Jake Locker is a polarizing figure

Senior Bowl practices concluded Thursday as players prepare for Saturday’s game. Washington quarterback Jake Locker began the week as the most heralded player in Mobile. His practice performances have generated mixed reviews.

While the consensus seems to be that Locker improved daily, that’s typical as players develop in-practice comfort zones. Locker’s primary backer is ESPN’s Todd McShay.

“We saw each and every day, Locker got better,” said McShay, calling Locker a “mid first-round” draft pick. “His accuracy improved.”

At the opposite end of the spectrum are Russ Lande of Sporting News and FOX Sports’ Adam Caplan. Lande on Locker:

I think Jake Locker hurt himself, I really do. … His accuracy is terrible. … I spoke to a coach today to get his opinion and he said if a guy’s mechanics are good and he’s smart enough, but his accuracy stinks then there’s not a lot you can do.

“… I don’t think he’s going to be a starting quarterback in the NFL.”

Added Caplan, “I don’t see how … Locker will be selected in the first round. … His passing mechanics continue to be a big issue. He rarely put together two accurate passes in a row … The most important characteristic for a quarterback to possess is ability to throw the ball accurately — something which has plagued him throughout his career.”

On Wednesday, Caplan wrote from Mobile that Locker “from an accuracy standpoint, (was) still the worst of the six (quarterbacks) here.”

Hopefully, Mike Florio will get some clarity from NFL Network’s Mike Mayock today. Mayock appears on PFT Live at noon eastern.

37 responses to “Jake Locker is a polarizing figure

  1. If McShay thinks anyone is good and/or improving, then the opposite is true. Far from a great football mind. He must have some dirt on an ESPN executive… Why else would his employment continue?

    Mayock is second to none in diagnosing NFL talent. He should be a GM. Can’t wait to hear his take.

  2. I’ve heard Shanahan loves him. So my money is on the Redskins taking him, maybe even moving down to do so.

  3. It’s pretty well known that McShay generally doesn’t know what he’s talking about when it comes to predicting how players will do in the NFL.

  4. Not good when McShay is your biggest backer. But hey, what team wouldn’t want him routinely giving you a 5-18 for 42 yards and an int.

  5. radrntn says:
    Jan 28, 2011 11:20 AM
    I can only dream he free falls into the second round.

    Whats another bust for a team known for busts.

    Too bad you guys don’t have a first to waste on him.

  6. You can’t believe anything anyone says this time of year. everyone has an agenda. Jeff Ireland the other day talked up Chad Henne? Why, so he can increase his trade value and make other teams believe the Fins wont take a QB. People will trash Locker so that they will fall to their team in the draft. Even these reporters will do it to help out their buddies that work for a team or quid pro quo for a hot scoop.

    in fact, if you believe the opposite of what you read, you will probably be more correct on more occassions than incorrect.

  7. Here is a story posted on here by Gregg Rosenthal in March of last year


    Many NFL scouts have a sore spot for failed NFL scouts who enter the media and attempt to critique the work of NFL scouts who have not yet failed.

    Even more NFL scouts have a sore spot for guys who were never NFL scouts, couldn’t be if they wanted to, and then attempt to critique the work of folks who became NFL scouts.

    Once upon a time, Mel Kiper was the primary target of NFL scouts; Kiper has been supplanted by his on-air protege/rival at ESPN, Todd McShay. As McShay’s profile increases, and as he takes on the likes of quarterback Jimmy Clausen for reasons that many league insiders believe have no merit, McShay becomes a magnet for criticism.

    “Most people at my level feel he is a joke,” a veteran NFL scout told us via e-mail. “People in the league respect Kiper. He is not a true scout but he does work at it. A lot of his info he gets from connections in the league, and over the years he has made quite a few…


    It goes on and on, but in the end, Todd McShay is not to be trusted if you want good NFL Draft knowledge. It is clear in this post. Todd McShay says he looked pretty good and nobody else said he even looked decent. Is he watching what everybody else seems to be watching?

  8. Get ready for a draft day surprise. Jake Locker will free fall to round 4-6. He did nothing in college but flash potential and lose. He is impressing no one in these early beauty contests. GMs take gambles with guys like him in the mid-late rounds (4-6). Someone will grab him then. And they may be right. Who knows what makes a kids light switch go on. It’s different for all of them. Locker may be humbled, see the light, fall into a great situation. Like Indy behind Peyton Manning at his career’s end. And become Steve Young! Only the future will tell. First round? Dream on! Round 4-5? A great pickup for a top team with an aging QB! Think Indy, NE, New Orleans, Redskins, SeaHawks in the mid to late rounds. For sure he won’t escape Seattle past round 5. Hasselbeck is close to kaput!

  9. I spoke to a coach today to get his opinion and he said if a guy’s mechanics are good and he’s smart enough, but his accuracy stinks then there’s not a lot you can do.

    I don’t think he’s going to be a starting quarterback in the NFL.”

    Russ Lande I can understand criticizing the young man’s skills, but this sounds like you personally don’t like Jake Locker maybe it’s because Locker will go on to make millions playing a sport he loves while you will be kissing ass to get your stories, Jake Locker is just the white version of Mcnabb and Mcnabb did fine why can’t locker have a good career, please ease up on the hyper bold statements about the guy, lets see what he has at the pro level first.

  10. Todd McShay also predicted at one point that Jevan Snead would be the first overall pick in last year’s draft. In other words, he’s a clueless putz.

    Locker will never be a quality NFL quarterback. Inaccurate mistake-prone QBs in college end up being inaccurate mistake-prone QBs in the NFL, no matter what their arm strength might be. Remember Kyle Boller? He somehow made himself a 1st round draft pick because he could throw a football 60 yards from his knees. That made everyone forget he was a mediocre quarterback in college. And then shockingly, he ended up being a mediocre quarterback in the NFL.

  11. So according to McShay, Locker should be going right about where he had Andre Woodson going a few years ago.

  12. Wasn’t there some corollary you guys concocted about representation of folks like Kiper and McShay and how that might influence their evaluation of players?

    I really liked that angle and now can’t read anything from either guy without thinking about that.

    I hope Mayock doesn’t get too diplomatic. I wanna hear the real scoop.

  13. @ godofwine330

    That’s the post I was talking about. Really enjoyed the insight on that one because it was something I’d never thought of that made complete sense.

  14. There was a time when QB’s sat for a few years, just because you take a QB in the first round does not mean you are obligated to start him (See Rodgers, Aaron). I think Jake has a good enough kill set to work with, getting quality NFL coaching can improve him. You can’t deny that Josh McDaniels did a good job bringing Tim Tebow from where he was this time last year to wehere he is now, and he’s certainly not a finished product.

    Plus, I’ll wait to hear what Mike Mayock says before I take stock in what these other “Draftniks” say.

  15. While I’m certainly no McShay fan, it’s funny to see how hallowed Mayock has become among fans, especially when McShay has actually worked with The War Room, a scouting agency.

  16. Locker just isn’t good.

    Mallet will be a Drew Bledsoe-like stiff. Look at the QBs in the Final 4 this year. Ben, Cutler, Rodgers can all move. Sanchez is young and athletic as well.

    Gabbert is the tallest midget. He’s not any good either.

    Take Cam once you are out of the top 10 money. Otherwise nothing to see here until the later rounds.

  17. Wonder if this will McShay’s breakdown the way Kiper about cried when Claussen wasn’t taken in the first round last year….

  18. I totally agree with you philbirds. Cam is the guy if you want a QB in the top 10. He could become Big Ben, Rivers, Josh Freeman and a few others. The Redskins have pretty much conceded that he will not make it past them in the first round. Could be a smart move. Make peace with McNabb and keep him around to tutor the much more talented Cam Newton for 2 years. Load up on RBs & wideouts in the middle rounds so McNabb, Newton & Grossman have targets & options. and let the fireworks fly in DC. Those other guys, Gabbert, Locker, et al. they’re all mid-late rounders and potential late bloomers. I would be totally pissed off if I lived in a city that wasted a impact #1 pick on the likes of that bunch.

  19. Locker is horrible and has been terrible. He was never that good in college.

    Why his name continues to get mentioned is beyond me. Has anyone ever watched the kid play? He’s a running back throwing the ball, that’s all.

  20. Too bad its too late for Andrew Luck to get the message of this story. If you are going to be the number 1 pick, get your money while you can. If you want a degree, get it when your 30 and have 100 million in the bank. Locker is the next Leinert, at best. He is the next Jamarcus Russel at worst. Neither option seems to appealing.

  21. If there’s one thing I would be fairly certain of, it’s that Jake Locker is not going to have a Ryan Leaf style emotional breakdown. His first three years of eligibility were under Tyrone Willingham, and when he was hurt as a 3rd year Sophmore the team lost the rest of their games, scoring more than 1 touchdown in a game only once, and earning every bit of 0-12. It’s hard to overstate how absolutly terrible that team was. The only team to go 0-12 in the Pac-10 ever. The worst Pac 10 team of all time. That tells you what the talent level of Washington was.

    Some of those guys who started around Locker that year were still on this team. A Senior on the O Line with 31 career starts was benched in October for a true Freshman. The only TE with the ability to catch a pass was booted from the team for off field issues before the season started. The next one caught all of 2 passes this season. He was sacked 19 times this year, and uncounted times where he pulled it down and “rushed for a loss”. He played games with a cracked rib, and his two worst games outside Nebraska were right before and right after that. Earlier in the year he was slowed by a deep thigh contusion. He was running for his life and making quick throws all year.

    You won’t hear a word from Jake the bad O line, lock of skill players around him, or injuries, because he’s not going to make excuses or call out any of his teammates.

    I don’t know if he’ll go in the first round and I don’t really care. But wherever he goes, I believe that he’ll honestly be honored to get an opportunity to play in the NFL, make the most of the opportunity and leave everything he has out on the field, whatever that ends up being.

    He’s an upstanding individual who chose loyalty to team and program over money and I wish him the best.

  22. Only thing I have to ask is, who will be ready for the pros?? Everytime a strory comes out about someone trying to make it pro theres always negativity surrounding it.. I dont know much about Locker but give the guy a chance. I know misery loves company buy man, are you guys that miserable that everyone needs to fail. If Locker can’t be a good pro, then who can??

  23. wasn’t mayock the only guy hyping cutler when all the other supposed experts were saying vince young or leinart were the top qbs in the 06 draft?

  24. This negative talk is all complete nonsense.
    Sounds EXACTLY like what was said about Tim Tebow last year. EXACTLY.
    Locker will do well tomorrow (for having 3 practices with 10 players he does not know…) and will be a 1st round pick.
    He is the most athletic of ALL the top 4 QBs, including – (‘1 semester/class Newton’, the Missouri kid no-one has seen play, & the ‘Man of Stone who can’t move Mallet’).
    I have been to many of Locker’s games. He can drill the ball on the run better than ANYONE. He has only had a QB coach for 2 years – yes, 2. Willingham thought HE could coach the kid in that stupid high school offense like Oregon runs (anyone even know the Oregon QB’s name?).
    Sarkisian has done wonders with Locker in 2 years.
    What is not mentioned by the author is that Locker played 4~5 games with broken ribs this year, and a deep thigh bruise for 4 games, and was so sick he had to take a knee between plays in 2 of his games. Yet, combined with the 2nd rated toughest schedule in the country, he took his team to the Holiday Bowl and crushed Nebraska (who used 7 DBs against him).
    Ask Bo Pelini, Pete Carrol, Les Miles, Jim Harbaugh and other top coaches what they think of Locker. Go back and look – they all said he is the ‘best QB they had EVER faced – and from Carroll, he said better than Vince Young in Young’s once in a lifetime game against SC’.
    NO QBs look great in the Sr. Bowl. The game is a joke anyway. It’s an all star game with 3 days of practice – that’s it!
    One more thing – ESPN (Kiper actually) had someone go back and view the dropped passes from Locker this past year that we ‘on the numbers’.
    Try 51… Luck had 17.
    The kid is too classy to say anything aboput his teammates, but guess how many of his OL and receivers wereeven ‘drafted’ at ANY round during Locker’s tenure at Washington. TRY ZERO!

  25. BabyJesus: yes, you are correct.
    All these ‘experts’ also said Tebow would never play QB in the NFL and probably liked the nutjob Ryan Leaf.

    Scmitty2: Locker was picked as the #3 QB this year. Hwne they played Stanford, Locker had on average, less than 1.5 seconds to make a pass, while Luck had over 4 seconds. Ever think that maybe there are OTHER contributing factors to a player’s success?

  26. What does any of these so called experts really know? Mel (the brain) Kiper called Locker the 1st overall pick before the season began. And yet now has him as a hands off pick. Sure wish I had that much room for differing opinions in my business. Fact is, if you put Locker in the right situation, he will be successful. He is just that type of person, i.e. Tebow. If Locker had played in a different situation with a bunch of great talent around him, he would have excelled. Put Cam Newton on a bad team and let’s see how he does. ref: Look at Mosolli this year vs last year at Oregon. Let’s just wait and see how the kid does before throw him under the bus.

  27. I wonder which agent McShay is “shilling” for?
    Every other expert thinks this kid is a “dog”; McShay thinks he’s a first rounder……..look into his affiliation with the agent set!

  28. Locker has all the talent and skills, BUT needs 2 years of excellent coaching while on the second or third team.

    Did you know in High School he took his team to the state championship and played (no kidding) QB, punter and middle linebacker? He was also the teams’ leading RUSHER. He was on the field for every play except kickoffs and returns.

    He runs a legit 4.3 – the guys a stud, but he needs work as QB.

    If he were to be drafted by a team with an excellent QB who may retire in 2-4 years, Locker would be great – Colts would be perfect.

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