dolt of an OC.

    Mike Preston is a hypocritical, know-nothing, wannabe, ass clown…but on calling out the offensive staff, he’s pretty much on the mark. What did Ray say…”even a blind cat…”

  17. Hey Mr. Lerner, Holmgren, Heckert and Shurmur- Jim Zorn might be a good addition to your staff and help your develop Colt McCoy into a viable NFL starter. Face it, the Browns arent going to be anything until of note until you get a legitimate starter. Please do not sign anymore Wallaces or Delhommes.

  18. @dawgpound – Wallace is a better answer than McCoy. Colt has no arm & no future for success in AFC North. Great leader & scrambler, but can’t make enough of the throws.

  19. I was with you nowathand until you made the claim that Boldin is the best receiver in football. Based on what exactly?

    I agree that this was a classy move by Harbaugh. Whether it’s true or not, it’s nice to see coaches protecting each other. The NFl is a rough enough, dog eat dog business without coaches showing the same lack of solidarity the players have recently.

  20. So basically the initial report was dead on but Harbaugh doesn’t little Cammy to be crucified in the publics eyes? Heheh. Too late.

    It didn’t take the innitial report to make people realize Cameron was a tool. Just watch a game that the Ravens play a team above .500 to see that.

  21. I am sick and tired of hearing Ravens fans, Jets fans, Colts fans, Saints fans (not nearly as much), and any other fans of teams that had good regular seasons defend their teams and players based on a regular season record. WHO THE HELL CARES if the Ravens went 13-4? What does that get you? I think if you ask the executives of the organization, or the players who actually understand expectations, if they feel they were good enough to conclude that they had a successful season they would and should tell you NO!! If they tell you that they did, then they are either trying to defend themselves for underperforming or are content with mediocricy (spelling sucks, I know). Joe “check-down” Flacco is the epitomy of this type of player. Success should be based on expectation. Anyone in a Raven uniform, in their front office, or their fans, SHOULD have the mindset of Superbowl or BUST. They were picked by many to at least make it there, so to defend their performance by stating a 13-4 record is cowardly. That goes for the Jets, Saints, Colts (and I dont want to hear about injuries, every team has significant injuries)

    The fact is, Joe is in his 3rd year, the year where a young player graduates into a vet. He has been to the playoffs 3 years in a row. The first 2 are commendable, the 3rd is not, its expected, and his performance should have improved. Do not even say “look at his numbers against KC” that is a bunch of crap….KC is a perfect example of a team that should be happy about their season, they out performed expectations, and quite frankly, they sucked, and any QB would have lit them up in the playoffs.

    This is why Zorn was fired, he did not prepare his QB enough to reach expectations. It is indeed a shot at Flacco, and he should shut the hell up about it, realize he underperformed, and take the hint that his seat is getting warmer and warmer. Baltimore wants Championships, and his development has plateaued….forget the better numbers in the reg. season, he has not made the plays necessary for the team to reach its expectations. It says a lot when the OC, however bad they are, does not have the confidence in his QB to make adjustments at the line. HE SIMPLY IS NOT AS GOOD AS HE THINKS HE IS!!!!!!

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